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Donald Trump Expresses Disdain Over Six ‘Fake News’ Outlets and May Pull Their White House Press Passes (Video)

Thursday, January 12, 2017 3:47
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You never know what’s going to cause Donald J. Trump to officially ban a news organization from his presidential campaign events.

For The Washington Post, it was a headline on Monday saying “Donald Trump Suggests President Obama Was Involved With Orlando Shooting.” Mr. Trump said Mr. Obama’s refusal to say the words “radical Islamic terrorism” meant that, “there’s something going on.” He did not say what Mr. Obama’s secret agenda might be, leaving it to others to interpret. The Post later changed its headline to read that he “seems to connect” Mr. Obama to the shootings. Too late — banned! (And, of course, “SAD!”)

For the Politico reporter Ben Schreckinger, it was, apparently, a story about internal Trump dissension over his campaign manager’s quick temper and heavy-handed leadership that got his credentials revoked. For The Des Moines Register news team it was the editorial board’s call for Mr. Trump to exit the race. Then there was BuzzFeed News, The Huffington Post, Univision, The Daily Beast and so on.

There is no obvious consistency to it, from a candidate who can also be as accessible as any in history. After all, The Wall Street Journal’s similar headline, that Mr. Trump “Links Obama to Extremists,” didn’t cost that paper its official entree.

Only Mr. Trump knows whether the bans are the result of pique or some carefully thought-out strategy (he denies the latter).

But that doesn’t matter.

As of now, there is only this: The all-but-confirmed standard-bearer of one of the United States’s two major political parties is actively stripping credentials from news organizations that report things that he deems unfair or inaccurate. He has a black list and, unlike the one that Nixon kept, this is not a secret. Quite the opposite.

I called and sent email to the Republican National Committee a couple of times on Tuesday, to see whether the party Mr. Trump will soon be nominated to lead would carry out the same bans, but I did not get a return call.

I did get a call back from Mr. Trump, who said that he was exercising his right to choose whom he grants credentials to as he runs a campaign that he has mostly paid for himself. “I’m from a different world, other than politics,” he said. “In my world, when people don’t treat you fairly … ” He didn’t finish the sentence, but he didn’t have to: You cut them off.

“I don’t want good stories,” he said, “I want fair stories.”

To his mind, The Post had not been fair in its coverage of his speech, as evidenced by its decision to change its headline. But why, I asked him, was that the incident that led him to ban the paper. It was “the last straw,” he told me. At The Washington Post, he said, “virtually every article is negative even when I have big victories.”

The New York Times was not much better, Mr. Trump said, citing a recent article about his relationship with women over the years. He rebutted the article after it was published and his lawyer demanded, unsuccessfully, that the paper retract it. When I noted that Mr. Trump had not removed The Times’s credentials, Mr. Trump said, “You’re marginal, you’re marginal,” apparently meaning we, too, were close to losing credentials to cover him. He added, “It’s always possible, anything’s possible.”

I asked Mr. Trump what, exactly, will prompt a credential ban.

“If people don’t cover me fairly, or if they actually make things up, I don’t know why anybody should be allowed,” he said.

Fairness, and, increasingly, accuracy, is in the eye of the candidate and his or her supporters. That is worrisome, especially if Mr. Trump takes his strategy to the White House.

But Mr. Trump said he would not impose similar credential bans if he won the presidency. “That’s different from me taking something away — there I’m taking something away where I’m representing the nation,” he said. As for The Post, he said, “If they start covering me accurately, not even well, just accurately — I don’t want anything — they will get the credentials back.”

Martin Baron, The Post’s executive editor, said the newspaper was not going to change the way it covered Mr. Trump, which he described as “fair, honest and honorable.”

“I don’t think we have to seek a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval from a presidential candidate — that’s true during a campaign and that’s true during a presidency,” he said.

There needs to be mutual respect between the media and the candidates, he said, and “in this instance, clearly no respect toward our role is being shown.’’ (Mr. Baron noted that The Post changed the headline of its own volition, to make it more accurately reflect Mr. Trump’s remarks, which happens frequently across the media).

