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Ancient References To Reptiles And Serpents … Biting The Bullet Of Truth

Sunday, February 19, 2012 22:05
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For those whom might need something to sink a reptilian belief in … this article below give some good information …

And I would like to add this bit of knowing … as to give some explanation to the many different accounts of reptilian reports …

Yet this explanation will take the mind into times before times … times before the era where so man things fell from their Higher Universal Plane into this the 7th Universal Plane of endless darkness  ….

Now for every displaced star colony of a specific galactic region of space that fell during this noted fall of man …  there was a land and sky race of humans and a kindred land and sky race of reptilians .. but usually only the sky colonies knew of the two land colonies ..

As things fell … land colonies were settled in the Mother Earth Matrix … and sky colonies recolonized in new territories of distant space …

Added to this … also there in Higher Universal Planes … was the enclosed bubble of a heliosphere and it’s Sun holding in place within the heliosphere, 7 upper dimensional levels of open space each known as a heaven …

And occupying these open spaces of heavens were the many sun star colonies of kindred reptilians ..

Now linked through time and space to the Sun was a Primary Lunar Day Star which glowed as bright as the Sun but gave off no heat ..

This Primary Lunar Day Star of humans set in the open skies of their own Higher frequency bubble of a heliosphere .. but also occupying the skies of this heliosphere (held in place by an opposite attraction force) was a unique small sun mass of electrical charged plasma and a sky based colony of kindred reptilians  ..

And occupying the space within this Higher frequency heliosphere bubble were both humans and reptilians … 

Now there below the Lunar Dy Star and small Sun … sat the Mother Earth’s flat land Matrix all inside this Higher frequency bubble …  

Occupying the Mother Earth Matrix were the land race of humans … and their kindred dorsal reptilians … dorsal meaning they occupied the opposite side of the flat land ..

It was these kindred reptilians whom were guardians of the Earth core’s pyramid facility being the primary power source to the Mother Earth Matrix …

When these things fell from place … the Mother Earth Matrix ended up on this side of the Sun … as so did many colonies of reptilians and their kindred humans …. 

Added to all this came the alien species of diabolical reptilians whom invaded this region of fallen celestial hosts … and all other alien species who came from distant space ..


And then came the sinister satanic human elites and their renegade kindred reptilians … adding to the woes and wars of both the heavens and the Earth …


Ancient references to reptiles and serpents

HERE  Several ancient peoples all over the world have described reptilian beings. There are historical accounts about reptiloids devouring human children, and also tales of Serpents of Wisdom enlightening Humankind (such as the story of Gukumatz). Cecrops, first King of Athens was said to have been half man, half snake.

In India, extensive histories exist regarding the Naga, a Reptilian race said to live underground and interact with the kings and others on the surface. These beings were said to have once lived on a continent in the Pacific Ocean which sank beneath the waves. This is a recurring story throughout the world.

Indian histories also refer to a Reptilian race called the “Sarpa” who founded civilisation, creating the cannibalistic Dravidians, being the source of the Hindu caste system (based upon a Draconian caste hierarchy, apparently), and demanded human sacrifice. A Nordic race was said to have created the Aryans, and when the two peoples combined, they formed the beginnings of Indian civilisation. Ancient Sanscrit texts also refer to spacecraft and aircraft called Vimana. Nuclear debris has been found in regions said to be destroyed by ‘the gods’ in Kashmir and other locations throughout the Indian peninsula.

The Hopi refer to a race of Reptilians called the Sheti, or Snake-Brothers, who live underground. The Cherokee and other American Indian peoples also refer to Reptilian races, as well as their origins in Atlantis The Chinese, Japanese and Europeans extensively speak throughout their history of beings such as Dragons (both physical and non-physical forms thereof), Dracul (devil-dragon humanoids), Vampires, Kappa, and others.

The first Emperor of China, Huang-Ti, was said to be part Dragon, and was said to be born looking like a Reptilian. It was also said that his mother was impregnated by a beam of light emanating from the star Alpha Draconis, which Stewart Swerdlow and others claim is the home star system of the Draco Reptilian species.

The Mayans speak of a Reptilian species, referred to often as “Iguana-Men”, who descended from the sky to take control of their civilisation, teaching them the art of pyramid building as well as demanding human sacrifice.

Throughout the world, in apparently unconnected societies, the belief pervades that a Reptilian race lives beneath the Earth and interacts with the surface. In most cases another race, tall and “Nordic” in appearance, is described. These were the “Elves” of European lore.

The Reptilians were often described as having a caste hierarchy, in which the highest caste was winged. This correlates with information from current abductees, contactees and former government employees who have disclosed information regarding alien interaction with Earth-governments. More reptilian history information HERE 

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  • Oyashango

    Ancient and present Africa is replete with tales of serpent peoples. The ancient Egyptians, who were Africans from Nubia (Sudan), were known as the “serpent people.” The Africans who once occupied Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Southern Iran, were called the “Sabas,” (serpent children). Cecrops, was an African, Egyptian king, sent to Athens by his Queen ruling mother, to civilize the nomadic waring Nordic tribes. Particularly, to teach them the art of civilization and heterosexual marriage. The ancient Ethiopians (Axum Empire) who ruled in India for 1000 years prior to the Aryan (Iranian) invasions, were said to be of this stock. Their descendants the Dravidians (who were not cannibals), are now considered the “untouchables” by the current Aryan descendant rulers. Atlantis, has now been proved to have existed between East Africa and Arabia. The oldest Chinese ancestors, they now admit, were African. I mention this critical history, because Africans, the first and oldest living humans, and ancestors of humanity, are always omitted from human history, which makes absolutely no sense if one is seriously trying to understand history.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, you can find just about anything you want in myth.
    Which all probably have a grain of truth.
    One true thing is that the Earth undergoes a cyclic catastrophe which is referenced to in myth. It is possible that in these events there are new species created. The conditions of life on Earth may change.
    I suspect the pyramids are moderators of the heat the planetary core absorbs during these events; and emit it slowly as to avoid a blast out as in the past.
    Time will tell.

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