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Wife of Freemason Pleads for Help

Thursday, August 20, 2015 5:13
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(left, strip show at Masonic lodge)

Wednesday, “Judy”  wrote:

Hello. I am hoping that sending this email won’t hurt me but help me. I am seeking answers but I do not know where to find them. You see, I have read and reread your post on Marriage Wrecking Ball and multiple other articles on the Masons and more specifically the Royal Order of Jesters. It is like reading my life through countless other women’s posts. The problem is, I do not know how to proceed with a divorce when my husband denies all accusations of prostitution, pornography, and the like. But I know in my heart that he is involved. He keeps his phone glued to his hip and deletes all files off of the computer and laptop. I have considered hiring a private investigator but I honestly see no point unless they are on the “inside” in which case they would keep his secret hidden very well. I no longer feel safe to have sex with him for fear of catching something.

My question is this: is there some way to prove that he is in fact involved in prostitution? Is there anyway you can help me? Or is there someone you know that can? I have cried out to God for so long for answers. I have two children.

Thank you in advance for any advice that your readers can provide. 

Freemasonry is a satanic cult, an arm of the Cabalist Jewish central banker conspiracy to enslave mankind. They undermine society by promoting feminism and homosexuality to destroy the family.  Evidently they pursue these goals within their own ranks as well.   

Here’s a letter I received in June 2014: 

“I have been married to a Freemason for 9 years and are now getting a divorce. I never knew he was a Freemason and was told only after our marriage. When we met he was a gentleman, but when I got married he became abusive, lied and this continued for years. He also tried to convince me that I was crazy, would vanish for days and not say a word where he was. I also found emails where he had affairs with other woman while we were still married.
His life is a lie. Sundays he will go to church and Saturday night he will attend the Freemasons meeting., what an insult to the Lord. All of his friends who are in the Freemasons have no respect for their wives and treat them worse than animals. He is never at home and are not at all interested in my life. To all the woman out there, get out of this cult it is going to ruin you and your children. There are curses on your children and their children and their wives.
It is no glamour, it is all about control and do what I say. My husband believes he is The Worshipful Master and wanted to be treated that way. I refused and the abuse got worse. Now I am free. I only worship one Worshipful Master and that is my God.”

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Freemasonry: Mariage Wrecking Ball
(from Aug. 22, 2012)

If the testimony of Freemason wives is an indication, the cult takes the place of marriage and family and conspires to break them up. The testimony below is selected from a forum on divorce devoted to Freemason wives. The women paint a consistent picture of men who want only to be with their “brothers,” who put their Masonic vows over marriage vows, who are led to infidelity in order to compromise and blackmail them, who worship Lucifer, and who devote all their time and money to the Lodge. Invariably, family neglect leads to heartbreak and divorce. It is outrageous that this satanic cult has been allowed to flourish unchallenged, and rot society to the core. They and their Cabalist Jewish sponsors are the reason humanity is headed in the wrong direction.     

Here are some examples from the forum:

I have done a lot of research on this group and i hate to break the news to everyone: it is a CULT!! …they will never ever fix their lips to say the truth. They have been brainwashed. Now after 19 years i am going to have to learn to live without my wonderful -best friend i ever had – my husband. THANK YOU MASONS I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY FOR BREAKING UP YET ANOTHER MARRIAGE!!!!!

demonic.jpgFor 18 years my husband and I were partners in life. I loved him, was always there for him. I could count on him; he was there for me. Everything changed when he joined the Masons. He became a master mason , Shriner and a member of the Q. At first I went with him to functions that wives were allowed to attend. I was greeted with a cold reception from the other wives . My husband assured me that would change if I would join the women’s groups. I wanted nothing to do with this super secret organization Being a Mason takes precedence over all other,even wife and family . My husband was never home. He attended many important meetings and conventions where wives are not allowed. I learned that prostitutes are an important part of these conventions and meetings.

Wives are only important as props . Attachments to the members arm as he is honored and moving up in chairs. A wife completes the uniform and gives the appearance of being good and honorable men . Some of these honored ladies have been with these men for than twenty years as Masons. They have to know , but their friends and social lives are centered in the Freemasons, the men they love.

lovemymason.jpgAfter many years of sharing our computer, my husband locked me out. After twenty six years our marriage is ending with divorce. I had his pass word removed from our computer. In it I found a prostitute service Shriners use when away from wives. I found the name of one of the wives that he shares a porn site with. He has been in a relationship with the widow of a Mason and with other women for a long time. Cheating and messing around on their wives is one of the secrets. My husband has found a prop. If I could have played along my husband, he wouldn’t be trying to put me out with only my personal belongings.

