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Breaking News: WW III EMP USA Russian Navy to Be Sunk? Diego Garcia Air Attack Aleppo No Fly Zone Syria

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 8:58
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This hysteria over supposedly Russian-generated cyber-warfare is part and parcel of the new cold war campaign being waged by a coalition of neoconservatives and Clinton “progressives.” Hillary, in her last foreign policy speech, took it so far as to threaten military action against the Russians in retaliation for these supposedly Russian cyber-attacks. Think about what this means: we could be engaged in a nuclear standoff with the Russians on the basis of “intelligence” that makes the “intel” cooked up by the neocons to lie us into the Iraq war look rock solid.

This underscores the utter recklessness of Hillary Clinton’s quest for power: she is willing to risk World War III with the Russians in order to facilitate her road to the White House. Whether she actually believes her own rhetoric is an open question: if she really thinks the Kremlin is out to block her route to power, her victory at the polls would give scope to her legendary vindictiveness.

This debate defined the parameters of the election, and showed us the stakes. On one side is a somewhat inconsistent yet sincere advocate of a fundamental change in our foreign policy of global intervention. Trump’s chief concern is with “making America great again” – within its own borders. Hillary Clinton wants more of the same old imperialistic nonsense that has cost us so much and driven us to the brink of bankruptcy. She wants to make the American empire great again – pushing into Syria, confronting the Russians, and letting our “allies” drain us of our life’s blood.

Which road will Americans choose? 


Russia tests ‘unrivaled’ new radio-electronic weapon – producer Russia has developed and successfully tested radio-electronic weapons systems unmatched anywhere in the world, RIA Novosti reports, citing the manufacturer. Real prototypes of such weapons have already been created and they have proven their efficiency,”Includes armaments that employ physical processes and phenomena not generally used in modern weapons. Laser and sonic weapons are among other examples of such technology.

MORE-Alerts and Warnings : Russian Television Tells Citizens NUCLEAR WAR IMMINENT – Find Location of Nearest Bomb Shelter – US Base At Diego Garcia So Loaded With Planes, Parking Them On Roads!

“This is a completely new type of weapon, which has no analogues in our country, and I daresay, in the world.” The state-of-the-art system is capable of disabling various types of targets without using the traditional rounds or shells. Instead, the weapon uses ‘directed energy.’

“It conducts indirect physical impact on the on-board equipment of aircraft or drones and neutralizes precision-guided weapons,”

“Russia has invested a lot in electronic warfare because they know we are a connected and precise force and they need to disconnect us to make us imprecise,”

The US is working on numerous projects of non-conventional weapons, including radio, electronic, infrared and laser ones.


“We have electronic warfare capability – we probably do not have the capacity we need now,” In April this year, Russia’s Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern (KRET) announced it has started trials of a tactical electromagnetic combat complex fully integrated with the latest air-defense systems.

The system is designed to suppress any existing and prospective airborne electronic equipment, making it impossible for the aircraft and satellites to proceed with their missions.
The most important issue of our time, or any time – nuclear weapons and the looming possibility of nuclear war:

“The single greatest problem the world has is nuclear armament, nuclear weapons, not global warming, like you think and your — your president thinks. Nuclear is the single greatest threat….

“I would like everybody to end it, just get rid of it. But I would certainly not do first strike. I think that once the nuclear alternative happens, it’s over.”

This is the most under-noticed – and most significant – moment of the debate. Although, to be sure, it was immediately noted by the folks over at The Intercept, who opined:

“That may seem like common sense, but it’s actually a commitment that President Obama has been reluctant to make. The Pentagon argues that unless the U.S. is prepared to threaten a nuclear strike, it is less likely to deter Russian and Chinese aggression.

“Arms control advocates have been pushing President Obama to vow ‘no first use,’

MORE-War Is Coming, The Whole World Knows It Except The People Of The United States.Wake Up People!

Another first in this debate was Trump’s denunciation of the Saudis, long a bipartisan sacred cow:

“I mean, can you imagine, we’re defending Saudi Arabia? And with all of the money they have, we’re defending them, and they’re not paying?”

As Michael Tracey put it in the New York Daily News: “This may well be the first instance of a candidate criticizing the Saudi government in the heat of a nationally-televised presidential debate — a clear departure from bipartisan norms. (The Clinton Foundation has taken as much as $25 million from despotic Saudi royalists.

We have no information from any official source as to why this is taking place.  We are endeavoring to find out more. . .

Please check back.

In the event that we actually ARE attacked , the video below may save your life. 


