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Exploding Sun To Fuel 1000s Of Super-Tornadoes

Thursday, March 8, 2012 1:38
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When the sun becomes angry super spacestorms scour Earth. For the next 14 months the sun will be the angriest it’s been since 1859. The massive storms electrify the geomagnetic field, affects the Arctic vortex, and warps and twists the jetstream creating gigantic vortexes sweeping across the defenseless Midwest. What are normally tornadoes become super-tornadoes that are super-destructive. What could be in store for much of the USA? Total devastation from 300mph plus windsTiny towns scraped off the mapAnd major cities left in tattered ruins after being smashed apart by the merciless hands of Nature gone mad

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Super-tornadoes miles-wide will roar across the land scraping towns away

The angry sun

NASA and the ESA have warned about the sun erupting into a sustained period of horrific violence.

The space agencies forecast the worst solar storms in more than 150 years. The stormsthat have already begunare expected to continue through early 2013.

The magnetosphere under attack

Super solar storms, expected to hit Earth and perhaps causing massive damage to the technological infrastructure, could knock out power for months and cripple water plants, the banking system, and the nation’s distribution system resulting in empty supermarkets and millions on the verge of starvation.

The sun gives life…and takes it away

But even if that dire scenario fails to unfold, the onslaught of solar storms and super storms are mutating the normal weather patterns of the Northern Hemisphere.

Disturbing shift of Arctic Polar Vortex has occured

Already many are dying from freak Ice Age conditions that have gripped much of Northern Europe since the fall of 2011.

Worrisome: the Arctic Polar Vortex is warping

The Arctic Polar Vortex has warped and significantly changed the jetstream that circles the northern longitudes. That also contributes to the creation of super-tornadoes.

Earth’s Midlatitude jetstream has significantly shifted


Jetstream drives much of Northern latitudes’ weather

As Yahoo! News pointed out in Solar storm headed toward Earth may disrupt power, a very real problem confronts millions of people. The danger is now. It’s extreme.

Yet there’s little sense of urgency.

there is the potential for widespread problems. Solar storms have three ways they can disrupt technology on Earth: with magnetic, radio and radiation emissions. This is an unusual situation when all three types of solar storm disruptions are likely to be strong,” writes Yahoo! News quoting Joe Kunches, a scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Earth is under increasing solar assault until 2013

As the Earth’s geomagnetic field is partially warped, twisted, and even ruptured by the sun’s relentless bombardment, normal weather event will intensify and what was bad will become worsehorrifyingeven devastating.

Earth’s geomagnetic field warping, twisting

The exploding sun will start generating super-tornadoes never experienced by anyone alive today. The most violent of the tornadoes could be 20, 30, even 50 miles wide. Their savage winds could exceed that of the greatest known hurricanes, reaching incredible velocities of 300mph or more.

Destruction on a hellish, Apocalyptic scale

Anything in their path will be destroyed. After their passage little will remain except total destruction and death.

Scientific measurements show vortex intensifying

Magnetic vortex velocities increase

Scientists measuring the increasing intensity of the magnetic vortex spewing from the sun worry about the escalating severity of massive superstorms on Earth.

The growing intensity of the solar storms will play havoc with the Earth’s normal weather pattern and as each month advances into the period of greates solar disruption the catastrophes on Earth will mount.

Super storms, superstorm cells, and super-tornadoes will be accompanied by ever increasing tectonic slippage as the Earth’s core continues to mutate from the solar bombardment. Volcanic activity will increase and long dormant volcanoes could spring back to life.

The “Ring of Fire”—that band of volcanoes encircling the Pacific—will become much more actove, and countries in the Northen Hemisphere at risk of major or Great Earthquakes may tumble.

Vortex formation spotted in the Baltic Sea

One early sign of solar-generated approaching doom would be giant vortexes and whirpools appearing in the world’s oceans.

Multiple vortexes appearing off the coast of Japan

During the past 12 months such vortexes have begun to appear.

Map of high risk states in super-tornado regions

Apocalypse in the Heartland

Rural areas and small towns are not the only human enclaves at risk. The major U.S. Midwestern cities are not immune.

No time to evacuate cities as superstorms approach

Urban and suburban areas hit by such mega-storms would resemble bombed-out cities once the thunderous winds have passed.

Super-tornadoes would turn cities into hollowed-out shells

Emergency services would be wiped out as well as most if not all of the infrastructure. Many critically injured from the storm would not survive. What potable water and food remain would be strictly rationed.

