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WW3 Has Begun, And It Is Digital: “New World Hackers” Claim Cyber Attack That Took Down Major Sites

Friday, October 21, 2016 17:39
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Get ready – it seems that this will be an October Surprise to remember.

The Internet is under attack through the United States and UK… and there is every reason to think that more is coming.

Reports confirmed that a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) was carried out against the company Dyn, and disrupted much of the East Coast, and later the West Coast and other parts of the U.S. as well, taking down hundreds of major websites – including Paypal, Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Tumblr and Reddit and more.

It took hours for many of them to come back online.

According to USA Today:

At least two successive waves of online attacks blocked multiple major websites Friday, at times making it impossible for many users on the East Coast to access Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Tumblr and Reddit.


The cause was a large-scale distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) against Internet performance company Dyn that blocked user access to many popular sites standstill.

Dyn … confirmed the attack, noting that “this attack is mainly impacting US East and is impacting Managed DNS customers in this region. Our Engineers are continuing to work on mitigating this issue.”

Here’s a log of updates for the attacks on Dyn Managed DNS infrastructure:

ddosattack-dynSpeculation is that this could be a test run for larger attacks – and public demonstration of just how vulnerable Internet connected systems are. Things are coming to a head very quickly, and there is no telling what will happen as the U.S. election approaches. As the San Jose Mercury News reported:

“Say, not to panic anybody, but what if the (attacks) today were practice for 11/8 ?” high-profile pundit Keith Olbermann tweeted.

A hacking collective calling itself “New World Hackers” are taking credit – and they are based out of Russia and China, so there is little doubt that it will fuel the narrative for more war, tighter security and an age of online instability as the new world (where the dollar is no longer king) is sorted out. According to the Associated Press:

Members of a shadowy hacker collective that calls itself New World Hackers claimed responsibility for the attack via Twitter. They said they organized networks of connected “zombie” computers that threw a staggering 1.2 terabits per second of data at the Dyn-managed servers.

“We didn’t do this to attract federal agents, only test power,” two collective members who identified themselves as “Prophet” and “Zain” told an AP reporter via Twitter direct message exchange. They said more than 10 member participated in the attack. It was not immediately possible to verify the claim.


The collective has also claimed responsibility for cyberattacks against Islamic State. The two said about 30 people have access to the @NewWorkdHacking Twitter account. They said 20 are in Russia and 10 in China. “Prophet” said he is in India. “Zain” said he is in China. The two claimed to be taking “good actions.”

Perhaps, this major blackout of Internet services may even be a self-inflicted wound to make the establishment look like the victim, rather than the aggressor that Hillary’s legacy represents. Wikileaks has to be hurting her campaign, and it is difficult to say exactly how far things are going to reestablish credibility and take control of the situation.

Right now, Julian Assange is reportedly surrounded by police forces outside the Ecaudorian embassy in London – and his personal future, and that of Wikileaks remains up in the air. Only days ago, his Internet access was cut, with Ecuador under diplomatic pressure by the U.S.

Further Internet attacks are now pending, and it seems everything is potentially exposed. There is no way to be certain how massive future attacks could be – but the largest potential event would likely be an EMP, sending out an electromagnetic pulse powerful enough to take down the electric grid and fry virtually all unprotected electronics.

Individuals can and should prepare on two fronts – stored food and supplies necessary to sustain your family/group for a minimal of several weeks without power and essential services. People can also protect electronic equipment – primary or backup – in a Faraday cage (which will guard against EMP).

Additionally, emergency cash and alternative currency (such as gold and silver) reserves should kept on hands; identity protection measures should be put in place and all accounts, documents, paperwork and other sensitive items should be written down, photocopies and/or stored offline (on a USB, for example). A more detailed check list can be found here. Extra caution should be used with electronic banking and online payment systems.

The shadow government and its military forces have been preparing for extremes in all areas. Things are happening now that we have warned about for years – the cyber dimension of war means that everyone is on the battlefield:

The attack is “consistent with record-setting sized cyberattacks seen in the last few weeks,” [said Carl Herberger, vice president of security at security company Radware]


Others worried the attack could be from a nation-state rather than simply an individual seeking to wreak havoc.

“This not just an instant job, this is something that was probably worked on for weeks if not for months by really competent people,” he said. (source)

The power to shut down commerce, communication and news feeds could either start – or stop – the kind of 21st Century war that is only now taking shape.

In what is perhaps a bit of planned irony, or a tip off to the perpetrators of this attack, video surfaced of Hillary Clinton in 2010 (as Secretary of State) blathering on about the importance of cyber security and intelligence protection.

Empty words indeed.

In hindsight, no one could have done more to expose the United States’ secrets than the Madam Secretary herself – emails and more make this clear.

