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Bleeding Trees: An Apocalyptic Sign? The Apocalypse Of Ezra Predicted It

Sunday, June 9, 2013 17:18
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According to the Apocalypse of Ezra, one of the signs of the approaching ‘Apocalypse’ will be trees bleeding; does this video show just that or is this merely ‘sap’? I certainly don’t have the answers; only wanted to bring this to your attention. It’s pointed out that this video is taken from 6 different videos. One theory to explain this: Planet X is pulling Iron Oxide towards the surface of the earth and it is entering the water tables turning rivers to blood and the trees are absorbing it and it turns their sap blood red…

“And BLOOD shall trickle forth from wood, and the stone utter its voice. The people shall be in commotion, the outgoings (of the stars) shall change.”

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  • its sap you sap.

    why in the world would you post this garbage unless you are a total idiot or you believe everyone else here to be idiots? – so which is it? are you an idiot?

    • you sound like one of those professional trolls this website was talking about do you know jesus christ the son of god has a special place in hell just for you be careful the angels of god will have no mercy on unrepentant sinners, you can reply with the usual gobbledy gook i wont answer. Jesus and the angels are watching.

      • you sound like a total wuckfit..

        you cant scare me with your fairytales of hell idiot.. and telling people that what you see there is indeed sap.. and not blood.. is not being a troll.. it is being factual moron

        jesus is watching is he? what a sicko…

    • What color is the sap? Take a look “IT’S RED!” One who is truly born of the spirit and knew who Jesus was and His words in the Bible will get it. It’s all foolishness to those who don’t believe who are not born again. So you won’t be mocking and scoffing in your due time unless you repent.

  • That’s some crazy stuff now I’ve seen some strange things but this tops them all. We’re definitely in the end of days and Jesus is coming soon.

    • JD

      really? you’ve never seen sap before?

  • Yup, guess we’ll see is the best answer. Something else to investigate: I found a note outside my door this morning from the pine squirrel king: We’ve left earth, which is in the direct path of an intergalactic freeway… you’ve got exactly 15 minutes to also leave….so long, and thanks for all the suet cake.

    P.s. bigfoot approves of this message

    • It is wrong of you to steal lines from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy without citing it, tsk, tsk.

    • i didnt take much stock into this article exept entertainment,but you and your comments are like a paid goverment troll ….so is there something up or are you just bored cutting down on what people believe…

  • Recepit 4 musta been from Planet X. I myself prefer plan 9 from outer space….

  • Cut a tree down in the yard a couple of weeks ago & YES it looks like blood. NO, this tree does not produce sap. I’ll post a picture if someone lets me know how or if you can do it here.

  • and the stone utter its voice. just search around for strange earth sounds and there is the stones uttering their voices as the crust of the Earth is rolled back and forth like a drunkard the stones or outer layers of our mantle rub together and create these sounds that many have already heard as the sound hits our atmosphere it gets trapped an in turn sounds very much like groaning and screeching much like the sounds of a woman in labor ( birth pangs ). sound familiar.

    The lord cometh and he cometh quickly for he is already at the door. prepare your souls please for time is soon to expire and eternal life is not something one should give up let alone for foolishness and pride. snap decision for a moments glory instead of eternal decision for eternal glory. the choice is still yours so i pray you make the right one while you can.

  • Ted

    Planet X; blah blah blah……….

  • Hate to admit this ,,cut down a few trees and noticed a ton of sap. said to myself poor tree i feel bad looks like its bleeding…then read this post a few weeks later..very wierd!

  • Human/tree DNA?

  • Ted

    Just thinking about maple “tree blood” & butter on my pancakes in the morning, with sausages and a glass of milk; YEOWSUHHH!!!!!!!!!

  • Strange.

  • When injured, Pterocarpus angolensis, known as bloodwood tree ,
    exudes a blood-like sap which is valued for its medicinal properties

  • Well it could be Sap, and still be a sign of the times. Because if you think about it, pretty much most of The Bible, is speaking metaphorically. Like when it talks about, The Beast of Revelation for example. Its says “And saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.
    Now that doesn’t mean a Beast actually comes up like the Kraken of “Clash of the Titans”. Its a simple Metaphor for something else.
    So, when the sap is gushing from these trees, it looks like blood. And the bible if it were talking about this it would say:”And BLOOD shall trickle forth from wood, and the stone utter its voice. ” Same thing happened with the River of Blood, in “Yangtze River Turns Blood Red in Chongqing, China” the bible says and again “And the third angel poured out his bowl upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood.” It was said that the red blood like color was due to flooding upstream washed excess sand downstream, turning the river bright red. SURE! ..
    Bottom Line believe what you would like to believe. If you feel more comfortable saying these are not End Time Events/Signs, then thats you. But as for me, I believe everything is a Sign from our Lord Yahshua.. amen and God Bless All

    • I wouldn’t be so sure we are not to take some things literally. I mean, image yourself from 100 years ago trying to describe what you see today….. could you without having the words to do so?

  • LOL

  • More like a sign of human devolution. Darwin had it all butt backwards.

  • Sap, just like the people quoting the bible. If there is a god, he hates you.


  • The viewer may be interested to know that someone, claiming to be the owner of one of the Bleeding Tree Videos bagged me for Copy Write Infringement – even though the video passed all four rules governing Fair Use, and managed to get my video banned and I can’t get it back now because he has to ask for the annulment of the ban. So now that video, which brought the Bleeding Tree phenomenon to the attention of Planet X’rs and the world in general, is gone.

    The guy claims to be a teacher but doesn’t know what Fair Use is?

    Now there’s a real genius for ya…

  • I’m the author of that video and it is not sap, you sap…

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