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Pleiadian; Antarctica’s Star Gates, Nuclear Toxins and Axis Shift

Monday, March 13, 2017 16:45
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This telepathic message was received on March 6, 2017 at 6:10 am Mountain Time, at The Star Lodge Healing Centre in Lake George Colorado, USA by Cody Golden Elk ( from the Pleiadian Cosmonaut, RaTesh. It is presented for information purposes to help raise consciousness through seeing from higher perspectives. Our planet Earth is being poisoned now, whether we take notice or not, with the potential for long term genetic consequences, generally unheard of, by most Earth humans.

CODY; After feeling your contact, I now call telepathically to you, RaTesh, to seek your Pleiadian wisdom about our planet, the Earth……what is it, can you help us, since we are lied to so much that we don’t know what to believe anymore???

RATESH; Yes, I am here mentally, although far away from you now, in your common 3D-4D physical space. What information do you seek?

CODY; Can you tell us about the current state of our Earth, in our 3D-4D common space/time? What do you Pleiadians see in store for us here?

RATESH; Well, that is a very large question….covering many diverse, but inter-related topics/subjects. But, while looking into your mind, I think I know what you mean, more specifically, in your rather limited Earth human consciousness “sense”. Despite the constant and incessant bickerings of your Earth governments, shadow governments, and religious institutions/structures….with their ever present proclivities and dangers for inciting conflict, fear, deceptions, delusions, and mass warfare….there are a few VERY MAJOR troubling issues, from our perspective, for your planet.

Several other ET races/groups are now vying, or “jockeying” for positions/control of Earth’s Star Portal Gates, or Systems. This is related to the activities, although highly covert, by your Earth’s govt.s and shadow govt.’s, which are now ongoing in Antarctica, relating to inter-stellar space travel. On a smaller planetary/solar system scale, the coming near Earth passage of the Brown Dwarf Nibiru system, as you call it, is affecting Earth’s weather and oceanic patterns, its spin drift planetary angular momentum, magnetic/electric Field characteristics resulting from fluctuations produced by Earth’s molten core fluid – dynamical alterations dependant on thermodynamical gradients. Also, ionising radiation belts of trapped energetic particles, from solar output variations, which surround the Earth, in turn, affect ambient particle coefficients of reflective/refractive/ and absorption rates of various types of atomic and sub-atomic particles, gamma rays, X-rays, UV rays, as you call them, etc., etc. All of these diverse and wide ranging forces tend to congeal together to affect Earth’s Axis wobble, magnetic pole tilt’s wobble/movement, and so on.

As Earth wobbles about its “normal” Axis due to the Nibiurian system’s magnetic and gravitational effects, the amounts of thermal absorption in your normal UV band of what you call the “light spectrum” usually emitted by your Sun, alter slightly. This produces erratic, unpredictable atmospheric conditions related to your normal “Jet Stream” patterns encircling your planet. This, in turn, has all manner of related effects upon weather, rainfall, bird migrations, oceanic patterns, etc. etc, etc.

When combined with various Earth human generated/born pollutants; like auto exhausts, industrial waste, coal fired electrical plants, “chemtrail” sprayings of various nano-particulate compounds, and nuclear waste from weapons/power generating industries….along with the ominous nuclear radiation/toxins being emitted by the out of control reactors in Fukushima, Japan….these Axis wobble, Pole shift, and ionising radiation belts surrounding Earth can all congeal into a very, very deadly and precarious situation. The unstable atmospheric Jet Stream anomalies become, in such case, extremely dangerous and hazardous to – not only  Earth humans – but to both sea and other land creatures of all kinds.

As this Fukishima, Japan “nuclear disaster”, as you commonly call it, continues unabated on its inexorable path, several danger signals for your planet exhibit themselves. Firstly, you Earth humans are indeed a strange lot of humanoid creatures, often exhibiting an overall high degree of consciousness density which is likened to the bird creature you call an Ostrich…..burying your heads in the sand, so to speak….while the greatest, most important, nuclear calamity your planet HAS EVER FACED, goes on unabated, unchecked, mostly ignored, and covered up by your Earth governments.