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  • joker2k

    Ur way to old underestimate u.s.a army and technology , and I’m from Israel , man Russia maybe will cause damage but u.s.a will wipe them off the map so fast, the weapons distance are so big u just don’t know or don’t want to recognize it,

    Any case u.s.a is a huge lead in army tech and power by far from China and Russia together.

    • Truembaster

      Maybe you are way too old.

    • LifeIs

      joker 2k your world-view is over 20 years old. The US does not have a military technology lead.

      And the battlefield is a long way from the US. That matters.

      But never mind that. If Russia is hit by a single nuclear bomb, they will launch everything they have.

      And the US couldn’t handle a category 1 hurricane (Sandy 2012) very well. I don’t think the US would handle thousands of hydrogen bombs very well.

      • joker2k

        Sorry , I’m too old as said , u.s is a small figure who has the largest militery funds each year if u take Russia , Iran, china , Europe and I dunno who else All together. ,

        All that money is for nothing? You are dreaming while awake. , wake up !!!

        600+ billion dollars a year, are u serious,

        • LifeIs

          joker 2k you have confused spending money (which is the main purpose of the US military) with having military power.

          We OUTSPENT the Communists in Vietnam. We lost the war.

          THEY didn’t put thousands of aircraft into the war. We did. And we lost a couple of thousand fixed wing aircraft, and several thousand helicopters. And we lost the war.

          The purpose of that war was to spend money. For the benefit of contractors and banks.

          Nobody else has “supercarriers” like ours. Those aircraft carrier battle groups cost billions, each. And the last time we menaced Russia with one, the Roosevelt had to run to British territorial waters and park, until it was safe to run away. That was spring of 2015.

          We spent a lot on the Aegis air defense system. And that was proved to be a waste, in the 2014 Donald Cook in the Black Sea incident.

          Yes the money is wasted. Asymmetrical warfare works.

          b4 you are telling us about a fantasy that is in your head, and not something real.

          • b4

            lifels–you and i have had talks before–you know i am “connected”..could say a lot more but wont–it is unbelieveable the tech that is hidden–been all over Edwards–Dugway–the Nv test site–Tonopah test range–Nellis test range which includes Groom lake(area 51)–as a contractor i never had to sign a security commitment –used to be if your a american good enough–all those phony wars were just that,phony–we could have ended them in one week–98 percent of what goes on is total bs–just playing games

          • ecclesiatical

            You forgot the 59,000 bodybags from Vietnam and the Uss Liberty :wink:

      • b4

        there is stuff the usa has that will explode any rocket within 5 seconds of launch from space–and it is pin point –the russkies have tech that will shut down all/any radio wave transmission–so does the usa–the russians have used it–we know what their frequency range is–we have not ever used ours–it has about 10 times the power of russia–also we have operating radio range that is undetectable by any device on this planet–penetrates any system–not blockable–they can use a emp or any other scatter device–the military has it own system–can not be blocked or scattered—they have never used it other than testing–so russia launch your rockets–you and china will no longer exist and not one war head will ever reach the usa–

    • Cmonsense101

      Off course you are from Israhell – land of ISIS trainers and baby burners. Guess what it has been proven on the ground that Amurikan soldiers are cowards and their little wanna be supe powa illegitimate step brothers (fake Jews from israhell) are doubly cowards. Don’t believe me just ask Hezbollah dudes in Lebanon. That wheel chair general from Amurika singing “we will beat you hard …blah blah” must be fantasizing about beating his tiny ding dong while watching Madonna giving Killary mouth service for free.

    • THOTH


      “US is a small figure who has the largest militery funds each year if u take Russia , Iran, china , Europe and I dunno who else All together.”

      I’m pretty sure the US spends more on their military than every other country on earth, combined. This does not mean that the USA has the most advanced systems, all it means is that the weapons manufacturers in the US are robbing America blind. Most of the ECU’s in US equipment are made in China. Personally, if I had a global tyrant like the US outsourcing the production of their ECU’s to me, I would engineer ‘back doors’ into them, allowing me to scramble their electronics if the need ever arose. If I thought of this, could China have thought of it, as well?

      The US got their a$$es handed to them in Vietnam by a bunch of farmers. The USG has spent so many years fabricating threats to terrify the public into begging the government for protection, that they forget what it’s like to deal with a real threat. The military brass in the US have proven their incompetence, time and time again in the Middle East. The USG/military doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to develop an effective strategy against Russia, let alone the technological capability.

