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Women Be Worried…Your Replacement Never Says No…

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 5:29
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The advent of sexually obedient machines — which are designed to never say no — is problematic not just because of the presumption that women can be replaced, but because the creators and users largely tend to be heterosexual men.”

Published by Observer Research Foundation – Article:  AI has a gender problem. Here’s what to do about it



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  • CUB4DK

    All Men have to learn to be Gentlemen…then everything will fall into place… :smile:

    • Anonymous

      Gentlemen? Well, at BIN, you may as well be talking about unicorns, as silly a notion as an honest reporter (cough, cough).

      • Andy

        unicorns, or imaginary friends and biblical fairy-tales

        • Sean

          Hey Cube, didn’t you say your wife left You. :lol:

          What’s the difference between a Dog and Cat?

          Dogs are very Loving and Forgiving and Cats?

    • Rockledge

      Women don’t want gentlemen. They want wives.
      When I open a door for a woman , being a gentleman, as often as not I get dirty looks by some gender confused malcontent.

  • Anonymous

    Now, is this story going to pass muster in the trailer parks of the land? (Not being a moron, without watching the video, thereby contributing to your delinquency and the avoidance of honest work that could get you out of your mother’s basement, I would have gone with Sheep Be Worried. Or maybe Sheep Be Relieved.)

    Here’s the thing. While appreciating the combo fear porn and real porn story concept, do you have the qualifications to clickbait a video on this subject, Eddie? Isn’t your only experience a woman you inflate with a bicycle pump, and behavior that hasn’t really been a threat to civilization, at large, as much as you believe it’s normal? It’s sort of like being an attention whore and convinced you’re the next Dan Rather, with the Eddie Munster 7 Minute News.

    Damn! I keep forgetting. This is BIN, where qualifications is as foreign a concept as reality. Never mind.

    Oh! Thanks, but, as always, I shall pass on subscribing. Moron.

    • CUB4DK

      Dumb is …what it thinks and does best…BillyP :smile:

      • Anonymous

        Amen, to quote Forrest Gump, the prophet sent to the BINNERS, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

        • Hayduke

          Forrest Gump was a BINNER before the BINNERLANDS were cool. :smile:

    • The Real Deal

      Eddie Munster’s hand never says no. This guy, he’s like a cartoon character. “Do I like grease ball enough for ya? ‘Cause, uh, dat’s da look I’m going for.” Some body tell this living room Walter Cronkite that 1979 called, Freddie Mercury wants his face back.

      • Anonymous

        Then we have KOS, Dave Hodges and Lord Rayon, that dream of a tryst with Freddie Mercury, dead or alive. Speaking of 1979, surely, and up until the web, as to the myth of the progress of civilization, there was the common sense (known only as Dave Hodges on BIN, and of mysterious meaning) to relegate what is now clickbait to supermarket tabloid rags at the checkout, of universal mockery to anybody that bathed, that were only purchased by somebody with their beer and cigarettes, 300 pound women in spandex, 400 pound men showing some butt crack. And they were only purchased to get a reading on their future as an effortless millionaire or sex symbol from the astrologers, order that sure-fire, lottery winning, mailorder lucky charm, but also curious about the TV set found on Venus, announced in big letters, on the front page. But it was a very contained disease, that has run amuck on BIN, the only difference I can see is that the TV on Venus is now a bone chilling, bombshell, 5G TV, with deep state eletrosmoginating, bacterial technology that will eat all the flesh from your bones, if you don’t get a Lisa Haven approved VPN. So much for progress.

        • 2QIK4U

          TV on Venus??? I had to Google that but nothing came up?

          • Anonymous

            Actually, this is true, was a headline from that tabloid Sun or The Sun, that black and white, pulp newsprint, rag tabloid that put truly absurd on the map: I actually saw the Venus TV set headline, in a supermarket line one day. It was hilarious. Another actual headline was “Baby Born with Wooden Leg!”, also something like “Giant Condor Abducts Baby!” I recall peeking at the condor story, while waiting in line, and the proof was an interview with a woman named Marie, no last name, in some city in South America, like you’re really going to locate that Marie south of the border, to verify, being the only possible Marie. LOL! And the TV set on Venus had front page picture proof, and this is not a joke, included a picture of Venus, seen as a globe from space, with the TV set on the surface of the planet, with rabbit ears and on a stand, that looked like something from WWII. I mean, that TV set in the “photo” proof would be as wide as Australia and reach outer space, to scale! Really. I saw these things, and a few times saw what must have been Bubba or his woman buying a tabloid, but this very rare. I always wondered if they ever sold out on the racks, week to week, as you seldom would see anybody buy one. Maybe they came out in the middle of the night, usually. I guess now they go get their cigarettes and beer, then report back to BIN.

          • Anonymous

            FYI, I thought to look on the web, too, and I may be thinking of a tabloid called News being the lowest common denominator, that is, the most hilarious, the el cheapo black and white one, not Sun. It was a long time ago, most of those very youthful brain cells probably dead, or killed by BIN, in civilization’s downward spiral. But I did find a picture of the tabloid News that seems more what I remember, in appearance. But those Sun and News dudes would try anything and everything, but probably News that made the checkout line not a total loss, to me, that won the King Cretin competition, among tabloids. Instead of crème de la crème, maybe it was crap de la crap? Is there a BIN expert present, to clarify the latter phraseology?

  • RainyDay

    The men who are too scared to be confronted with a living, thinking, emotional partner are not my concern. They would never be my choice anyway.

  • Rockledge

    Men have already considered women obsolete, because women have rejected their gender roles and wish to be men instead.
    This is just one more backlash against feminism.
    We are a nation of men, some with dicks, some without. Young men no longer see any reason other than sex to get married. They don’t get a wife when they get married, they know they will be treated like wives.
    Why would a young man want a woman that doesn’t clean house, cook, or tend kids?
    Why would he get married if he is going to be expected to do those things when he does?

    Women have already become obsolete, by their own design.

    • CUB4DK

      Women have already become obsolete, by their own design…Oh My My Rock, is that what you really THINK!…LOL :lol:

      • Rockledge

        No, it is what I know. We have become a nation of bastard babies and one parent homes.
        The statistics tell the story.

        Feminism has destroyed a good thing for women. They are no just slaves to the corporations like men were in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Women were spared that, now they have chosen to be enslaved to it and to forsake being wives and having families to do so.

        I have a son who has raised two kids by himself, done a fantastic job and never married.
        He didn’t need the headache.

      • Rockledge

        Also, I predicted years ago that when the Japanese invent a robot that gives good blow jobs and can cook, women would be obsolete.
        It seems as though that is coming to pass.

        • raisnbran

          just go to cambodia–great wimmen there–3 kinds–the hooker–the middle ground–and the girl friend–there is the virgin also but like a hooker i stay away…they are friendly fun and like older guys–would marry but marriage is a pain no matter who your with!!! having a money even the young girls in the usa want ya but compared to the cambodian girls is no comparison….great people who appreciate everything unlike the usa–i hang with the whole family and of course help with the bills-1000 a month will buy you all the love you can handle!! the little kids,grand ma,pa…then you come back to usa and want to vomit…

          • Rockledge

            I don’t need to go anywhere, I have been happily married for decades to an angel who was raised before all this absurd gender confusion happened. She is proud of her gender and doesn’t reject it. I got the last of a dying breed.

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