There is, of course, a contingent within some of your Govt.’s/shadow Govt.’s to DELIBERATELY let this nuclear accident in Japan abate unchecked, thusly causing mass die offs of population, to help reduce the Earth’s current population down by so called “natural causes” like cancer/leukaemia/etc., generated from this nuclear accident. They then plan to remedy the residual/left over nuclear contaminants/pollutants neutral with advanced technology which has been promised them by the Grey/Reptilian service to self polarity ET contingent. But, once your entire planet is hopelessly contaminated, your New World Order Elite govt./shadow govt.’s will be at the mercy of these Dark ET groups, and, therefore your Earth govt.’s have great difficulty trusting them.

Meanwhile, each day, as the Earth spins upon her changing/wobbling Axis, more and more nuclear contaminants are quietly pouring out into both the sea/land and air. Secondly, as the Brown Dwarf Nibiru system swings past Earth, back out into the far reaches of your 3D-4D solar system, gravitational/magnetic/electrical/and electromagnetic field “Wells”, “nodes”, or anomalies combine to influence the Earth to wobble more, which could – with a high degree of probability, or likeliness, – cause her to slip into MAJOR AXIS SHIFT……with resulting major geologic/tectonic changes, volcanic eruptions, and large earthquakes. It is at this point, statistically speaking, that our Pleiadian scientific and astrophysical planetary/solar system calculations have shown a great “danger point” potential for the entire planet Earth.

IF MAJOR AXIS SHIFT prevails, large crustal/tectonic plate shifts will further destabilise your Pacific-Rim and so-called “Ring of Fire” to the point that large scale earthquakes will further continue to devastate this Fukushima, Japan nuclear situation/accident……RESULTING IN CATASTROPHIC RELEASES OF NUCLEAR MATERIALS. Also, this could be combined with other types/forms of newer nuclear accidents, as several other of Earth’s “up and running” current nuclear reactors rest on geologically unstable and crustally reactive areas of Earth’s surface and tectonic structures.

So, SEQUENCES and multiply-nested nuclear problems/accidents may occur around Earth’s surface – all depending upon a mutually dependant and also independent set of difficult to calculate Force Vector Moments generated through a MAJOR planetary Axis Shift. In this case, tsunamis, earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, rapid crustal plate tectonic shifts, etc. will all act together to spread even more nuclear contamination around the Earth.

We Pleiadians have already informed you Earth humans, in previous messages, of the possibility of this and have recommended the controlled, staged, shutting down of some of Earth’s nuclear reactors near, or resting upon, geologically unstable areas….like with your Fukushima, Japan reactors. Therefore, the likelihood of massive, worldwide radiological nuclear contamination and poisoning is of paramount concern to several ET races – including us Pleiadians – AS THE ENTIRE GENE POOL OF 3D-4D BIOLOGICAL STRUCTURES WILL BE GREATLY AFFECTED.

The planet Earth, as seen by us Pleiadians, is a “genetic living library” of many plant, animal, bacteriological species unique in this area of our Milky Way Galaxy. Indeed, some of these species ARE ONLY FOUND ON EARTH. So, as the resulting geological instabilities/movements occur, as the natural passage of the Brown Dwarf Nibiru system occurs – the combination of this natural astrophysical event ALONG WITH MANKIND’S NEW NUCLEAR POLLUTION – has the potential to cause SEVERE GENETIC DAMAGE – on a scale difficult to fathom – both in its near term and long term effects.