      The bottom line is this, if the US decides to commit a first strike against Russia, it will be the last thing the US ever does. China could collapse the American economy over night, without firing a shot and they have a large enough population that they could occupy all so called “world powers”, simultaneously.

      The question I have for you, joker, is this. How will Israel survive, without the countless billions in illegal foreign aid provided annually by the USG at the expense of American taxpayers?

  • Richard Parker

    Perhaps that General isn’t aware of the fact that the biggest enemies of the United States are Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton! What a dipstick. We’ve been in Afghanistan for how long, and have we won? How about Iraq? I’ll bet this guy is a proponent of “don’t ask don’t tell” and transgender and homo troops. Wake the f-up! These clowns can’t take out the b-team in a decade, but they are going to take out the entire world just like that! HA! This guy is one of Obama’s kiss asses.

  • WhiteDawn

    Propaganda Bill In Congress Could Give America Its Very Own Ministry Of “Truth”!!!
    Khazarian Truth! Draco incarnated justice (Arian) Orion system…
    Like eating humans:

    Freemasons justice? :mrgreen:

  • Enjoykin4

    The Saker is top american independent military analyst !!

    Making Sense of the Russian Naval Task Force Off the Coast of Syria
    The Saker • October 25, 2016

    The AngloZionst Empire’s propaganda machine, otherwise known as the corporate media, has had great difficulty deciding what it should say about the Russian naval task force that has been sent to Syria. The Americans have decided to express their usual contempt for anything Russian and describe this force as centered on the “geriatric” aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, while the Brits chose to describe it as a formidable “armada” about to completely obliterate the moderate terrorists in Syria.

    My friend Alexander Mercouris has recently written a superb analysis explaining that, in reality, this task force was neither geriatric nor that formidable. Rather than repeating it all here, I prefer to write what I will consider a follow-up to this excellent piece with a few more details added. The first step will be to debunk a few fundamental misconceptions.

    Let’s begin with the Russian aircraft carrier.

    The “Heavy Aircraft-Carrying Cruiser Admiral of the Soviet Fleet Kuznetsov”

    Did you know that the Russian don’t even call the Admiral Kuznetsov an aircraft carrier? The official designation of the Kuznetsov is “Heavy Aircraft-Carrying Cruiser”. It is important to understand why.

    What is, in your opinion, an aircraft carrier? Or, let me put it this way, why does the United States maintain a force of 10-12 heavy aircraft carriers? If you believe Ronald Reagan, it is to “forward deploy” and bring the war to the Soviets (that was, then, the rationale for a 600 ship navy and US carriers in the northern Atlantic). Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that US, British, French aircraft carriers are a colonial rule enforcement tool. You park one or two aircraft carrier battle groups a few hundred miles from a disobedient country, and you bomb the shit out of it until it rolls over. That is, in reality, the only rationale for these immense structures. And the beauty of it is that you can threaten most of the planet and that you do not depend on allies agreeing to your mission. So, we can say that US and other western aircraft carriers are a long range power projection capability used against weak and poorly defended countries.

    Why weak and poorly defended only?

    Here is the ugly secret that everybody knows: aircraft carriers cannot be defended against a sophisticated enemy. Had the Cold War turned hot, the Soviets would have simultaneously attacked any US carrier in the north Atlantic with a combo of

    Air launched cruise missiles
    Submarine launched cruise missiles
    Surface ship launched cruise missiles
    Submarine launched torpedoes

    I cannot prove the following, but I can just testify that I had plenty of friends in the US military, including some who served on US aircraft carriers, and they all understood that US carriers could never survive a Soviet saturation attack and that in case of a real war they would have been kept away from the Soviet shores. I will only add here that the Chinese apparently have developed specialized ballistic missiles designed to destroy carrier battle groups. That was then, in the early 1990s. Nowadays even countries like Iran are beginning to develop capabilities to engage and successfully destroy US carriers.

    The Soviets never built any real aircraft carriers. What they had were *cruisers* with a very limited number of vertically launched aircraft and, of course, helicopters. These cruisers had two main purposes: to extend the reach of the Soviet air defenses and to support the landing of a force from the sea. One very special feature of these aircraft carrying Soviet cruisers is that they had very large (4,5-7 tons) cruise missiles designed to strike at high-value enemy ships, including US aircraft carriers. You can read up on the “Kiev-class” aircraft carrying cruiser here. Another key characteristic of these Soviet aircraft-carrying cruisers is that they carried a rather lame aircraft, the Yak-38 which was plagued by problems and would have been a very easy target for US F-14s. F-15s, F-16s or F-18s. For that reason, the Kiev-class air-defenses were centered on its surface-to-air missiles and not on its complement of aircraft. By time the Kuznetsov was built, the Soviet had developed aircraft which were at least equal, if not superior, to their western counterparts: the MiG-29 and, especially, the SU-27. And that gave them the idea of building a “real” aircraft carrier.

