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Planetary Harbinger?! Rogue Planet X Hidden in Plain Sight: Prepare ASAP, April 18, 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 19:38
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Something huge is happening in our skies. What the HD images in the following video show, again and again, is a massive planetary object in the sky. The truth may not be pretty for human kind, it rarely was if you’re truly honest with the evidence. Are you ready should Western Civilization, and the Human race for that matter, have a reckoning with a cyclical swarm of celestial objects? Can you be ready for such epic sights! Prepare while you can and who knows, if you’re really hardcore and lucky…. you might live through it, with the right precautions now you could, theoritically survive. But only with the long term gear and foresight. All around us things ar changing quickly. The Climate is shifting. And space debris is increasing as another close asteroid pass ocurs. The millionaires and rich buy bunkers and war fever distracts the mob. Coincidence?

Or disbelieve it all. Yes, scoff and lie. Like Trump has! Stay distracted. Rage at the TV sports game. Many will do so until the very last minutes, maybe even during, we all know it. Maybe even family and friends which makes this especially difficult for all. People say such things are negative. It’s easier to disbelieve. To lie to yourself. To turn a blind eye. It took me years to believe it myself, so I can hardly warrant skeptism of others. However it’s getting more obvious by the day. Look up. Connect the dots. A

However, with so much cognitive dissonance at hand will they ever admit its there? They could say anything on the mainstream and a good 20% will eat up the lies. Then martial law and collapse. Before the true SHTF when an asteroid hits the shield or breaks the artificial sun and the world sees the destroyer. You will be ready. You’re reading this for a reason. You’re vibrating on the same level of consciousness. You can act. Either way,should the imagery prove true, than it seems fate is thrown to the wind every day we wake up. So Buckle up and smile. Take nothing for granted. Laugh and love, but do it with truth in your heart and courage in your soul.

Buckle Your Seat Belt – Planet X Nibiru Evidence Clear as day, Shielded? HD imagery from Mexico, April 19, 2017


Below, an orb is apparent in the sky.

Notice in the image below. Is this proof shielding and possible laser or optical technology is in orbit?

Note below the red dot and faint planetary object. Is a rogue planet being hidden in plain sight?

Below in this image from Mexico, is something in front of a faint orb. Collaborating evidence?

Was something caught in the glare of the sun in the image below?

It’s really faint but is there appears to be an orb below the red curvature and dot. What about that line be evidence of technology in space?

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  • The Ferrett

    Very convincing . . but I’m not convinced.

    • b4

      hubble cant find it but he did–Sofia,the 747 that flies on the edge of space with a 8 ft infra red tele can not find it–numberous teles all over our planet cant find it-plus a million or so hi tech telies owned by amature observers all over the globe cant find it but this moron found it–he should get the no bell incentous piece prize

      • Bobwire

        Are you so IMPORTANT they would tell you if they found it ? Move along little sheep nothing to see here.

        • Central Scrutinizer

          Hey Butt Hurt, Y U No answer me no more?
          You got a new Beau?

          The Scrutinizer is not pleased. :mrgreen:

      • trashman

        b 4 you are incorrect. amateur astonomers from around the globe have been seeing indications of planetary alignment problems from Jupiter too Mars ., and have been reporting it for years. Now please use your head ,. who controls the media., ? globally even?? who controls the flow of information and only tells us what they want us too hear? , now also think , do you really think they would allow a legit report from amateur astronomers too make it too the air? they Dont want the people of the world too hear about it, so the only people who can report on it is sites like this. Btw their is a tv station in california who DID find it in the early morning sky , and did some research into it, asking questions like what the hell is this!!! they ascertained that it wasnt any of our planets in our solar system, then called in professionals, and then finally all they got told was they was crazy. That is only one example of people who spotted it!!! I have seen personal photos , videos, amateur and professional, which filmed it and photographed it!! so please stop with the * nooone has reported on it bs!!! , because their have been thousands of people all over the globe who reported it, but, it never makes it big time because of a magical little word called * SENSORSHIP!! You all will see it shorly enough, and no i dont care about my typos, and capitals lol im just here too tell it like it is!!!

        • Mayhem

          multiple citations needed

        • Central Scrutinizer

          I suppose you don’t care much about spelling, either.

          SENSORSHIP!!!! That’s rich. :mrgreen:

          • Cintus Supremus

            That’s where they implant sensors into our brains to make us do their bidding!!!

            After which, we’ll all become SYBORGS!!!

