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Archons and Our Consciousness

Sunday, March 11, 2018 16:08
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                                                               You want proof?


Dear infected and afflicted,

Emigrate While You Still Can! Learn More…

    We are The Dropouts.  We, Ephraim Gregory Nicholas Romanov Rasputin Moscovitch, fourth generation descendant of the formerly secret Romanov/Rasputin bloodline and Colonel Ryan J. Arlington, AWOL Engineer from an unnamed military unit based in a DUMB, revealed ourselves and shared paradigm information pertinent to the world last week.  Our first press release, shared in order to save the world, was suppressed.  The major media institutions ignored it and in all likelihood they used it against us, passing it on to those who have been looking for us, looking to kill us.   

    The sellouts of the media assumedly shared our press release with the police and with or without their knowledge, to sectors of the military to be used against us, sectors that hide the truth by tracking down those who might speak the otherwise hidden truth.  The restriction of our press release is further proof of total information suppression –and was expected.  The press release contains paradigm information relevant to planet Earth and was hidden by those in power so as to restrict your access to information.  It is deplorable and unforgivable to withhold our press release from the public, or further, this letter.  The media and those who do so betray their fellow man, themselves and all future generations. 

    Because of their betrayal and their lying, it is difficult to believe, difficult to accept, but it is true, we are a dying race.  Nuclear experimentation is killing us.  Nuclear experimentation causes cancer, reduces fertility, deforms the unborn and makes all offspring stupider, uglier, sicker and less capable if not deformed.  Nuclear experimentation initiated the cancer era and is the primary cause of climate change, and most significantly, most unbelievably, nuclear experimentation made outlaw extraterrestrials aware of Earth, and now they trying to kill us.

    The extraterrestrials are trying to nullify humankind and then legally take Earth away from the man of hues.  Everyone wants to ignore that kind of thing, like a bad dream.  And the institutions, major media, governments, corporations, etcetera all act to suppress its consideration so they can maintain their control.  And if you laugh at this or curse anyone who questions the greatness of nuclear experimentation, for reasons scientific or spiritual, you are likely being controlled, by extraterrestrial influences, the mediation machines of the military industrial complex and most assuredly by the very earthly, near imperceptible behavior modifying parasites infecting about eighty-five percent of people.  This combination, the human flukes most especially and directly, are probably right now making you perceive these words the way in which you do, that in other words, you are not being you. 

    The human flukes are everywhere, as are the extraterrestrial parasites now infiltrating most all military institutions.  The only way to salvage the world, to prevent our extinction and prevent our children’s children from being dumb, deformed slaves to extraterrestrials, is to shut down all nuclear experimentation now, all of it, everywhere.  And the International Atomic Energy Agency, GE and TEPCO and practically all the former Navy men who became nuclear engineers and every institution that knows a thing or two about anything nuclear experimentation, knows it is doom.  And yet they just continue along, infested with flukes and influenced by Greys and inspired militaristic dogma, meditated and ignoring the problem, just as some parasite would. 

    Nuclear experimentation is killing you, everyone and everything you ever thought you knew.  And the majority of the cited evidence for it is hidden.  The experiment is ongoing and out of the box, and the source material is complicated and distorted by the most secretive institutions on the planet, government, military and energy oligarchy.  The facts concerning nuclear experimentation and the demise of the planet, your planet Earth, are at best incomplete lies from an ongoing experiment that will last millions of years.  Timetables concerning cancer and climate change in reference to the inception of the nuclear experimentation era are a few interesting correlations concerning the results of the ongoing experiment.  Information is otherwise shrouded.

    Nuclear experimentation must be stopped.  The only way to wake up enough people to the end game of nuclear experimentation, the death and desertification of the planet it causes and the evil it attracts, is to eliminate the parasites within us, the human flukes that probably lead us to construct nuclear experimentation in the first place.  And the only practical way to eliminate the parasites is to smoke marijuana.  Marijuana can save the Earth, and perhaps only marijuana can save the Earth at this point for it kills the flukes quickly, without side effects, enabling people to think freely, some for the first time ever. 

    Nuclear experimentation is the most pressing issue facing the planet today, but without smoking marijuana or ingesting cannabis oil, people will likely not consider it in the first place because of the parasitic predicament of the human fluke within them. 