    The decision to built the Kuznetsov was an extremely controversial one which faced a lot of opposition. The Kuznetsov’s “selling points” were that she was a much superior air defense platform, that she could carry vastly superior aircraft and, last but not least, that she could compete for prestige with the US heavy aircraft carriers, especially the planned but never built nuclear-powered follow-on generation. I find that argument wholly unconvincing and nowadays I am pretty confident that most Russian naval force planners would agree with me: Russia does not need US-style aircraft carriers and if she needs any aircraft carriers at all, then they would have to be designed around a *Russian* mission requirement and not just to copy the Americans.

    [Sidebar: I would love to get on my favorite soapbox and tell you all the bad things I think about aircraft carriers in general and why I think that the Russian Navy should be submarine and frigate centered, but this would take up too much space. I will just say that I much rather have many frigates or corvettes than a few heavy cruisers].

    So the Kuznetsov ended up being a mega-compromise and, as compromises go, a pretty good one. Think of it: even though the Kuznetsov packs 12 massive Granit anti-ship missiles, it has, at least potentially, a complement of aircraft bigger than the French Charles de Gaulle (50 vs 40). Initially, the Kuznetsov carried 12 pure air to air SU-33, but now these will be gradually replaced with 20 much more modern MiG-29K and its 24 Ka-27 helicopters will be replaced by the most advanced reconnaissance and attack helicopter on the planet, the Ka-52K. The Kuznetsov still has two major weaknesses: a frankly dated propulsion (see the Mercouris article) and a lack of on-board AWACs aircraft. The latter is a direct consequence of the design philosophy of the Kuznetsov which was never intended to operate much beyond 500-1000km from the Russian border (again, the crucial roughly under 1000km Russian force planning philosophy).

    To sum this all up: the Kuznetsov is a fine aircraft carrier which nevertheless reflects a compromise design philosophy and which was never intended to project Russian power at long distances the way western, especially US, carriers have.

    Now let’s turn to the rest of this Russian naval task force

    The rest of the Russian naval task force around the Kuznetsov

    One big name immediately stands out: the Heavy Nuclear Rocket Cruiser Peter the Great. This is one heavy beast and currently the most heavily armed ship on the planet. I won’t even go into all the details here, check this article for a list of armaments if you are interested, suffice to say here that this battlecruiser can do everything: anti-air, anti-ship, anti-submarine. She is packed with top of the line sensors and advanced communications. Being the flagship of the Northern Fleet she is also the de-facto flagship of the entire Russian Navy. Last, but not least, the Peter the Great carries a formidable array of 20 Granit anti-ship missile. Please note that the combined firepower of Granit anti-ship missiles of the Kuznetsov and Peter the Great is 12+20 for a total of 32. I will explain why this important below.

    The rest of the task force is composed of two Large Antisubmarine Ships (destroyers in western terminology), the Vice-Admiral Kulakov and the Severomorsk, and a number of support vessels. The Kulakov and the Severomorsk are based on the Udaloy design and are modern and all-around capable combat ships. All these ships will soon be merged into one force, including two small missile ships (corvettes in western terminology) which carry the famous Kalibr cruise missiles and which specialize in attacking surface ships. Finally, though this will not be advertised, I believe that this task force will include at least two Akula-class nuclear attack submarines, one Oscar-II cruise missile submarine (armed with another 12 Granit cruise missiles) and several Kilo-class diesel-electric submarines.

    To sum this all up.

    The Russian naval task force is a Russian attempt to bring together a number of ships which were never designed to operate as a single naval task force far away from Russia. If you wish, it is a clever Russian “hack”. I would argue that it is also a rather successful one as this task force as a whole is a very impressive one. No, it cannot take on all of NATO or even the USN, but there are a number of things which it can do very effectively.

    Now we can turn to the big question,

    What can the Russian naval task force in Syria really do?

