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Christianity Cries to God: Get Rid of the Evil People

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 6:31
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(Before It's News)

What a spectacle these alleged people of God Christians praying to their false god given to them by anti-Christ Pharisee Paul asking him to cut down the evil people.    What a spectacle, how blind they are because God already knows evil people are on the earth and he has said he will let them continue to live and breath on earth until his angels remove them from the earth:

Matthew 13:30   Let both grow until the harvest

Revelation 22:11   Let him that is filthy be filthy still and let him that is unjust be unjust still.  And let him that is righteous be righteous still and let him that is holy be holy still.

The Lord in Heaven decreed, evil people and good people are to exist on earth until the Lord takes every evil person off the face of the earth:

Matthew 13:41   The Son of God shall send forth his angels to remove all evil people and all offensive things from the earth

Clear cut, no  equivocating on the matter: 



Evil Christianity claims to be of God but does not hear him.

God knows the Jews of God, (making the distinction between Jews of God and Jews of Satan), have no joy because God has not cut down the wicked:

Isaiah 9:3   You have multiplied the nation and not increased the joy.  They shall joy before you according to the joy of the harvest and as men rejoice when they divide the spoil.

In the era of the Jewish prophets of God propheysing:  repent or wrath, God did remove evil people from the earth.  God brought joy to the Jews by killing their enemies. God was constantly cutting down the wicked when they became too wicked.   But that changed, and the sheep hear God and believe him, but the goat Christians do not hear God.

The Christians in America are waking up saying, we have a wicked government in power.  Every government on earth is wicked. even Israel’s king Herod tried to have the Lord killed.   As of John the Baptist, the wicked are no more cut down by God, and it is the wicked that rise to power in this world.

Since the wicked are not cut down by God, Satan is there to place them in positions of power in all the earth.   God said:

Matthew 10:18  You shall present my gospel before governors, kings and Gentiles as testimony against them

But what is the stance of Christians regarding the above that God decreed evil people in the last days are to exist on earth until the harvest and are not cut down by God until then?   Their stance is to believe in anti-Christ Paul’s doctrine that says:

2 Corinthians 10:6   When your obedience is fulfilled, be ready to revenge all disobedience

Romans 2:27   Shall not the uncircumcised [meaning the Gentile converts to Paul's gospel], which is by nature, if they fulfill the law, judge you who are of the letter and circumcision and do transgress the law?

The stance of the Christians is to ignore God and believe in the man anti-Christ Pharisee Paul.  Onward Christian soldiers, conquer by the sword in the name of God.   Christianity says they are God’s kingdom on earth, and God defeats their enemies on earth to make room for the kingdom of God Christian churches on earth.  All lies, it is Satan who enables Christians to conquer territory so that their churches exist on earth.  It is Satan who brought Jew Pharisee Paul to the Gentiles.  Here is what God has to say on that:

Matthew 10:16   Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves

Anti-Christ Pharisee Paul commands that his converts cut down the evil people.   Anti-Christ Pharisee Paul instructs that his Gentile converts are to punish the Jews of God who are of the law.  Paul says such Jews break God’s law, and he orders his Christian soldiers to punish them.  

In anti-Christ Pharisee Paul’s gospel is no teaching that the evil people are not cut down by God until the harvest.  Paul’s gospel is all lies, he is a dog and his converts are dogs.  Anti-Christ Paul teaches that his converts are to physically attack non-Christians, kill them by order of God. 

We have the prophets of God saying no joy for God’s people until the harvest, we have God in the flesh, and we have God risen and ascended into Heaven saying, let the unjust and filthy exist until the harvest.

And so the Christians say the filthy, the filthy — repent or God’s wrath is coming.   And so the Christians say, the unjust, the unjust — repent or God’s wrath is coming.  Anti-Christ Pharisee Paul tells them so, but not God!

Two things are the hallmark of every Christian denomination:

1.  Repent or wrath

2.  Exorcism of demons

The Catholic church has its ‘repent or wrath’ prophecies, including Fatima.    The Catholic church practices exorcism.    The two hallmarks of all of Christianity are presented to God as proof Christians are of God:

Matthew 7:22-23   Many shall say to me in that day, but Lord Lord, we did many wonderful works in your name.  We prophesied in your name and we cast out demons in your name.  And I shall tell them, I never knew you.  Depart from me, workers of lawlessness.

