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Anti-Trumpism: Another Mental Illness or Endangered Survival Mechanism?

Saturday, January 14, 2017 1:00
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What is happening in America right now is a case study for Charles Mackay’s outstanding research book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (1841). The book expounds upon three areas which are classified as “National Delusions”, “Peculiar Follies”, and “Philosophical Delusions”. Right now we’re in the midst of National Delusions and the madness is concentrated in the organ of the Democratic Party. This national madness constitutes a fall into womanly hysterics brought about by cultural Marxism and third-wave feminism. Key indicators such as the mechanism of pathological altruism, the replacement of a patriarchy with a matriarchy, and the dissolution of tribal identities are suggestive since we’re witnessing an extreme advent of nihilistic rage in the liberal-progressive demographics comprising minorities, single women, assorted deviants, and individuals yet if ever to reach full maturity (under the age of 25). 

Using ecological terminology we can surmise that this broad coalition of anti-Trump malcontents, all of which harbor profound hatred for the ideals of nationalism, do fit a typology known as r-selection. Meaning they are nothing more than the weakest link in the environmental-biological evolutionary cycles we’re experiencing here. It, r-selection, typifies a subclade of human genetics which is adapted toward survival through reproducing offspring in great numbers as is the case with rabbits and mice. In certain parts of the world r-selection actually establishes a better strategy to thrive since it guarantees that at least one of your genetic copies will make it to adulthood and in turn reproduce itself without dying of disease or being picked off by a predator beforehand.

The flaw in r-selection is that your brood is so large that quality is sacrificed to quantity. In r-selected units among humans this will manifest as most of the children not being able to gain enough resources to maintain competition with children that are in the k-selected group. Because there are too many children in a r-selected household this means there will be less opportunities to go around, less money to spend on each child, and less food for everyone to eat. Having less food means malnutrition which causes smaller brains. Less opportunities, less money, and smaller brains will inevitably lead to desperation and its cruel widower known as crime. Crime will multiply the previous factors of less money, less opportunities, less food, more malnutrition, smaller brains, and desperation considerably. That, again, will multiply the levels of crime and so on it goes in a vicious circle.

For r-selected humans prison will be the most devastating curse since there will be little to no fathers present in the homes, more abortions, more sexual promiscuity, more drug use, and more and more levels of State intervention through the welfare system. For them, the r-selected people, the levels of stratification which has always existed in the United States since its inception marks an unavoidable impasse as our ultimate foundation is the vertical hierarchy of k-selection.

If r-selected groups, acting with a collective sort of swarm intelligence, decide that k-selected individuals have the evolutionary upper hand then they will first try to overtake them and replace them by out-breeding them. This does not work however since r-selected groups die off much too fast and become increasingly unsustainable the more they over-breed (hence they end up sabotaging their own genetic program by aborting their fetuses since k-selected individuals allow them to do so). The next thing that r-selected populations will do is turn to violence through mass protests, riots, demonstrations, terrorist acts, and the like. This, too, they soon realize is impractical because in k-selected dominated cultures they only wind up in prison or crushed underfoot. Even their strategy of gaining more social welfare benefits through blackmail and intimidation will backfire as k-selected individuals come to resent them and respond by peeling back on government liabilities. What will r-selected populations do next after exhausting all their options? If there is no mending of the psychic wound within the r-selected populace then they will resort to suicide. At this final stage a merely endangered survival mechanism flips to mental illness and this is where the trouble begins for they will try to take the k-selected individuals down with them.

It is important to realize that every race on earth has both r-selected individuals and k-selected. Nonetheless, some races are dominated by a majority of k-selected individuals and others are dominated by r-selected.

Asians are k dominant. Whites are dominant. Ashkenazi Jews are dominant. Blacks are dominant. Arabs are dominant. Native South Americans (non-European, non-Hispanic) are dominant. Whites are dominant by a slight majority. Asians are dominant by a super majority. Ashkenazi Jews are dominant by a super majority. Blacks are dominant by a super majority. Arabs are dominant by a super majority.

Ashkenazi Jews best illustrate k-selected individuals as they usually have only one or maybe two children and invest in them in a way that quality is not sacrificed since they heap on the children a great abundance of time, resources, education, and rigorously maintain their health with proper diet and a safe, orderly home life full of discipline, responsibility, tradition, and other advantages either not present or snuffed out in r-selected households.  

Please note that r-selected groups can function fine and properly when separated out from k-dominated societies and conversely k-selected groups also go down in a spiral of self-destructive cycles when put under the thumb of some r-dominated society.

When evolutionary traits do not match their environment then they become negative. When evolutionary traits do match their environment then they become positive. This entails that I am far from making the claim that r-selection is bad and k-selection is good. This article just happens to be written from the perspective of a k-dominated society. If I were to write the same article from the perspective of some r-dominated society then the tables would be turned.


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