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Strange Objects Passing Close To The Sun – One of them is Massive- Feb.23,2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013 19:19
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What horrors will YOU likely face after a cave-in of YOUR nation’s economy, war, geophysical upheaval, or whatever crisis is bad enough to disturb or stop YOUR nation from working and functioning?  There are plenty of very potential SHTF events that are simply awaiting a catalyst to trigger them…- SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You… 
Privacy Matters…
This may be old news, but I am, pardon the expression, sick and tired, of the expression “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about…” etc. etc.
To which I emphatically declare: Hell Yes You Do!


Breaking News: Strange Objects Passing Close to the Sun – One of them is Massive- Feb.23,2013


I am open to anyone who can provide a reasonable intelligent scientific explanation for what is being recorded on this video.




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  • Volcano

    Was this clip filmed live at that moment or NASA had time to manipulate it before you got it? Some times Those at NASA like to have fun playing tricks. 😜

    • JayWill

      I really can’t tell you that and I fully agree with you. What I can tell you is that the source is pretty consistant about his work. It is my opinion that the images are genuine. That is why I have asked for a reasonable intelligent scientific explanation for what is being recorded.

    • JayWill

      Thanks for your inquiry though.

  • Unfettered

    I’m pretty sure the first 2 are comets that recently passed through our system. The ones that are real quick could be caused by camera issues.

  • OzzieEd

    Posted by OzzieEd
    Thanks Jaywill, maybe those aliens we are assured don’t exist have some very large space craft? Maybe Barrack Obama is one of them? Maybe that’s who the illunaticati want to cull the population for? Don’t know but it would be nice if we could get some honest answers from honest people instead of perpetual lies from perpetual liers.

    • JayWill

      You Know it’s really not my problem anymore. Enjoy. Peace be with you brother Judas……

    • JayWill

      disregarde that last statement of mine. That was not supposeed to be intended for you. I agree !00% with that but the problem that I seem to be haveing is the fact that nobody wants to give up the information on top of the fact that the naysayers seem to want to have all the sense……

  • Anonymous

    Did you see what was happening March 12, 2012; almost a year ago, on the Sun? Krazy Stuff ……….. makes it hard to come up with rational explanations ………………….. :roll:

    • JayWill

      I think it’s called cause and effect……..

  • Anonymous

    The Daleks are coming!
    The Daleks are coming!

  • Fury

    On the puzzles. What breaks every time you say it’s ? A Smile!!! Oh and Einstein was German and he had a fish too.!! :lol: :smile:


    “I am open to anyone who can provide a reasonable intelligent scientific explanation for what is being recorded on this video”.
    If I may be so imprudent (ah but then I have reached the age of not caring) –
    Recently it came to me suddenly to put together any or some of the events which have been written about from hidden texts out of the quatrains of Nostradamus – these have been published commencing May 2009 –
    and which have come true…

    The result being the pdf forum EVENTS WHICH HAVE COME TRUE – only being those I could dig up FROM MEMORY

    On the basis of these I am going to put forward an answer (provided in the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus) which will gratify your query -
    If you care to look at the pictures then read what Nostradamus says in the (free/no cost/nil/nada)
    pdf forums titled
    CUBE UFOs on page 13 of the website
    and on the front page

    Even Da Vinci had things to say about these visitors around the sun


    also, in THE SIXAINES part one
    the explanation for the mysterious SAMAROBRIN of 6 5 “one hundred leagues from the hemisphere”
    but you need to look at ANTON PARKS pdf forum before you look at the SIXAINES forum

  • whitebear

    You don’t really think that Space is safe do you?

    They’re called asteroids or meteors or comets – or maybe even space flotsam and jetsam
    Those that think that space is static, e.g., no changes, fascinate me to their ignorance and or stupidity.
    With so many video cameras pointed at the glowing globe you’re bound to see something fly by nearly daily.
    And with the increasing frequency of such you’re likely to see more slap the Earth such as the number of places recently smacked.

    Debunkers sure look dumb in the light of reality.

  • Anonymous

    Comets melt and I don’t think that any craft remote or piloted would be stupid enough to get that close to the sun expecting to survive. Besides what would they gain?
    I voiced this before and here I will state it again, saying that Aliens like us that may live in our or the next Solar system have issues with Toxic – radioactive Waist or simply industrial waist,and are smarter than us by disposing it into the sun .
    We bury it on the Planet we live on and pollute it to the point that we will sooner or later not be able to sustain life on earth. These Aliens are further Advanced and only every 10 or 11 years dump this waist to be burnt up by the Sun.There was a video here on the bins from SOHO showing an object almost the size of the earth (so they said) entering the sun at a great speed resulting in a massive flare at that spot. I am stating 11 Years because of the sunspot cycle but it may not be connected at all it is simply a speculation since we have no other one.

  • Don't be hating!

    No one knows Period

  • Mirabolin

    My thumb is bigger than the moon! I’ve compared them side by side! No…wait…never mind.

  • Mirabolin

    I think the person who made this might have originally been going for a ‘white dwarf’ effect. If you scroll down the link to images of white dwarfs I’ve given you can see that they are earth size and that they have energy TAKEN from them.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.42965579,d.d2k&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=ewMuUaLMCJKo0AXYtIHQDA

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