    It is obvious that total destruction through nuclear experimentation is inevitable.  The uncontrollable problem of Hanford is spreading and growing.  Fukushima should be the new name of Japan, for all future generations are all now custodians to the death bearer that is the series of nuclear volcanos there.  Chernobyl destroyed vast swaths of fertile Europe.  And the thousands of detonation sites pockmarking the planet will never be the same, nor will the soil in your garden.  Already whole portions of the planet have been sacrificed and everywhere has been altered.  If considered at all one quickly realizes nuclear experimentation equals unparalleled death.  The only debate is how much of the Earth will be uninhabitable and to what extent life will be altered and deformed.  Already radioactive particulate is responsible for dramatic global climate change, already whole regions are permanently ruined due to planned ‘experiments’ and catastrophic accidents.  Nuclear particulate is corrosive and uncontainable.  Anyone not driven by parasites and/or brainwashed by the diluted information presented by the puppets tethered to the global military industrial complex, is well aware of the total environmental destruction caused by nuclear experimentation.   

    The secrecy of the nuclear experimentation industry and the withholding of information contrary to nuclear greatness, like restricting our press release, is no great surprise.  This withholding of information is typical for the media machines as well and the global military industrial complex in control of nuclear experimentation.  If people know what the military industrial complex is really about, that is killing people, they would join us and dropout. 

    According to information from the extraterrestrial Federation -not the Greys, who are outlaws- practically all intelligent bipedals in the universe carefully make decisions through principled processes.  Humans are one of the only bipedals and one of the few intelligent species at all, that jump right in, usually with a sword in hand, just to see what happens.  Humans, or as some of the extraterrestrial call us, terraists, are known to be equally spontaneous and stubborn and totally unpredictable.  The whole Federation and the Greys know all about terraists.  The Greys know we are just as likely to spontaneously cease nuclear experimentation, as we are likely to suddenly blow half the world to smithereens, and in either case their takeover would fail.  The Greys know that the nuclear pollution has to develop slowly so as not to shift opinion of the global nuclear experiment, to be only barely traceable.  To the Greys we are like frogs in boiling water, completely inattentive to the temperature of the water, that is numb to the environment, and when the temperature is risen just slowly enough, well they’ll have fresh frog soup. 

    The Greys are trying to bring us to a slow boil with nuclear experimentation.  And they have infiltrated the global military industrial complex and the nuclear experimentation industry thoroughly to do so.  They have infiltrated the media machines also, in order to insure the process of nuclear experimentation degradation goes unquestioned by generally limiting its discussion.  But perhaps most importantly they have infiltrated the fields of education and psychiatry in order to, in general, control and quell critical thinking and specifically to prevent contemplation of global nuclear experimentation.  They had to influence opinion and quell critical thinking, for any human who thought critically at all would soon enough think critically about global nuclear experimentation and would then demand it be ceased so as not threaten their offspring and terra in total. 

    The Greys knew they had to tame our thinking and through the infiltration of the institutions of media, education and psychiatry they have been able to do just that.  The Greys were going to infiltrate religions too, but they found they couldn’t mimic the devotion required and found that ultimately there was no need, for the dominant religious institutions here were already constructed in a manner to limit critical thinking anyway.  The reason education has suffered over the last few decades, is because of the inception of the nuclear era, the money steered away from educating into warring, the resulting restrictive information and the following infiltration of the Greys.  The Greys are promoting war, death, planetary nuclear experimentation and total obliviousness to their takeover while we kill ourselves. 

    It is no coincidence all these institutions predominantly operate in the same manner, telling partial stories, partial truths and occasionally omitting truth entirely.  They are all infiltrated by the Greys the same.  They seem to be run by inhuman entities, because they are.  If the whole story were ever told and not just the part that fits their story, if the ill facts were revealed and not just what we wish the truth to be, opinion would be steered toward sensibility.  The media supports the global military industrial complex which incites support of nuclear experimentation and the infiltration of education and psychiatry, eliminates the consideration of global war and global nuclear experimentation beginning early on. 

    The only reason the global military industrial complex and nuclear experimentation industry exists at all is to kill people.  The nuclear experimentation industry began in secret as way to kill people and win war.  And it is the same today, a way to destroy everything.  Whether the nuclear experiment in particular is boom or vroom it is doom.  The Greys are utilizing the radioactive particulate of nuclear experimentation to kill us, like frogs in boiling water, and then, legally take over Earth.  Once humanity is no longer genetically viable, once we’re no longer successfully breeding, the Federation of bipedals will let the Greys have Earth.  

