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Alert: Removal of Trump Will Trigger a Massive Civil War and the Globalists Will Lose

Friday, December 1, 2017 16:41
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The establishment is playing with fire in their attempts to get rid of Trump.

In light of Robert Mueller’s recent move against General Flynn, Alex Jones issues a warning to President Trump that he’s the next target for the deep state, and his removal would end with civil war.

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  • F16Hoser

    I pray for Trump’s safety but, it’s time to fucking get this over with. I say we start with the Podesta brothers and end with the Clinton’s. Bang, Bang… :twisted:

    • Equalizer

      Want a pathetic joke, farce, mind fuc… Instrumented by the elite global media industrial complex POS. The individuals at the top… (George Soros, Rockefellers, Rothschild’s, Trilateral committee, Bilderberg group, so many spineless satanic puppet sadist stooge fucs instrumenting this liberal BS pedophile satanism, such little time to correct this stupidity without hardcore 2nd amendment intervention.
      Except for… President Donald J Trump, the American awakened conservative patriots, American veterans, military local police. The rest are Brain dead sleeping libtards.

      • Equalizer

        As not to mention the most recent POS satanic, liberal, communists…Clinton’s and Obama’s. They want your children. Liberal love is pedophile death.

        • Equalizer

          Removal of Trump Will Trigger a Massive Civil War and the Globalists Will Lose???
          More like…
          BRAIN-DEAD Libtards will trigger America’s next civil war…the globalists and satanists will all LOSE. Humans are no longer fucing around with you spineless POS…Civil war II is soon and God loving humans have been prepared for the battle against evil ever since Bush reptilian Sr. assonated JFK.
          It’s go time…bring it on satanists. Bring it on!

        • Hayduke

          If you Google “Republican convicted pedophiles” you get a list of conservative Republican pedophiles who have already been convicted and sentenced for pedophilia. This damn list is a mile long with a couple of hundred people on it. These pedos cross parties, income, blahblahblah. I bring these up because you don’t. I hade ALL pedos, not just the libertal Democrat pedos. There are just as many Republicunt pedos as Democratic pedos, which I’m sure you know. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to look at both sides of a problem. :smile:

          • wiseoldlady

            What you fail to understand is they are RINOs….NOT true Republicans. It is Democrats and RINOs….period.

          • Mayhem

            That’s not fair, wiseoldlady, and do you put sugar on your porridge?


            The truth of the matter is that fulfilled political aspirations almost always result in some level of corruption and power attracts, in droves, those who would wield it to their own ends.

            You’re right about the RINO’s being undercover commies though.

    • K¡llúḿ¡ńàṫ¡✝☪ ॐ ﷲ ✡

      how to view the replay Comments :lol:
      Back to the Future Part 0.2 was based on Donald Trump :lol:
      Back to the Future a Massive Civil War :arrow: Biff :arrow: tower :wink:
      Only a stupid (Satan) person would court criticism me!

  • raburgeson

    We will cut the head off the snake. The civil war will be a side show. The traitors are already surrounded. By the time the military gets their machinery started it will be all over and the mop up will begin.

    • dakota

      All peoples need to UNITE, all races, creeds and colors, or it’s all over. It has to be done immediately.


    The whole thang may be a big charade of pretending to marginalize the president while he sneaks up on the russians for an encirclement scenario and or if he got killed I believe that forces unstoppable throughout the country would wack the elites in on felled swoop so as to dead end the entity that is destroying everything in the US, of course that could be all wrong but in the country of A Merry Con anything thats peddled as obvious truth is most often the lie. Time will tell.

  • Theoferrum

    You stupid fucks – Trump will start a war with North Korea or Iran before they could impeach him – exactly why are all you retarded CIA shills obsessed with another civil war?

  • Pink Slime

    The removal of Trump should show you the true nature of the Democrap. He does not WANT TO SEE THIS COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN!

    Do you GET THIS???

    They are showing you, at last, their true nature. They do not want you to succeed, they do not want you independent, they do not want you wealthy.

    No, they want you barefoot and pregnant. A SLAVE, if you will. On your KNEES America!! A Democrap is passing through. :twisted:

  • Canderson

    Is Alex talking ORDO AB CHAO. (A Latin expression, meaning Order out of Chaos. A motto of the Thirty-third Degree.)

