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Be Warned: GovSchools Threaten Parents With Armed, Militarized Raids Unless They Comply

Friday, November 22, 2013 18:16
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SHTFplan Editor’s Note: Nothing could be more terrifying than when agents of the government kick in your door to take your children, especially if you have done nothing wrong. But that’s exactly what school districts across the country are now telling parents is going to be done unless they comply with their requests. As you’ll see from the report below by Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper, we have now crossed into a very dangerous time in America, and one in which snitches in all walks of life, including our childrens’ classrooms, are using the power of the state to force compliance, even with non-existent regulations. They don’t care about your ideals, your beliefs, or the morality of what they are doing. They simply want total control of every aspect of your life, even your kids. And if you don’t do what they say, they will send armed agents of a militarized government to do their bidding. 

Make no mistake. If you fail to comply, they won’t come knocking nicely. The reality is that you will have police cruisers and anti-terrorism teams at your doorstep. They’ll be fully armed and prepared to kill you if you fight back. And they WILL take your children should they decide they want them.

We are living in a police state… that should now be crystal clear.

Police State Raids(Pictured: Militarized Boston police raid homes following the marathon bombing.)

Don’t Make Us Tell Child Welfare: Schools Insist on Forced Medical Exams for Kids
By Daisy Luther via The Daily Sheeple

What would you do if you received a threatening letter from your child’s school, demanding that you take your youngster to a medical doctor and dentist at the whims of the school administrators, or risk being reported to the child welfare authorities?

Parents in at least two states have gotten exactly such letters. Police State USA reports:

Under the auspices of keeping children healthy, the government has usurped the role of “parent” away from actual parents.  The state — not legal guardians — is determining when and how children should be subjected to outside business influences.

The provisions establish that the state has taken the final say in parenting matters, undermining parents’ natural role in the child’s life as protector and final decision maker.  The provision invades the privacy of the family by giving the government access to private medical results.

Then there is the inherent problem of forcing people into unwanted business contracts, with parties they may not agree with, for services that may not be needed or wanted.   The law states that the health certificates may only be signed by medical staff authorized by the state; meaning that parents’ alternatives to fulfill this mandate are limited down to allopathic, pro-pharmaceutical doctors.  Families who favor natural and holistic caregivers are undermined by virtue of exclusionary state licensing. (source)

First, the letter from New York:


Then the one from Michigan…

michigan letter

Let me emphasize the most important and terrifying line in this letter:

It is our intention to work with you in this matter to avoid any involvement with child protection services.

This letter is threatening the parents of this youngster with child welfare agencies if they do not comply with the demands of the school. So, potentially, at the very least, the welfare agency could investigate the family, and at the worst, take steps to remove the child from the household, all because a parent might have different ideas about healthcare than those of the school system.

This brings us to some very important questions about privacy and the right to make decisions for your own children.

  • If you are anti-vaccine, will the doctor refuse to sign the letter? What happens then?
  • What if the medical or dental visit is not in the budget at the time the school demands it?
  • What if you choose to treat your child’s concerns with natural substances and diet, but the doctor wants you to medicate with pharmaceuticals?
  • What gives the school the right to tell you that you must take your child to a standard physician instead of a holistic practitioner?
  • What if you refuse to have your child’s teeth treated with toxic fluoride?
  • Will your child be subjected to nosy questions, such as inquiries about firearms in the home?

The US government seems more and more convinced that THEY own YOUR kids. Just this week, a Tennessee dad was arrested for picking up his young children after school instead of allowing them to cross into traffic as the school’s policy demanded. Some schools won’t allow lunches to be sent from home, and if they are, the school insists on supplementing those lunches at extortionistic rates in order to control the situation regardless of parental wishes. This doesn’t even take into account the dumbed down Common Core curriculum, the absurd attempts to be politically correct, and the zero-tolerance insanity that causes kids to be charged with felonies for having loaded fishing tackle boxes in their vehicles or cutlery in their lunch boxes.

If you’re wondering why so many people homeschool, add this to the ever-growing list of reasons.

This article was originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at


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  • trouble8696

    YES… America is already a POLICE STATE … For now, it remains one that prefers to pacify the population through the use of coerced consent and propaganda, but it will remain so only so long as the populous allows themselves to continue to be enslaved and exploited, their family and land bases destroyed for the profit of the few… In the end, they will resort to killing you… They have done it in the past, and they continue to do it elsewhere today… Soon, they will do it in America.
    As the global resistance continues to unfold, so will the repressive responses of the State apparatus… We can expect escalated attacks against our communities of resistance as we escalate our revolt against this culture of death and destruction…
    We must develop relationships based upon affinity and communities capable of withstanding the onslaught of the repressive mechanisms of the State and transnational capital… We must develop the networks and connections necessary to survive the endgame of the elite’s psychotic obsession with total authority, power, and control… We must free ourselves from the mechanisms of dependency that keep us suckling at the teat of systemic global ecocide… We must establish autonomous communities of active resistance and stand in firm defiance against the destruction of our world and the precariousness of our lives… The best time was yesterday… The second best time is now…

  • energymight

    The 2 states are NY and Michigan – Now why does that not surprise me? Super liberal and they have very strict gun laws and very strict laws in general at that -tyranny. If this were tried in places like AZ, TX, and the like – well I just think the police would consider it a suicide mission because we are all legally armed. Not advocating any violence, just saying once you try to take away someones flesh and blood all bets are off.

