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Mystery Object Baffles Newsroom: ‘Not Moon,’ Says Meteorologist – Nibiru? Video

Sunday, January 26, 2014 8:01
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What is the mysterious object in the sky in the video below that has this newsroom and meteorologist completely baffled? The meteorologist in this video is quick to point out that this object is not the moon; is it Nibiru?


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  • Notice when the news avoids being logical, because of their ignorance, they quickly try to be comical/funny, and laugh wasting time to avoid any real answers.
    You see this a lot on the MSM, a lot of times they are really scared to give some real answers, and even more scared to use logic.
    Some of these MSM comics make good money, so they stay within the talking points, and do not deviate from set protocols.

    Although, there has been plenty in the news about this……… some even calling this a mini moon among other names……..very confusing……so many have just looked over this story.

    • Children ponder better than that. It’s sickening listening to that mindless banter from people who are intelligent but are afraid to think outside of the accepted norm for whatever reasons.

    • This planet could very well be Nibiru, with one of it’s moons in front of it causing the eclipse, nobody seems to mention this.

  • It is Venus in the morning sky. No mystery here. It is definitely not Nibiru. lol

    • Venus does not appear as a crescent

    • You lost me on that one Flint-like. What eclipsed this object? Was an eclipse of Venus occurring? No? Then this isn’t Venus. I am interested to know how this news team obtained the video.

      • KCRA has a camera on their tower in Sacramento. It’s a weather cam.. So this is pretty interesting to hear Dirk Vadoorn not know what it is!

    • Jeez, you guys. Smarten up. Venus does appear as a crescent. There’s no eclipse. Its an over-exposed shot of Venus in the early mornings. Venus just transitioned from being an evening object to an early morning object. It is a slender crescent right now. Try looking it up, like at the links below:

      • Yeah someone with intelligence that uses the internet to actually verify a story.

      • I think what makes this “it’s Venus/it’s NOT Venus” debate confusing is that, this general time of year, Venus is closest to the earth and it looks FRIGGIN’ HUGE!

        What gets me is all of these articles posing some ambiguous question, followed by “Nibiru?”


        Miley Cyrus has a nasty, pasty-white tongue. Nibiru??

      • Question… if it is Venus what is causing the smaller shadow? Just curious because when I look at the location of the planets and the moon I cant seen to figure out what would be casting it. I know Venus does have phases, but if Venus is in between Earth and the sun It should only have a small glare of light on its edge caused from the sunlight as Venus is at a slight angle in front of us.This larger crescent seems it would make more sense later in the year than now.

      • J

        I wasn’t sure if you were a troll or not, but you are right. You were right about ison too.

      • I appreciate your links to simulator. I am not here to argue whether this is Venus, but I will say: The simlulator at no point depicts a Venus with a concave occlusion wherein it is < 50% of size of planet. Restated: The image in video does not match any image I can acquire from simulator.

      • It doesn’t look like the simulator because it is badly overexposed which will cause the image to bleed to adjacent pixels and smear out into a much larger shape than the the actual sliver of the planet that is illuminated.

    • Shhhh, you will spoil their doom buzz. How can they anticipate planetary destruction of all life on earth with you spoiling the misery with facts?

    • Venus is an interesting place. There is oxygen, carbon (monoxide) and water (vapour).

      Inside the planet is a civilisation of Aryans that follow Annunaki totalitarianism. They met with President Eisenhower in 1950′s.









      L. :idea:


      • You are truly one CRAZY heifer!

      • Simply because someone has an opposite opinion then it’s dis-info?
        You are crazier than a bag of cats.
        Oh, and this has been proven to be Venus. So take some tylenol and lay down before you strain that tiny brain of yours.








      L. :idea:

      • What’s for me? That nonsense you’re spewing? There’s enough of that BS in these stupid stories.

        FYI, my answer happens to be the truth of the situation. If you can’t take it, then tough.

      • He always has the opposite opinion as you because you are always falling for one loony conspiratorial theory or another!! If you would like more people to agree with you… try knowing what your talking about!

      • Get back in your kennel!

      • Listen to Flint, Layna! You will learn a thing or two! Now, STOP SHOUTING AND GET BACK IN UNDER THE HOUSE!!

    • Venus, without doubt!!

      • In Like Flint is not always right and yes people are noticing his constant bashing of people here daily which sure smells like a troll or he would be posting his own information in videos instead of taking government information to debunk anything remotely possible from someone else.

      • Can’t stand the truth, frinds2you? So, now you’re going to just tell lies instead? Tell me, when have I not been right? lol

      • “Tell me, when have I not been right?”

        i may be wrong.. but i think i recall you expressing a belief in god?

        if i am right there, then you are wrong.

