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Is The Messiah Among Humans Now? Ancient Prophecies Might Shock You..

Friday, October 7, 2016 6:12
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According To Prophecies This Is The End Of Times When Messiah Will Be Among Humans


As we have seen in prophecy our current state of the world exactly matches the ancient prophecies with more and more natural disasters, high technology, sexual depravity, low moral standards, abundant atheism etc etc. In addition the jews have come back to Israel and Syria has also been destroyed – all in line with Biblical prophecies. To be perfectly clear the world has not been this evil and people have never had less divine faith or more selfish than now. We are immersed in evil so to say.


Where is the Saviour then? If we look at it from an ethnic perspective it is said that the saviour will come from the east in Biblical prophecy as well as by many prophets such as Nostradamus, Swedenborg, Edgar Cayce, the Druze religion and so forth. 


Most prophets agree that this man will be a man from Asia while others are more specific and say that he will come from China. So far so good. Asia is a big region and it´s impossible to identify this man just based on this information.

What do the prophets call the saviour of the world? In the Bible he is called “Elijah”, Nostradamus calls him “Selin” and “Libra”. In norse mythology it is said that only two people will survive the end times: Liv(girl) and Livtrase(boy). All of these contain “Li” while referring to the name of the saviour or saved people.

In Daoism they are more specific and say that the Messiah will be called Li Hong. I quote from Wikipedia below:

“Li Hong (Chinese: 李弘) is a messianic figure in religious Taoism prophesied to appear at the end of the world cycle to rescue the chosen people, who would be distinguished by certain talismans, practices and virtues. Myths surrounding Li Hong took shape in literature during the Han dynasty. He is depicted in the Taoist Divine Incantations Scripture as an ideal leader who would reappear to set right heaven (tian) and earth () at a time of upheaval and chaos.” (


Thirdly the scriptures say that this man will spread his teachings across the whole world very rapidly to all his disciples. 


Last of all, he and his disciples will suffer a terrible persecution by the “Great Red Dragon” as it is mentioned in the Bible. That could symbolize a communist party from China as the dragon indicates. 

The timing of the evil persecution will be in 1999 as predicted by many prophets such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Ge An and others. Nostradamus is more specific and states that July 1999 will be the moment of war.




Portrait of Master Li Hongzhi(image from

The only man which emerged from Asia with a completely new set of spiritual scriptures is Master Li Hongzhi from China. He came out in China in 1992 and published a new form of Qi Gong called Falun Gong – which had been kept secret in China since ancient times.

This is a cultivation method of both body and soul and includes exercises with meditation as well as a whole set of scriptures about how to improve one´s heart and mind. Falun Gong emphasizes the cultivation of “Truth-Compassion-Tolerance” in daily life - which means that you need to cultivate your heart for others and be a good person. There are also some exercises including meditation which makes people´s health very strong according to many research reports such as this one :

Falun Gong is taught for free and is available online: .


Secondly the Falun Gong founder has “Li” in his name which is imperative according to prophecy. Thirdly he has attracted around 100 million followers across the world. 


The book Zhuan Falun is available in more than 30 languages

Thirdly Master Li Hongzhi published his teachings to the world on how to live correctly as a human being and in line with the characteristics of the Universe which are said to be: “Truth-Compassion-Tolerance”. Master Li also published a completely new book called Zhuan Falun containing ten lectures of teachings – just in line with the Daoist prophecy about “Li Hong”.



The prophecied persecution of Falun Gong started in 1999 just like Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce predicted

Last of all Falun Gong has been persecuted since 1999 by the Chinese Communist Party – just in line with prophecies from great men like Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus as well as Ragno Nero in his “Eternal Book” which predicts important years for mankind until AD 6300. 


Conclusion: Is Master Li Hongzhi from China the saviour that people have waited for since thousands of years? At the very least we can see that his life and characteristics matches many ancient prophecies more or less perfectly. When will we know definitely? 

According to Nostradamus the “great war” will last 20 and 7 years after july 1999(when the persecution of 100 million Falun Dafa practitioners started in China). What will happen in 2019? That year will be crucial for mankind according to several prophets. According to Ragno Nero´s “Eternal Book” from the 1400s - - 2019 will be the year when the best men will leave mankind. Is that the real rapture that so many christians have anticipated? Time will give us all the answers in 3 years. 