As to the Christians’ propheysing, God decreed the filthy and the unjust shall not be cut down until the harvest.  Christias prophesy ‘repent or wrath’.  They are dog liars who are not contrite in heart for speaking lies, even though they have Rev. 22:11, Matthew 13:30, 13:41, Isaiah 42:3.   Homosexual marriage, God is going to judge the nation if we do not repent say the Christians.  But God said, let the filthy be filthy still (Rev. 22:11).  But God said, let evil people exist until the harvest (Matthew 13:30).

As to demon possession, the Christians ignore the Lord on that subject too:

Matthew 12:43-45   When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walks through dry places seeking rest and finds none.   Then he says, I will return to the house I came out of.  When he comes he finds it empty, swept and garnished.  Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself and they enter in and dwell there; and so the last state of that man is worse than the first.   Even so shall it be to this wicked generation.

The Christians claim they free people from demon possession by casting out demons.  But the Lord says every demon possessed person that has the demon(s) cast out ends up in a worse state, with more demons entering them to possess them and more evil demons at that.   Every demon possessed person ends up in a worse state when the demons are cast out.  The Christians ignore God who says that to cast a demon or demons out of the demon possessed is to only make their state worse, because not only would more demons enter the demon-dispossessed people, but demons that are more wicked than the demons that were cast out. 

Note that in liar Luke’s version of Matthew 12:43-45, he omits the final sentence that states, even so shall it be to this wicked generation (Luke 11:24-26).  Luke teaches the demon possessed can become the beloved of God (Mary Magdalene for example).  But the Lord says every one who he and his apostles cast out demons from were made worse in the end.  Note that no where in Matthew and John does it state Mary Magdalene was ever demon possessed; only liars Luke and/or Mark make that claim.    As to the demoniac among graves, the account of Luke is a lie, and Matthew is the truth (Matthew 8:28-34, Luke 8:26-39).

Care if any nation goes down?  God said, wars and rumors of wars but be at peace.  God said nations will war against nations and kingdom against kingdom.  Coming war is kingdom against kingdom.  The sheep have no home in this world, and they too exist until the harvest. Existing with the wicked on this earth and then the good people shall have great joy when the wicked are no more on earth because God has performed his harvest. 

Every nation existing at the time of the Beast in physical form on earth is ruled by the Beast.  The Beast is a  being of Satan’s kingdom from the bottomless pit that is mythological in appearance.  Holy beings of God that have mythological appearance exist, for example see Ezekiel Ch. 1 and Revelation Ch. 4.  Same goes for beings of Satan’s kingdom.  And so the world shall be in wonder of the Beast because of his appearance.  And the Beast is the final pope king of the Catholics (Rev. 17:10-11).

Christianity is the religion of the Beast.   The Beast empowers original Christendom, and the Anti-Christ Spirit fills the Christians (1 John 4:3, Romans 8:3).    Christendom was founded by Jew Pharisees who are men of Satan (John 8:44, Acts 23:6, Genesis 49:1, 49:27, Philippians 3:5, Romans 15:27). 

Revelation 11:1-2   Measure the Temple and the altar and those who worship therein.  But the court without do not measure, for it is given to the Gentiles who shall trample the Holy City for forty two months

The Christians shall be outraged that the Jews are sacrificing to God as commanded in the Torah and stated by God to be his doing when the Temple sacrifies resume (Rev. 11:1-2, Matthew 23:37-39).  Some Christians already express their outrage that Jews would restart the Temple sacrifices.

The conversative Christians in the USA are being awakened by Donald Trump and TruNews and Alex Jones and Julian Assange and others that there is great wickedness in the USA government.   The Christians ask God to cut down the wicked in their government.   But God does not hear them.   God says how it shall be that evil people exist until the harvest.  But the Christians do not hear him, they hear Paul and they harken back to the prophets’ writings during the era of ‘repent or wrath’.  They refuse to hear that the message of God is no more repent or wrath, but repent because the kingdom of God is coming.  Which is the same as saying repent because the harvest is coming (Matthew 13:41).  The Christians refuse to believe God’s decree: 

Revelation 22:11  Let him that is filthy be filthy still and let him that is unjust be unjust still.  And let him that is righteous be righteous still and let him that is holy be  holy still.

The Christians are not of God, they do not hear him.  No Christian says that God will not punish a nation that sins until the harvest.   All of Christianity refuses to preach: repent because the harvest is coming.  All of Christianitiy preaches: repent or God’s wrath is coming.  They do not hear God:

Matthew 11:13  For the law and the prophets prophesied until John the Baptist.

