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Mysterious Flying Humanoid Creature Terrifies Witnesses, Or Viral Hoax?

Friday, May 2, 2014 6:11
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(Before It's News)

 By Susan Duclos


Interesting video which claims to have been shot in Qutub Minar, India, where it appears to have captured a figure, looks like a person or humanoid-type figure, flying over people. It looks fake, but watching the second time around, people in the area around the camera man and couple being filmed, are screaming and yelling about the flying figure and people can be seen looking up at it, and watching a third time it also seems like the camera man was picking himself up off the ground before capturing the flying figure swooping past going the other way.


So, while the actual flying “thing” looks unreal, the reactions of the crowds and camera man tell a different story.


The video was uploaded by Riona Kapoor, on April 23, 2014 and a youtube search for a variety of keywords doesn’t produce results showing this video to be older, although I cannot gurantee it, since many people reupload videos and change the headlines of them. Ms. Kapoor only has one video, this one at her account.


My first thought was a bad example of CGI because it looks so fake, but that is put in after footage is captured, so what were the crowds all looking at and yelling about?


Watch for yourself.








Susan Duclos owns/writes Wake up America



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  • cant a guy just fly around without being harassed…geeeeesh..ill stay home next time

  • The crowd noise was a lot louder than the amount of people about imo.

    • I really wish the camera had panned around to see more than the few we saw… now IF real, then yeah, I guess cam guy would have been focusing more on what was above than the people, but still, I would have liked to have seen more after the thing flew off.

      • Indeed, why wouldn’t you? I hate how they point at the floor, who would point a camera at the floor at such an event, it happens every time, which indicates to me, fake.

      • Can I help?: If you take one of the images above and zoom in the object about 800%, you can actually see the border surrounding the object with different pixel size, lighter color than the rest of the sky, and grey splotches from the CG program used to make it. Always check the edges for differences in pixel size.

      • Most things can be debunked by the amount of noise around the objects, I just watched the video and didn’t pay attention to the stills.

  • Reminds me of the “camerawork” in some of the monster movies that have come out in the last few years. Crowd voices sound fake. The “humanoid” looks like a computer-generated puffy stick figure. Also, why would you record a video if your intent is to take a picture (which it looked like those people were posing for).

  • Comments on YT are disabled so I’ll say it here: “IT’S GOKUUUHHH!!!”

    • First sign of a fake…comments disabled. Can’t handle the debunkers !

  • Why look down?

  • Figures it is India. Bring it where I live and we test his endurance with six from a Winchester 12ga. If that does not work, then 30 from theAR. After that we worry.

  • It is a remote control toy blow up doll toy… :neutral:

  • Im from India. Its FAKE…Its for a Bollywood Promotional Movie…The girl just had one video and she has disabled the comment too

  • I know anything can be faked, but keep in mind this stuff is being reported worldwide now. The governments have been scientifically creating transhuman creatures for decades and decades with the help of fallen angels (demons & devils from hell). It happened in Genesis Ch. 6, and it is happening now through deals with the devil with secret societies. This is all being created at Area 51, Dulce Base and other places. Prophecies from many saints and the Mother of God, Our Lady, have stated this is happening and that we are not to be fooled by them. They are soul-less creatures because God did not create them, man and devils created them. Satan is doing this to get humanity to worship false gods and him, and to take our attentions away from the true Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Satan will show signs and wonders to make us believe in him falsely. All over the world, the governments and religious leaders are talking about alien existence. From Obama to the Pope. This whole nonsense with the Planet X scenario and Nibiru is a hoax. It is actually demons and devils from hell coming and approaching earth soon. They will make themselves prevalent gradually, so that people become used to seeing them. Eventually, they will tell the world they are here to help us and seem benevolent, but it is a ploy of destruction. WHAT WE PERCEIVE AS THE ALIEN MARTIAN TYPE AGENDA IS NOT AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL IN THE SENSE THAT THE WORLD HAS ALWAYS BELIEVED.


    The Lord made man in His image and likeness and Satan is jealous of that, and is out to destroy mankind for that reason. He wants to be like THE MOST HIGH and will stop at nothing to do it. He will fail, and Jesus will lastly take over and take back what is His.

  • It’s Hunter Thompson.

  • REVEALED – The mystery of this viral video. The identity of the flying man.


    A book, people… a viral campaign for what seems to be an awful book.

    That or a bollywood movie.

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