            :!: :cool: :!:

          • Central Scrutinizer

            CROP SYRCLES.

            Cintus Supremus, there are all sorts of things that “THEY” want to SENSOR from the masses. :mrgreen:

  • Sulletje

    Wow this nonsense is ridiculous. You shouldn’t even be making video’s like this if you can’t even see the difference between planets and lens flares. Get lost please!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    When investigating, at night –

    Extreme low light settings on newish ipads show an orange-red feature, probably, just-barely outside of the visible spectrum.

    I see why contrast would be helpful, but all you would need is a minor shift.

  • patann

    -Prophecy Links

    _ And I Heard In My Hearing, get ye to repentant alters, God is now avenging martyred blood,” 04/19/2017, (the fulfillment of God’s Wine Press On The Map). Apb
    -And I Heard In My Hearing, kill all parents, finish all schools, (see Target, see transgender restroom brawls),, beware, Apb
    -And I Heard In My Hearing, “99 bowls of molten lava, 2016, (see 99 simultaneous volcano eruptions) Apb -

    -Dutchsinse, I received as a word 02/27/2017, recent earthquakes to Volcano forecast gradually includes Yellowstone, San Andres and New Madrid just as the Intrepid Dream Timetable climaxes speedily toward its October prediction of an extinction Level Event, just so you know, there are no coincidences, see entire blog here, even why you shouldn’t commit suicide, Apb, see
    -Beware, every manner of natural disaster to Asian to military invasions on US spoil predicted this ministry are all showing heighten activity right now. The four nations, even continents in a block I witnessed and predicted 2002, Asia, America, Japan and Russia all in a tug of nuclear war right now. That’s Yellowstone to other super volcanoes are showing themselves more active, simply this article alone is warning about planetary threats from above.
    -As so is there an increase in solar activity, all these pending potential to end everything held dear all as we race toward October 2017, whereas something in the manner of an ELE is pending and as I woke this morning, went such the warning, and I quote, “get to repentant alters, God is now avenging martyred blood,” and the Bride can’t be here, beware, Apb, see more here,

    And I Heard In My Hearing, “All those going about a normal, everyday life, can just forget it,” 2005, this was right before Katrina hit, Apb

  • ecclesiatical

    (Emigrate while you still can.)
    Send me a post card,you first.

  • Andy

    “Before the true SHTF when an asteroid hits the shield or breaks the artificial sun and the world sees the destroyer”

    shield? artificial sun????? let me guess, you’re one of those religious fairy-tale believers right?

    p.s. one day you’ll learn that lens flares are not planetary bodies,,,, there is no shield,,,, the sun is not artificial,,,, and your religion (like all others) is nothing more than a fairy-tale borne of ignorance

  • trashman

    I am so tired of the constant mocking of the idea of a rogue heavenly body invading our solar system. Nasa says its quite common in the galaxy, and frankly more common than a single sun. I am so tired of trying too defend something i know is about too converge upon us., and oh yes it also is prophesized in the Holy scriptures , as part of a composite sign in the end times. All i will say is this: deep underground military bases.. google that that isnt conspiracy its a fact. furthermore the governments of the world are digging in for a long stay underground for about 15 or 20 year stay!! If they was digging in too escape a nuclear event then it would be a hell of a lot longer than that. YOU all tell me what their hiding from. I have seen it with my own eyes on 2 seperate occasions, and no it wasnt no lens flare, and no it wasnt shot behind 2 panes of glass, and no it wasnt photoshopped, and no it wasnt in no way altered!!! In a very short period of time you all will see it when it pokes its head out at us. I listened too a former nasa employee 3 years back who said , no1 it will be a small point of light in the sky which will get brighter and brighter , then pow it will gradually fade in luminessance, until the very last month , which will then appear in the sky with a very large appearance, which will get larger and larger till it fills our sky almost half way . well guess what that time will shortly be here. , but i have too agree with you on some of those images being lens flares. If any of you want the truth, then start looking around for the non-bs stories on the subject and keep a open mind. furthermore listen too experts and astonomers who have been talking about pole sh ifts on other planets , including obvious images from amateur astronomers. we will see shortly, and btw why would anyone wish for this, i hope im wrong.

    • Central Scrutinizer

      Trust me trashman, you are wrong……..

      Ain’t no Mythical, Magical fantasy Killer Planet. :mrgreen:

  • Muggles

    Go back to nursery school, you are so stupid you need to… stop with this stupid planet x crap…

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