Please don’t tell me that Mason do good and kind acts with their secrets. Yes my husband has changed for the worst. I am almost afraid because some judges and lawyers in Las Vegas are Masons. (ksk)


My husband is my best friend, the love of my life and the ONLY person I have ever trusted in my life. He just joined the masons and all I feel is extreme hurt and betrayal. I thought I could handle it, but I’m having a hard time with this and it shows. I try to be supportive but it’s driving a wedge in a solid relationship. I cannot understand why a “fraternity” that “makes good men in to better men” and is so charitable would be so secret. …

There is NOTHING that is more sacred than the bond of marriage. ANY organization that intentionally demands secrecy between a husband and wife (with the exception of security agencies, of course) cannot claim to put marriage and family first. With the mason mentality, it’s all about preserving the brotherhood and tradition of the “fraternity”. (cas)

(A woman tries to describe the Masonic ideology at work on her husband.) 

Masons are brainwashed indeed, it is a cult and they worship one god or satan. Their point is that all in this world comes from one god. There is no good and evil; it’s all one will. No one can tell what god’s plans are but they believe that all desires come from the divine spark so instead of using their brain from time to time, they start totally following their desires. They trust in god, it’s providence and their desires. Whatever evil things they do (considered evil in normal world), they explain it as god’s will. After some time their thinking processes stop and memories get lost. There are some magic rituals as well. It feels very “cool” for them to feel superior. it works in a way cause often their talks and actions without thinking are really spot on. just to give you an idea what it’s like…it’s sort of 2 movies together: “The Rite (priest’s possession)” and “Limitless”(feeling limitless and being guided by upper force). So morality and’s all bla-bla-bla to cover up for themselves. They sort of get rid of human being’s free will (Kilka)

After 30 years of marriage to a Shriner, I finally realized what a life I wasted with someone who lies, cheats and deceives me. My husband joined the Freemasons after we had been married about 5 years and being the narcissist that he is, things quickly got out of hand. He is currently a member of 14+ organizations. It doesn’t stop with the Shriners — there are spin off organizations they join such as the Royal Order of Jesters, Order of the Q, Billiken Clubs, Jesters on Wheels, etc. that keep them gone on weekends and will drain your bank accounts. These organizations promote immoral activities that are published as STAG events that include prostitution. Over the years while doing the wash, I found call girl cards, phone numbers, Viagra, and other memorabilia in my husband’s pockets after he returned from the “Books”. These Books are nothing more than excuses to leave your wife and family and do whatever you want – your marriage vows are checked at the door. What goes on behind the secret Shrine/ROJ curtain stays behind the curtain. They will lie to your face and in court to protect each other. One protection they can’t offer is from HIV – Jester Girls should be tested more often. I recommend to other wives that you have your husband HIV tested regularly if he joins any of these organizations or your life could be in danger and not just from his threats. The Sam Houston email regarding the Royal Order of Jesters is not isolated to Texas and New York. This behavior exists in every state under the fraternal cloak of darkness. They are brainwashed to acknowledge Hiram Abiff as their savior and to believe in a supreme being that is not Jesus Christ. Like they say SO MOTE IT BE! (Wives Club)

Also they teach to be one with God with the other brothers but I do not see it. One of the other brothers who is married and goes to a swingers club with his wife, another brother was soliciting his own sister with the other brothers to join their sex site. One of the other brothers surfs porn all the time.
You would almost think that he is married to the Masons not me. He is pulling more and more away and we fight when I bring it up. They say they take oaths to the Bible but why are your actions not in tune with that?  I thought when you got married you become one with your wife , but I only see my husband is one with the Masons. You are doing allot of good what the outside world can see but what good do you do in your households to become one with the wife? You are distancing your self more from her. He does not see the change in himself. A wife who is always home with the kids, who does not go anywhere. Who wants affection from her husband not just sex. But my husband would rather be with his brothers. Anyway I love my husband very much and I am fighting for my marriage. If I would be gone as much as he is, I know for a fact he would accuse me of having an affair. I don’t know what to think any more. (Senta)

I‘ve two boys 21 and 17. Everyone who has responded has hit it right on the money. I thought I was the only one who was feeling this way. My husband sits on the couch and reads this little blue book after work til its time to go to bed. Not to mention he is gone every Saturday all day long for ceremonies out in the woods. Yes he calls all of them brothers now and yes I agree this is a CULT!! All he does now is spends several hours a week with them. Hours that he could be spending with his own family, working on the lawn, keeping up the pool. Nope that is on the back burner as well as me and our youngest son. Everything is so private that I don’t know where he goes or what he is doing. They have secret handshakes and secret codes. I am found home alone most of the time now. I can see that they are more important than me. Divorce is on my mind more than ever. Its a CULT and they have brainwashed him. (Gizzy)

