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Angelic Message, the Mark of the Beast

Sunday, October 16, 2016 19:23
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This message was received by Cody Golden Elk ( at the Star Lodge Healing Centre in Lake George, Colorado, USA on October 7, 2016 at 5:37 am Mountain Time, sent by the Guardian Angel, AhReAh.

CODY:  We have set our space now, our Ring of Light, upon the Earth, and now call upon the Guardian Angel, AhReAh, for you told me that there would be a major message coming, but that I was too tired, that it would come in the morning….so, we are ready now. Oh, God how I love you AhReAh….I love you…we love you all.

AHREAH:  Yes, our dear, our love…for we all – the many Forces of Light can feel your love for us now – for all of us. It is rare my child, our child…like a baby you are…it is so rare that some upon the Earth can connect with us Angels, like this, as well as the others.

But now, there are many who wish to speak…wish to help…but these Spiritual entities of the Light of which I now speak, are heartbroken, so to speak, although we all know that they really do not have hearts, as you do in the flesh – your physical vehicle. For, they are sad that so very many of you Earth humans cannot hear their subtle words…the very faint…yet, persistent, words from Spirit. Many now, upon the Earth, the beautiful and beloved Terra, are so mind controlled, so dumbed down – all by plan of the Dark, evil Forces. These Dark Forces are now strong upon the Earth, represented by all the new technology which has mainly been used for power and control. Most people cannot hear our words from Spirit…words of Truth, Light, and Higher Wisdom and Knowingness, because they are caught up in, and therefore, consumed by your new Earth technology…and thus, have fallen into various levels of Darkness, greed, evil, and Spiritual ignorance.

An example of that of which we now speak, is the devices you call cell phones…for, many upon the Earth, in the various countries there, have become addicted, or consumed, by their use. It is a fundamental characteristic of human nature, to be social creatures. Many forms of animal life upon Earth have social or herd instincts, to pack up and be together….like wolves, elk, deer, flocks of birds, and schools of fish. So too, our love…(another wishes to speak now, but diverts, until we can finish here)…it is with human beings. It is this very deep and fundamental instinct to be together, with creatures of ones own species, that feeling of connection and togetherness, that provides the drive….the deep impetus…for the widespread use of these cell phone electronic devices, which are so prevalent, now, in your world.

While these devices provide some positive benefits for sure, they also often actually serve to DISCONNECT HUMAN BEINGS FROM US, THE ANGELS, AND THE OTHER FORCES OF LIGHT, AS WELL. Also, these devices…by their constant, incessant, overuse…do serve to fundamentally disconnect some people from both themselves and others. How can this be???…when the corporations promote their use by claiming that they “connect people’. But, alas, our dears, our struggling, misled, human brothers and sisters upon Earth……the sad truth here that this corporate claim – while appearing true on the surface to the lower ego mind – is actually false on the Higher Spiritual levels….to your Spirits.

Instead, these cell phone devices, by their widespread and increasing OVERUSE, substitute an artificially created electronic sense of connectedness, for true, real, human contact, empathy, and togetherness. Thus, while being hailed as devices which “connect and bring people together”…the reality is that they can cause some people to be somewhat alienated from both themselves, as well as others…closed off…relying upon technology’s devices for communication…rather than their own God given methods…like telepathy, clairaudience, and Spiritual Powers. Overuse to the point of abuse upon these types of electronic devices, has caused, now, an intergenerational type of social and individual type of lower consciousness thought forms and a consciousness pattern of separation….separation from our Creator, Higher Spiritual laws, and Wisdom. Many of the youth of your world of today are so focused outwardly on these types of technological devices, that THEY RARELY LOOK INWARDLY, INTO THEMSELVES, INTO THEIR OWN SPIRITUAL ESSENCES. Therefore, they have become somewhat, or even mostly, disconnected from us Angels and their own Spiritual Powers.

This, of course, is just what the Dark forces want, as they delight when they see droves of young people overusing and addicted to this electronic technology….scurrying about…oblivious to all the great Spiritual Wisdom and Knowledge that awaits them inside their own hearts…..IF THEY WILL BUT ONLY LOOK WITHIN. This is what the great Spiritual Master and Teacher, Jesus Christ, spoke of as he said, “the Kingdom of Heaven is within”. As People are consumed more and more by their overuse and innate addictions to the increasing array of these electronic devices on Earth…like TV, Ipads, smart phones, Internet, etc….THEY SUBSTITUTE TECHNOLOGY FOR SPIRITUALITY, becoming unbalanced.

Thus, look and observe your current earth world of today. See what all of this has ultimately created upon the earth now…look around….pull your heads out of and away from these devices…what do you see?…disconnection from the Earth…disconnection from Spirit…disconnection from nature…disconnection from yourselves…DISCONNECTION FROM THE LIGHT.

We Angels see  that the massively increasing OVERUSE AND PROLIFERATION of these devices has caused a deep problem for Mankind. As more and more people use these electronic devices, their consciousness becomes trapped in the lower consciousness realms of the OUTER DIRECTED, lower ego mind….often consumed and dominated by the lower thought form energies of greed, anger, lust…..and most importantly….FEAR. This, in turn, causes the overall energetic Spiritual vibrations – as they are tied into the mental functions – to reduce down to lower and lower frequencies….ultimately causing Darkness to prevail.

Few, today, appear to look inwardly…to do any Spiritual work…instead, FOCUSING UPON THIS EXTERNAL ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY…slowly, quietly, drawing them deeper and deeper into your New World Order Planners’ MATRIX OF FEAR BASED MIND/THOUGHT CONTROL.