“Anybody who aspires to be president of the United States should exhibit behavior as a candidate that he or she would display as president of the United States,” he said.

The idea of a presidential campaign, after all, is to give the public a sense of how a candidate will behave in office. And yes, Hillary Clinton’s resistance to news conferences does not exactly augur an open hand with the news media either, and I don’t add that as mere “false balance.” She should do more.

Republicans, more than Democrats, have used the news media as a foil for decades. And neither of the last two Republicans to hold the White House — George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush — loved the news media. But neither of them denied credentials to reporters covering them. A notable exception: Vice President Dick Cheney, who tended to not make room for New York Times reporters on his plane. I personally was on the wrong end of that deal once.

But the campaign still gave us credentials for his events. And, either way, we made do, because it is the job of reporters to get the facts — and present them fairly and accurately — regardless of the obstacles. Mr. Trump made the same point, noting that reporters without official credentials were welcome to come to his events on their own, and report from the crowd should they manage to obtain entree.

“We’re not locking the doors where they can’t get in,” he said, though Mr. Schreckinger of Politico was recently escorted out of an event.

But doesn’t stripping credentials from out-of-favor reporters send a chill? “They send a chill by showing what a disgrace the media’s been,” Mr. Trump said.

Though Mr. Trump said his scraps with the media were not strategic, he noted they played well with some of his supporters. “Some people think they don’t like it,’’ he said. “Many people like it — they say, ‘They’re being punished for being dishonest.’’’


Will Donald Trump revoke the Press Passes of Main Stream Media? From his conference yesterday it certainly seemed like a building scenario that can take place. Just yesterday he put CNN in their place pretty heavily by calling them Fake News. He has dodged the press pool and continued to put them in their place. Only time will tell what the final outcome will be for Donald Trump our new President and the press.

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  • sitrep

    After 8 long years of CNN spewing fabricated BS, Blowing Smoke up your Rear, Some want more!!!!!!
    All their Green Screen Stunts, and Hiring Crisis Actors, as if they was the victim.
    Fabrication of the fake BS news. Their Talking Point BS!!!!

    Most People do not, and cannot comprehend the scope of what is actually going on, and prefer to be lied to, living in a bubble.

    Open Your eyes, All the USA infrastructure is being shipped out to China Government under the ruse that Chinese businessmen are buying it all up.
    The Current Upper Echelon Elite Dem-onics have been making back door deals for the Past 8 Years.

    Most do not Realize how huge the China Military forces are.
    The So called New Radical Activist, That the Current Admin invites to the House on the Hill was invented to destabilize, and infiltrate America.

    The New Radical Activist whom is funded by the Soros/Clinton Foundations, Will be the 1st to Aid the Enemy, they would be the 1st to run when the Massive wave of China Planes, come buzzing in – Strafing everything in sight. Do not turn your Back on the activist, Soros, and crew invented them to destabilize USA.

    Yes, The Soros, and other so called “foundations” Have been free to totally destabilize, to seed, and infiltrate USA at the Highest levels, down to the lowest levels.

    The Elites, and their Puppets, Like The Silicon Valley Sultans (SVS), MSM, Hollywood Jerk-Offs, etc.
    Oh, You Can Bet they have Main Head Quarters In China, and Invest Heavily into the Chinese mainland Structure. All along they Are Back Stabbing America.

    The SVS, Go around as if they invented some super Tech – Frigging BS.
    The are too stupid to use toilet paper, and have people to steal inventions, programs etc. While you get Micro-Shafted, Tward-Twitted, and FaceHooked, and more.
    A good example is the Smart Devices. The Smart Devices are made up of Old Technology, Just Smaller in size, re-packaged with a line of BS Hype.
    This Circle Group of Jerk Off will have you think they donate money to people for progressing, and creating inventions, to further education.
    What a line of BS, it is a way for them to Use their team/Army of Lawyers to track you, and steal your work/inventions.
    The Jerks are all in it together, and at their board meetings, they look at any new company, and fabricate schemes to Shut them down, so the jerks will Not have any competition.
    So you will be forced to purchase their BS products made up out of thin Air, and Be forced to sign thousands, and thousands Pages Of digital Contract Agreements.
    The Jerks (SVS) Call this “Your Experience”, or ” Experience for You”
    The Telecom’s, are in on it to, forcing you to purchase Bundle Products, and Or movie channels you do not want, or need, Another “Experience” for you.
    They also Use The term “Recommended for You” Taking away any choice you may have.
    They have Armies of Lawyers writing up Millions of pages of digital Contract data for you to digitally Sign/Agreement Button.