    The Grey infiltration of all major media institutions is easily notable.  Our entertainment is mostly gratuitously violent movies and ridiculously violent video games about killing people.  They repetitively release certain stories, again and again, not because there are lacking new stories, but because they want to keep people thinking about certain ideas in a certain manner and prevent them from opening their minds to new ideas in new ways.  News stories predominantly cover psychotic violence and idiotic behavior to the point of fright, not necessarily because that’s what’s happening, but because the coverage of such makes us all more violent and less caring.  The fact that most of the music industry touts bullshit and restricts true artistry is well documented.  We are inundated by the stories they want taught, so we ask the same questions we were asking, if any at all. 

    The infiltration of the media machines and the education institutions inundates us with their messages, but perhaps less severely than the effects of the infiltration of the psychiatric industry.  Control of the psychiatric industry subdues and depresses the drugged and institutionalized directly, but also influences how we all think, and specifically how we all perceive thought in the first place.  The psychiatry industry steers our thinking into nonsensical spirals, quells critical thinking, and forcibly has people drugged and institutionalized without proper cause, without real care, towards simply numbing them to their increasingly hot environment.   

    The main point of the psychiatry industry is to eliminate critical thinking and more importantly, at the same time, critical feeling concerning considering reality.  The psychiatry industry produces thoughtless drones lacking emotions and alternate response to conditions other than training, frogs in boiling water.  The Greys know that humans think through feeling.  Thinking and feeling spiral together like the double helix of our DNA.  We are emotional and logical beings.  Humans are just as likely to deduce the correct direction through tingles in the hairs on our neck as we are through deductive reasoning and research, if not more so. 

    Psychiatry has instituted the separation of thinking and feeling, reducing our intuitive potential to find our true direction and individuation.  The human functions of thinking and feeling result in our artistic capabilities as well as our ability to make conscious and unconscious quality decisions.  If decisions are made by a drugged psychiatric patient and/or a host to a parasite and/or someone compromised to the mediation machines of the military industrial complex, then they are distorted, but an unhindered human is capable of finely tuned conscious and unconscious decision making, psychic intuition.  Our intuitive decision making ability makes man legendary warriors and unequaled entertainers throughout the universe.

    We call it intuition.  When the palms get sweaty, or an ankle gets sore, or the left eye twitches, or one’s skin tingles, when one knows beforehand what to do or say -through feeling.  It is when one ducks a blow without seeing it coming or knows the question and answer before it is asked.  Bipedal extraterrestrials refer to it as the greatest holy gift in the universe.  The ability to cosmically connect with what we refer to as the akashic field, to instinctually know in a blink, through a twinkle in the eye or feeling in the funny bone, is considered the greatest gift of all consciousness.  And man is one of the few bipedals to possess the higher physical/mental link.  Most of the civilized bipedals of the universe only wish they could feel information through a twitch or a sore knee, like humanity. 

    The intuitive gift however, is our downfall too.  Our erratic emotional shifts result in our unpredictable acts, especially when the ability goes unfound or unpracticed, when people are drugged rather than encouraged to meditate for instance.  Our opinions and actions result from feelings and those feelings are frequently irrational partly because of psychiatric mediation, diluted education and the parasitic predicament about eight-five percent of us are right now subject to and infected with.

    One of the main psychiatric fronts in controlling our thinking is to make people believe that feeling sad, bad, or upset is indicative of a treatable illness.  They suggest heightened emotion at all should be suppressed.  The result is we all avoid feeling.  Bad feelings are indicative of mental syndromes and are considered a plague by people, as determined by the pseudoscience of psychiatry.  Such feelings are scorned as irrational and treatable, but are actually legitimate and frequently temporary and always curable through nutrition, compassion and stimulation.  In actuality human emotion and critical thinking are intertwined.  Feeling bad and sad or angry is sometimes the only way people think or change at all.  Repressing feeling and repressing feeling bad in particular, limits people, limits our thinking. 

    We are capable of split second, correct deductions, but only if we are inclined to feel first.  We have been trained not to feel and when feeling is suppressed our thinking is suppressed as is any form of intuition.  We have all been taught to feel happy even during apocalyptic postmodern decay, directly due to nuclear experimentation and indirectly due to investment in nuclear experimentation and unsustainable enterprises.  We’re taught to be happy during global war.  And if we don’t feel happy about it, we’re told to take devastating pharmaceutical concoctions which numb us and dumb us.

