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Huge Object? Nibiru? – Moving Towards Earth & Jupiter 25TH September 2011 (HD)

Monday, September 26, 2011 15:31
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Uploaded by on Sep 25, 2011

These are images taken from NASA Stereo Ahead HI2. You can clearly view something huge is moving from left to right. Its also making a shadow. Love to know what this huge object is. Also it appears two days before the 27th September 2011


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  • Anonymous

    Giant CUPCAKES??? and a flotilla of tiny marshmallows!

  • AWatchman4Him

    Paranoia !

  • TheWhiteWolf

    Hey, as long as they’re not liberal, socialist, progressive, or athiest I’m fine with them. Otherwise “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum………damn, I’m all out’ta gum.”

  • Anonymous

    Nonsense and ignorance. We see new articles like this every day. It’s a joke.

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t you all heard??? its Prometheans from the Planet Zogg in their pizza slice shaped space fortress. DUH?

  • cyberkahuna

    NO just like all the rest of the is this nibiru pictures and videos it is not nibiru. Too bad fear mongers. And people stupid enough to want this to happen.

  • andronaonda

    Why is anything viewed in space now called elenin or nibiru… What a friggin joke!! No wonder there are skeptics out there.. The presenters are morons!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a lens flare, you dip$hit! Go get a job.

  • >9K<

    Coronal mass ejection, or maybe some supernatural dark force. Could also be anything in between like, for example, distorted imagery from too many filters.

    Personally, I go with the supernatural explanation. Work every time.

  • chilipep7

    Elenin Earthquake theorist are really full of it. And by IT, we all know what I mean. They have lied, and scared many people. What A Shame. This is what is wrong with our society today…A bunch of LIARS Shame on THEM.

  • Don't be hating!

    One of our ships from our secret space program? Other ships from other dimensions here to witness the awakening of mankind. There are lot of ships surrounding our solar system here to make sure we dont blow ourselves up by the time we reach 2012. Extraterristials also live underground/under the oceans here on Earth and they will not let the cabal call the shots or destroy our planet with any nuclear bombs.!!! Meditate and conquer all fears! Peace and love people!

  • cyberkahuna

    KRS8 – “One of our ships from our secret space program? Other ships from other dimensions here to witness the awakening of mankind. There are lot of ships surrounding our solar system here to make sure we dont blow ourselves up by the time we reach 2012. Extraterristials also live underground/under the oceans here on Earth and they will not let the cabal call the shots or destroy our planet with any nuclear bombs.!!! Meditate and conquer all fears! Peace and love people!”

    Seriously? You need to stop living in comic book land………. WOW!!!

  • Don't be hating!

    Got your attention right

  • cyberkahuna

    KS8-”Got your attention right”

    Why would you want people to get your attention from posting stupidity?

  • Red Mann

    Dear Num-Nuts,

    It’s there.
    It’s big.
    It’s been known about for a while now.
    The “sun spots” are caused by it.
    The super storms visible on Jupiter and Neptune are caused by it.
    Mars southern ice cap melted away because of it.
    Earth is heating up -having earthquakes -very intense storms – because of it (Carbon dioxide as the “cause” HA HA HA HA you “village idiots”!)
    Your fearless leaders (both fed gov and a few “select” corporations personal) are ALL UNDERGROUND IN DENVER TODAY – INCLUDING YOUR FEARLESS “LEADER” PRESIDENT OBAMA!


  • cyberkahuna

    BS get real see you after my beer. YOU should drink a case and calm down.

  • Outlaw_Wales

    GOTO Satellite Scientist School and maybe you would know what the hell you are looking at instead of “creating” Bullshit for others to mock. Dumb-ass.

  • Don't be hating!

    Get a life anonymous. Obviously you dont have one and only care about applying your negative thoughts. We feel sorry for you but is ok your are intitled to your free will Meditate and awake.

  • Anonymous

    Yes but information is knowledge, ïf”something is out there and coming bye ,as a believer in Christ ! i’d be calling it Warmwood!.