    These are just some of the Jerks Giving China Technological Information. Most all these SVS are connected to the Jerk Off Companies.

    Some of the Main New Computer, and Smart Device Operating System Software, is totally illegal, constantly stealing your information, and storing it on there servers, or some BS cloud.
    Then they say They Got Hacked, and everyone info has been compromised.
    Notice the timing of their so called “Hacks” in relation to their Computer Upgrades, and patches for Computers, and Smart Devices.
    Everyone’s Info is worth big Money way up there in the Trillions, Are they selling us out to China?
    These Patches, and Upgrades, turn back on the Privacy switches, and they have millions of web-bots that cobble up your personal data.

    Yes, for the past 8 years they have been allowed to get your data, and still doing it on a Massive scale.

    Yes right when you think you have some privacy, and set your computer functions, and Smart Device functions, The Silicon valley Sultans, Claim some big Computer Hack, and send everyone upgrades/patches deceiving you, telling you it is for your security—-
    You download, or it auto downloads installs re-boots, you again blindly Sign the Digital Contracts/Agreement button, Bing-Bing-Bing, all your privacy has been turned off,
    BING-BING they laughing all the way to the Bank with your Money.

    As you sleep, and unaware the SVS are totally re-routing critical Network/Internet infrastructure, and it is not to benefit you. This is for BS Bundle Service, and Thin Air products they will force you to purchase, as they are gearing up to limit, Meter every second of your Internet Use-Charging you huge usage fees, Of course This is to Better Your “Experience”

    • 2QIK4U

      What’s concerning is these are the stations we saw all 9/11 footage on which makes me want to go through all the old footage again. Like seeing certain floors blown two seconds before the collapsing towers catch up. Not to mention the guy being heard saying “PULL IT ” just before building seven dropped for NO reason!

  • 2QIK4U

    For a curious laugh I just went to you tube CNN to watch thier explanation and according to them trump confused them with buzzfeed and instantly carried on the Bullshit. It’s only about three minutes long but it’s enough to it would be hilarious if they weren’t serious. All Aussie media have slyly edited Donald look like he’s blaming alternative media. It’s absolutely disgusting Australians whole media industry and ethics. We leave CNN for dead here. :cry: FK YOU PACKER AND MURDOCHS. I can’t understand why you America’s public even think fox is on Trump’s side. Murdoch is working with Soros and FAKEBOOK on HITLERYS side. He always has and Fox are fooling u all by standing back in the shadows allowing you to see the other fake MSM while the most evil crew bide thier time… Family guy and Simpson’s PRE knowledge shows this corporation knows more than they act like they do. Trust no establishment tools of globalism.

  • RAIN

    Haha!! hilarious article.

    “..I AM the Constitution.”

    That was pretty funny.

    • RAIN

      Hey Jeffery.. have you already forgotten this from just yesterday??

      Jeff forwarded this inaccuracy offering it as fact. That willful action makes him complicit, or an active participant in that lie. Just because he didn’t make up the lie himself doesn’t mean if he repeats it he’s not a liar. That logic is totally absurd! You can try to justify his behavior, however this type of sleazy journalism is precisely why the public has pulled away from mainstream media. We readers seek and demand truth not just another mouthful of misinformation.


      JAN 11, 2017, 8:02 AM

      And yet, here you are again printing not just “misinformation” but now, (horrors) SATIRE?

      Faker! Charlatan! How dare you reprint articles that offend the great anonymous ASOTW??

      Sleazy journalist.. you mock us.. we readers seek and demand truth!!!