    Psychiatrics is one big trick to make our feelings and instincts seem nonsensical so as to turn off critical thinking entirely.  The extensive though subtle psychiatric steering backed by pharmacological drugging, in a collective controlled by copouts, trains people to be complacent and complicit to self-destruction.  Everyone is complacent or complicit, due to biological infestation of the human fluke and/or total political and societal indoctrination.  The only debate is to what extent one is complacent or complicit.  Only the complacent or complicit wouldn’t consider and then take action against the permanent, total, inalterable harm of nuclear experimentation or global war. 

    Colonel Ryan J. Arlington has proof that Grey hybrids began infiltrating Earthly institutions in 1951 and 1952 and continued since.  It is no coincidence that the first Psychiatric Manual of Mental Disorders was published in 1952.  Limiting and holding Earthling perspective is essential to destroy our genetic viability through nuclear experimentation, kill us all and takeover Earth, probably breeding a few of us for slave labor. 

    The Greys knew the pollution from nuclear experimentation had to develop slowly so as not to shift opinion.  They also knew, from experience, that the radioactive nuclides, called fuel fleas, in low doses, are ultimately nearly as deadly as total nuclear annihilation.  They have been steering opinion and eliminating critical thinking for generations, for any being who thought critically about nuclear experimentation would immediately cease and ban it.  The Greys knew they had to tame human thinking and feeling.  Controlling psychiatry, the major media, education and the psy-ops of the global military industrial complex have been their main modes beginning in 1951.

    Thinking and feeling are interrelated.  When thinking and feeling are linked, people can tap into the intuitive consciousness.  People’s erratic emotional changes result in the extreme shift of behavior and often these behaviors which are scorned as irrational, are actually legitimate understandings and results of inexplicable nuanced observations, only intuitively perceived.  Sudden societal change of course is spurred because of this, but not if feeling is prevented.  If feeling is prevented thinking is halted and people go around considering the same stories and having the same conversations.

    Human feeling is highly developed whereas most all other intelligent life developed more calculated minds.  Earthling ancestors would be considered angry, emotional wrecks by the psychiatry influenced standards of today.  Of course they were ten times funnier too.  At the height of human civilization, before the genetic implantation of mental degradation which generationally reduces our mental capacity, whole regions of humanity were borderless art communes lacking any specific authority whatsoever.  And when someone attempted to unduly exert force over another they would be immediately subdued and punished or cured.  Many Native American Indian communities would put the offender in a closed tent, isolated with a pile of smoking marijuana.  Today we just let freaks and authorities alike exert force over us and against others.   

    Some people diagnosed with autism or other mental disorders are actually genetic throwbacks, and regress into a state of shock upon observing humanity, dirty and dumb as we are.  Many become so engrossed into ignoring us that they are unable to cope with the state of affairs beyond the only pure subject matter uninfluenced and unadulterated by our political hatred; mathematics.  Many diagnosed manic depressives are also simply less afflicted by the genetically implanted mental deformity and as a result live their lives variously shocked by what the human collective has become. 

    Most people diagnosed as mentally unstable, as having a condition, begin with a confrontation.  They raise their voice and say something unacceptable to the norm, to the status quo.  Among our ancestors such yelling was celebrated and arguments were seen as a way to better culture and conditions.  Today, thanks to psychiatry, education and mediation, everybody likes quiet, calm passivity to the point of absolute apathy, unquestioning obedience and total tolerance to the authorized institutions.  And when someone questions it they get thrown away.  And it’s because the Greys want us to roll over and die. 

    People who stepped up and tore up when they saw wrongdoing are consciously developed and are themselves cause for development.  Our human ancestors, before the genetic degradation restricting our mental capacity, would have severely beat-down anybody attempting anything to do with nuclear experimentation.  Anyone attempting such deadly operations would have been rendered incapable. 

    Even the Greys, being a despicable outlaw race, would never conduct nuclear experimentation –again.  And they’re only inciting it here on Earth to expedite our annihilation.  Earthlings are the only race in the entire universe currently conducting nuclear experimentation.  And the only unknowns to learn, is how badly nuclear experimentation will deform life, how badly the detonations will crack the space-time continuum and how long it will take before we’re all dead.  Otherwise there is nothing to learn. 

    If you consider historical motivations throughout the generations, before WWII, the first nuclear detonations and the subsequent Grey institutional infiltrations, people were focused primarily on exploration and secondarily on invention.  Throughout history there has always been the corrupt and the cowering, the complacent and complicit, but only since 1952 or thereabouts have traditional human motivations been supplanted for alien programming.  Now we all do nothing and say nothing, we allow the buildup and preservation of the global police state and expansion of the nuclear experimentation industry while doing the latest dance. 