    Before looking at the bigger picture, there is one detail which I think deserves to be mentioned here. Nearly every article I read about the Granit cruise missile says that it is an anti-ship cruise missile. I also wrote that above in order to keep things simple. But now I have to say that the Granit probably always had a “B” mode, “B” as in “beregovoy” or, if you prefer, “coastal” or “land” mode. I don’t now whether this mode existed from day 1 or whether it was added later, but it is now certain that the Granit has such a mode. It was probably a fairly minimalistic capability, without fancy guidance and other tricks (which the Granit has in its main anti-ship mode), but the Russians have recently revealed that the upgraded Granits now have a *real* (“complex”) land attack capability. And that requires a totally new look at what that means for this task force. This is what we know about the new and improved Granit (which the Russians refer to as 3M45):


    Mass: 7 tons
    Speed: Mach 1,5-2
    Range: 500-600km
    Warhead: 750kg (conventional and nuclear capable)

    The Granit is also capable of some very advanced things, including having one missile flying at 500m or higher to detect the target and the rest of them skimming the surface while receiving the data from the high-flying one. These missiles are also capable of automatically attacking from different directions to better overwhelm air defenses. They can fly as low as 25m and as high as 17,000m. What this all means is that these Granits missiles are very capable tactical-operational range missiles in their own right. And considering that there are at the very least 32 such missiles in the Russian task force (46 if a Oscar-II class sub is also present), that means that this task force has a tactical missile firepower similar to an entire rocket brigade! Should things go very wrong, this task force could not only seriously threaten any USN/NATO surface ship within 500km of Syria, but also every single city or military base in this range. I am rather surprised that the western fear-mongers missed this one because it ought to scare NATO pretty badly :-)

    To be honest here, some specialists are expressing major doubts about the land-attack capabilities of the Granit. Everybody knows that these are relatively old and very expensive missiles, but nobody knows how much effort was really put in their modernization. But even if they are not nearly as capable as advertised, the fact that 32 to 46 of such missiles we be sitting just off the Syrian coast will be a formidable deterrent because nobody will ever know what these missiles can do until they actually do it.


    The combined capabilities of the Russian naval task force and the S-300/S-400 missiles deployed in Syria give the Russians a world-class air-defense capability. If needed the Russians could even throw in A-50 AWACs from Russia protected by MiG-31BMs. What most observers do not realize that is that SA-N-6 “Grumble” which forms the core of the air defenses of the Peter the Great is a S-300FM, the modernized naval variant of the S-300. It is also capable of the amazing Mach 6 speed, has 150km range, an added infrared terminal capability, a track-via-missile guidance system which allows it to engage ballistic missiles and an altitude envelope of 27,000m. And, guess what – the Peter the Great has 48 such missiles (in 20 launchers), roughly the equivalent of 12 S-300 batteries (assuming 4 launchers per battery).

    One of the major weaknesses of the Russian deployment in Syria has been the relative low number of missiles the Russians could fire at any one time. The US/NATO could simply saturate Russian defenses with large numbers of missiles. Frankly, they can still do it, but this has now become much, much harder.

    Can the Russians now stop a US attack on Syria?

    Probably not.

    But they can make it much harder and dramatically less effective.

    First, as soon as the Americans fire, the Russians will see it and they will warn the Syrian and Russian armed forces. Since the Russians will be able to track every US missile, they will be able to pass on the data to all the air defense crews who will be ready by the time the missiles arrive. Furthermore, once the missiles get close, the Russians will be able to shoot down a lot of them, making it necessary for the Americans to conduct battle damage assessment from space and then re-strike the same targets many times over.

    Second, stealth or no stealth, I don’t believe that the USN or the USAF will risk flying into Russian controlled airspace or, if it does, this will be a short-lived experiment. I believe that the Russian presence in Syria will make any attack on Syria a “missile only” attack. Unless the Americans take down the Russian air defenses, which they could only if they want to start WWIII, US aircraft will have to stay outside the Syrian skies. And that means that the Russians have basically created their own no-fly zone over Syria and a US no-fly zone is now impossible to achieve.

    Next, the Kuznetsov will be bringing a number of fixed and rotary wing aircraft including 15-20 Ka-27 and Ka-52K helicopters, and 15-20 SU-33K and MiG-29K (I don’t think there has been an official figure announced). What the Russians have said is that the fixed wing aircraft will be upgraded to be able to attack ground targets. Will all that make a difference? Maybe, on the margins. It will definitely help deal with the expected influx of moderate terrorists coming from Mosul (courtesy of the US operation to flush them into Syria), but the Russians could have simply moved more SU-25 or even SU-34 to Khmeimin or Iran at a much smaller cost. Thus in terms of its air-wing, I fully agree with Mercouris – this will be mainly a real-life training opportunity and not a game changer.