Super-tornadoes, New Madrid earthquake topples skyscapers

Worse, the New Madrid Fault could have a major slippage during this window of extreme solar activity resulting in many thousands dead, hundreds of thousands homeless, and billions lost in property damage.

For a period of days (or weeks depending upon the severity of the super-tornadoes and the size of the region affected) martial law might be imposed.

Any looters would be harshly treated, probably shot on sight and buried along with up to tens of thousands in mass graves as the possibility of disease began to spread across the crumbling remains where civilization once stood.

When the sun attacks, people will die. The ancients understood that, now modern Man may learn it as wellall too soon.

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  • True News

    A lot of things are going to change when the sun goes on a rampage, that’s for certain.

  • el_jefe

    i just hope “deep impact” isn’t next. i mean, 2012 is totally a hollywood movie, BUT REAL! (i’m being sarcastic)

  • Anonymous

    horse hockey

  • Anonymous

    It would be a good time to get a neat tan !

  • Blacksheep

    Exploding Sun To Fuel 1000s Of Super-Tornadoes? Well this may happen for it’s no secret that our sun obviously influences a great many things down here on this spinning piece of solar driftwood. However, these tornadoes like the ones that caused so much death and destruction recently in the deep South don’t lack a guidance system? No,there is a form of control to each and everyone of them? Yes, once formed by mommy nature these mindless spinning aberrations are generously given (vengeful super intelligent creature) a sophisticated nonhuman guidance system…

    Just as we have different functions in our military like those special Forces… This all to real supernatural realm has its share of elite soldiers too… No I’m not talking about that Bible nonsense at all here,I’m talking about the “old ones???” An super army of invisible entity’s that would rather see mankind eradicated by a super-bug, snuffed out in an nuclear holocaust, or in plain english “extinct…”

    Take heed don’t dismiss all that religious pondering for more control which = (greater wealth and the power to control those mindless masses out there) No, simply because like all religions you have your godless parasites… Dismissing all that phony religious garbage out there is easy to do… Then why when last year’s super tornadoes formed complete with an intergalactic guidance system the primary target was a small church??? Yes, according to a few stunned eyewitnesses who actually watched this monster twister descend from that dark black sky, the first structure hit and completely destroyed in Joplin Missouri was a church…

    Obviously, if you must take shelter when the next (solar storm influenced) band of super tornadoes emerge, scratch those churches off your list….

  • youngneill

    Sun-Cream prices just rose 100% anon lol

  • Anonymous

    I saw a video too where (I think they are Methodists) were having a meeting to decide if homosexuals could be ordained. They voted yes.

    Soon after a tornado hit the very spot where these demons were meeting.

    Too bad YAH only gave them a warning shot. I wold have liked to have seen all who voted “yes” to be put to death.

  • Here We Go

    @ Anonymous on Thursday, March 08, 2012 10:46

    Your a Joke.Shouldn’t you be feeding a volcano a child somewhere?

  • Anonymous

    Here We Go,

    You’re a joke. There! See? Two can play your childish games.

    (Which makes you really a joke to be sure).

  • Here We Go

    You have the logic skills of a 3yr old.Careful on the trip to the volcano.


    *yawn*.. huh? did someone say a game is in play? hehe.. hey Here We Go.. how are you?
    hmmm.. quite the article eh? exploding “sun” to fuel 1000′s of super-”tornados”. do i see a subtext here? hehe

  • Here We Go

    Cant complain raingmind.How are you?Well I came to put down my 2cents then saw the comment about the tornado Methodists and had to engage.


    hehe, yes i’m sure of that! game on! just passing through, myself. or should i leave out that comma.. hah! see ya!

  • Here We Go

    Peace to you my friend


    ;p likewise.

  • terry the censor

    @Posted by Anonymous on March 8, 2012 10:46

    My god of the salt shaker has decided you should be put to death for being stupid and hateful. But I talked him. So instead, your punishment is to remain stupid and hateful for the rest of your unhappy life.

  • Anonymous

    Rubbish. The HAARP facilities have been PROVEN to have been used to augment tornados, rain storms, and other weather events, which has resulted in many deaths and much property destruction. The swine that were sold this technology apparently plan to accelerate changes in weather begun by the surge in solar flares. I wish the military would come home and neutralize these HAARP attackers, with extreme predjudice if necessary.

  • Anonymous

    What MORE does Mother Earth have eminent??? Push your ego’s aside and begin to see what is transpiring around you…geesh!