John preached:  repent because the kingdom of God is coming (the harvest). Christ preached: repent because the kingdom of God is coming.  John took over from the prophets, says God.

Some of those evil Christians want to impose penalty under God’s law in civil law.  Lots of Christian-related laws in America, no more enforced but still existing as law, such as life in prison for adultery, prison for unmarried couples co-habitating.  Few decades ago, hotels in USA would not rent a room to an unmarried couple.  But God said the prescribed penalties in his law are no more to be applied.  The Lord let the adultleress go free (John 8:11).  The law prophesied:   death to the adulterer/adulteress, the Lord did not let that prophesy hold.  The death to the evil people is not application of penalty under the law, it is:

John 3:19  And this is the condemnation. That light is come into the world but men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil

Repent or wrath requires that the law still prophesies.  The law was atoned for by the blood of the Son of God.  The law was atoned for, and not in any way does the blood of Christ take away the guilt of people who refuse to stop doing evil.  They are guilty by God, but their punishment comes when they die.   To the people who refused to stop doing evil, even after having seen the great miracles of God, they he said you go to Hell when you die (Matthew 11:20-24).  He did not strike them dead then, and yet these Hell-bound people would have been struck down dead by God then and there in the era of the prophets propheysing repent or wrath.

That is no way suitable for the Christians, they want ungodly Christianity to reign on earth nad have their imagined god strike down the wicked, making room for Christendom to thrive.  Not enough Christianity in government and civil society, we must repent and return to God says the Christians.  The sheep exist until the harvest, however many of them existing among the evil people until the harvest takes the evil people away. 

God saves the sheep who did do evil but their heart was contrite.  God died for the sheep, not the ungodly (John 10:15, Romans 5:6).  The law says, commit adultery and be put to death.  Mercy of God trumps breaking his law, it is mercy to the contrite in heart.   The wicked are never contrite in heart for the evil they do, and so they are condemned for refusing to cease breaking God’s law.   Where is the contrite in heart Christian who runs from Paul when the truth is made known to them that Paul is not of God?  Most Christians have no heart for God, but they do claim to be of God.  The Jew Pharisees who gave them their Christian doctrine by giving them Pharisee Paul’s gospel are the same way before God.  They say and do think they are of God but they are of Satan (John 8:37-44).  

The Christians prefer and do hear anti-Christ Paul’s teaching where he says no one is righteous in the eyes of God.  The sheep  accept the Lord’s teaching and he says there are righteous people and there are holy people (Rev. 22:11).  The Christians are of Satan and they do their evil exercises of praying to their imagined god saying that we are all wicked and ask for the Lord’s forgiveness so that he does not punish us.   They are a bunch of evil clowns who refuse to hear God.  They are evil, but  not every one on earth is evil.   God declares that righteous people and holy people exist along with evil people on the earth until the harvest (Rev. 22:11).

For the sheep I write that Daniel 11:14, that is the time.   The robbers of Daniel’s people (and Daniel’s people are Jews of God, not Jews of Satan), are the Jew Pharisee owners of the Vatican. Their vision is called the new world order.   The king of the south is USA, the king of the north is Russia.  Russia conquers the most secured cities.   In Daniel 11:16-19, that is China entering Israel, the Middle East and it is under Chinese  occupation that the Jewish people build the Jerusalem Temple.  Likely Russia takes a decisive first move against its enemy before January 2017 if Hillary Clinton wins, as a preemptive move to what it knows is a coming push by USA/Nato to neutralize/take out Russia.  Possible even if Trump wins that Russia does the same because Russia knows that the shadow government in the USA, which is in league with the Vatican, is the power that is Russia’s enemy and is not in any way lessened in their power by a Trump win.  In any event, Daniel 11:14 foretells war between Russia and USA with Russia being the victor, and foretells Middle East occupation by China for a time, which brings China into conflict with the USA.