Bildresultat för dalai lama

Dalai Lama came out from India in 1967 and started touring the world.

If we take a look at the spiritual landscape of the world during the last 50 years there are two people standing out and both come from Asia and China to be more exact. The second one is called Dalai Lama and he is very famous. He emerged from Tibet in the 1960s and started touring the western world for the purpose of liberating his native Tibet from the Chinese Communist Party. His teachings are not new however and have not been made widely public in the west.  His name does not contain “Li” either. The persecution of Tibet has been ongoing since 1959 and don´t match the 1999 date given by the prophets. 


Conclusion: The reason why we need to discard Dalai Lama as the Messiah according to prophecies is that he didn´t present any new scriptures to the world and his main reason for going around the world has been to liberate Tibet. He does not primarily spread any spiritual teachings about how to achieve consummation so that is why he can´t be the Messiah.









China Prophecy Discloses The Name Of Messiah Of End Times – Find Truth Here

Has a “Li Hong” come from China to help people at the End Of Times? It seems very, very likely that this sage has arrived to the human world and its consequences are nothing less than mind blowing.




We can see that our current era of moral collapse and chaos matches the prophecy perfectly. Has this Messiah arrived to the human world and has he found his chosen people according to the prophecy above?




Master Li Hongzhi appeared in China in 1992 and attracted 100 million followers in 7 years until the Communist Party launched their illegal persecution of innocent Falun Gong practitioners in 1999(© for this photo) 


In 1992 there appeared a special man in China called Master Li Hongzhi – note the resemblance to “Li Hong” of Daoist prophecy. He spread a new kind of Qi Gong across China called Falun Gong(Falun Dafa) and it had tremendous health benefits for its practitioners and that is one reason why Falun Gong attracted an incredible 100 million followers in only 7 years. 



Worth mentionining is that the Chinese Communist Party launched their illegal persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, jailing, killing and organ harvesting millions of Falun Gong practitioners. This historic and evil persecution in 1999 was prophecied by both Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce among others.



The main book of Falun Dafa is called Zhuan Falun and contains ten lectures just like the prophecy predicts


The Daoist prophecy also claims that Li Hong will teach ten dharma lessons which can cure all your diseases. Interestingly, Falun Gong´s main book Zhuan Falun contains ten lectures and we already know its tremendous health benefits from different studies such as these showcasing fantastic results for cancer patients and others:


The name Li Hong resembles Li Hongzhi but what do other prophets call the saviour of the world? In the Bible he is called “Elijah”, Nostradamus calls him “Selin” and “Libra”. In norse mythology it is said that only two people will survive the end times: Liv(girl) and Livtrase(boy). All of these contain “Li” while referring to the name of the saviour or saved people.


To give a brief background Daoism is considerred one of the world religions and a leading Qi Gong system with tens of millions of adherents globally. It stems from China 2 500 years ago. It is a selective and kind of elite religion in China and monks are chosen by their monk master at a young age. Many Daost monks practice Kung Fu and they focus on “Truth” in this religion. They also use the Wudang mountain to teach different Daoist Qi Gong systems.

Daoism according to Wikipedia:

More information about this prophecy:

Check out the Falun Gong teachings:




The prophecied persecution of Falun Gong started in 1999 just like Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce predicted

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  • unidentified

    1999 was a really historic year for china, that is when the british gave hongkong back to chinese government, millions of people fled to other places around the globe primarily north america because panic what would happen when communist government got control, china is an extremely heavily populated country, their best neighbor today is russia

  • The Clucker

    “Most prophets agree that this man will be a man from Asia while others are more specific and say that he will come from China. So far so good.”

    No, no. So far, not so good. After the true Messiah came, he so shook the Earth with the extent of his teachings that the religions of other cultural regions wove his story into their own so that they could remain relevant. That is why, despite all of this Zeitgeist garbage, no publicly available document exists that tells the story of the virgin birth of the one true Messiah that predates the accounts in the Biblical Gospels. And no, a poorly sourced internet article that doesn’t produce the goods does not count.

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