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Exclusive! FBI Insider Reveals Smoking Gun and it Is so Explosive, Many Will Be Shaken! (Video)

Saturday, October 29, 2016 14:38
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What is revealed in this video is literally EXPLOSIVE! An FBI insider reveals information that blows the lid off of everything that is going on. Wait until you find out what is really happening, who is behind it, what their agenda is, and what is about to happen! This is a message that absolutely MUST BE SHARED!  

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…


Exclusive! FBI Insider Reveals Smoking Gun & It IS So Explosive, Many Will Be Shaken!




WAR! The Battlefield Just Got Even Bigger! Hell On Earth, Ready or Not, Here It Comes!

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  • Josie

    Oh what a tangle web we weave when first we practice to deceive. The rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper…

    • Equalizer


      • Equalizer

        Drain the swamp, hang them all.

      • my2pesos

        Treasons ~ Senators
        Treason ~ Star One
        Treason ~ Tunes Ra
        Treason ~ Stare On
        Treason ~ Taser On

        • Pinto Beans


  • Pink Slime

    Hello Angle#2,

    Charlie here. Hope you got over your low sugar balance with lots and lots of doughnuts! :lol: :lol:

    An interesting show because it’s always interesting to hear Patriots decry what is happening to our country. It actually started a long, long time ago. Over a hundred years in fact. Some peaks here and there and culminating with a BIG ONE.

    The election of the forbidden foreigner and apostasy – the NEGRO SODOMITE! Now we find ourselves in dire straits. Weakened, confused, and divided….. AND RIPE FOR ATTACK!!!

    If you look at our long history we have always been a people that always rejected Yahuah over and over and handed over to our enemies…. over and over.

    Is another time coming? Some Bible scholars have been predicting this for quite some time. The scary part is when they keep mentioning we are going to be taken into slavery again. Meaning an invasion? Hooks in our jaws, your women ravished.

    And yes, why do Congress keep rejecting to protect the Grid?? As you know George Noorey decries this too after having repeated shows on the dangers of an EMP or CME attack. I will tell you why Congress does not want to do this.

    First of all, they are for themselves, they are corrupt and most of all a weakened state of America only means more POWER and CONTROL for them. The desire of every SICK politician. That is the real reason why they do nothing. And oh, they also don’t mind your demise.


    Charlie (BAD Congress – NO doughnut!!) :mad: :mad:

    • Pink Slime

      Gosh, don’t I at least deserve one down arrow? :lol: :lol:

      • Pink Slime

        Thanks Angle#2. :lol: :lol:

  • wiseoldlady

    You can blame every ounce of this present worldwide mess on the Zionist bankers, black nobility, Obama, Soros, Vatican, liberals, the brainwashed masses that think it is Russia to blame. This is a repeat of history. Who put sanctions on Russia??? Who blames Russia for all their very own genocide and mass murders??? Who created ISIS??? Who uses despicable lying propaganda??? Who rules over this planet??? Who created the Ukraine mess??? Who invaded Syria, Libya, etc??? Who moved military missiles, etc up to the Russian border??? Then you try to say there is fear for a war with Russia…!!! So Germany would side with the criminal communists instead of siding with the nationalist Christian country of Russia!!! Now that is insanity.

  • Debbie

    WOW! WOW! WOW!………this will make your head spin …………..and it makes perfect sense…..totally believable….and that trillion Obama sent to Iran…………how much of it went into a bank account with Obama’s name on it!!!!!!!!!!! And Hillary opened a 1.8 billion dollar account for herself in Qatar…
    Treason like you never dreamt of……… your worst nightmares…………….GOD save America…and God bless the FBI if they are really behind protecting us……………..clearly, Obama would not………..

    • Boo

      Bells finally went off for me on this one too “Debbie”. Putin is a master chess player in all aspects of leadership. I harken back to Obama caught on camera whispering in Putin’s ear…after I win the next election. This is incredible and sorry to say very credible. Normally I just give Lyn a pass, but she finally hit the jackpot here. And it really is the only way it could happen where we never knew what hit us until it was too late.

      • Greybeard

        counting days now mortal…….are you not glad you had 16 years to prepare for it..!!!!