lodgeentertainment.jpgBefore my husband joined the mason’s my husband and I had a very close and happy relationship. once he joined them he turned into a man that i no longer know. i have known this man for 19 years and now he is a stranger to me and our children. He has gone so far as to tell me that the masons are his brothers and sisters and we are no longer his family. IS THIS NORMAL???? Now he is telling me that him and i are not on the same pathway so we should not be together anymore. That was said because i told him i didn’t agree with what he was doing with mason’s. and i told him that i was not happy to know that the way the Eastern Star group out there got started because the leader woman of the Easter Star slept with the then Worshipful Master. So that upset me. My husband told me that story himself. i have done a lot of research on this group and i hate to break the news to everyone it is a CULT!! Problem being if the person is in they will never ever fix their lips to say the truth. They have been brainwashed. Now after 19 years i am going to have to learn to live without my wonderful -best friend i ever had – my husband. THANK YOU MASON’S I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY FOR BREAKING UP YET ANOTHER MARRIAGE!!!!! (Angel fire)


Replies from two Freemasons:

Sorry to hear all of the bad responses. I am a Mason and I am also a member of other masonic bodies to include the Shrine and the Q. I do not understand some of the claims. My wife and kids come with me nearly 90% of the time. We travel together to conventions and we just attended the Shriners convention in Denver This year. Yes my wife and kids came and sat in on the week long meetings and we visited hospitality rooms for other masonic bodies where other wives were there taking part. In my opinion it is a family organization. If you are not involved with your spouse or told you cannot participate I would say that is a different issue. I will be taking my wife with me on the ” Q” cruise to Mexico this winter. I know that there is still some rouge units out there that are holding onto the old way of the past but they are the Minority. with the technology that we have the Masonic Secret is out and you can see anything you would like on the internet. in fact if you would like to know what the ritual is all you have to do is type ROJ Ritual and you can print the script. Please do not hate all of us. My wife and I enjoy this organization. (some guy) 


Please take a few minutes and do some serious research.

 Yes; some Masons behave badly. This is in opposition to what we are

 I will give three reasons I am an active Freemason.
 The opportunity to meet and fraternize with intelligent at respectable men.
 To study and improve my own knowledge and character.
 To belong to an organization that spends one and one half million
 Dollars per day for charitable work.

 Your State Grand Lodge Website is a good place to start reading, or Google  “Freemason”.

 Finally we believe in one God and take our oaths on The Bible.

 I sincerely regret that your lives are so troubled; but let me assure you
 That Masonry is not in itself the cause.

 My Best to You All


Thanks to David Richards for bringing this to my attention.

Related -Makow - Lori Douglas Defence is a Disgrace

-——– Dan –  “Memories of Masons”

First Comment from Pierre:

Kay Griggs certainly packed a punch for me… as did Cathy O’Brien (and Bryce Taylor)….
even if part of what they present as testimony is true, Masonry and godless Brotherhoods are just  institutions of vice.

The Hungarian Government in the late 1920′s banned Freemasonry and busted in their doors and found documents that showed that the practices were Jewish, even to the point of being in Hebrew in some cases.

Any study of the symbols they use clearly shows Illuminist ‘influences’ , IMO, directives.

from Cathy O’Brien’s Tranceformation of America

“My mother’s dysfunctional family also appears to be multigenerational, but of a slightly higher socio-economic class. Her father owned the building occupied by a Masonic Blue Lodge he led, and managed a local beer distribution business with her mother after completing his military career.
Together they sexually abused my mother and her three brothers, who in turn sexually abused me.
” By this time, my father’s sexual exploitation of me included prostitution to his friends, local mobsters and Masons, relatives, Satanists, strangers, and police officers. When I wasn’t being worked to physical exhaustion, filmed pornographically, prostituted, or engaged in incest abuse, 1 dissociated into..” etc

 Marcos writes:

Any article exposing Masonry always get some comments defending the cult, saying that their experiences have been different. This happens because Masonry is basically a low-rank  ground of peons for the development and growth of future occultist leaders. Those people are watched from day one, and if they are found corrupt and trustworthy enough, they will be exposed to the secrets of the higher levels.

 If not, if they show any signs  of moral fortitude and/or Christian beliefs, they will stay forever in the lower ranks.  Ironically, these are exactly the people who defend Masonry as good and moral, because they have never been invited to see the dark side.

However, be warned that even membership in the lower levels is a spiritual disaster for the person. The oaths, the occult symbology and philosophy are open doors for curses and demonic activity in the lives of people and their children and a sure way to lose God’s protection.


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  • santiago

    Come on,sweetheart,you’re trying to blame your husband for the bad choice you made marrying him.It’s not the organisations that make people bad,it’s bad people that make the organisations…if your husband was a decent guy from the beggining,you would go with him to the church ,synagogue,mosque every sunday,you would have him by your side every evening,and even go together to visit Dieter at his pit house :smile: Please,check again the priorities you had marrying him.