  • Anonymous

    That was supposed to read- What MORE does Mother Earth have to emanate? Spelled the word wrong…sorry!

  • CircleofOne

    Since when is the sun “angry?”

  • Archie1954

    Believe me when I say that very few of the world’s peoples are going to worry about the destruction for obvious reasons.

  • theycallmemrchase

    Completely off topic, but someone above mentioned these possible events would eliminate “Muslims” from the world. They further stated…”That would make it all worthwhile.”

    To this person and anyone else who may have the same mindset, please do yourself and everyone surrounding you, a big favor. Educate yourself about Muslims and Islam before you make such primitive, ridiculous statements.

    The day will come, sooner than later, when the people of the world will realize how they have been conditioned, since birth, to hate Muslims, Arabs and Islam. We’re all gonna understand, they are the only people standing between us and world domination by JEWS!

  • Mark Brander

    There is only one Lord and Saviour and his name is Jesus, He does not answer to Allah, Mohammed, Buddha, Sananda or any other cursed names that people have been duped into believing by Satan!

    Seek the Lord Jesus Christ now, repent and ask to be forgiven for your sins, time is running out!

  • Anonymous

    That was the best fear porn I’ve seen in months. I climaxed three times while reading this article. AWESOME!!!

  • Rick Carufel

    @Mark Brander, Jesus said, “Judge not,and ye shall not be judged” When you spout that Only One mumbo-jumbo you are in fact judging all other religions wrong and inferior to yours and directly violating the teachings of Jesus. How does that work? Do you have some sort of blind faith logic to explain how you can do that and still be a christian? I think you are not a christian just a misguided radical fundamentalist who hides their intolerance and hatred behind Jesus, and will burn for in the end. :)

  • Metalchemist

    Exploding Sun should be replaced with H.A.A.R.P..
    Youi know damn good ansd well that is the cause of a great part of the wicked weather.


    yeah i wondered if that might’ve been the subtext.

  • jenchen

    It is the law of one, the universe is your mirror-those who use destructive weapons to kill and make life Hell for others-will in turn have nature as a mirror mirror their truth-in many acts of nature that are as violent and deadly as those committed in war and in prisons, where people hoard wealth while others starve-the tables always turn, expect to get back everything-even if people are unbalanced and unfair and selfish, the universe is very balanced and fair and giving of truth-twhen natures wrath destroys see it as your own truth-what you did to others-expect a lot of destruction to match exactly the Hell you just made in peaceful nations of the middle east that once had a pleasant and happy quality of life. Had freedom-and lost it-don’t expect america to be free in the future when you take away the freedom of others to be happy and live in peace-expect chaos-from nature-then you will be a sitting duck for invasion.

  • Anonymous

    This is just more fear mongering, truth or not! Each of our doomsdays could be tomorrow…if we drop dead of any cause. You can’t control tomorrow, all you have is today…so enjoy it cause it may be the last day you have.


    hehe.. true, anon. anyone up for some mind bending word games? ;p

  • Here We Go

    sheshe…Shoot away lol

  • Anonymous

    there is no problem, we will go in virtual reality because we have Facebook and similar BS and the computers will keep us safe with some special software’s invented by the absolute moron Bill Gates with his armada of ineptest morons the so called specialists in nothing.
    Just one delete and the odds of Sun and nature will produce no harm at all.
    The philanthropist Bill Gates will save you, don’t happy, be worry !
    Long live to computer games !!

  • Mellissa

    Some people will grab any little thing and distort it to fear mongering levels. The sun is entering solar maxi stage of its cycle. The earth has weathered it for about 4.5 billion years and I do not think there is much new the sun can throw at the earth besides exploding completely at the end of its life cycle.

    The earth has been undergoing change since the first moment a few particles decided to lump together near our glowing star eventually becoming the planet on which we all stand. It will continue to until its time has come to an end, as the bugs that live on this planet we have to scurry the best we can when the planet try’s to scratch us off with mile wide tornadoes.

  • Z-Boy

    Mellisa said: ” as the bugs that live on this planet we have to scurry the best we can when the planet try’s to scratch us off with mile wide tornadoes”.

    I say: Bring ‘em on.


    sheshe, here we go.. fresh from the gates. philanthropist films presents: Bill and Ted’s Exterminating Adventure!

