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David Cole’s Denial of Holocaust Denial

Thursday, October 6, 2016 4:05
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David Cole’s Denial of Holocaust Denial by Karl Radl at Semitic Controversies

I have previously covered lapsed Holocaust revisionist and general jewish con-man David Cole’s self-serving antics. Cole believes for reasons that escape me that Aktion Reinhardt – possibly the craziest part of the whole ‘Holocaust’ legend – was real, but that Auschwitz (the less crazy bit relatively speaking) was nonsense. (1) I had chalked Cole’s weird claims in this regard to his having been effectively ‘out’ of revisionism since the late 1990s.

However in a recent piece called ‘Denial is Dead’ over at Takimag: Cole makes an assortment of claims that are simply dishonest. ‘Denial is Dead’ at first glance is a discussion of the frankly idiotic and counter-factual film ‘Denial’, which dramatises the court room encounter between Deborah Lipstadt and David Irving over the ‘Holocaust’.

However the article quickly descends into making false assertions that even a quick internet search would show to be demonstrably false.

Cole writes that:

‘Denial has gone the way of the woolly mammoth. It exists these days as a bogeyman, a bugbear, an illusion in the minds of hardcore anti-Semites and harder-core Semites. It’s a scarecrow that Jew-haters erect to frighten Jews and that Jews maintain to frighten themselves.’ (2)

Is ‘Holocaust Denial’ a bogeyman and scarecrow that frightens modern jewry without meaning?

No: the simple fact is, and one which Cole fails to mention for obvious reasons, that the ‘Holocaust’ is the central ideological pillar of Israel’s case for its existence as a jewish homeland and an independent state. If the ‘Holocaust’ was acknowledged to be the non-event that the evidence suggests it was. Then Israel’s right to exist would naturally be strongly called into question.

Further given that trillions of dollars in both cash and goods/services in kind have been paid out to Israel, jewish organisations and individual jews up to this very day by a vast assortment of countries and corporations in reparations for the ‘Holocaust’.

If it is then acknowledged to be nonsense then does Cole really think that has no bearing on Israel and the jewish people?

Obviously it would, because there would to be an awful lot of very angry goyim out there and it is unlikely that such a tide of spontaneous rage would bode well for Israel and the jewish people.

Therefore the ‘Holocaust’ has become, even if it wasn’t before, an existential question for the jewish people as they are trapped between desperately shoring up a crumbling historical narrative with punitive sentences for evil heretics and the results of their own uncontrolled greed.

Has ‘Holocaust Denial’ gone the way of the woolly mammoth?

No: actually it has never had it so good.

When Cole was involved in Holocaust Revisionism (aka ‘Holocaust Denial’) there were only a few researchers and most of those had made a detailed but general study of the subject.

The revisionist literature also primarily addressed the alleged homicidal gassings at Auschwitz-Birkenau and hadn’t yet moved on to study the Aktion Reinhardt camps. This was only to come in the years after Cole disappeared from the ‘denier’ scene and took the shape of a second wave of researchers who produced minutely-detailed studies of Auschwitz and all other camps where killings allegedly took place.

What did change however was that with the rise of this second wave of revisionist scholarship. Mainstream historians – who had already suffered a series of brutal intellectual demolitions in a series of debates – cut their losses and ran: leaving the opposition to revisionists primarily in the hands of jewish watchdog groups and a variety of police forces across the world.

Revisionism didn’t go extinct. It simply got too big and scary to openly confront so its opponents attempted to marginalise it to small sub-groups of the population, while ignoring that it has been progressively getting bigger and scarier as time goes on.

Originally Holocaust revisionism was limited to a handful of print publications with tiny circulations such as the ‘Journal for Historical Review’. Since the advent of the internet however there has been explosion with revisionist books available for free in PDF format in multiple languages and are stocked in university libraries, YouTube documentaries and videos, several forums given over to debate between exponents of the orthodox and revisionist narrative, specialist Twitter accounts etc ad infinitum.

As a result we have seen an explosion of converts to the revisionist view of the ‘Holocaust’. Left wing anti-Zionists like Gilad Atzmon and Paul Eisen have come over to the revisionist side, while a year doesn’t go by without some historian or another getting into trouble over ‘minimising the Holocaust’ and on it continues.

Simply put: Holocaust revisionism has never had it so good.

Yet Cole claims that it is dead because the three ‘pillars’ of 1990s revisionism have ‘recanted’. They are David Irving (who never was a ‘denier’), Mark Weber (who hasn’t written anything particularly original let alone useful since the 1990s) and… guess who… himself.

Cole simply forgets to mention the mountain of research that Jurgen Graf, Thomas Kues, Carlo Mattogno,  Germar Rudolf and more recently Nicholas Kollerstrom and Klaus Schwensen have done since

He also conveniently doesn’t mention the contributions of major Holocaust revisionists of the 1990s like Theodore O’Keefe and Robert Faurisson, but remember… facts don’t matter. All that matters to Cole is that he be seen a ‘key figure’ in Holocaust Revisionism, but the reality is that he was famous only because he is jewish and made one documentary which exposed one notable admission from the curator of the Auschwitz-Birkenau museum.

Everything else Cole claims is just chutzpah.

The fact is that he is about as important to 1990s Holocaust Revisionism as Christopher Jon Bjerknes is to the history of physics.

In other words: not at all.

However you wouldn’t know that if you just read Cole. Indeed he sets himself up as some kind of ‘Holocaust’ guru when he describes himself as a ‘top expert’. The reality is of course that Cole’s ‘Holocaust’ knowledge is about two decades out of date and was never particularly detailed anyway.

The reality is that Cole is desperate to get back to the ‘good times’ when people actually particularly cared about what he had to say, but now – and certainly if the comments section at Takimag is anything to go by – very few do so.

Instead Cole just gets bagels and bars of soap thrown at him by his erstwhile audience who seem to want nothing better than for him to get yanked off stage and deported with extreme prejudice to his home country: Israel.

You sort of have to laugh really at the pathetic chutzpah of washed up hack that sold his soul to David Horowitz and made orthodox ‘Holocaust films’ that he allegedly never believed in for a few paltry shekels.

The simple fact is that David Cole is decrepit carcass of a man desperately seeking to find gullible goyim to fleece of shekels to make him feel better about his train wreck of a life.



Additional Reading about David Cole from B’Man’s perspective:


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