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Disputes, Divorce, & Poltergeists Again

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 0:08
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(Before It's News)

Its been many months since I've updated this blog. There is a good reason for this, as I'll explain…

During the busy summer that we settled into our new home that we just bought, my husband became hostile towards me and our two renters (who park their tiny house in our back yard)  became sneaky and conspiratorial, and one thing led to another… and now my husband is divorcing me to be with them. I was shocked, hurt, and enraged (still am as of November) and the divorce will likely take some time, since currently we are not agreeing upon several issues. We've been together 25 years and married nearly 20, so there is much to work out. I will not go into any further personal details here, but I think what I've said pretty clearly illustrates how disrupted my life has become and why its difficult to discuss things in writing. Even my personal blog is nearly blank these days.

Paranormal-wise, things have been extraordinarily quiet for me through the summer and autumn of 2015. No strange dreams, no visitors, no spirits. Nothing. Not that I'm complaining because my hands are quite full these days!

However, it seems that our days of paranormal peace are at an end. I have come to expect that this will be the case within months every time we move. Just like last winter, the activity is centering around Gerick. Since he now stays in the tiny house with his lovers or the garage or pole barn, ALL of the weirdness takes place outside and/or in and around those places. Nothing has happened in the house with me, where it remains blissfully boring.

Until today…

It began quietly a few weeks ago with raps on windows, footsteps in the dark, and strange lights in the forest behind our back yard. Nothing too obvious, but Gerick, Waldo, and Chip kept getting little shocks and scares and feeling watched. The only thing I've witnessed myself is an 8 inch white ball of light flitting and bobbing about 30 feet up weaving in and out of trees. I just happened to be in the rec room one night on the phone and saw it out a window.

Recently, events began escalating. Waldo saw a black mass 7 feet tall walk out of the wide garage doors to the polebarn, not even 15 feet in front of him. The giant– thing– took several steps towards the tiny house and then just sort of dissolved. He was shaken, but didn't know what else to do besides go home to his tiny house. It was deep twilight- that dark blue you get right before true night?- when it happened, and he saw things clearly enough to know that there was no conventional explanation for what he witnessed.

A couple of days later (last weekend, actually) Chip was in the tiny house trying to find something while Waldo and Gerick were outside the garage almost 90 feet away. It was night, and they could see Chip through the windows of the tiny house, since the lights were on inside. They started hearing Chip talking to someone, as if on the phone, right above their heads, sounding like it came from an AM radio! Chip's voice sounded flat, lacking resonance, and there was static and other audio interference. It was loud though, and they looked up and walked around trying to figure out where Chip's voice was coming from– but there was just open air. No neighbors are near-by and there was nothing above them to create the sound– nor on the walls of the garage or house. The entire time, they could see the figure of Chip himself actually moving around the tiny house, obviously not on the phone or speaking at all, despite what they were hearing.

The event only lasted a couple of minutes and was mystifying to Gerick, but more upsetting to Waldo, who didn't grow up with anomalous events like Gerick, and was unsure how to deal with the impossibility of what he was witnessing.

I am finally posting about all of this because of what happened TODAY…

A sheriff's SUV pulled into our driveway, and I saw a deputy get out and walk towards our front door. I went to open it. Since I'm getting divorced, I'm not surprised if I get served or something at this point. But it had nothing to do with that. He was sent to our house because the phone company (a land line one, mind you!) called the sheriff to say they were getting multiple 911 hang up calls from our address!

I was astonished, of course. I explained we only have cell phones here, and the land lines (or LAN lines if you prefer) aren't even hooked up. In fact, I had plugged in an old analog phone to check the lines a couple of months ago and we don't so much as have a dial tone here! So– how can they get these auto messages from our address? The deputy double checked his paperwork and it was indeed OUR address that came up. He checked the phone lines outside and nothing was amiss that would explain such an odd issue. I thanked him for checking, but had no explanation for him. He left with a weird look on his face and kept looking up at our house like he was wigged out a little. Are phantom phone calls that unusual? I would think technical glitches pop up quite a bit… don't they? Though perhaps not from the same address. The man looked beyond puzzled though, so I am assuming its not that common.

I suspect that Gerick's subconscious issues are contributing to both what happened last winter and what's happening here now. I think its fascinating that I have not been even slightly bothered in any way by weirdness, though I have been quite anguished in general for many months now. Perhaps guilt over his betrayal of me and our impending divorce is behind the energy and he's creating these poltergeists himself. Or– perhaps there are genuine spirits or other-dimensionals who are vexed with him and his lovers on my behalf. I confess that part of me would like to believe that explanation, though it is not a charitable one!

The strange events are not related to aliens though– I don't think. I mean, maybe they've been here without me knowing and created a rift and now shit is leaking through again. That does happen with some regularity, as I've mentioned before. But in this case-? Knowing what I know of the psychological issues involved and the tendency of both of us towards being spirit-energy catalysts!?! I am inclined to rather believe that Gerick is behind it in some way. He's the center of the activity. It happens around him or where he hangs out. If any circumstance could create a poltergeist, I think a man releasing his pretense to heterosexuality and changing his whole life might do it. The fear and guilt and relief must be tremendous.

Except today– the phone calls came from the house, which is where I hang out. So– who knows? Maybe I'm doing it. Maybe some of the negative energy of my own feelings of betrayal, fear, and rage are manifesting this as a form of subconscious psychic attack. I certainly haven't felt upset these last few days, so it doesn't really line up that well, but anything's possible.

IF its coming from either of us, or a combination of our energy colliding and conflicting, then I suppose a physical separation will tell the tale. Does the phenomenon follow me or stay with him? Does it dry up completely, never to return? Does it escalate for us both?

All I can do is observe, listen to other reports, and dutifully record. There is always more to learn. However, I would not be faithful to the reporting process if I did not also explain our life circumstances at present (and, for that matter, last winter– Gerick was acting out towards me and I was confused as to why, though now it is quite clear.)  Emotions, especially during poltergeist activity, COUNT. At Spiral’s End: What’s Left After the Paradigm Shatters is the personal paranormal blog of a woman that follows not only current odd events in her life, but recounts incidents from her past, including lifelong alien abductions, encounters with ghosts and other spiritual beings, and premonitions from either waking visions or dreams. She reacts and speculates about the deeper meaning behind these incidents and wonders– what is the ultimate reality or intelligence behind it all?

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