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Is Obama’s Recent Demon Image an Omen?

Monday, November 28, 2016 17:55
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(Before It's News)

This picture was on the Drudge Report a couple weeks ago, on or about November 16, 2016.  The picture shows the image of a demon.

The demon image is on the right side of Obama, part of which extends beyond the window of the door.  It is a demonic face.  The demonic face coupled with Obama’s demonic grin, it appears to be an omen that war with Russia and/or China commences under Obama, in which case he would remain as president beyond his end of term in office in January 2017.   Demonic madness, world war. 

Obama is shapeshifting in this image.  Large bulge on his left side around the neck.  He has a demonic grin on his face.  Greenish coloring around the chin.

Enlarged pic of the demonic image. 




Enlarged pic of the tongue sticking out the mouth. 

Regarding the demonic face, at the top left is an image of a dragon, or serpent. 




The world is about to fulfill Daniel 11:14.  That is war, as the NWO visionaries go for military force to bring about their vision, and they fall as a result thereof because the military might of the USA shall not prevail against the military might of Russia and China, as foretold in Daniel.  Daniel 11:16-19 is Chinese occupation of the Middle East under which occupation the Jews shall build the Jersualem Temple.  The Dome of the Rock shall soon be destroyed making way for the Temple of God.



Regarding the below comment by someone, it is this article they refer to:


I thank the person for pointing out the error which has been corrected.  Inadvertently stated Hans as Trump’s grandfather, it was Friedrich Drumpf.  Other than that inadvertent error, the damning evidence against Trump is not refuted by the commentator.  Cannot be refuted.  Trump-philia being cultivated by Alex Jones, Rick Wiles and others, but not by all of alternative media.  All alternative right media however is promoting Trump-philia.


Dog Nazi Trump slobbers over Hillary Clinton after the election.

Pathological liar Nazi Trump.  Taped evidence from years past where Trump says he has ties with Russia, his son states a large portion of the assets into the Trump corporation come from Russia.   Perhaps the Russia stuff with Trump is just part of the push to generate a push back.  Obviously Trump did have financial ties to Russia, and Putin sent him a gift and letter.  It is unlikely that Trump did not meet or talk with Putin at any time prior to his run for presidency.  That does not mean Trump is on the side of Russia.  Another head fake, the played is Russia.  But no more as Putin has called for pro-Trump stories to be toned down in Russia.  What  pro-Trump stories to put out anymore?   Russia sees the hostility from Trump’s administration toward Russia.  The US mainstream media pushes the Russia connection to generate the populace defense of their Fuhrer in the face of such mainstream media news stories against him. 


Dragon Satan, his son Alex Jones.  Jones positioned for just this time.  The evil Jones is the cheerleader to drum up leader worship.  The Fuhrer demands allegiance.  Shapeshifter Alex Jones.   Now the CIA alternative media Alex Jones Infowars is in its stride to bring it all united under Judeo-Christianity, which is Nazi Zionist-Christianity. 


In my comment below, I mention the DHS Pizzagate ad. Below is the video.  They did not get the success they wanted from DHS campaign to get the populace to be a bunch of spying snoops on their neighbors with regard to terrorism, the DHS ‘see something, say something’.  Now they hope to gain that success with people spying and snooping over pedophilia crimes, actual or suspected.   Not saying the alleged Pizzagate pedophilia crimes did not occur, or that they did occur, but that the whole relevation that is Pizzagate is a pysop for the purpose of turning it on the populace.  The actual perpetrators, if any, in Pizzagate will never be prosecuted.   Wikileaks is a CIA operation.  Pizzagate is the result of Wikileaks revelations.