    This deployment is highly uncharacteristic of what the Russians have been training for. They have basically found a way to reinforce the Russian contingent in Syria, especially against Hillary’s “no fly zone” nightmare. However, this is also a case of making virtue out of necessity: the operation in Syria was always too far from the Russian border and the Russian force in Syria always to small for its task. Furthermore, this deployment is not sustainable in the long term, and the Russians know it. They have successfully imposed a “Yankee no fly zone” over Syria long enough for the Syrian to take Aleppo and for the Americans to vote for their next President. After that, the situation will either get dramatically better (Trump) or dramatically worse (Hillary). Either way, the new situation will require a completely different Russian strategy.

    PS: I am aware of the semi-official Russian announced plans to build a modern aircraft carrier, probably a nuclear one, with catapults and all. For whatever it’s worth, I am very much opposed to this idea which I find wasteful and which does not fit the Russian defense doctrine. The new generation of Russian subs (SSNs and SLBMs), however, gets my standing ovation.


  • Enjoykin4

    BREAKING NEWS 26. October. 2016. year

    Syrian Army Recaptures Oil-Rich Regions in Eastern Homs
    The Syrian Army and popular forces continue to beat ISIL back from two main oil-rich regions in Eastern Homs after they regained control over the territories North of al-Maher oilfield. [VIDEO at Tube]

    Iraq’s Joint Military Forces Liberate More Villages South of Mosul
    Iraq’s joint military forces have liberated more than 70 percent of the territory lying to the South of the ISIL-held Northern city of Mosul since they started a massive operation to drive the Wahhabi-Takfiri cult out of its last stronghold.

    Iraq’s joint military forces have liberated more than 70 percent of the territory lying to the South of the ISIL-held Northern city of Mosul since they started a massive operation to drive the Wahhabi-Takfiri cult out of its last stronghold.

    Terrorists’ Rockets Hit Civilian Neighborhood in Quneitra
    Residential areas in Quneitra came under Fatah al-Sham (Nusra) Front’s Grad missile and rocket attacks again on Tuesday with several civilian casualties reported.

    Iraqi Military Troops Liberate More Villages, Continue Hitting ISIL inside Mosul
    Military campaign by the Iraqi military troops to liberate the city of Mosul continued on Tuesday with army sources reporting that government troops are within a distance of only 3 km from the Eastern edge of the ISIL-held city now.

    Syrian Military Forces Push Terrorists Back from More Lands in Northeastern Hama
    Syrian Army soldiers and popular forces engaged in fierce clashes with three main terrorist groups in Northeastern Hama, and forced them to retreat from key positions in the region.

    Syrian Army Destroys Convoy of Terrorists’ Military Vehicles, Tanks in Western Ghouta
    Syrian government forces fended off terrorist groups’ offensive on their strongholds along Khan Sheih-Deir al-Khabiyeh road, inflicting 23 casualties on the militants and destroying at least three tanks of the Takfiri groups.

    Pakistan Attack: Nearly 60 Killed in Terrorist Attack on Quetta Police Academy
    At least 59 people were killed and more than 117 others were injured after a group of heavily armed suicide attackers stormed a police training academy in the Pakistani city of Quetta.

    The Day After: Mosul Is Not a Make or Break Battle for Iraq
    The long and hard offensive to liberate Mosul could determine the future of ISIL in Iraq. It would also determine the fate of Iraq, but it won’t break the country if unsuccessful.

    Iranian Supreme Leader Receives Chairman of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei receives visiting chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bakir Izetbegovic, in Tehran on Tuesday. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is also present at the … more

    Retired Army General: Syrian Army in Final Phase of Western Ghouta Operations
    Retired Army General Heisam Hassoun said the Syrian army is nearing the end of its large-scale military operations in Western Ghouta and the war on terrorism in the Western parts of Damascus province will end soon as tens of towns and cities.

    Syrian Army Spreading Control from Southwestern Aleppo to Northern Hama And Southeastern Idlib
    A senior war strategist said the Syrian army has initiated action to spread forces to regions Southwest of Aleppo, including Khan Touman, in a bid to drive terrorists back to Northern Hama and Southeastern Idlib to eventually isolate.

    Syrian General: Syrian Army, Kurds Ally to Push Back Turkey from Al-Bab in Northern Aleppo
    The Syrian government troops and Kurdish fighters have formed a coalition to stand against Turkish army’s incursion into Northern Syria, a retired Syrian army general said.

    Interior Minister: Several Foreigners Among Terrorists Captured in Southern Iran
    Iran’s Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli disclosed that several foreign nationals have been among the terrorist cell that was busted just before conducting a horrifying attack in the Southern province of Fars earlier this month.