    “you’ll die laughing” george soros “epic in the making!” david rockefeller

    scurry to a theatre near you! “it’s a whirl of fun”

  • Anonymous

    So many disasters are foreseen for this year that any nervous person’s calendar will soon resemble an abbatoir. As to the prophesied dooms that jockey for fifteen minutes of fame:
    “They are not absent, yet they are not here;
    They are not vague, but yet they are not clear…”

  • GinaK49

    To Rick Carufel on Thursday, March 08, 2012 3:52

    Admonishing the sinner vs. judging…

    Have you ever actually read the Bible?

    “Preach the word: be instant in season, out of season: reprove, entreat, rebuke in all patience and doctrine” (2 Timothy 4:2).

    “Brethren, and if a man be overtaken in any fault, you, who are spiritual, instruct such a one in the spirit of meekness, considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted” (Galatians 6:1).

    It is a grace from God to be corrected, a grace that should be thankfully and humbly accepted the moment it is offered to us. “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that is wise hearkeneth unto counsels” (Proverbs 12:15).

  • mac dee

    This time i am really convinced of great trouble on our planet.
    I do not think this is time for sarcasm or language intended to convey scorn or insult the writer of this article.
    Looks like he or she (THE WRITER) has done some research and knows what they are talking about.

    This is the time for us readers to absorb and try to comprehend the seriousness of the situation.


    yes by all means lets observe a moment of silence for what has yet to transpire. and do so in respectful fear…………….
    can i live life as it’s meant to be now? as in, enjoyable?

  • Anonymous

    This is all BS just like the OS. You are quick to believe in one year cycles, we are at the end of another year but this one is just under 26,000 years. It’s called “age” and you tell the time from the cosmic clock.(the stars)If you’re scared go to church lol You sheep better wise up.


    hey, anon. is that an lol i see? no laughing here! you got that!

  • Rick Carufel

    @GinaK49 So let me get this straight, If Jesus is god, and if what he teaches doesn’t fit in with your radical fundamentalism, you can justify not following his teachings by quoting from the rest of the bible which is cobbled together propaganda by the Catholic Church to control the masses. So one teaching of Jesus can be trumped by random anonymous quotes from the basically non-christian parts of the bible? And yes I’ve read the bible but only the part printed in red.

  • tepizm

    The spring cleaning of 2012, all of us know we sure do need it!!!

  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    I’m starting to choke.

  • Anonymous

    Talk about Americans fearmongering.If our government don’t quit trying to play GOD(It’s not nice to fool mother nature)With HAARP,there going to kill us all.It’s a shame we can’t tie this cabal to a tree out midwest,when their having a tornado,and see if they can fly.

  • truthzilla

    Did we died yet?

  • Here We Go

    @ Rick Carufel

    Of course rick their are 1600 pages to pick and choose what ever you need to make your point.Go to the old testament for vengeful
    wrath and destruction.New testament for peace and love.Favorite part personally God gave his only begotten son so that ye may have everlasting life.And wait for it Jesus is God.Didn’t that just negate give his only begotten son?Well what that means is…….Gina please..Leave Ole rick alone.


    castling the king? i see the inclusion of a faulty premise, negating the conclusion. ;p

  • Here We Go

    @ rainingmind
    I couldn’t find the post where we discussing ancient cosmology.
    Would love to pick your brain.


    Ah,, you know, i once found an old, and i mean really old book about that in an equally old bookstore, long ago. sorry to say i lost it and now have to depend on inferior sources.. but yeah! let’s talk sometime. @anyone.. hehe, pardon us for diverting off topic!

  • Here We Go

    How can I reach you?

  • Jitzer

    How did a country that once seemed so promising end up breeding a load of ignorant bible bashers

    As for the author of this article, he should apply to the Daily Mail for a job as a staff journalist which would suit the style of his writing.

    If there are any Gods hanging around they should strike you all down for posting such complete and utter crap.

  • Here We Go

    @ Anonymous on Friday, March 09, 2012 2:37

    Oh I get it they dont believe what you do, they should burn in Hell.Justice. or should I say Just Us.

  • Anonymous

    This article and most of these comments radiate phenomenal ignorance. Watch Evergreen Airlines as they spread HUGE clouds of barium salts throughout the atmophere and then HAARP blasts different locales with billions of watts of radio waves to cause the excitation chemically and thermally of the recently ionized air. The sunspots are less than expected and I have been watching a bunch of criminals murdering people and destroying property using what they call ‘HAARP technology’. God is going to SMITE their dumasses.Read ‘angels Don’t Play These Harps’ and ‘Angels Still Don’t Play These Harps’. See ‘Weather Wars:That’s Impossible’ and to see how the devil’s game has been exposed by righteousness and valor. Grandpa never saw this stuff.