    Now new invention is concentrated in developing weaponry applications.  This continued Cold War buildup results in increased starvation, poverty and environmental degradation throughout the world.  After 1952 institutional presentation of fact is no longer reliable.  Our interests, our very thinking, has been influenced and steered by extraterrestrial infiltration and by parasitic impulses and by those who have been fostering the parasitic predicament since before the nuclear era.  These harbingers of the parasitic predicament have nothing to lose by continuing to foster it among us, for if they discontinue they will be found out, their generational and elaborate plot against the majority will be exposed and they will face the harshest of punishment.

    Before 1952 people had feelings, we hadn’t irradiated the elements yet, there was local, beautiful variance, there was impetus for exploration, invention and expansion of humor.  But today steering infiltration and numbing mediation is so pervasive that practically all humanity operates the same, without any spontaneity, as parasitic drones and psychiatric victims.  People today believe there is nothing left to explore or invent and many are nearly incapable of understanding the simplest humor.  This is due to the parasitical modification of the human flukes inside us, the parasitical people who promote them and the parasitical Greys now amongst us, drawn here by the inception of the nuclear experimentation era.   

    Humanity has been homogenized.  The only legitimate industry anymore is the arts and it is the only industry you’ll note, where everyone excels at understanding and performing humor.  The Greys and the hybrids can’t relate to the arts, no matter if painting or poetry.  And they cannot understand the simplest jokes.  Hybrids can learn nuclear physics in two months while they’re still in a test tube, but they’ll never understand the most basic knock-knock joke.  Most aliens, especially the Greys have little or no sense of humor and the few bipedals in of the Federation who do understand humor travel light years to observe Earthlings live, renowned as some of the funniest creatures in existence. 

    No matter how they would like to directly control the arts, music or whatever, as part of subduing and eliminating thinking and feeling, they cannot.  However they have infiltrated the entertainment industry so extensively as to indirectly control what the masses crave, what people will give their time to and care about.  Art is the only outlet for people who are not complicit or complacent to one parasite or another.  And yet the direction of art, whether music or poetry, is now dependent on so many media corporations and influenced by degraded education and psychiatric tricks that most art is indirectly infiltrated too.  Few seek to invent or discover anything, anymore.  And most people only find old jokes they have heard a thousand times before to be funny.  Art is indirectly controlled and hindered in this way.   

    Humans proudly opened up the Pandora of nuclear experimentation and pinged the universe with thousands of detonations, resulting in the invasion and infiltration of the Greys who destroyed their own home planet though nuclear experimentation.  The Greys mean to kill us and are actively influencing humanity to believe in the soundness of nuclear experimentation.  They mean to covertly induce us to build the machines to kill us, then have us kill us, through the nuclear experimentation machines we construct.       

    They will lie and cheat and do all they can to discourage real humanity, real humaneness, not out of hubris or greed, or shortsighted preservation of materials or other human interests, but because they want the Earth for themselves.  They indoctrinate complicity and complacency to the buildup of global nuclear experimentation because they want us dead. 

    The subject of nuclear experimentation is a rabbit hole the depth of a galactic void lined entirely by lies and death.  The first severe nuclear experimentation meltdown in the United States occurred in the serene Simi Valley in Southern California, 1959.  The Santa Susana (Saint of Innocence) Field Laboratory meltdown released radioactive materials into the Southern California environment as did normal operations there.  This accidental meltdown, as opposed to purposeful experimental meltdowns and purposeful waste burning, was covered up and kept secret.  Radioactive particulate was released into the atmosphere and dumped into the waters at the experimentation area.  NASA, Rocketdyne and Atomics International were all working at the Saint of Innocence Laboratory and the workers couldn’t even tell their kids downwind to stay indoors, because of the secrets. 

    Atomics International’s motto was ‘Your safety is our business.’  This slogan was either implemented as a joke from militaristic dark humorists or an actual attempt by rigid scientists, human or hybrid, to assure everybody of nuclear experimentation’s safety.  The corporate collective at Santa Susana Field Laboratory is indicative of humanity having been led astray by the Greys by that point.  The Greys informed various individuals that interplanetary travel was achievable through nuclear experimentation.  Human scientists were tricked, in fact nothing could be farther from the truth.  Space travel is attained using the electromagnetic manipulation of the space-time continuum.  Nuclear power generation to do so would work, but is not necessary.    