  • Anonymous

    Right Elenin has been totally debunked, now they push this Nibiru shit to the front.

  • Anonymous

    We are currently in alinement with the sun and mercury even venus is out in that direction all these mystery second sun video’s are just one of those two planets seen beside the sun.

  • Nim

    But did you know that Planet Mbooboo is a giant plushy toy that weighs 12 oz? Made in China. Some parts not for human consumption. (C) Nibiru Toy Company, Xhenxian China

  • Anonymous

    It is like the film “Melancholia”, which rather aptly describes the “end of the world, chicken little crowd”, they too are stuck in melancholia.It,s like they are stuck in a anxious depressed state of waiting for a conclusion, to the depressed state caused by the anxiety, and depression, and fear … created by seeking evidence, and,… confirmation of doom like events, which will bring an end to a chaotic world, which they feel as an individual, they can no longer effect.A long time ago, rulers figured out, intellectually, long before the masses did, the power of prophecy, and the power of spoken words, regardless weather they are true or not.Tell your people the world is going to end, and the people then start to believe, everything becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, and a forgone conclusion.So why bother trying to change things right?????, prophecy can be used in this way to put people into a submissive posture mentally.Only one thing is required to convince people of conspiracy,s.That is to be convinced, or even just hint at the idea, that someone is lying, or not telling the whole truth.Regardless of the subject matter.I have seen it time and time again, article, after article about the MAYAN calendar “end time date”.It is categorically false, it,s a lie, a flat OUT LIE.Mayan calender does not end in 2012, nor does it say time ends.It states that the underworld cycle comes to a close, this is something completely different, than any kind of ending.Mayan calendar continues on for a very long time, just as it began long before the Mayan even came into cohesion, as a group.IN STEAD OF LOOKING FOR THE ENDING,S, YOU SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR NEW BEGINNINGS.

  • Revolt12

    Nibiru, Elenin, etc can be summed up in two letters: B.S.

  • Nim

    What are we trying to change? We each affect change in our personal lives to the best of our abilities. Are you feeling that people aren’t trying to change? Why do they need to change? And in what way? Why can’t everything be the way it is and that’s ok. To insist on change is to be saying that something is wrong right now, but you sound like you want to blame someone for that. Do you?

    Most people read of the end of the world, get up and make a sandwich.


    Do you blame people for creating these things with the power of their minds? I’d be interested to know.

  • JAG

    It is good to be curious. Most of the doom and gloom around the world is brought on by a lack of open, truthful information by respected sources. I believe what you see in the video is the Pleiades also known as M45 or the Seven Sisters, it is the name of an open cluster in the constellation of Taurus. It shows up every year. You can get the same images all the way back to 2006 when these satellites were launched. The time of year that this star cluster pass behind our sun changes a little as these satellites move farther from Earth but they have been there for awhile.

    On the subject of Nibiru or Planet X–I can’t disprove its existence but I haven’t seen it with my own eyes. The WORD says, “by the mouth of two or three shall the matter be determined.” This Nibiru is in history books and ancient writings so it is likely out there. Question is, where?

  • Anonymous

    ask hoagland it may be another space ship :) or ask terral or dames, or arizona, or aa, ask all the idiots :) you goyim are just about finished

  • Anonymous

    “you goyim are just about finished”…what?…i thought that you are a freedom fighter anonymous,i hope you are joking !….otherwise i am sure that you are the zionist cabal..i mean a f.jew?….only jews call other humans goyim(sslave animal)….please say that you joke with that”(you goyim are just about finished)” ….or i will never belive in you again and i will spread the news that you are a f.jew zionist cabal illuminati!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    “Warmwood”? Ahhh, that’s what every girl hopes to find when she comes home at night…!


    Forget the hopeless guessers of today, instead, finally once again the people of the Earth will once again know the exact details of the incomparable recurring ancient celestial event that happens between the Earth and Moon.

    All of my book’s important historic content is available free online

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