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It’s Over!: Huma Abedin Just Flipped! What She Did Minutes Ago Has Hillary in Tears!

Thursday, November 3, 2016 6:46
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Headline: Bitcoin & Blockchain Searches Exceed Trump! Blockchain Stocks Are Next!

It’s Over!: Huma Abedin Just Flipped! What She Did Minutes Ago Has Hillary In Tears!


Written by JayWill7497


Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Huma Abedin has VOIDED her immunity deal with the FBI. She will be facing jail time or give up dirt on Hillary Clinton. Hillary has got to be crying big ol’ gator tears right about now…

HUMA ABEDIN is now in real trouble with the FBI – T’S OVER: Huma Abedin Just Flipped! What She Did Has Hillary In Tears… After 20+ years of being by Hillary’s side as her TOP AIDE, she has NOT been seen with Hillary since…

Breaking: Hillary Just Cancelled Her Rallies. Is She Quitting From  The Race?! Testimony from Police at Venue in Florida!

Martin Walsh for the Conservative Daily Post reports, as of November 1st, the FBI has two active investigations into the Clintons: the Clinton Foundation for “pay-to-play” schemes and Hillary Clinton sending and receiving classified emails from Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner’s personal devices.

Now – it just got a whole lot worse, according to True Pundit New York Police Department detectives and prosecutors working on case against former Congressman Anthony Weiner disclosed the FBI has the evidence “to put Hillary (Clinton) and her crew away for life,”

New revelations on the contents of that laptop, according to law enforcement sources, implicate the Democratic presidential candidate, her subordinates, and even select elected officials in far more alleged serious crimes than mishandling classified and top secret emails, sources said. NYPD sources said these new emails include evidence linking Clinton herself and associates to:

Money laundering, Child exploitation, Sex crimes with minors (children), Perjury, Pay to play through Clinton Foundation, Obstruction of justice, Other felony crimes.

The Clinton investigation is now connected to a massive child trafficking and pedophile sex ring operating within Washington, D.C.

Read Also: Huma Abedin In Clear Violation Of State Dept. Rule About “SAFEGUARDING” Classified Info!

These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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  • Nancy Owens, The Obama Forger


    Vince Foster was killed in 1983.

    The Cubans and the Russians began running submarines in the Rim Canal of Lake Okeechobee. They also built bunkers as they murdered off Americans English speakers in Miami in exchange for the Cocaine gold. Vince Foster came to South Florida with Hillary and Pelosi in response to my report of these mini-subs. Being the total corrupt idiots that they are, they began playing games and Vince Foster ended up dead. Hillary and Pelosi panicked and Foster’s body was carried outside to his car and my gun was placed in his hands to frame me. The investigator is none other than Mike Volin who is also the birth certificate investigator. Come on, people, it ain’t rocket science here!

    Why is it that Mike Volin can never seem to solve any of the cases that he’s on? I was also raped by Bill Clinton who loves to bite while he’s committing his acts of violence! These people are just so damned careless with classified info and it’s a wonder we’re not already bowing down to a foreign king! These subs were from the early 80′s, folks. It CAN happen overnight if these hidden Russian ops make their final move!!

    • Nancy Owens, The Obama Forger

      Crooked politicians need contract killers to keep their cocaine supply running. You don’t kill your kings. They guesstimated that cocaine would be legalized on day and that, in the end, none of this would matter. But, at the same time they really don’t want to give up control so they kill off any of their competitors. Again, you need people like me to make that happen. They control with threats of death or imprisonment which is what happened to me with Mike Volin AFTER I earned a degree in Journalism from Palm Beach Community College.

      Bill was not there at the 1983 Vince Foster murder. I know some of the wound markings on the REAL Vince Foster. I know that his blood ran to his back. But, that his body was propped upright in his car. I know that he has a bite mark and a knife cut on his leg about the size of a small steak. Nancy (notice the repeating of the name NANCY during the 80′s both high and low) Pelosi rightfully guessed that no investigator would be convinced that his body in his car was the scene of the murder and, I suspect, that’s why Mike Volin, a heroine user and a cop, did the investigation as the “first” one on the scene.

      • Anonymous

        What, make some sense. Slow down. Love you, mean it. TBBP. DGIT.

    • HitleryforPrison

      Don’t worry Nancy Ruth Owens… GOD has a special place for me in hell.

      • HitleryforPrison

        I am sooo Fuced… My exodus plan is to split town before the guillotine blade drops on November 8th.

    • westgate

      That was 1993, Dear.

      • Nancy Owens, The Obama Forger

        1983. The information didn’t filter through our corrupt system to the public until that time. You do not have the truth from the Clintons who quite possibly bartered their way into the White House on false info including the fake murder of Pablo Escobar who was actually murdered Oct 2, 1990 in Melbourne, Florida after being captured by the Hell’s Angels who have been victimized by the Hispanic New World Order over American territories.

  • Scorpallain

    Could be the DNC persuaded Huma to take the fall for H.R.C…..or Huma is really going to spill the beans about Hillary…hmmm? ….somethings up…something just isn’t right here….i smell setup.