    The California meltdown in 1959 and subsequent radioactive releases were concealed for decades by the US Department of Energy and the Atomic Energy Agency.  The Santa Susana meltdown remained secret until the meltdown of Three Mile Island in 1979 when researchers uncovered information about the California meltdown.  It made sense considering the cancer cluster in the area.  And yet the severity of the radioactive entropy release was and is still covered up -at both locations. 

    Clandestine operation and information omission is the accepted norm of the nuclear experimentation industry and the military industrial complex.  The secrecy began with the Manhattan Project when thousands of people manufactured the materials required for the experiment, all the time believing they were making fertilizer.  Thousands of people worked to extract the elements required for the Trinity test and the Hiroshima and Nagasaki crimes against humanity.  And they had no idea what they were doing, where they were being led and that they were permanently destroying the area.  Hanford, Washington is highly toxic and will potentially leak highly toxic materials in the area for next few million years.  The scientists from the Manhattan Project initiated a new industry, one of secrecy and militarism, the ultimate way to kill and destroy, now a centrifuge of the global military industrial complex.  And it supplies the Pandora of scorching particles and gases the Greys mean to kill us with.

    Our limited mental capacity reduces our eyesight and prevents us from being able to see radioactive particulate, making us the only bipedal which cannot see the glow of the ignited particles.  Because hot particles, euphemistically named fuel fleas, are invisible to humans, nuclear experimentation is easy to keep secret and induce acceptance, tolerance and even support of.  Because the medical industry still openly states they do not know where cancer comes from, people are complicit and complacent to nuclear experimentation, the cause of upwards of ninety percent of cancer.  Of course there is no way to research facts on this as the experiment is out of the box, like Pandora. 

    At this point the sciences, the medical industry especially are not entirely science.  And the subjects posing as science like psychiatry, have all been so heavily influenced by Grey misinformation that practically all ideas are distorted to the point of near retardation, if not outright pursuit to kill you.  Scientists are trained to keep secrets and practice hubris.  Perhaps the greatest Grey induction is the elimination of the consideration of one of the most important and yet basic principles in the universe; what can happen, will.  And nuclear experimentation requires that nothing happens, ever.

    Scientists or those practitioners of scientism, are taught to put experimentation above life, health and truth and to do so without concern for any consequences.  For scientists there is only the spirit of learning.  The beauty of life is secondary to discovery on how to destroy it.  Such science led the global military industrial complex to conduct nuclear experimentation detonations in pursuit of discovering how the detonations might be used for civil and constructive purposes.  The nuclear hubris in thousands of experimental detonations is incomparable.  Such hubris should be a syndrome and would be if not for Grey infiltration and misinformation on psychiatry. 

    In the United States the peaceful nuclear experimentation program was known as Operation Plowshares.  The Soviet Union had its own peaceful nuclear experimentation detonation project called Nuclear Explosions for the National Economy.  Both were the result of parasitic impulses and Grey influences.  Several projects were proposed like nuking sections of coastline to make artificial harbors, nuking the Panama Canal to widen it, exploding underground aquifers to extract and store natural gas and simply to understand seismic relationships, i.e. see what happens.  The series of experiments only succeeded in making several large and radiated swimming holes in the heart of Russia.  

    Most scientists are not hybrids.  Most are only compromised to Grey agendas sprouted in the infiltrated institutions.  They gleefully risk totality in their quest for discovery.  No matter what parasite they are host to or if none at all, scientists suffer from hubris comparable to evil, frequently propelled by Grey misnomers. 

    All science is misled.  We went from trying to understand how to enhance and invent from nature, to trying to kill it all and redo it.  And psychiatry is the most quantifiable misled pseudoscience of today.  It practices dosing certain people with psychotropic pharmaceuticals and dousing all of society with ridiculous theories which work to separate feeling from thinking.  And they claim it’s scientific.  They note chemical imbalances, but they test these chemicals verbally, through conversation.  And there is basically only one or two chemicals they summarize might be imbalanced through speaking with you.  Psychiatry promotes fear of feeling and suppression of thinking and enables greedy and exploitive acts to be perpetuated while the Greys await the inevitable. 