      • In Like Flint is a troll. if you can’t see that then you aren’t nearly as awake as you think. Day-in and day-out ILF trolls through these comments to ‘debunk’ anything that is related to space with government sources. Understand his beliefs and you will see how he works.

      • ” Day-in and day-out ILF trolls through these comments to ‘debunk’ anything that is related to space with government sources. ”

        i dont think there is any argument that he does counter a lot of points on this board, but that is because there is so much garbage presented here that requires a good “debunking” as you call it.. others would say he is just pointing people to the proper facts.

        if you want to show someone to be a troll.. you need to do more than simply call names.. show something that he has posted that is wrong.. its that simple.

        otherwise, if you cant do that, then obviously, the troll is you.

    • I almost jumped on the nut-train before researching this a little bit – and have to pat you on the back, InLikeFlint – but not sure if you got to the same conclusion because you figured this out, or are just a skeptic.

      For those who are determined that ‘little green men’ put a tractor beam up in front of Venus (which this planet MOST DEFINITELY IS), I would like to point out (after looking at it’s behavior using STELLARIUM – highly recommended for those who think this ISN’T VENUS), I found that right now, Venus is BETWEEN Earth and the SUN. This causes Earth to see the ‘dark side’ of Venus at our Sunrise, so that the ‘Eclipse’ you were seeing wasn’t actually an eclipse, per se, it was EARTH looking at the backside of VENUS due to the sun’s position relative to both planets.

      OMG – gotta check EVERYTHING when you read BIN, because CLEARLY, the aliens have absconded with MOST of the common sense of people here.

    • 420

      the meteorologist just said that it wasn’t. I’ll take his word over your’s.

  • if it was a drunken bieber or the model / slam piece du jour in his car they would know what those stars were

    • Your right…that is the sad funny truth……more people worried about bieber peeing in a mop bucket…everyone knows that is not true. Because he was not squatting in the photo.

      • LAYNALAND This comment has received too many negative votes.Show

        Stop pretending you don’t know Justin Timberland’s last name.


      • LAYNALAND This comment has received too many negative votes.Show
      • I control the votes now and your point of view rage queen.

  • It is Venus that is experiencing the shadow of Earth across its surface because you touch yourself at night.

  • How is commenter asking if somebody touches themselves at night relevant to or connected with this, unless the commenter has experience of touching themselves at night while watching the sky… I think we should all be told.

  • Just looked up the planets.
    Venus is close. Sun slightly behind her.
    But its an interesting subconscious knock, that prompted her to say ‘the awakening’.

    I wish the Nibiru religious people would catch on.
    The calendar of SET(An) has been offset. Nibiru doesn’t pass until Man leaps. Only those that choose SET get that crossing.


    Great joke!

  • I have been watching this for over a week now, I live in Fla on the ocean, get up at 5 every morning, always check the sky, this thing appeared from one morning to the next, very close looking at that time in the AM, moves away and gets smaller, but always very bright, does not twinkle as stars do, it takes approx 30 min to for it to turn into nothing but a bright pin point in the far distance. I have a high powered telescope, and it looks exactly as the photo above, have also taken photos through the telescope. Was not a crescent moon, because I looked to the far West of this object and there was the moon in half position millions of miles apart. It was there this morning in all it’s glory, same position, it seems to wobble in the front up and down in a small degrees. I am thrilled beyond to find this report, as I am very familiar with the sky, and this was NEVER there before, is NOT a satellite, as I am very familiar where they are and what they look like.

    • Where in the sky was it? Northwest, Southwest, etc. and can you submit some pics?

    • So what is it?

  • So much ignorance here… it’s obviously Niburu…

    There is NO way this is Venus, for this to be Venus it would need to appear in the western evening sky, and be a crescent shape right now and be brighter than usual… That’s not what I see… I see Niburu being eclipsed by Venus causing Niburu to be a crescent shape!

    I am so sick of these Niburu Deniers! We all know Niburu entered the solar system in 2011, and hurtled past the sun and destabilized the orbits of all the planets and caused solar flares and earthquakes and just recently swung around the sun and is now heading right for us.

    It appears as a Crescent because Venus is obviously in front of it, creating an eclipse…


    What is awesome is that there are probably people who won’t get my obvious sarcasm and think I’m some kind of profit… :lol:

    • It changes from the first “star” at night to the “star of the morning” It left the sun set position some time ago since it used to rise right in front of my house as the sun set. Now it is on its funky path to go for a morning trip.

      This planet has one of the weirder orbit paths we know if, long ago they noticed this pattern and worshiped it by many diferent cultures.

    • Oops did not mean to be a reply at bottom, ment to add it to the total posts for a new reply. Damn mystery object was blinding me !!