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  • why is it you disable comments on your trump LIES?? you’re a lying pathetic little weasel! For instance, YOU LIE and say Hans Drumpf, grandfather of Donald Trump, this could not be further from the truth.. Trump’s earliest known ancestor, the lawyer Hanns Drumpf, was recorded in Kallstadt in 1608 Now a man BORN IN 1608 could NEVER be Trumps GRANDFATHER! So either you’re illiterate or a LYING MORON!
    You then go on to LIE and say hanns drumpf changed his name to trump, he did no such thing! all this can be found at

    Now we know why you disabled the comments on YOUR BULLSHIT LIES! You knew you’d get called out for BEING A PROVEN PATHOLOGICAL LYING PSYCHOPATH..

    Congratulations on PROVING you’re part of the LYING FAKE STREAM MEDIA..

    • In this video Trump is shown a liar that he has no financial ties to Russia.

      Trump respects Clinton, the dog slobbers over Clinton after the election, see vid link. The populace were fed lies by Trump.

      Correction, the German grandfather immigrant to US of Donald Trump was Friedrich Drumpf, not Hans Drumpf. A Trump-philiac blasted this article as fake news because of that ONE error. No other error pointed out. Cannot refute the historical facts of what Ivana Trump said that he greets some with ‘Heil Hitler’ then clicks his heels. That Marty Davis gave him a copy of Hitler’s NWO speech.

      Said Trump-philiac labelled this article fake news. Part of the cultiviation of Trump worship is the PTB’s will have their mainstream media be the ‘opposition’ to Trump to generate the Trump-philiacs push back, their Furher is under attack.

      In fact looking back, I revise some thinking. Perhaps the Pope’s ‘Freemasons get out of Knights of Malta’ was a joke, the played being China. Figuring in the predictive programming in Simpsons showing Trump winning presidency, it was planned all along for Trump to win, and Clinton played her part. And CIA Wikileaks Assange played his part. No more ‘bombshell’ leaks on Clinton from Assange. And the Nazis goons wil turn Pizzagate against the people, per DHS new ad on ‘see something, say something’, now all the people are suspects of pizzagate-like activity, and the people are called to look out for this stuff and report it.

      Also, how could the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners make China imperial power when the couple thousand years of relationship with rulers of Europe and UK, the close ties to USA keep them in power, and are reliable sons of the church, whereas China nobility, or aristocracy has no such ties. I think China has been played all along, and the only reason Clinton and Obama were put in was a head fake aimed at China while the central bankers loaded up taxpayer indebtedness to ensure that after they do their third world war – Christianity v Islam, the US bankruptcy would be assured. So when the Vatican/Freemasons restart their NWO banking system after the war, it is International Monetary Fund that bails out the west, and then is accomplished the transfer of power from nation-based central banks to supranational one central bank, the IMF, which is owned by the same ones who own the private central banking system of the west. Not just indebtedness of US so that US is declared bankrupt after the war, but bankruptcy of Europe and UK too.

      The roughness of the election, first ever presidential debate and the candidates do not shake hands. I’ll put you in jail Hillary. All lies. Why the crowds for Trump? Because the Freemasons made him a celebrity, the crowds are going to see a celebrity. Arnold Swarzneggar didn’t make it in, Donald Drumpf did – the Freemasons gloat putting in Arnold as Celebrity Apprentice, they got their Nazi Arnold in the form of Nazi Trump. The hard speech, I want to smash your face Arnold said of Trump when Trump mocked Arnie’s tv ratings. The hard speech, grab them by the puss*. Nazi Alex Jones with his blathering ‘we got to be pure, we got to all unite’. Nazi Christian Alex Jones, resistance to tyranny is service to God he says. Read Matthew 10:16, 10:18. Alex Jones is a shapeshifter, he is of Satan.

      To the Trump-philiac moron, thanks for the heads up. All that whining over one mistake, and nothing to say over all the other things that damn that that dog Nazi Donald Drumpf because you have no defense to those things. The truth remains, Hitler’s grandfather immigrated from Germany and changed name from Drumpf to Trump. Truth remains what Ivana said, truth remains of all the other damning info on Nazi Trump. The Nazis lose (Daniel 11:14), and eventually all the evil people lose (Matthew 13:41, Isaiah 66:22-24).

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