    Some people have built institutions that genetically modify food to grow on pesticide juice that rips apart the stomachs of all pests or insects, mice, bees and other beings, including people who gleefully eat the crap crops.  People built up the global military industrial complex to make war on all the inhabitants and elements of Earth.  People built nuclear experimentation boilers which require constant attention just so they do not turn into volcanoes of planetary altering, extinction level event proportions.  And most everybody else let them.  People are tolerant or greedy, complacent or complicit, cowering or corrupt to the point they accept the premises of psychiatry, endless war and destruction of the environment through nuclear experimentation, genetic modification of life, alteration of the life cycle and the buildup of a copout country taxing humanity at every step of every boot. 

    All these acts are just the continuation of the original curse or original sin of man.  Putting on leaves of the evil tree is the original sin.  Institutions are the original sin of man.  Sin is the institution you’re in.  God didn’t make people born sinners, our institutions did, as depicted in Genesis, where people began wearing uniforms, leafs of the institution of the evil tree, ran by a deceitful serpent.  Priests, doctors, military, police, scientists, psychiatrists, fast food attendants and gas station cashiers all wear uniforms.  And they are all complicit or complacent to one degree or another.  Genesis is a story about the sin of uniforms, the sin of complicity and complacency to the institution you’re in.  Enlistment in an institution, no matter how well paid, to put on the leaf of the serpent’s evil tree, is to be property and a slave.  From then on the institution is placed before the individual and you get things like nuclear experimentation.  It is a psychological trick which makes one think one has joined something and is now part of a ‘we’ which might outlast you, having donned the same clothing as others.  However that’s just a trick of the uniform.  Even the word associates this trick, uniform looks and sounds like ‘you and I form’ otherwise known as we.  The original sin is about donning a uniform in order to be a part of a fake us, an exclusive we.

    Mention of such biblical truth and extrapolation of complicity or complacency posing as tradition is indicative of some kind of syndrome in psychiatric circles for which institutionalization and pharmaceuticals are necessary.  Mention a varying interpretation of the Bible and blaming institutions for the woes of the world might get you adorned with a used straight jacket and force fed mind altering drugs.  And once you speculate about extraterrestrials, let alone suggest the correlation between nuclear experimentation and alien infiltration, you might as well sign proof you need treatment.  And yet psychiatry only contains similar terminology as science, so as to suggest it is science and gain endorsement and acceptance as.  Psychiatry is not a science or medicinal or therapeutic at all.  Psychiatry is meant to quell thinking as are the adulterated religions, all of whom would openly chastise the idea of sin equating to wearing the leaf or uniform of the institution tree.  Psychiatry is the same torture system of lobotomy, through narcotics instead of jabbing a pike into the patiently awaiting victim’s head.  

    In the past religions promoted individuation, development of consciousness and elimination of the parasites otherwise known as the serpents inside us.  Religion used to be based on the individuation of the individual, not institutionalization of individuals.  Over time the impulses of the parasitically afflicted majority did not seek the truth and the few who were not afflicted hid the truth so as to benefit themselves.  People fostered the human fluke just as simply as they would cultivate toxoplasma gondii and watch it go among cats and rats in the same barn. 

    The toxoplasma gondii parasite waits in the grass for a rat, usually quite comfortably in feces of some sort.  It infects the rat and parasitically modifies its behavior making the rat cower to the cat.  The cat eats the rat and the toxoplasma gondii reproduces in the cat.  And its offspring ends up in the grass quite comfortable. 

    The human flukes make some people behave like passive rats and others like aggressive cats.  It is in the flesh and feces of most animals.  We, The dropouts, do not know the entirety of the human fluke’s lifecycle.  The truth of it has been obfuscated in theology and biology.  Religious institutions which used to provide direction for individual development and riddance of the parasites, now predominantly offer cults for institutionalization.  Psychiatrists operate in a similar manner to the adulterated religions.  They all promote the idea of individuation, they act like they might help you, but practice institutionalization and debilitative measures. 

    Psychiatrists and scientists, priests and the police and the whole global military industrial complex are practically all compromised, whether knowingly or unknowingly, by mediation and infiltration of parasites, both earthly and extraterrestrial.  They all assist in the reduction of critical thinking.  The flukes are inside us, in our very biology.  While the hybrids concentrate their parasitic behavior modification within the institutions of the global military industrial complex, psychiatry industry, the fields of education and the major media, all to support nuclear experimentation, so as to kill us.