Will any of this stop her, or will she take power in spite of it all?

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  • Jack

    Paper ballots only.

  • Enjoykin4

    RED ALERT !!


    WHO DID IT ??



    WHY ??


  • Enjoykin4

    NOW BREAKING NEWS !! Oct 22 2016 !!

    Yemeni Forces Take Control of Strategic Positions after Heavy Clashes with Saudi-Backed Mercenaries West of Ma’rib

    Yemeni army and popular forces take control of strategic positions in Sirwah town in Western Ma’irib from the Saudi-backed mercenaries.

    Iraqi Popular Forces Rescue More Civilians from ISIL-Held Regions South of Mosul
    Iraqi popular forces rescue more civilians after joint military forces liberated 10 villages in the axes of Qayyarah and Noran, South of the city of Mosul.

    Syria: 16 Terrorists Killed in Failed Attacks on Syrian Army Positions in Jobar
    Syrian National Army troops fended off Faylaq al-Rahman’s offensive on government positions in Jobar in Eastern Ghouta, killing at least 16 militants.

    4 Iranian Technicians Killed in ISIL Attack on Iraqi Power Plant in Kirkuk
    At least 24 people including 4 Iranians were killed and dozens of others wounded in multiple attacks by ISIL terrorists on police compound and a power plant in the Iraqi Northern city of Kirkuk.

    High Level UN Posts Up for Grabs for Big Powers
    The United Nations loves its big-power-members clubs which have been around since World War II. While this tradition has carried on, there’s a new guard of high-ranking positions up for grabs at the Secretariat.

    US Cabbal Obama Government Reaction to Saudi Killing of Innocent People in Yemen
    Most of the Saudi air raids on Yemen have been conducted on the civilian population such as school buildings, hospitals, markets, mosques and economic infrastructure, using US made weapons.

    Iran to Give Crushing Response to Aggressors
    A senior Iranian commander underlined full preparedness of his country’s Armed Forces to reciprocate any threat and aggression with a crushing response.

    Terrorist Groups Prevent Delivery of Humanitarian Aid to Syria’s Aleppo
    Terrorists of Fatah al-Sham Front (formerly known as the al-Nusra Front) and Ahrar al-Sham are sabotaging UN efforts, supported by Damascus and Moscow, to deliver humanitarian aid to the Eastern districts of Aleppo, Russian Foreign Minister

    Iran: Iraqi Gov’t's Okay Needed for Sending Military, Relief Aids
    Iranian Ambassador to Paris Ali Ahani cautioned that any dispatch of military and humanitarian aid needs to be done only after the approval of and coordination with the Baghdad government.

    Iraq: Kurdish Forces Down ISIL’s Spy Drone East of Mosul
    Kurdish fighters downed a spy drone of the ISIL terrorist group in an area East of the Iraqi city of Mosul, a spokesperson for the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Ministry of Peshmerga said on Friday.

    Senior Cleric Condemns Saudi Regime for Massacre of Civilians in Yemen
    Tehran’s provisional Friday Prayers Leader Hojjatoleslam Kazzem Seddiqi condemned the Saudi regime for its continued slaughtering of the civilians in Yemen.

    Damascus: Air-Defense Units to Target Turkish Warplanes Violating Syria’s Airspace
    The Syrian Defense Ministry vowed to give crushing response to any Turkish violation of the Syrian airspace.
    Iran’s Top Security Official: West Delaying Defeat of Terrorists in Iraq, Syria

    Iran’s Top Security Official: West Delaying Defeat of Terrorists in Iraq, Syria
    Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani blasted the Western sponsors of the terrorist groups for postponing their defeat in Iraq and Syria on different pretexts.
    ISIL Leadership in Mosul Begs Comrades in Raqqa for More Arms, Fresh Fighters

    ISIL Leadership in Mosul Begs Comrades in Raqqa for More Arms, Fresh Fighters
    ISIL’s senior official in charge of procurement of arms and ammunition in Iraq arrived in the self-proclaimed capital of the Takfiri group in Syria, calling for the rapid dispatch of more weapons and fighters to Mosul.

    First US Casualty Reported in Mosul Operation
    A US coalition soldier was killed in an ISIL blast during the fourth day of the Mosul liberation operation, local media said Friday.

  • Scorpallain

    Most of the attacks are coming from inside the United States from large data centers, especially Washington DC itself and the United Kingdom . Which leads me to believe all this is a coordinated attack from our own government and the governments of some UN nations against the United States …and sponsored by our own government.