    • Shipton

      I wondered about that, Scorpallain, maybe Huma will keep quiet, do the time and when the election is stolen for Killery and she becomes president, she will hope for a pardon from Killery. However, Killery may not remember the last e-mail or statement she made but she WILL remember whomever crossed her in ANY way and perhaps Killery will personally exact revenge in her own personal way to Huma. Perhaps?

      • b4

        Weiner boy kept all the info used it as threat so he would not be sucidcided–murdered by hiitlerly boys–they are all idiots–all 17 agencies are moving against the clintons/obbumer–we are going to have a real party–they will all resign and put rat boy paul ryan in,my guess

    • TRUTHY1

      Setup & misdirect at the same time ! This is a very unorthodox article that is sure to get you thinking.

  • Richard Parker

    Oh that’s funny! Hillary’s tears are what dreams are made of.

  • King of Shambhala

    Islamic Huma Abedin and Islam is the worst thing existing in the world;
    Bring them to justice and jail them for consecutive life sentences.
    Be kind and punish them.

    • Amuzza

      King of Shambhala

      Who was it that killed many of the native men, women and children and stole the landmasses of Canada,USA,Australia,New Zealand, Phillipines, Maylasia, South America and godness knows where else
      Oh! I know that would be the so called christen nations ie: mostly white man scum (of which I am one)

      Oh! and who stormed into the Arab nations and murdered the leaders, of Iraq, Libya and Syria if they get their way.
      These leaders who had a handle on everything, then went on to murder men women and children,
      sounds familiar does it not. Oh! I know that would be the whitehouse scum working for their total scum bankers that did not have control of those regions.

      As our Lord Jesus said, “he who is without sin cast the first stone”

    • Jack Shlitz

      And…. Obama’s the Antichrist

  • Anonymous

    Nothing new here just Bullshit again. The flipped link is 4 days old and the thing about tears is this idiot daydreaming. The campaign goes on.

  • Ideas Time

    And to think it took a Weiner to take the old hag down.

    • TRUTHY1

      The irony is almost funny,but I can barely keep my food down !

  • JohnSmith2016

    completely unsourced and unsubstantiated story… which is why it appears nowhere else

  • gottaluvitt

    This could just be a work up to cancel the election, it has just gotten way to crazy. I think they must of used mind control on Hillary and Bill to make them like they are. This government is most likely going down just like the banking system. I’m waiting for the next, load to be let out -who will it be on Trump or Clinton? Trump keeps on saying he is the messenger. Now all of this sex scandal is out on Clinton but there is also one out on Trump too. Most likely that is a made up story, as they have used a reverse strategy on everything.

  • my2pesos

    Horizontal ~ Harlot Zion
    Heil Hitler ~ Either Hill
    Either Hill ~ Hi! RE: IT Hell
    NSA Mail ~ Animals
    Animals ~ NASA MIL

    • srsly1


  • JohnDave

    Great! :twisted:

  • Mrs Clippit

    THIS IS OLD NEWS. I read this 3 days ago…

  • El

    I read that on another site last night, but wasn’t sure how much of it was true. The source was not someone i trusted. Now, will there be an election???
    Will Obama try to prevent it? Will we end up in civil war if he tries. More questions than answers….But I sure am glad if they finally have that evil woman stopped! God Bless the Police and the good FBI people who were so mad at Comey when he let her off the first time.

  • Enjoykin4

    President al-Assad: United States and its Western allies are to blame for failure of latest ceasefire


  • jdpent01

    jdp…The Authorities should do immediately is incarcerate Hillary and all other foundation players until the investigation is over just like they would to anybody else, they don’t let criminals run around pending an investigation when there is clear evidence in play of wrong doing, they should take em off the street and hold them pending any further outcome of the investigation. Allowing her to run free is a double standard normal criminals don’t receive.We know you broke the law we are continuing to looking to what extent.

  • Anonymous

    Satanist do not cry. TBBP. DGIT.

  • ConfuciousSay

    Here’s a few facts for you:

    1. 51% of the human race are women with P##sy’s they don’t want grabbed.

    2. 17% of the population of the United States is Hispanic who don’t want to be thrown over a wall.

    3. 15% of the population of the United States are African American who are sick of being shot by police.

    You can put 300 more articles on this site this week about Trump winning but it is NOT going to happen. Cannot, will not, will not happen. Get over it and go polish your gun.

  • Bob DD


    Why, we’ve already seen the Federal whitewash with “NO INDICTMENT” before. Only thing the state prosecutor must have balls to stand up against Clinton crime syndicate.

  • Anonymous

    She quit her campaign? Hmmm just saw her speaking (yelling) in Florida today.
    Get your facts straight. You give alt media a bad image.

  • holly1224

    Huma is hosting a fashion fundraiser for Hillary. I don’t think she has flipped!

  • jbw

    “It’s Over!: Huma Abedin Just Flipped! What She Did Minutes Ago Has Hillary in Tears!” Your clickbait bullshit is vomitously STUPID. This ISN’T ‘reporting”, imbecile. It’s said imbecile pretending to be an investigative ‘journalist’…

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