    • jeffstiles

      I’m with you….stay armed all the time.

    • Old Harry

      Thanks for the information – I did not realize the NY and Michigan were the only two states not allowing arms … Hmmm

      • reporter-- timelytoo

        Michigan has open carry . .. . totally legal. Even in libraries and business’. Search it. . .State Supreme Court in Michigan just refused to hear the State’s appeal making the circuit ruling GOLD and the law of the land.

        The Circuit court ruling states. . . “It is not the duty of a library or business to police the gun policy, it is the State’s.”

        And since current law allows for open carry, as long as your rifle and/or handgun is visible, it is LEGAL! ! ! ! ! :cool:

      • energymight

        I made a mistake about Michigan and apologize for that oversight. You better be able to carry there with all the economic strife and the violence that is there!! And Old Harry – There are others that are gun restrictive, for sure. I choose to NOT live in one of them.

  • Jacksdad

    It is the parents responsibility to keep their kids teeth healthy and disease free. Unfortunately some parents don’t give a crap and should even have kids. So there’s situations where social services should step in. This probably is one of those cases, but does look a little heavy handed, but who knows, without all the facts it’s impossible to call.

    • Anarchy Rising

      I agree with your statement that without all the facts it’s impossible to call. However, while its easy for one side to stir the pot just as easy as the other; do you really expect a straight answer for anything our govt or any of its affiliates say, or do?

      • Jacksdad

        Nowadays it goes both ways. You can’t expect straight answers from the gov or people that are too incompetent to raise their own kids. One side of the coin is a Hitleresque government on the other side are people that shouldn’t be allowed to breed. Which I will admit is mainly the governments fault, but raising kids isn’t rocket science. If you’re gonna make them, you better take care of them.

    • Prudence Wright

      and regardless of the parents, it is NOT the government’s job to do what they are doing……

      If there is concern, then it needs to be handled on an individual basis. And the concern needs to be a REAL concern. Like the child is hurt, in pain, ect. NOT just because the parent needs to go in debt to take the kid to the DOCTOR!!! ARE YOU PEOPLE STUPID? They are MAKING us buy health insurance, they are MAKING us go, they are FORCING our children to go!!!! NO offense, but it should be a person and parent’s right whether or not they need to see a doctor. SO many of you forget that these things didn’t even exist 100 years ago and I didn’t see our grandparents made it just fine. Yes there is not enough information here, BUT if you stay on the slippery slope and are OK with this, pretty soon it doesn’t matter if you care about your kids or not, you will have them and follow the Government’s rules and NOT your own! EVEN if that means hurting your kids in the process and preparing them for a slaves life……

  • siouxpadupa

    FYI Fond Du Lac is a Indian reservation in Minnesota…NOT Michigan! Do you see how the government has been treating natives?

  • Oliviawo25

    I did not realize the NY and Michigan were the only two states not allowing arms … Hmmm

  • lioness

    Our country is finished, over. Surely, those of us who have awakened recognize this. Our children, grandchildren have no hope of a better future. This country has been so contaminated by dark forces, the “bullet” train is a go, and there is no stopping it. You fools who voted a being into the highest office of our land initiated the the absolute destruction that is coming. Lost people make lost decisions. It’s over folks. You better find your personal salvation and now!

  • mortimerzilch

    in Holder’s own words “nearly 1/4 of worlds incarcerated are in the USA.” live by the sword, die by the sword….China will nuke us out of existence, and they will be 7/8ths destroyed too. The chastisement.

  • ichabodcrane

    JROTC programs are showing up everywhere and taking over schools as well costing taxpayers!
    But those in colleges on GI Bills should also be feared!

  • FarmerX

    I have chosen not to have children and this kind of thing is exactly why. I saw this coming 20 years ago.
    People need to stand up to this. Take they’re children out of schools or do whatever it takes to make it clear to the state that they do not own our children.
    We are not the states property. We are not cattle or slaves.
    If people don’t start standing up and resisting, If we make it another generation or two it’s going to be too late.

  • Prudence Wright

    The day one of my daughters brings home a letter like that, will be the day I quit work and they will be homeschooled……

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