    • Takealook


    • K¡llúḿ¡ńàṫ¡✝☪ ॐ ﷲ ✡

      South Park S10, E9 – Mystery of the Urinal Deuce = It’s all right here in these secret documents,
      but you’ll never get them. :lol: Well why don’t you just tell people the truth?! :idea:
      We do that too. And most people believe the truth. But one fourth of the population is retarded. :lol:
      But the conspiracy site was run by the Shadow government?
      The Government ain’t nothing but a gang.
      The Bilderberg Group is a gang. :idea:
      The World Bank is a gang. :idea:
      The United Nations (UN) is a gang. :idea:
      Somebody get a gun, :lol:
      The Government get a bigger gun. :mrgreen:
      Tupac Shakur Aka Killuminati :cool: Get angry and open our minds. :cool:

  • Scorpallain

    Hardly any attacks showing from Russia outgoing or ingoing, China has a few. This is a false flag attack ongoing to blame Russia. You can thank Obama and all his cohorts, monster corporations led by the elite billionaires like George Soros and your own Democratic Party for this. They want war…so their rich can get richer and kill off a few billion people in the process, such wonderful humans….NOT!

  • Martus

    Net result of this is that the internet will be locked down so tight that the only thing people will be able to do is communicate with the government will be through the brain chip 666 and if UN one world government doesn’t like you, they will delete you through that connection.

  • Enjoykin4

    “Qalamoun Shield” Forces near Front-Lines in Northern Hama

    The Syrian army and popular forces continued their military operations against the terrorist groups in Hama, and started seizing back more districts in the Northern parts of Hama.


  • Enjoykin4

    Syrian War Report – October 21, 2016: Major Militant Stronghold near Damascus Surrenders to Govt Forces
    1361 Views October 21, 2016 1 Comment

  • humaka

    World war 3 is the false flag, only a controlled demolition of what is slated for new builds, perpetrated by the major super powers of the world acting in perfect unison and prophesied plan, simply playing the role of being fierce enemies, as the biggest nations of the world solidify global status and divide up all the wealth that the commoners provide, the worker bees.

    If one wish to know the future of the world, look to the ant…

    The exact way the queen ant operates the hive, be the exact goal of earth, by some whom worship mother nature more than their own species and fellow man.

  • VirusGuard

    DDOS attacks are always on going and i know this because i run a public proxy server come honey-pot for web-bots and …………..


    Just as i was typing i decide to take a quick peek at the logs and it’s a sea of red coming from China and they seem to be going for travel agents which do often get screen scraped as the compertion checks prices or people are looking to resell airline tickets or something like that.

    China has some of the best public proxy servers in the world so it does not mean little yellow men are behind the hacks but i better turn my service off for now else i might get a knock on the door

  • Ideas Time

    Only fools would believe that anyone but the global corporation, not Russia was behind this. This was a false flag they want to blame on Russia. Russia wants peace not war anymore than we do. The enemy is within. Get it.

  • WhiteDawn

    Next story I expect to be: The WW3 started in X.Box game!!! :lol:


    “New World Hackers” my arse.

    Some paid provocatuer claiming responsibility on Twitter means nothing. If some fool admits to a murder he didn’t commit, just for the attention or whatever, it still has to be proven that he committed the crime before he is found guilty. It’s happened before. The USG is simply fabricating a threat so that the public will run to the government for protection. This is the oldest trick in the book. In my opinion, it seems the sensationalized fear porn and lies of the USG’s propaganda arm, (MSM) is becoming more and more transparent to everyone. The access to information provided by the Internet allows people to look into matters of importance and decide for themselves what is true, instead of relying on the spoon fed mind poison of the shameless, TelePrompTer reading presstitutes of the mockingbird MSM. The USG has relied so heavily on fear, manipulation and lies to manufacture public consent for their illegal and murderous agenda, that the truth has become a matter of “national security”. All national security means to the USG is the continuance of the tyrannical government. So, anything that is considered a threat to the continuance of the tyrannical government is labelled as a threat to “national security.”

    That being said, these hacks are going to be used as an example of the threat that the Internet poses to “national security” and they will probably try to use this as an excuse to impose strict limitations on the Internet and before long, the sites and material that used to keep us informed, will be inaccessible. But, of course they will ensure us that it’s for our own good. Or, they will tell us it’s Russia and China’s fault that we can’t access certain sites.

    Also, the USG is desperately kicking and screaming as their terrorist proxies are getting killed in Syria and the federal reserve note is on its way out. It’s only a matter of time before most countries move towards a gold backed currency and refuse to trade with those who deal in worthless, bloodstained paper. Instead of blaming the moneychangers at the federal reserve, their consortium of operating banks, foreign interest lobby groups and the puppet government, they would rather start a major war and blame the collapse of the economy and the country on that. My biggest concern is that they have another disgusting false flag up their sleeves.

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