Dear ones of Earth…..try to see this from our higher perspective from “out in space”….and through much longer reaches of “time”. The last passage of the Brown Dwarf Nibiru system near Earth occurred approximately 3,600 of your Earth years ago. At that time, THERE WERE NO NUCLEAR REACTORS ON YOUR PLANET. But now, your world has hundreds and hundreds of them – thus, the potential for mass nuclear contamination to be released altering/affecting the NORMAL GENETIC EVOLUTIONARY PROCESSES OF EARTH IS INFINITELY HIGHER. This type of event – the unpredictable/accidental releases of toxic nuclear contaminants from Earth’s existing nuclear power plants after geological/crustal/tectonic displacement and upheaval (like with Fukishima, Japan)….on a planetary scale…….is something that several ET races – including us Pleiadians – are very interested in. It is akin to a grand science experiment to watch these astrophysical events play out on a planetary and solar system scale in 3D-4D space/time.

We Pleiadians, as well as other ET races, do possess advanced nuclear physics energy technologies that use various fluctuating phase modulated inter-dimensional and inter-temporal electromagnetic/magnetic/gravitational/ and nuclear strong and weak force fields TO INHIBIT NUCLEAR FISSION AND FUSION, in your common 3D-4D manifolds of space/time. We have tested and used this type of technology, as other ET races have, previously upon your Earth, to “shut down”, so to speak, some of your nuclear weapons. This, your Earth governments have “hushed up” in utmost secrecy, and lied about adamantly and incessantly.

So, we have tested this technology on your Earth before and could use it to shut down some of your nuclear power plants….but, we Pleiadians, for one ET race, in service to others polarity…..are restrained by certain orders of Higher Karmic Planetary Law, from doing so at this time. However, much , for us, is also undecided at this point. But, suffice it to say here, that your entire planet Earth is poised to undergo MAJOR CHANGES SOON.

This is why we Pleiadians harp so about working on your SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT, as sentient Earth human beings, who are tied directly into the energetic Spiritual Fields – inter-dimensionally – of the planet Earth herself. For, in the end, this is where your true power and “salvation” lies….as all of this is only another opportunity for continued Spiritual Growth and Evolution in the lower dimensions of space/time, upon your small blue world. This is RaTesh, in truth and love, leaving now with direct authority of the Pleiadian High Command, and The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light.   (end 7;13 am MT)

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  • Anonymous

    Oh Brother

  • Cara

    Three Videos-

    * Nibiru Brown Dwarf, in sign of Cancer
    taken March 9th-

    * Red Sky at 2 am, Oregon, NE to SE, in direction of Ophiuchus
    ‘Overnight Sky Phenomenon Sweeping N America! | Source ‘Unknown”
    taken March 9th

    * New Eruption in Alaska throwing ash 35000 feet into the air
    ‘March 13, 2017 Something Bad is Happening In Alaska NIBIRU PLANET X NEMESIS ‘

    Sun in Aquarius moving into Pisces. So a considerable spread of phenomena: Cancer, Aquarius and Ophiuchus. My guess, is the sightings of the Nibiru by the sun may be projections.

  • what if...

    It would seem that there is not much humanity can do to stop the wealthy corporations from (literally) “making a killing” (billions) from nuclear power. Cheap free energy was available but has been denied to us by the nuclear profiteers in the past.

    Perhaps all we can do is speak out against it if we recognize the dangers and unrighteousness of poisoning the planet itself. It could benefit the service to self et’s to terraform the planet to their needs (without humans left), however. The question might be which species is the fittest to inhabit the planet, and whether or not the god some worship called MONEY will win? Perhaps we should acknowledge the truth that it has won so far…. will the corporations and governments give us the free energy devices (and all new technology) or hold us hostage unto our very own deaths, AND the deaths of our children, and their children?

    How is it looking so far to you? 50% cancer rate seem ok?? :sad:

    • Cara

      Yes, I agree. This and the Planet X, brown dwarf issue is something that humanity, we individually have to face up to, to put our attention onto and to individually not do anything that we know is wrong or suspect. Attention and focused attention has a great power to change, to make new roads – new directions to travel, but it’s we who have to do it – no one else. Thank you ‘Anonymous’ and ‘What if’ for your comments.

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