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They Are Dangerous Spirits in Our World Sent From God When His Commandment Are Broken (Video)

Monday, January 9, 2017 17:16
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They Are Dangerous Spirits In Our World Sent From God When His Commandment Are Broken

Many of our ancestors did not keep God’s commandments and teach the gospel to their children and explain why we did not have this understanding.

People are not aware we have dangerous spirits in our world and do not know how dangerous these spirits are and what they are incapable of and what they are there for and what they can do to a person they can possessed and control and destroy a person.They are in our world by the trillion and can transfer to person to person and cloning them selves

Zechariah 1:9-11 God will sent them when his commandment are broken and this is the same commandment for us as well and God tells us how they can be defeat and there is only one way they can be defeated. This is not to offend anyone but it is people own ignorance and lack of understanding if they choose not to believe are think orbs and ghosts are them and many other manifestation and one of them is aliens they can manifest and can make themselves look almost like anything even the dead.

They are in pets and animals and people and our children and many people are not aware they are being manipulated by them.They will manipulate and use what is in a person mind to get the person to work against them selves .They can control and manipulate anyone are anything into doing bad things.They are deceiving and lying spirits you learn and read about in the bible.

Part 1 thru 7 This is part 4 In this video are real photos of orbs

Judges 9:23-24 Isaiah 45:7 Colossians 1:16 Zechariah 1:9-11 Revelation 12:7-9

The gospel was written for us and all generation to keep the laws written in this book. When the prophecies of this book is fulfilled the end will come Revelation 22:10

The stories in the bible are for real and you are reading the past and present and future and history. Mankind future was written centuries ago and everything you see in your world today is written in the bible

1. They are in our world

2. The end times

3. A confused world

4. Self deceive

5. The signs are here

6. The whole world is being deceive

7. Our history is written in the bible

8. The battle for mankind soul

9. My people are destroy for a lack of knowledge

10. Madness and insanity is sweeping the nation

11. We are here for a purpose

12. God of Abraham ,Isaac and Jacob

13. The devil’s trap

14. Christians will need to be spiritually prepare and train for battle in the last days

15. Planet war zone

16. In the book of Revelation our world is coming to a end in the future

17. Hell on earth

18. We do not live in a world we can control

19. The devil drown in his own foolishness

20. They come to kill, steal and destroy

21. The biggest lies ever told in history and what they did not tell you about the gospel

22. How evil spirits can be defeated

23. What is truth

24. Hidden sin

25. Sins of the forefathers

26. Prayers that binds,breaks and loose

27. A world of deception

28. How the enemy covered up and made the gospel look fake

29. How to know the real gospel from false doctrine

30. It was not man who is responsible for the reason we are here

31. There is a demon for every sin committed

32. The enemy within us

33. Foolishness leaves to destruction

34. People are bringing them here because of sin

35. Because of their foolishness and disobedience they were destroy in the flood 2 Peter 2:5-6

36. People are their own worst enemy

37. How the enemy robbed you of the gospel

38. God does not hear our prayers when you are in sin Isaiah 1:15

39. The book of Revelation is telling us the future

40. Seal of protection

41. The son of perdition in the book of Revelation and what is coming here in the future

42. The world is at war

43. A world of occult and witchcraft

44. What you see in your world is written in the bible

45. Above the law

46. Revelation 12:9 And that old serpent,called the devil and satan,which deceiveth the whole world

47. They believe lies for the truth

48. Bowing down to your enemy

49. Being use by their enemy in the book of Revelation that wants to destroy them and the whole world

50. The devil got his own self kick out of heaven in the book of Revelation 12:7-9

51. What brought the human race to a end in the book of Revelation

52. The bible is telling us the past and present and future

53. They are following him to hell

54. Break witchcraft prayers of protection

55. Sin is a curse Galatians 3:10-13

56. Do not be deceive what you think you know about Satan and God and here is why

57. How you can discern In the mind of the enemy

58. The tree of knowledge of good and evil Genesis 2:17

59. If man was not created to sin then how would person know how to sin

60. How to discern and tell when you are being manipulated by evil spirits

61. A person will believe and think what is in their mind is truth becomes reality

62. Mind bound

63. St.John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free

64. Trapped in their own mind

65. In a delusional world

66. Our world can be destroy by this evil

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