    • Neo

      You need a better story here if you’re hoping for “some kind of profit” :grin:

    • Anonymous…. Should we just cut to the chase and send you to Nibiru? :roll:

  • Seriously ! Edmund Haley never saw the comet named after him, he simply deduced when it would return after studying other people’s observations. Some of you aren’t capable of deducing what is right in front of you. and you will claim you’re the highest order of primate (well you would if you knew what one was). So much for the theory of evolution.

  • It most likely is Mercury eclipsing Venus on the far side of the sun. They must have been using a telescopic lens to make it look as large as the Moon. I suppose it is even possible Mercury could cast a shadow on Venus on our side of the sun too.

    Mars always appears yellowish. Something about our atmosphere changes the reddish color slightly.

  • It’s obviously Venus; it’s at the right angle and timing. Only an idiot who believed Comet ISON was Niburu would keep up with this Niburu crap…oh wait, didn’t Live Free push Comet ISON as Niburu or some other harbinger of disaster, even after it burned up? So much for his credibility.

  • OK, I have done a little research. Get Stellarium, it’s free. Assuming that video was made and whatever that was was filmed on January 23rd. Set Stellarium for Sacramento, CA. Set the date for Jan 24. Locate Venus in the Search function. You will see it is very close to the sun. And is just a little sliver of crescent on the left, sun-facing side. That video was shot at night so… what the hell is it???

  • Turner Radio Network (TNN) says this:

    “January 26, 014 11:05 PM EST (TRN ) — A news helicopter from KCRA-TV channel 3 in Sacramento, CA has caught on video, a large and previously unknown rogue planet. TRN has obtained the video from the helicopter and from the newscast where the news anchors speculate about what they joked was a “celestial rock.” The object was so massive, it partially eclipsed what appears to be the planet Venus. It appears this is a rogue planet and it is on course for earth. If so, the gravitational effects of that rogue planet will wreak absolute havoc upon earth: Weather anomalies, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, changing ocean tides and more. Take a look at the video and decide for yourself.

    On August 27, 2013, then-Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano was retiring and gave a farewell speech in which she mentioned that her successor would face “. . . a natural disaster, the impact of which will dwarf Hurricane Sandy and other disasters in recent memory.” Many wondered what she meant; now we know: On Friday, January 24, 2014, station KCRA-TV channel 3 in Sacramento, CA aired live helicopter video of a planet-sized object in the sky that was NOT earth’s moon.

    It was visible just before sunrise, to those in California looking to the east, northeast.”

    OK. Video taken just before sunrise, the right time for Venus to rise. Now, my previous post about using Stellarium…. Venus showed to be just a sliver of a crescent on the 23rd. This video shows something big being eclipsed by something, right? And evidently it was big when they zoomed in on it right? Do news helicopters carry telescopes?

    This has caught my interest and I would like to really know what it is.

  • if you check out the phases of venus you’ll find the shadow phases in from the left only; but then again the moon’s phases are off also.

  • hmmm a NEWS Show showed this peice and are baffled wouldn’t you think if it was venus they would have said?
    But in like flint knows exactly that it was venus :twisted:
    Wouldnt you think people that are educated in at least meteorology would have the same common sence as inlikeflint?
    I mean for christs sake if it was venus they would have said so!
    I mean he’s got links and all too so shouldn’t they at least have a better input than him?
    It was a sign form God this world isn’t all skyscrapers and pavement as scientists woudl have you beleive it’s full of unexplainable things. God is showing you a sign in the heavens just before the end of the age as he promised to do. SO instead of being all scared and crap look up for your redemption is Nye/near!
    People inlike flint have been aroudn for over a millenia promising mankind freedom and stuff but all they have ever done is enslaved us. Enslaving us with fear of death so when they make thier play we will be too afraid to resist them and their cronnies!
    Enslaving us with a gilded cage, and entertainment so we’ll just shrugg our shoulders when the turth finally does come out. WHich it is by the droves now days, for it is written so shall it be done!

    • People like some of you here have been around for millennia, ignoring the truth and believing lies, even when the facts are staring you in the face.

  • We need more conclusive proof.

  • What’s the context? News footage, or something they were sent? Would guess it was a video camera with a broken aperture that would cause any zoomed-in point of light to look that shape.

  • Looks near identical to the video I took of Venus a month or so ago. It was in the SW every evening then, everybody saw it. I suspect this is in fact Venus.

    • Yes, FarmerX is right. Venus was in the evening skies just a month ago with nearly the same phase but on the opposite side of the planet. The transition from being a morning object to an evening object was around Jan 11, 2014.

  • Its Uranus!!!!

  • All Jokes and Laughs with these reporters. This is what the people believe is NEWS…

  • If it baffles a newsroom, it must be A Spector of The Truth!