This addiction, this mass migration to the expanded OVERUSE of all of these types of electronic devices is partly what is meant by “THE MARK OF THE BEAST”, as prophesied in some of the past Biblical Prophecies. Through these electronic devices, each entity, or person, overusing them, has been “MARKED” BY THEIR LOWER SPIRITUAL THOUGHT FORM VIBRATIONS……

“Marked”, just as surely as if they were marked, or tattooed, by the Nazis at the death camps during Germany’s past…..MARKED BY THE BEAST…..the BEAST of electronic technology used for power, dominance, and mind control. We Angels, as do other beings of Higher Spiritual development, can absolutely SEE this lower energetic frequency of vibration….this lower ego pattern of consciousness thought forms….this VIBRATIONAL “MARK” upon the poor souls so addicted to, and overusing, these electronic devices.

Alas, our beloved, so can the Dark Forces….who can also see this “MARK”, this energetic “MARK”, upon people’s souls, their Spiritual forms, and mental thought forms. So, know now, that WE ANGELS ISSUE A STARK WARNING to Mankind. Heed our words, those of you of the Light….struggling with all the misery, darkness, now welling up upon the Earth:  The Forces of darkness have tricked, conned, and manipulated most of humanity into this so called “Mark of the Beast”, WHICH IS THE BASIS OF THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER CONTROL GRID TO ENSLAVE MANKIND. They plan to use these electronic devices….ultimately ending up as implantable microchips….to track, control, and dumb down humanity to make people their slaves….also to be combined with Genetically Modified food, chem-trail sprayings in the air, fluoride and other chemicals in the water, vaccines, and other forms of electronic mind control technologies……THIS IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST…..upon your world….now….today. It is here, upon you all, now, right now.

This “Mark” is a FREQUENCY SIGNATURE of lower Spiritual vibrations….an energetic “Mark”….of a dumbed down human being….disconnected from his/her self, as well as to Nature….God’s Creation….disconnected from Higher Truth, Knowledge, and the Higher Spiritual Laws of Creation. Focused, instead, outwardly upon electronic devices in a MATRIX….in an ILLUSION….created through electronic mind control…where people can become slaves to this technology of cell phones, TV, etc…….UNBALANCED, AND THUS, EASILY CONTROLLABLE SLAVES.

This Electronic Control Grid, now being completed on Earth, by these New World order Dark Forces, will be used in combination with GMO foods, chem-trails, water fluoridation, etc. to finalise Man’s descent into darkness, tyranny, slavery, and ultimate control.


DO NOT, dear Starseeds, Lightworkers, and Children of the Law of One….of the Light….fall prey to these control schemes. For, Light and Truth are rarely found in these forms of electronic technology….but, rather, only illusions of Light and truth. Seek, instead, Sons and Daughters of Man, the Light and Truth of your great and powerful Spiritual Lineages…..INSIDE YOURSELVES, BY CONNECTING TO US ANGELS, TO JESUS CHRIST, TO THE HIGHER FORMS OF LIGHT THROUGH YOUR OWN HEARTS…YOUR CONDUIT TO THE DIVINE. Then cast off this scourge, this slavery, this “Mark of the Beast”, by raising your own Spiritual vibrations and thought form frequencies, up, into the Light….into the Great Spiritual Light of our Father’s, our Creator’s, heart. Shed off these electronic chains and shackles of these modern New World Order tyrants…led by Satan…who only seek power, control, and domination……..STEP INTO THE LIGHT.

This message is THE MOST IMPORTANT message we told you that would come….so, go forth in this Light, with this Truth…for you, each of you hearing/reading these words….can find the Kingdom, the Light, the Power, the Freedom, the Spiritual Wisdom, and Glory of our Creator….FROM WITHIN. This is the guardian Angel, AhReAh, with so much more to say….but our channel is so very tired now, that we must stop, as he is working in tremendous pain.   (end at 6:48 am MT)

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  • RoaringLamb58

    First of all I doubt very much if holy angels from God would use a person to “channel” their message. This is demonic at best. Second there is no mention of Jesus Christ being the Son of God and God in the flesh and Messiah so I wonder what Jesus are they talking about. I agree with a lot of the things mentioned but I know that demons can speak a certain amount of truth and my hunch is that this is exactly what happened.

    • Cara

      It’s your right to think that way, RoaringLamb58, if you want to, but Holy means Whole or of Wholeness – an awareness of the Spirit that lives within all creatures. We’ve forgotten that fact, and so treat animals, each other and the planet as if they were not imbued with Spirit, which they are. That inner sense of community needs to come back to us, and it will only come back when we have purified ourselves – Wash your robes, as the Archangel Michael has said – and so raised our vibrations so that the thoughts which carry this higher frequency can come back. This awareness is not foreign to us, but just forgotten while we turned our thoughts to the external world outside of us, seeing separation rather than Wholeness. It’s we who have done this to ourselves, and so it is we who must heal – make Whole or Holy again – the separation. What we do, we have to fix, set to right or make righteous. It’s very simple and we don’t have to dress it up in religious terms, unless we want to.

  • Martus

    In Paradise Lost, Ariel is a rebel angel, overcome by the seraph Abdiel in the first day of the War of Heaven.
    Pistis Sophia

    In occult and mysticism According to the German occultist Cornelius Agrippa (1486–1535): “Ariel is the name of an angel, sometimes also of a demon, and of a city, whence called Ariopolis, where the idol is worshipped.”

    2 Corinthians 11:14
    And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

    Do not worship the fallen angels, God’s angel will tell you to worship God!

    Revelation 19:10
    At this I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, “Don’t do that! I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers and sisters who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For it is the Spirit of prophecy who bears testimony to Jesus.”

    These Star seeds are demons that they want to implant in people but they need willing victims otherwise possession is not possible.


  • The Ferrett
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