    Russian Envoy: Iran Informed of Details of Moscow-Washington Talks on Syria
    Russian Ambassador to Tehran Levan Jagarian underlined strategic ties between Tehran and Moscow, and said Russian official inform their Iranian counterparts of details of its negotiations with the US on Syria.

    Rouhani to Run for 2nd Term in Upcoming Presidential Election
    Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli made the first official announcement about President Hassan Rouhani’s bid to win a second term in office in the next year presidential election in Iran.

    Syria: Widening Rifts Lead to War among Terrorist Groups in Eastern Damascus
    Disputes and sporadic clashes between Jeish al-Islam and Faylaq al-Rahman have increased after the Syrian army’s crushing victories in Eastern Ghouta in recent days, media sources close to the opposition forces disclosed.

    Syrian Army Targets ISIL’s Military Column in Dara’a Province
    Syrian Army’s artillery units shelled heavily a long military column of ISIL’s vehicles and forces on a road to Northeastern Dara’a, inflicting major loss and casualties on the terrorists.

    ISIL’s 6 Main Tactics against Iraqi Forces in Mosul
    The ISIL terrorist group is using special tactics and methods to block the Iraqi army, popular and Pishmerga forces’ further advance and liberation of more lands in Mosul.

    Battle for Mosul on Tuesday: Artillery Fire Starts Hitting ISIL inside Mosul
    Military campaign by the Iraqi military troops to liberate the city of Mosul continued on Tuesday with army sources reporting that government troops are within a distance of only 3 km from the Eastern edge of the ISIL-held city now and have.

    Senior MP: US Helping ISIL to Flee Mosul to Syria’s Raqqa
    Officials in Damascus expressed deep worries about the United States’ deliberate moves to help ISIL terrorists to flee to Raqqa in Syria from the city of Mosul in Iraq’s Nineveh province.

    Over 100 Journalists Jailed by Turkey in Post-Coup Crackdown
    A new report on Turkish media freedoms found that 107 journalists are currently in jail, while another 2500 journalists are unemployed after the government shut down 155 media organizations.
    Yemeni Forces Capture Strategic Point in Saudi Arabia

    Yemeni Forces Capture Strategic Point in Saudi Arabia
    The Yemeni Army and their popular allies captured a strategic point near Yemeni-Saudi border region after a fierce clash with the Saudi army and border guards.
    Afghan Taliban Use Drone to Film Suicide Attack

    Afghan Taliban Use Drone to Film Suicide Attack
    The Afghan Taliban released aerial footage of a suicide car bombing in southern Helmand province, marking the first time the militant group has used a drone to record an attack.
    ISIL Still Training, Dispatching Child Soldiers to Battlefields across Syria

    ISIL Still Training, Dispatching Child Soldiers to Battlefields across Syria
    Opposition groups disclosed on their media pages on Tuesday that over 155 child soldiers have finished their military courses in an ISIL-held training camp in Raqqa and are to be sent to battlefields in Northern Aleppo.

    Turkey Continues Support for Terrorists in Syria
    Ankara has sent several trucks of ammunition to the Fatah al-Sham (formerly known as al-Nusra) Front and Ahrar al-Sham terrorists stationed at a base near Atme border region in the Northern province of Idlib.
    Syria: ISIL Retreats from More Heights in Energy-Rich Regions East of Homs

    Syria: ISIL Retreats from More Heights in Energy-Rich Regions East of Homs
    The Syrian Army and popular forces continued to beat ISIL terrorists back from two main oil-rich regions in Eastern Homs, establishing a 10-kilometer-deep buffer zone around one of them.
    Militant Commander Beheaded by Rival Group in Syria’s Idlib

    Militant Commander Beheaded by Rival Group in Syria’s Idlib
    The militants of Jund al-Aqsa militant group reportedly beheaded the leader of rival Faylaq al-Sham group in Southern Idlib on Tuesday.

    ISIS Jihadist Counter-Offensive in Southern Aleppo Ends in Disaster

    aleppo-syrian-army take control

    AlMasdarNews reports: ISIS Jaysh Al-Fateh (Army of Conquest) launched a counter-offensive in the southern sector of Aleppo City on Tuesday night, targeting the Syrian Arab Army’s defenses at the Air Defense Base.
    However, the jihadist rebel counter-offensive in southern Aleppo ended way before it could ever get started; this was due in large part to the nonstop air raids conducted by the Russian Air Force and the heavy artillery launched by the Syrian Arab Army. According to a military source in Aleppo City, the Syrian Armed Forces killed over 20 jihadist rebels and destroyed 8 of their armored vehicles that were traveling from Tal Mu’tah to the Air Defense Base. The military source added that the southern Aleppo front is now quiet, with sporadic gunfire taking place every few minutes.

