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Putin Just Made A Bad Move That Could Cost Him Everything – This Is It (Video)

Friday, February 10, 2017 3:29
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Jeff Neukom for Western Journalism reports, Russia’s defense minister declared Tuesday that President Vladimir Putin has ordered his air force to prepare for “a time of war.” The declaration comes as the political waters near the Russian border have been rapidly approaching the boiling point, with thousands of NATO troops amassing close to the border with Russia as part of the largest build-up of Western troops neighboring Moscow’s sphere of influence since the Cold War.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a Russian politician who is the current President of the Russian Federation, holding the office since 7 May 2012.

What do you think? Did Putin just make a bad move and if so what does the future hold? Let us know in the comments and thanks for stopping by!


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  • wiseoldlady

    It is about protect and defend. NATO needs to be abolished.

    • wiseoldlady

      The UN…Russian aggression in Crimea….are you kidding. The lies just keep coming don’t they. FACT: The Rothschilds want Crimea.

      • Morgana Le Fay

        Your views concerning Russia are incredibly naive.

        • Morgana Le Fay

          I’m not saying we’re “the good guys” and there is certainly plenty of B/S to pass around, but Putin is a very ruthless, corrupt, and bad man, and Russia definitely has expansionist ambitions.

          • Redlist Renegade

            You’re completely off track in your thinking on this Morgana !!!

          • Gryphon

            “Putin is a very ruthless, corrupt, and bad man, and Russia definitely has expansionist ambitions.”
            The silliest nonsense I’ve heard recently, heheh…
            (McCain is that you?)

          • Gus Fung

            Merlin’s Muse: “Putin is a very ruthless, corrupt, and bad man, and Russia definitely has expansionist ambitions.”

            Then why does Putin often come off as more rational and less schizophrenic and apt to “war it up” than “us” ?????

            Hmmm ?

        • Judge Roy Bean

          I am thinking the same thing about you!

      • Debbie

        Putin threw the Rothschilds out of Russia…..Rothschilds backed the Bolshevik Communists who slaughtered 65 million Christians…..Rothschilds backed Hillary to bring about white genocide in America…THANK GOD for Trump….only Trump and Putin are against the communist NWO….they need to work together…Trump knows the US CIA/Mossad are just as treacherous as any KGB ever thought of being…all we hear are “bad, bad Putin” from the neocons and their lying mainstream press trying to manufacture consent for war with Russia…Trump is smarter than that…..make friends with Putin…Americans are woefully ignorant of the killing be done by the CIA…the CIA is ISIS….the CIA murders, rapes and loots every small country overthrowing their governments for Israeli/Rothschild hegemony……in many ways Iran has right, America and Israel have been the great satans…

        • Judge Roy Bean

          Since Rothschild’s own and run the Federal Reserve and America, NATO is just an arm of the NWO Jew march for world government. Russia got off their reservation and they want to re-establish their power back over Russia.

  • Detergent

    It’s a game of chess. The Russians are particularly good at it.

    • Boo

      Well said. He’s just moving his pieces around for now. But it would be game over if he was underestimated since his plays are always set up in order to force his opponent into a losing move. The win… in the word’s of WarGames computer WOPR is, “Not to play the game”.

  • Pink Slime

    He killed over a 120 journalist. He is a ruthless communist at heart. Double cross him and he turns into a KGB killer. Threaten him with war and he becomes Dicktator.

    All wonderful habits that never left the little tyrant. Oh yeah, we want our Superbowl Ring back, little man. :cool:

    • dr.petestan

      Do you have a verified source for that, Slime? Or was it just a little voice in your head that told you?

      • Pink Slime

        Yes, Vladimir Putin. Duhhhh……. :cool:

  • Canderson

    “with thousands of NATO troops amassing close to the border with Russia” Remove the NATO troops then, as simple as that. I say this it is not Putin bullying, its neocon scum policy that lives on still.

  • Philo

    That is a very bad headline.America /Nato made a bad move that could cost us everything.
    The stupid buggers have to get the hell out of Eastern Europe and stay away from there just like they promised they would. Mind you when end of 2016 Putin visited Greece and spoke with Tsipras he gave the last warning to America and Nato. He will utter no more words /warnings. But soon ,enough is enough .The Russians as a people have sworn to each other and themselves ; No one will ever invade Russia again!! And no one ever will as long as Russia has real men like Putin and weaponry that makes all that America has obsolete . Go read up on what happened to the USS lame duck Cook and that one carrier that had to limp into a bay in Scotland because the Russians tried out their weaponry on them. One more wrong move from America and its Nazi allies in Eastern Europe
    And the whole of Europe and America will become uninhabitable for the next thousand or so years. They will be incinerated as they themselves have incinerated . That’s karma you know.

