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Planet X Position Update – It Is Closing Fast!

Friday, June 16, 2017 17:57
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The 2 videos linked below feature a well-established earthquake pattern. How well established? Well a simple gander at the USGS significant earthquake archive anyone can see that May is generally a very active month for earthquakes. The notion of an “earthquake season” started taking hold in 2011 and 2012 when various researchers were pointing out the periodic nature of earthquakes, solar flares, and solar wind reversals.

As the videos point out, the alignments involving earth and Aquarius are as predictable in seismic terms as the changing of the seasons. When the latest earthquakes in Peru, Guatemala, and Greece occurred there were actually no significant planetary alignments but a loosely connected timeline to the end of 1 of those Aquarial alignments. As the videos below point out early June was supposed to be when we could determine the position of Planet X.

Since these latest earthquakes appeared outside “the window” for an Aquarial alignment I asked the owners of the Higher Truth Channel for a quick Q&A session. In an exclusive interview it was revealed to me that the latest earthquakes mean that PX (Planet X) has begun to retrograde a little faster than was expected. This means if you were to trace the path of PX in the sky it would have been moving more decisively southward (towards the South Pole) than it does move laterally. The lateral displacement as seen by earth made a curve towards the western horizon (or Virgo) for about 6 to 9 months.

Indeed when comparing to Harrington’s model there is a place when it meets its maximum displacement from the sun, dives underneath the solar system while now tracking faster and faster, laterally towards the sun thus making a U shaped path that moves southward curving away from Neptune and then retrograding back.

“The latest earthquakes indicate that the migration of PX from its lateral position has accelerated which in fact it must do if obeying Harrington’s model”, stated the owner of the Higher Truth Channel known as BP2.

When examining the earthquake archives he is actually correct in pointing out the exact alignment dates of May 15th. Every single May follows a 2 to 3 week earthquake pattern beginning with significant quakes tapering in magnitude in the middle of the alignment finishing with the strongest quakes of the alignment.

“We theorized it was moving south due to the lack of influence seen on the vertical tectonic plates. We are seeing a clear shift with more earthquakes on the top and bottom of the globe” said BP2.

If the Higher Truth Channel had not nailed hundreds of solar wind, fireballs, quakes, and flares predictions I would view these videos below with a discerning interest but since they have been on the money with just about everything happening on earth I view these videos as more of a warning than anything else.

You should know I’ve been informed Higher Truth Channel is working on a video that explains why these large quakes mean Planet X may have moved directly south of Neptune and has traveled in a soft arching trajectory that has displaced it mostly in its southern position.

Many of us who follow earthquake predictability were waiting for the mega quakes that occurred every February around mid-month. Instead mid-February was rather light and the stronger quakes came at the end of January, so to many of us the mid-February silence was deafening. But with May behaving like most Mays that shift appeared to have been temporary in terms of quake reliability.

Just for review, earth was seeing significant earthquake activity in mid-February, mid-May, late July and mid-November. Regardless of all the inner planets’ position. I will leave a link to the earthquake archives so you can see for yourselves the stable pattern that has existed since 2011. In the meantime, stocking up on a little food and water and formulating a survival plan doesn’t seem so paranoid anymore.

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  • beLIEve

    With “planet earth” HURTLINGthrough “space” at a speed of ….OVER a THOUSAND ..MILES per MINUTE :!: :idea:

    So-called Nibiru will need (Sean quote) a HOMING DEVICE to effect a hit :smile:

    * * *


    Heliocentric model of Earth says Earth is…………..
    travelling through “space” at a speed ……of 67,000 MILES per HOUR
    Whilst ROTATING on its axis at a speed of 1,000 miles per hour.

    Earth “apparently” travels a distance of 584, 000,000 MILE ANNUALY….292,000,000 THERE and 292,000,000 returning to its START position.
    It has been doing this for :idea: 360,000,000 YEARS :idea:

    If Earth is travelling in excess of ….1,000 MILES per SECOND …over a distance of 584,000,000 MILES annually…..
    Nibiru …WOULD ONLY HAVE…ONE…….”window” of IMPACT in this 12 month period.
    THIS IS A HOAX……..

    * *
    :evil: However, just to give the LYARS a chance……..
    :twisted: THEY can TELL us in which…..SECOND in the HOUR…. Nibiru’s TRAJECTORY will cross that of Earth :idea:

    LYARS……my suggestion above reference the IMPACT date was posted a few days ago…
    Maybe this article is THEIR ATTEPT at an ANSWER ? ? ?

    * *
    Methinks the EL-iteS may be filing THEIR DIAPERS :!:

    * * *
    Proof That Our World is Not a Moving Globe : Edward Hendrie


    The Greatest Lie on Earth : Proof That Our World Is Not a Moving Globe
    Author Edward Hendrie

    * * *

    And another thing…
    It seems Earth must have been EXECUTING this speed & trajectory for 360,000,000 MILLION YEARS as FOSSIL EVIDENCE indicates …LAMPHREYS….an eel type fish….have been on Earth for that length of time and EVOLVED ….LITTLE…in 360,000,000 years.

    Scientists find lamprey a “living fossil”: 360 million-year-old fish hasn’t evolved much

    * * *

    Mechanical Engineering.
    I know nothing…… BUT….

    Is it not unusual for an “object” to be “operating” at such “speeds” for a period of 360,000,000 years with the CONSEQUENT STRESSES without needing to undergo …..SOME MAINTENANCE ? :twisted:

    No, There Isn’t A Planet Called Nibiru, Soon To Hit Earth, And Often Visible In Your Photos Of The Sun :)

    • You People Are Nuts

      Maybe this article is THEIR ATTEPT (sic) at an ANSWER ? ? ?”

      No — this article is “Higher Truth” promoting his “Higher Truth” YouTube Channel.

  • Hayduke

    It’s closing in FAST!!! It’s just not closing in fast as far as da ‘Erf is concerned, because the only way you can see it from da ‘Erf is if you buy them new SOLARBINNERGLASSES I have heard so much about. I got my glasses and I can see Nibiru crystal clear. THANK GOG FOR MY SOLARBINNERS, still just $99.95. And, YES!!! You can use these for the upcoming SOLAR ECLIPSE that the inhabitants of Nibiru are engineering!!! YES, THE ECLIPSE IS A BINNER FALSE FLAG!!!!!! :eek: :cool:

  • Josie

    Why in the heck can’t someone give us an educated quess when Nibiru is going to pass by. I watched your two videos and It didn’t tell me squat. I confess I’m not the smarted kid on the block, I just want to know an estimate on the arrival of Nibiru so I’ll know how long I have left to prepare. I have people depending kn me. June, July, August September, October, December of 2017 or next year 2018? We know the satanic elite, globist and shadow government knows. Looks like someone would leak it.. Thank You

    • Central Scrutinizer

      Educated Guess : It ain’t gonna pass by, cause

      IT DOESN’T EXIST !!!

      That is All. As you Were. :mrgreen:

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