    • maxwell

      Debbie…There is no savior for our institutions, governments, churches…Everything is going under…really soon. The truth of God’s intentions will catch nearly everyone by complete surprise. If you haven’t been paying close attention to the reality of what’s going on…You’re probably in a heap o’ hurt. It’ll be over before you know it…

      • Maggie

        Very well put Maxwell!

  • Elijah

    These videos are all the same. They always give anyone one administration too much credit for what is clearly behind the scenes banking cartel families. Whether it’s the Obama, or Bush, or fill in the blank administration, these are all merely puppets in the hands of the Rotchilds and the other elite banker families. That’s where the true power lies. That’s why the Fed Reserve, and the other central, private world banks have all the say and are never accountable to ANYONE! These videos by this Lyn Jizz, and others like her, always keep you watching the Dorothy of Oz floating Wizard Head, but never truly point to the puppet masters behind. Just like Drudge, Jones, and even Trump. Just as the Fed Reserve’s financial statements are off limits to everyone, so are Trumps. they are all part of the same scheme!

    • Decleated

      Spot on!

  • allendaves

    The easiest way for them to get rid of the constitution is to have a war and loose the war with a unconditional surrender……this would also have a huge syop on the overwhelming majority of the public who would “accept” the “legality” and fact they lost and now they have to surrender all their rights to the new government……..Not to worry the war will advance their depopulation agenda as well and after the war,The “corrupt treasonous elites” would just come out of their bunkers all safe and sound and surrender so as to put an end to the “horrible suffering afflicted on the American people”.(with the UN “brokering”/ overseeing the whole thing)….WALA!! NWO / agenda 20/30 you name every globalist agenda imagined …DONE! No more bill of rights no more constitution and now totalitarianism can march out in the open and most would accept the legality of this so any civil war afterward would be minimal…….

  • ConfuciousSay

    Do not accept these things as truth.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    “What is revealed in this video is literally EXPLOSIVE!”

    That means it actually causes a physical explosion.

    Which it does not.

    Learn to write.

    • The Clucker


      Maybe Pinky’s Angles would be brighter if they were fed non-GMO doughnuts.

  • humaka

    I reveal the smoking gun…

    and it is hot…

    so hot…

    that I Lyn Reahz…

    will shake your reality to the core with what I KNOW…

    cuss i am definitely more special and sinsightfukl and insightful than most humans i know…

    Please help me be become famousl…

    Cuss i am sexy…

    And need to make my self feel special and somehow needed to feel important.

  • Enjoykin4


    Must See! Proof Hiltlery Clinton Donors Have Control of Voting

    • Sensor

      The video has been removed …

  • my2pesos

    Smoking Gun ~ Gunk ‘in’ Smog
    Smoking ‘a’ Gun ~ Smaug ‘on’ King
    The Smoking Gun ~ Then ‘Ok’ Muggins

  • caribbean critic

    Paranoid fools re-enforcing their own paranoia.The US is not going socialist it is transforming into a fascist narcotic state! The Military protecting the Opium Heroin trade in Afghanistan the government supporting the Mexican drug cartels with weapons, and open borders the CIA importing huge quantities of cocaine. This has nothing to do with communism the Russians transformed into a Christian free enterprise state twenty five years ago have rid themselves of the Jewish oligarchs control. It is the US that has fallen under this Jewish financial control and the control of Jewish finance read TTP TTIP CETA etc.

  • Arcturus

    Too many long videos to watch. Is this the future of “journalism?” Text is a lot faster for many of us.

  • Richard Parker

    It seems like a good time for just about all of our career politcians to find out what it’s like to be in prison.

  • Martus

    Both Obama and Clinton are setting themselves up in Sunni Muslim countries not the communist countries of China or Russia.

    It has been shown that Millions have been donated to the Clintons from the Sunni’s.

    The US had been trying to attack Iran, number one enemy of the Sunnis for along time and Hill has actually said that if she becomes President she will attack Iran who is an ally of Russia.

    She is a Sunni puppet more then anything else along with Barry who changed his name to Obama not Ivan and has bought a mansion in Sunni Dubai.

  • retiredpatriot

    Pink Slime preach on. Enjoyed that …

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