  • Here We Go

    @ Anonymous on Friday, March 09, 2012 2:37

    How did a country that once seemed so promising end up breeding a load of ignorant bible bashers

    If there are any Gods hanging around they should strike you all down for posting such complete and utter crap.

    Gods Plural? Guess you didn’t read the book.Doesn’t that make you the ignorant one.
    Country’s don’t breed, people do.
    Greed and corruption is what has brought the country to where it is in this place and time.


    Here WE Go.. i’m sure i’ll bump into you somewhere somehow sometime again here soon. dying for a new game. hehe.. but i’ll tell you one thing, Christianity and cosmology do not necessarily conflict. Real life tends to manifest truths, and truth has been manifest in Man. hehe, manifest. i just got that.

  • Here We Go

    Could it not be that Christianity clearly is telling the story of cosmology?Along with several ancient stories that they too are telling the same story.


    sure. could be the other way around too. hehe. gotta run.

  • Hanging Chad

    Could it be that HAARP was built to protect us from these upcoming solar events?

  • Anonymous

    Good on you “Truthzilla.” If wearen’t dead, it’s seems to be an big F. of a business to get there.

  • StarDust

    I do happen to believe the sun would cause some great problems, l just hope that it is not with the weather. Or earthquakes, but l also believe that USA is turning into a sinful nation. I am ready to bring back old time religion.
    Sicko’s are causing this and inocents ones dies.

  • USN_Ret

    Good thing we have the FEMA detention camps. Sounds like they will be needed.

  • brtanner

    BBC report FOLLOWING Dutchsince YouTube, on Saturday 3/3, final update 6pm Eastern time:

    Dutchsince report Friday 3/2, featuring multiple “Haarp Rings” and “Scalar Square” events visible in satellite radar video, in which he predicts the violent weather in the BBC report above:

  • Anonymous

    Just as mother nature is blamed for the Fukushima nuclear disaster following big earthquake and tsunami, the coming tornados are being blamed on mother nature.

    HAARP and chemtrails are never mentioned by the psy-ops disinformation specialists.

    Count on big bad weather. You are being conditioned to accept it as a matter of natural occurrence.

    Stupid sheeple.

  • Blacksheep

    Exploding Sun To Fuel 1000s Of these Super-Tornadoes hey? We’ll this will indeed happen for it’s no secret that the sun obviously influences a great many things down here on this “spinning piece of solar driftwood…” Get ready for the F-6+ super tornadoes that are coming to a rundown city or small town near you and soon too i fear. This has nothing to do with that 2012 doomsday crap… NO, once formed by Mom nature these once mindless spinning aberrations will be giving an nonhuman guidance system…

    HAARP? NO WAY! these things are and always have been under the control of the “old ones? Billions of invisible horrid looking entity’s some 100 feet tall, that would rather see mankind “not womankind” “extinct…” like forever…

    Thing about this for starters…

    A spinning thing with a tail some 12+ miles wide packing 400+ MPH winds that show no mercy…

    I have released a full color image and a short video of just one of these monsters doing its thing on Facebook, You Tube and MY Space…

    Hell, i believe some of you would at least like to see what one of these mass murdering monsters looks like up close…

  • mmkkpro

    Dont forget in 1859,the last time the storms were near as bad as the ones coming,they burned up all telegraph lines,there were no satalites or electric grids(which are ancient here in the u.s) even nasa(never a strait answer) says these storms will destroy our crappy electric grids and sats.Government knows something,spent over a billion dollars on survival food stuffs,been builing underground bases,we will have to fend for ourselves.

  • Anonymous

    Geologic and ancient historical evidence confirm catastrophic events throughout the earth’s existence. Several events resulted in mass extinctions. If one of those doesn’t get humanity, at least we know our time on earth is temporary because the sun will burn out. That would seem to imply that one greater purpose of mankind would be to engineer an escape to other habitable planets in order to perpetuate humanity. Judging from current political, financial and sociological behavior, that outcome will never be realized.

  • Anonymous

    Look over to your right…see the add “The 4 Dangers Destroying Men Today” Advertisement? Ya ya that one…I sooo wanna bangs the chic in white! Who else is wit me!??!?!?!? BOOOOOYAAAA!

  • Mellissa

    Here I am thinking we have moved beyond thinking weather/natural disasters were sent by “God” to punish evil doers.

    Shame on me for hoping we have grown up a little in the last 5000 years…..

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