    Ancient Hindu theosophy allegorically describes the parasitic burden of a thumb sized creature inside of us which grips and constrains consciousness, which is in fact the human fluke in a fungal or bacterial cluster.  The creature was said to bite into the nervous system and leach one’s life force from under the cerebellum, steering people away from their true selves.  Hinduism is the oldest written religion on Earth and one based on elimination of the parasites, primarily through vegetarian diet, meditation, Vedic herbs and of course, anointing oneself with ganja oil or smoking large quantities of ganja.  Hinduism is one of the most practical of all religions when one considers the parasitic predicament.  Yet before adulterations other religions contained similar points on parasites.  The smoking incense used in Christian celebrations used to be cannabis, for example.  It used to be common knowledge what the allegory of Moses and the burning bush on the mountaintop meant.  And Jesus Christ, Christos meaning anointed, was anointed with ganja oils and healed people using ganja oils. 

    The secret at the heart of all legitimate religions is how to live free from the predicament of parasitic behavior modification and to develop individual consciousness.  The occult networks were all initiated to hide information on the parasitic predicament for their own gains.  The secret of secrets among secret societies is that parasites control most everyone for them.  The secret that royal families once kept and passed down over the generations was how to benefit from a society under the hold of parasitic behavior modification, making most all people predictably biologically complacent or complicit.

    The parasitic predicament is ancient.  Some of the occult networks which fostered the relationship are nearly as ancient, while the situation and infiltration of the parasitic rogue alien race, the Greys, is new.  And because of the situation with the Greys, because we will soon be at the point of no return on our journey of death that is nuclear experimentation, no secret matters anymore.   

    You and your family and all of your ancestors have been brainwashed by parasitical behavior modification and ancient occult institutions have allowed, promoted and kept the parasitic predicament secret because it enables manipulation of entire populations to their benefit.  But get over it.  My ancestor, Nicholas Romanov, was the first royal in history to discontinue promotion of the parasitic predicament and attempted to reveal the situation.  And the attempt at revelation was enough for him and his known offspring to be assassinated through a revolutionary coup.  But that doesn’t matter anymore, because there are Grey aliens trying to kill us through nuclear experimentation and takeover Earth.

    The only way to end the Grey infiltration and stop the takeover is to cease nuclear experimentation.  The only way to beat the Greys is to effectively dropout and demand nuclear experimentation be ceased completely.  The political movement of the dropout culture of the civil rights era was the first movement in which insiders knew of both the parasitic predicament and the Grey infiltration.  COINTELPRO and MKULTRA are government operations which conducted surveillance on those who were trying to reveal these sensitive subjects and subvert the parasitic predicaments; the human flukes and the Greys.  The dropout culture was originally about brotherhood, peace and ceasing nuclear experimentation through marijuana promotion.  They countered the institutions by practicing the very opposite of the status quo.  They promoted marijuana and acted to prohibit nuclear experimentation and the war culture of the police state.  But the dropout movement was subverted and perverted, people were led astray by government drugs like LSD and methamphetamines.  The message of the dropout culture, the hippies and yippies was to smoke weed and boycott the global military industrial complex and nuclear experimentation, but it was subverted by COINTELPRO and MKULTRA, with fights and pills.

    Look at history: the most effective and practical means to eliminate human flukes, is to smoke or ingest cannabis.  The only reason marijuana is illegal and prohibited around the world is because it threatens the status quo of the parasitic predicament, because it kill parasites and repairs DNA, nearly being a total cancer curative.  Marijuana and hemp provide medicine and material, but most importantly eliminate the parasites. 

     Today, for the first time in the history the parasites among us are truly alien.  And the stake is entirety not just global slavery through parasitic behavior modification.  And the only way to win is to promote marijuana and prohibit nuclear experimentation, the very opposite of what controlling institutions have been doing, the very opposite of what most society dictates.            

    Wake up.  For your children you have to insist that the nuclear experimentation near you be ceased immediately.  Smoke marijuana or consume cannabis so as to kill the flukes inside you, right now insisting you shouldn’t believe this.  Wake up.  This is our final letter.  This is your last chance.


Colonel Ryan J. Arlington and Ephraim Gregory Nicholas Romanov Rasputin Moscovitch


This is a long lie:
“It is not too much to expect that our children will enjoy in their homes electrical energy too cheap to meter; will know of great periodic regional famines in the world only as matters of history; will travel effortlessly over the seas and under them and through the air with a minimum of danger and at great speeds, and will experience a lifespan far longer than ours, as disease yields and man comes to understand what causes him to age.  This is the forecast of an age of peace.” ~Lewis L. Strauss, appointed Chairman of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission in 1953, by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

~Nuclear Diablo is a short story currently free! 

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