  • Blue_Star


    NOT YOU & ME

  • Enjoykin4

    And say other Americans do it that way !! OK !! Then nothing form Cabal win !! Right !! You have a BINGO proof at any moment !! Right !!

  • El

    Maybe you are way to young. You obviously have no idea that our own leaders in the U.S. have been using H.A.A.R.P., the declassified weather weapon against us for a long time. Guess what, it isn’t green house gasses screwing with our weather. We are about to have civil war, because the powers that be have decided there are too many of us to feed and control. We have some good guys, actually a lot of good guys, who know it is about to happen. Trump is just telling a small bit of what is being done to us and our economy. I hope he gets elected, because we will be a whole lot better off, and I don’t want to spend my last days in a FEMA Concentration Camp.

    • VirusGuard

      They will do this by starting race wars and the like of CNN will already have produced fake news footage to fan the flames on once it’s started.

      Those in control (jewish bankers) hate blacks, make bed debt slaves and the white trash are all owed a pension so getting them to knock each other out is the same plan being used on Muslims but they cannot see it.

  • El

    Maybe you are way to young. You obviously have no idea that our own leaders in the U.S. have been using H.A.A.R.P., the declassified weather weapon against us for a long time. Guess what, it isn’t green house gasses screwing with our weather. We are about to have civil war, because the powers that be have decided there are too many of us to feed and control. We have some good guys, actually a lot of good guys, who know it is about to happen. Trump is just telling a small bit of what is being done to us and our economy. I hope he gets elected, because we will be a whole lot better off, and I don’t want to spend my last days in a FEMA Concentration Camp. This might be a bit of a shock to you to, but Russia is not our worst enemy, the majority of our own government is, from both parties. The Status Quo, the Republicans with leftist leanings are as dangerous to us as the Democrats that are into socialism. Where we are now has been allowed to continue by both parties for decades. at least amazing as it may sound, Putin actually began to warn U.S. citizens when Obama first came into power. It is the Military lead by the Obama appointees that are a danger to us and to Russia. Our Militia said years ago that the U.N. Troops will be our enemy, but Russian Troops and Canadian Troops will be our friends. Because Obama and the U.N. are Puppets for the Elite who want one world government, and some nations, like ours object to that. Russia warned the Elite that their time in control was about over. I won’t say China is our friend right now, but at least they are also an enemy of the Elite. We as just plain old citizens are in a bad place, if we are in the wrong state…some states are going to stand for our Constitution and some are not.. Obama intends to declare Marshall Law, before Trump can step into office. the election is rigged toward Hilary, but Obama doesn’t intend to let her rule either. She is a puppet too, but may not know it… If Marshall Law is declared for any reason, economic, or war, or plague, whatever, all of the Executive Orders he has signed become the Rule of Law. and He can use any of them without the approval of the House or Senate. There was also a part of the National Defense Act that will allow Obama to arrest anyone under suspicion of being anti government, and hold them for as long as he wants without charges. They will automatically lose all citizenship rights. The Executive Orders make Obama the puppet King, and give him power over all food, all water, all weapons, all businesses, all private lands, all housing, and all people. The part of the Defense Bill is almost exactly like what Hitler got passed in 1933 that allowed him to get control of Germany. It was called the Enabling Act, and in 1933, two hundred thousand German citizens were locked up in the very first Concentration Camps. This is way before WWII. He locked up anyone who was in an opposing political party, and warned the public. Dong what I am doing right now, would put me into jail and I wouldn’t live long. So whoever you are, read those Executive Orders if you don’t believe me. and if you haven’t voted yet, vote for Trump because he knows what is going on, and those with him are going to try to stop it. It’s time to wake up and it isn’t gonna be roses we smell!

  • VirusGuard

    A few nukes on Israel would soon cut the bribes being made to Congress and then the bent politicians in the USA might start to listen to what people want and not what the bankers are telling them to do.

    The money for the war in Syria is coming from Israel and it’s bankers who want to steel land in Syria and the same group of people took over the USA on 9/11 and are now backing ISIS and both these scams on the world have the same MO.

    I sleep better at night knowing that Russia has the best by far ICBM in the world, ships are sitting ducks when it comes to fighting a super power

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