    • The Clucker

      His pit house has no toilet in it. The nerve of that guy.

      • santiago

        You must have missed his Zeta post today,which he removed. You’d be delighted :lol:

        • The Clucker

          He’s such a maroon. I remember once in the comments he actually acknowledged that these people channeling ‘Zetas’ could actually be channeling demons.

          If he thinks that it could even be a remote possibility then why would he go around spreading it? I would say that his integrity should be seriously called into question with anyone that has a half of a brain.

  • magusincognito

    Blaming Masonry for everything is a lot like…blaming guns for killing. FYI: the ancestor to every action is a thought, and thoughts expand. The answer is simple: Change your thinking!

    Anyway, I oft read about how all of the esoteric infos in the world is Masonic. It is not. They are simply an organistion that works down that path, and most do not..are just curious…like the readers here.

    Perhaps, it is correct to say that this/that organisation- with one being Freemasonry in its current state -is compromised? It is. Of course, this is where those who are incapable of actually forming spiritual concepts work into rabbit holes where they have a solution. Just get rid of these people and that organisation and EVERYTHING is perfect. No, it’s not. You still have the main problem which nobody sees because they are all infected and refuse to fix the problem. (It’s much easier and convenient to point outside oneself.) The bottom line: all of these types simply want to go back to a system of not caring. And they are all cool with the real problem; want more of it, even if it comes at the expense of the rest.

    If you have read this far and still do not recognise the problem, then you’re probably lost. So, I am going to state what it is. It is (theoretical) materialism. And, no- this is not simply wanting material things- that’s a sub-effect! FYI: John the Baptist was clear: Change your thinking! Instead, they take their unbalanced materialistic bits and form a world conception that locks the rest from approaching spirit. In fact, they even explain soul and spirit as teh result of a material course of events. (The opposite is true.)

    Armed with their materialistic mind, they proceed to set and protect systems that wage war against the spirit. Take the modern education system devised by the Society of Loyola (i.e. jesuits). They intentionally removed spirit. The table was set for this almost 1,000 years prior in Constantinople back in 869; the threefold human being (body, soul and spirit) was declared a heresy.

    Now, if you missed this stuff and simply find it all too convenient to blame this/that person/group, then shame on you! You see, the real problem is in the mirror! Ultimately, people enslave themselves and those who bring light. And like times of the past, they are fastened to one thing: Their desires over the rest. Blame whomever you want. However, the ones who can go on endlessly about their personal preferences, but know nothing of themselves are the real culprits. And, once again, they bring down those who try to fix the problems…usually because truth conflicts with their desires.


      Sorry, sympathizer, won’t wash…the organization is rotten to the core…I would tell Alex that to his face…and I love that guy!…L. :idea:

  • Morgawr

    Your looking for an excuse to divorce him when clearly you already have one, your not happy in your relationship, no one is going to help you, help yourself, if your that unhappy move on.

  • sean michael blacab

    Mason is an unbalanced word,masons is balanced,I now convert
    all masons into MA SONS,you have been converted in my mind
    for my mining of you all is done.So be it, WILL ever be..



      shrii shrii anandamurtiji – eastern mystic – yogi – false prophet.

      please repent, pal…for your own soul’s sake… :roll:

      you are wasting so much precious time with spiritual garbage…and, that is what it is…nothing more…L. :idea:

  • AllRoadsLead2NWO

    Sure, sure. Paul Revere and John Wayne- both big time ‘satanists’ and pornographers. Sure they were, just as countless idiots know nothing of Free Masonry. It is just like the bumbling idiots that proclaim that the so called TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party is ‘racist’. Sure, sure tell it to TEA Party 365 Co-Founder David Webb. You think it is? Then go join it and find out. Think Free Masonry is about ‘satanic’ pornographers? Go join the Lodge and find out. Sure-sure, Paul Revere and John Wayne and countless others- all ‘satanic’ pornographers. Sure they were…..


    you trolls…you really are exposing yourselves on here tonight…shame on you…oh, that’s right, you have no shame…

    sorry to over-ride you, santiago, but, ORGANIZATIONS led by LUCIFER CAN NEVER BE ‘GOOD’…obviously, you favor such organizations…

    and, lookie, lookie, at his avatar…doesn’t that say it all… :wink: L.


    THANKYOU, HENRY, for posting this on beforeitsnews…make it viral, folks.

    I concur…not by personal experience…but, by knowledge of…L. :idea:

  • Anonymous

    Never thought very highly of the Masons, myself. They remind me of those ‘Promise Keepers” of a few years back. No real spines for themselves. Just weak “groupthink” moogs.

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