      • Jeffery Pritchett

        lol This article has been in the editing process for the last hour from me to make it better. It seems the original source was some bizarro Christian Conservative Onion like website. It seems Trump has expressed disdain at wanting to do this but it has not manifested completely yet. But yesterday’s Trump conference of him and the CNN situation was foreshadowing.

        • RAIN

          Yeah, The Resistance is pretty good at highlighting events through satire, not to be taken as literal truth but as commentary on the absurdity of politics.
          All that while echoing the sentiments of the people.. not bad at all.. haha..

          • Jeffery Pritchett

            Who has time to sit around and write with the pure 100 percent intention absolute fake news aka satire or whatever? I don’t .. weeding thru shit crap gets more tedious by the way lately. My first run in with a hoax article was one about a ship appearing mysteriously from the Bermuda triangle.. lol I am Naive sometimes so have to be more careful

          • Jeffery Pritchett

            And I just accidentally cussed for the first time ever on BIN with the S word lmao I better go take a grandpa nap. I meant to say just crap. lol

          • RAIN

            HAHA! Yep, be careful with them expletives.. Did you know I was handed a yearlong ban for writing “fkn” and accused of being part of a gang on BIN?.. haha..

            are you kidding me? hah.. They withdrew the ban after an appeal.. but, holy crap..

          • Jeffery Pritchett

            Look ISIS threatened to kill me this morning this is true story I just wrote about myself on BIN. I’ve rarely heard of anyone getting punished on BIN. You must be very naughty RAIN! lol


          • RAIN

            HOLY CRAP! I just read your article about it all.. Yikes, man.

            I’m afraid I’ll now have to sever all ties to you and deny that I ever even knew you.

            Jeffery. Bad man. very very bad man.

          • RAIN


            Who knows for sure what’s truly what but I tell ya, I’m concerned for you.
            Stay vigilant and print a follow up when you learn more. I doubt that harm will come your way but for someone to try to intimidate you in this way is beyond despicable.

            My cat wrote this. I’m just a patsy.

            stay safe, for real.

          • Jeffery Pritchett

            Thank you Rain It’s probably just a troll but better safe than sorry. I got the feds in on it now.

          • RAIN

            probably so.. but, social media threats have become an alarming phenomena that is not being addressed as it should be. The majority get away with it and the lack of monitoring threats properly is accelerating the frequency.
            I hope it IS some pathetic little troll and I hope he gets torched for it. Same to all others who ignorantly believe they can do and say anything that blows through their vacuous skulls.
            It’s a rising culture of self entitlement coupled with lowered mental agility.
            I should know.. I live in NYC and have to deal with a gazillion of these clown car drop offs on a daily basis.

  • DennisB

    I say, get rid of all the liar’s and bring on the TRUTH. Start arresting this treasonous bastards. The world will be a better place without them.

  • Ideas Time

    Get rid of assigned seating and then assign seats in the front based on how accurately they report news. This system would keep CNN in the back far corner of the room and irrelevant.


    Exaggerations only back splatter on you, give Trump a break, what you say is not fact, you make things up for yellow journalism reasons.

  • my2pesos

    Excommunicating ~ Conceit ‘maxim’ Gun……………(AG)
    Maxim – 1. A general truth, fundamental principal, or rule of conduct.
    2. A proverbial saying.
    Maximus ~ Max ‘I’m’ US
    Maximus – 1. The Latin term for greatest or largest.

  • Just me

    The first act of a dictator is to suppress opposition media. Obama tried to do it with Fox and alternative media – now Trump is trying to do the same thing. It looks like fascism on both accounts.

  • desertspeaks

    I really enjoyed how you made it all trumps fault.. it wasn’t all the blatant LIES that they were reporting, it was trump.. you’re pathetic!

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      I just read another one of your comments on the ISIS post I just did that made no sense just like this one. Do you think at all before you type Jar Jar Binks?

  • Eyesopen

    They are getting desperate to stop Mr Trump from taking over the presidency….it is probably because he will interfere with the end game plan for world war 3, a world pandemic of vaccine induced bird flu culling (of the masses)….
    and the move to a worldwide cashless society. That is the agenda that the elites have. They use proxy ficticious wars on terror along with elite owned msm and puppet politicians….

  • The Watcher


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