Donald Trump is not sent by God, he is evil.  No one but the angels of God in the harvest shall rescue the good people from the evil people  The unjust and the filthy are not all of the same degree of evilness, but all are evil.   Evil people jostle among themselves for power, and for most of them, it is just to live a good life being the common people far outnumber the rest of the people.  The snake that says, do not tread on me  Evil is kept in check to a degree because most evil people do not want to be killed and subjugated by other evil people.  Donald Trump has no piece of the action in the NWO because the NWO entails that the Vatican subjugate the entire earth to a new dark age feudalism.    In order for the casinos of Las Vegas and Atlantic City to exist, they require a thriving middle class.  Because the middle class is being economically cut off by the Vatican-controlled central banking system of the west, Atlantic City is on the verge of bankruptcy.  Las Vegas will not survive either.  The bulk of Trump’s wealth, to my knowledge, is generated mainly through common people buying the products of his businesses in the travel and leisure sector, which do not exist for the common people in a feudalistic society.

To the sheep, we are in the time of Daniel 11:14, it is imminent.   We are near the time when the Jerusalem Temple is to exist again, and the abomination placed therein.  Imminent after the abomination is placed is God’s judgment of the world that ends with the kingdoms of this world becoming the kingdoms of God, he shall rule on earth (Rev. 11:15).   Satan’s kingdom and all people of hm are kicked off the earth.

For the sheep, no nation on earth is of God, including 1948-founded state of Israel.  All nations that exist when the Beast comes to earth in physical form, (Rev. 11:7), shall come under rule by the Beast.   God said the Jewish men of Satan Pharisees seize on his inheritance as thieves-in-possession until God destroys them in the harvest (Matthew 21:33-46).  The Jew Pharisees of the Vatican brought about 1948 Israel and it is not protected by God, and shall be trampled by the Gentiles and Beast when the Beast reigns for 42 months (Rev. 11:1-2).   The good Jews hate the evil Jews in power in Israel and want nothing to do with their murders and thefts and immorality and Talmud and Oral Tradition doctrines.  The inheritance of God is stated in Isaiah 42:6, and as to Gentiles, God is to be a light to them.  The Jew Pharisees seized on the inheritance of God with respect to Gentiles by giving them the doctrine of Jew Pharisee Paul.  Paul is their false light who the Christians think is of the Light.  Paul is the enemy of God, he founded the church altar; he and fellow Benjamite wolf Pharisees are the ones who invented Christianty.   Paul is the anti-Christ and his converts are anti-Christs too:

1  John 2:18  You  have heard that the anti-Christ shall come and now there are many anti-Christs

You have heard?  Where in Matthew’s gospel or John’s gospel is it stated that one is to come who is the anti-Christ?  It is no where stated, thanks to the Jew Pharisees’ 325 AD Council of Nicaea, out of which came the world’s first bible, and there was Roman Emperor Constantine with them who enacted laws to punish any one who would deny that their bible is all of God’s word.   Instead, the Jew Pharisees insert their lie in Matthew that many shall come claiming to be christ.   Truth is as stated in John’s epistle which the Pharisees’ failed to alter to conform with their alteration in Matthew relative to the anti-Christ to come, as stated by John in his epistle.

As to TruNews, its host Christian Rick Wiles is a shapeshifter.  He is an anti-Christ convert to Paul’s gospel who does preach, as all Christians, ‘repent or wrath’.   As to Christian Alex Jones, he is a shapeshifter.  CIA Jones is what is called a ‘gate keeper’.  Obama and Clinton have recently mentioned Jones in their speeches,which they would not do if they did not want people to hear him, same goes for Fox News and CNN and whatever other mainstream media venues Alex Jones has been placed on.   The NWO masterminds do make mistakes, will fail to establish their nwo vision, (Daniel 11:14).   One of their mistakes may be allowing mocking CIA Christian Jones to speak as he does, awakening too many of the snakes that say do not tread on me.   The NWO is so firmly in control, or so they think, that they plan on having their gate-keeper CIA Christian Jones rile up people to get them to attempt “the answer to 1984 is 1776′ as CIA Christian Jones says.   1776 was an armed revolution in the USA against British rule in USA.   It is largely Protestant Christians who come under command of CIA Christian Jones.   CIA is Catholic, so is Homeland Security and many other government agencies.  CIA Catholic Christian Jones leads a group of mainly Protestant Christians (the target of the Vatican for take down) and he will leave them failing in the wind when he will say he relunctantly does not want to go there but the NWO globalist have pushed them to the wall:  now is the time for 1776.   A planned future part of the order out of chaos mode the NWO is in, yet to be in full swing.  But the NWO visionaries fall so their plan for world domination fails and, therefore, all the chaos they intend to generate will not come to pass either. 




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