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The Mystery of the Ducts of the Great Pyramid Resolved

Monday, October 31, 2016 5:11
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My usuaI introduction; I apologize for possible grammatical errors. Know that I am a French author who publishes in English to broadcast to as many people the truth.

October 31, 2016

Hello everyone, I will prove  today that the axis of rotation of our planet was tilted 11 000 years ago and that  was caused by the Planet x, as I explain in all my articles.

We successfully decoded, what happened exactly, thanks to a message written in stone, with the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

We will at the same time, prove that Antarctica was further north, near africa, exactly as I said, and it is through this demonstration I have to start

 See the video : Atlantis The Truth & the full article : Atlantis

Here are the conduct of the pyramid that points precisely one point in the sky.

The most accuracy and official values of the angle was used. click on the picture for the link.

We took the values given by Rudolf Gantenbrink, which is the only scientist who explored the conducts and obtained the most accurate values.

Yes but what?

Orion, Regulus, Sirius, the Pleiades?

As I have shown in my previous article, the message is universal and, therefore, must be readable by all humanity.

There in the immensity of the sky, two single common point to all men of this Planet.

The celestial poles.

All the stars in the sky, revolves around two points, which are the celestial poles.

The star located near the celestial pole is called the pole star in the northern hemisphere ..

The position in the sky of celestial pole  is never the same and depends on your position on earth.

For example if I am  in  Washington DC, this is where the celestial pole is located, in the sky.

Difficult to find this without using Stellarium…

The value of the angle  (the angle between the ground and the point) is about 38.9 °(decimal), ( brown line).

If I moves to Baltimore which is about 63 miles (~ 100km)

The pole celeste moved about  a degree.

Moving on Earth, causes a displacement of the celestial pole in the sky.

Here are the conduct of the queen’s chamber, and I’ll watch the sky, with exactly the specified angle and in the indicated direction.  

The queen’s chamber symbolizes Atlantis before the removal, so, it’s from there I’ll watch the sky …

I get coordinated on Stellarium : latitude  S 39°51′  longitude  E 31°7′ (meridian of the pyramid)

(Precisely coordinates data given by an independent geometer. (see videoconferencing)

(notice the incredible similarity with the map of Oronce Fine)

I’m in the middle of nowhere, in the ocean …the little yellow dot

Remember, there is only one star among millions…

The pyramid is oriented in th four cardinal points with an amazing accuracy  of 3 ‘ = 0.05 ° ! (average) 

I aim with the angle indicated by the pyramid.

I show the celestial pole with stellarium…

I’m in the middle of nowhere, in the ocean and the conduct of the Queen Chamber shows me the celestial pole!…

I zoom for more precision.

the southern polar star, is not even in this circle

An accuracy of 1/4 degree, 16 miles…

The conduct of the queen’s chamber show the celestial poles, but only saw  from the capital of Atlantis before the disaster, it was the evidence given by the builders.

We also decoded, what happened exactly.

The conducts of the king’s chamber, corresponds to an observation of the celestial poles, IN THE SAME PLACE, indicating a change in the tilt of our planet.

What seems ilisible on the plan is very clear, if we postpone these angles on a sketch.

Here are the conducts of the Queen’s chamber.

The conducts of the King’s chambers.

For short, the axis of rotation of our planet was reduced to 6 °.

If I add a spacing of 6 ° to the conducts of the King’s chamber, we see that the conducts are juxtaposed.


these are the six degrees, which scientists seek to explain:
 We have an angle of 23.5° today, but there are 11,000 years ago,  this angle was  24 ° and stood opposite.
See the Milankovitch parameter.

This value of 24 ° is also given,  thanks to the intelligence of the great architect, who used the duct length of the Queen’s Chambrer. 

Few centimeters more or less in the lenghth Of the conduit and the angle of 24 ° disappeared

So we had about 30 ° located opposite

This axis corresponds to a terrestrial equator that passes through Giza located today at 29, 98°.

An equator is always an latitude 0 °

I indicated that the pyramid was the original Meridian,  therefore longitude 0 °, but it was also the original equator, therefore, the  latitude 0 °.

The pyramid is a Geodetic tag of the Earth 11000 years ago.

This change of inclination of the axis of rotation of our planet, 11000 years ago, changed the distribution of heat on earth and changed the climate in some countries.

To give you an image, the climate of the capital Atlantis corresponded to the latitude of Washington, before the change of axis, to become the climate of Montreal.

This change of inclination of the axis of rotation of our planet 11,000 years ago , was caused by gravitational and magnetic effect of the Planet X on entering our solar system.




And it was only several years later (40 years  in my opinion for the 40 days of the flood), that the large accumulation of snow caused an increase in the mass of Atlantis.

The centrifugal force of the rotation of our planet, attracted Atlantis to  south pole, where the force it exerts the least and allowed the planet to regain his balance (work of Charles Hapgood, in his book published 1958 ‘Shifting Crust of Earth’ preface and supported by Albert Einstein.)

Millennia later Atlantis was renamed the Antarctic…

 Thanks to God, the duty of memory, could never be erased, but And unfortunately it will happen again soon …  see “The Return of the Planet X

source : 

God Bless you, and be prepared…

Jean Seimple



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