  • Canderson

    My other view on this perhaps Putin been put in quarantine, to check him out by Trump.
    If Putin got good intentions (And Trump got good advisors) then this is nothing.

    • Canderson

      Perhaps Trump do not simply rely upon advisors, he got the finger feeling of it.

      • Canderson

        As a rule one King one nation, not many Kings one nation.
        I call them psychopaths the
        Gnostics called them Archons, which means “Lord” or “Ruler”.

        Dr Pete Peterson – Every Parent Should ‘know’ this.

        I want a non psychopath ruler to rule the USA. I think Trump got heart, that is why I believe in him, baby steps. Schooling and the FED is top priority, if you doubt Putin ask him for advice to counter the necon faction.

        In “As Above, So Below”
        Santos Bonacci The Ancient Theology Astrology Part 2

        How things work (make better sense at least), and how we been deceived by the obliteration of our past culture, of our past civilization.

        Scandinavians, or simply of the zodiac. (Thor-ax(e) (Today a hammer), where the heart and lung resides. And the filter the liver.

        • Canderson

          The heart got a straight connection with the sane brain. The insane got no connection at all.

  • Black Humor

    Dear Mr Pritchett, your article was really bad. Dont demean yourself with this issue anymore. There is plenty of topics available what comes to critic of Russia, but you have fallen in to a globalist pit. Get out of there. In a world where all counterpartys have deliberately stripped ”the wings of angels” one should consentrate on what is near at first and after home base is clean look around. Those rotten to the core have no credibility shouting: I smell a rat, with the stench of rot around them. :wink:

  • Godzilla

    Russia is not in the wrong. NATO is! They have attacked Iraq twice, Serbia, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, yemen, threatening iran. I don’t know if its Israel causing all these problems or the Persian gulf arab monarchies, but something sure stinks. And Ukraine had some astroturfing going on. Soros, rothschilds, rockefellers cause most of the mayhem since they finance it. Russia mererly retaliates sometimes to protect its interests. He who instigates problems is really at fault.

    The days of the USSR reign of terror are long gone. The warsaw pact collapsed two decades ago. It is time for NATO to disintegrate both to save money and headaches. Russia will never attack anyone and if they do America and its allies have plenty of nukes to send Russia back to the stone age. All this posturing from NATO in the meantime is uncalled for.

  • Takealook

    Come on Gary time to take head out of butt. What would you say as president to our troops if
    Russia was surrounding the US with tanks, troops, and planes? “Prepare for war”. Just like Putin
    did. In their twisted logic the Jews pushing for this war somehow think that Israel and the City of
    London will survive nuclear annihilation but if Putin is smart and he is the first targets of the big nukes
    will be Israel, UK, NY, and Washington D.C..
    The Rothchilds and their bastard spawn Israel are hoping the West and Russia fight to the death and
    they will be left to rule over the planet. Since they are the cause of all the terror worldwide funding both
    sides of every conflict they need to die first and hard.

  • Canderson

    I call for the rule of the law. We lived under the jungle from the other side, the hedged side, it takes 3 generations to develop psychopathy they say.

  • Anonymous

    If there’s a Dr. Stranglove 2…
    Neukom and Bang Ding Ow.


    President Putin is the head of the country with the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. He is very dangerous because of this. He, is not America’s best friend, and he is also, not a James Bond villain obsessed with ruling the world. We can trust President Putin. We can trust him to do what is best for his country, and himself. In a sane world, what more could we expect? I hope, we finally have a leader that will do what is best for America. There are areas that would benefit both of out countries. I hope we develop those common goals.

  • Tedx

    What do you expect? NATO continues to mass troops on Russia’s borders, and Trump has done a 180 degree turn, staffing his cabinet with hard-core Neocons who support war with Russia and China. Trump’s press secretary just told the biggest Fake News lie since LBJ lied to the American people about North Vietnam attacking a US vessel in the Gulf of Tonkin.
    The press secretary claimed Iran had attacked a US vessel off the coast of Yemen, when it was a Yemenite freedom fighter attacking a Saudi ship that had been slaughtering Yemeni civilians. LbJ’s lie led to the War in Vietnam, loss of 154 thousand US soldiers and bankrupted the US to the point it had to start printing fiat dollars and abandon the gold standard, all so Lady Bird Johnson — owner of Brown and Root –could make a few extra billion dollars.

    Putin has every right to believe Trump deceived him, just as those of us who voted for Trump have reason to consider Trump conned our votes from us with lies of peace, just as Obama did his supporters.

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