  • The meteorologist said it was probably Venus, but he was not sure the camera could zoom in that close. Obviously, it could. But remember, Venus just had a closest approach to the Earth and there is a big difference in it’s size when Venus is closest to the Earth compared to when it is farthest away. You can see this in this simulation at the link below:

  • …anyone who wold deny all the suspicious activity that we’ve seen lately should be avoided and suspected……. i,myself, have woke in the middle of the night, not knowing why…upon looking out of my window at the stars, i saw the stars wobbling in the sky……. that’s right, it wasnt the stars wobbling… it is us.. the earth… it’s gonna get a whole lot worse before whatever is causing it comes and goes… People, PLEASE, READ THE BIBLE… REPENT AND ASK JESUS CHRIST TO BE your SAVIOR…….THEN, no matter, you WILL BE VICTORIOUS ALONG WITH THE ENTIRE BODY OF CHRIST JESUS, LORD AND SAVIOR, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS… HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH AMEN!!!… i will watch as this world is destroyed around me, yet, i shall not fear, nor shall i be harmed, FOR MY GOD IS WITH ME! HE IS MY REFUGE, MY VICTORY, MY SOURCE OF LIFE ETERNAL…….HE WILL CAUSE HIS TO THRIVE WHILE HE POURS OUT HIS FURY UPON those who hate HIM…THE BIBLE TELLS HOW THE LORD WILL POUR OUT HIS BOWL OF WRATH IF FULL MEASURE(to me, this means that HE WILL REMOVE HIS GRACE AND MERCY during this time…)

    PLEASE REPENT, there is no need to risk the eternal state of your SOUL…


    i ask you to do this because i LOVE you…and i want you to have all of your loved ones THERE with you…so i PRAY THIS for them also…i HOPE AND PRAY TO SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!

  • reading the arguments above was 100 times better then the story.

  • looks like a winged planet to me.

  • 9 sec in, she calls it an “awakening”

  • Laynaland is right about one thing, Flint. You spend a lot of time on this site debunking everything. What’s the point? Oh, I forgot, you’re trying to protect the children. Sorry, that’s for parents to do. This may be Venus but, in a more general sense, where is your certainty? We’re living on a tiny speck in the middle of nowhere with no idea what we’re doing here or where we’re going. Even the “giant” gas ball we orbit is imperceptible, given the scope of our galaxy which is only one of, what, billions? None of us really know anything and neither do you. All some of us are saying is–get off your high horse!

    • “Laynaland is right about one thing,”

      lalaland is never right about anything /fixed

    • What’s wrong, Wizz? Can’t someone enjoy pointing out erroneous material while helping others to understand what is really happening in the world? Can’t someone strive for truth in reporting while reading material on a “news” site?

      That’s all I’m doing. What so bad about that? What is so bad about telling people the truth instead of lies?

  • I live in SE Alaska, we have had some sunny days this week and while on my walk I noticed this bright light in the south east sky. It was way to early for stars. The government and NASA are for sure not telling us what it is.

  • That is the Bright Morning Star and I do not like to call it venus but rather the Jesus Star. Magnified this planet shows half moon exactly like this.

  • I just looked at the “Phases of Venus” website. I agree that with different angles and distances of the sun, Venus and the earth, that moon-like shadows can occur. But there’s something odd here.

    On the website, no matter how I position Venus and the earth, the ends of the shadow always seem to start 180 degrees apart…no matter what the overall shadow shape is. In the news video, the shadow looks more like a bite out of a cookie, with the two ends of the shadow approximately 90-100 degrees apart.

    I could not duplicate that shape of a shadow on the “Phases” website. Therefore, I am not totally convinced that the shadow is due to relative positioning.

    • I think the shape in the video is because Venus was grossly overexposed for the shot. Venus is so bright, it is bleeding over to adjacent pixels of the video camera and enlarging and exaggerating the shape. That’s not unusual and it happens when you shoot Venus or the Moon and overexpose it.

  • ohhh….. THAT’S where I left it

  • Good Lord, I hope this was posted as a joke…

    The phases of Venus are known since 1610, when Galileo pointed his telescope to the planet.

    Here are Galileo’s drawings of it:

    Here are schematic views of why they happen:

    And here is a modern day sequence of photos showing it:

    Did you notice that the planet’s apparent size is six times larger when its closest to the Earth, than when it’s on the other side of the Sun? That also makes it MUCH brighter on the night sky, and the phases easier to observe with smaller and smaller magnifications (like those available in simple cameras…)

    What bothers me is that some people find it easier to believe some cockamaney idea of a roaming planet, that nobody but the “special few” has seen, to centuries old, proven and easily verifiable knowledge.

    In this day and age, a powerfull telescope is easily affordable, and there are literally millions of amateur astronomers around the world, watching the sky 24/7. If a planet was roaming out there, everybody would know.

    • Exactly, Rextyler. Good job and very good points you made. It is a shame to see so much ignorance around here about something so basic and well understood.

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