  • Canderson

    Stay behind bureaucrat is called Apparatchik (By those words of Brezmenov hmm Henry Kissinger is one for sure.)
    Former KGB informant Yuri Bezmenov on Soviet Subversion, Cultural Marxism & Fall of the West (1984)

    Soviet Subversion of the “Free” World.

    Social Justice is not what they the libtards think it is:

    Our politicians will eventually get what they deserve. /useful idiots.

  • Canderson

    Pearl Jam with Neil Young – Rockin in the free world Toronto 2011

  • Eli the Enduring

    As the HRC campaign gained steam, even with the reports of her private server stayed in the headlines, James Comey announced against the FBI rules, that yes, there was an investigation into the “matter”. His primary motivation was that as the Director of the FBI, he knew how corrupt the Clinton Foundation and HRC was. He knew about the bribes and payments surrounding the Uranium one deal and he also knew that his predecessor, Robert Mueller had decided not to report these issues to CFIUS or Congress. He interfered in the 2016 Presidential Election to keep a corrupt politician with ties to Russian bribes from becoming POTUS. Then the Trump Dossier appears and Comey takes it at face value as the FBI struggles to unsuccessfully to confirm the info in it. Comey gets fired by Trump confirming his opinion that there was something there, he should have been fired by Obama when he announced the FBI was looking into the “matter” of the email server, and Comey enters into a conspiracy with Acting Attorney General Rob Rosenstein and Robert Mueller (of Uranium One infamy) to get Mueller appointed as Special Counsel to expose the corruption of Trump that they assumed was true. As time advanced and it was discovered by Mueller and the FBI that the Dossier was a work of fiction and they had no hard evidence, Mueller begins putting pressure on anyone he can in anyway he can to get what he could not find, evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Meanwhile the FBI stonewalled Congress anyway they could to keep them from finding out how screwed up everything was because the Directors involved had not done their jobs but had tried to control things from the shadows. The emails about the Clinton/Lynch meeting showed coverup, not concern that a man, himself under FBI investigation for the Clinton Foundation corruption and the husband of a woman under FBI investigation for her misuse of classified information, instead of outrage or concern that the Attorney General had met in attempted secrecy. They were more concerned with how the meeting became public knowledge because the FBI had already decided at this point that there would be no charges recommended. Comey then lied before Congress about what motivated his new indictment/non-indictment news conference as well as admitting that he illegally leaked memos to get a Special Counsel post created as well as why he did it. After he was fired he was pissed and began the chain of events that will result in the destruction of the US. The US is Mystery Babylon and God has passed His judgement upon it. The things going on now are a flimsy excuse to impeach a sitting POTUS but since it is Gods Will for the nation to be destroyed, people that hate Donald Trump can not help themselves to see things in a realistic matter. The Will of God can not be denied, it does not matter that Trump is innocent of collusion, the nation will fall. Robert Mueller and James Comey have been instruments of God by committing treason and conspiracy to remove a sitting POTUS based upon their opinions. The Total Solar Eclipse in Aug 2017 was the last warning the US will get. It was viewed as a financial opportunity and has already been forgotten by the people. Improve your relationship with Jesus before it is too late, the world is watching prophecy unfold and people are ignorant of the things to come. The Great Sign in the Heavens has already passed (Sept 2017) and there is currently a war in Heaven that will result in Satan being cast out of Heaven and down to Earth. The world is an ugly place, it is about to get MUCH uglier. Praise the Lord for His Judgement upon the wicked, Repent (change your ways) and call upon Him to save you, man has failed again.

  • Canderson

    What I understand Trump stands for the “free” world, freedom, free market with trade barriers to keep the Nation living and also sovereign (He is working for it, that is not the case right now) , one could say He is the real Spartacus not the Adam Weishaupt kind. ( in reverse Spartacus.)

    • wiseoldlady

      We want to believe this but he continues to select horrible democrat elitists for his cabinet.

      Why hasn’t Soros been targeted or Rothchilds, etc.??? Where are their homes??? Why no threats on them ever mentioned??? During WWII no bombs ever came close to their European castles. Yet Berlin and Dresden was demolished… The puppet military needs to wake up.

      As for the feminist movement…it is about weakening the male so he is so brain dead he can no longer be the strong macho male to fight against the deep state. Observe the westerns of the 40s and 50s males….then see the new ones. MG the guys are absolute weak sissies pretending to be macho….with very few exceptions…maybe Kurt Russell, Kevin Sorbo, Dean Cain, James Woods, and Tom Selleck, etc. But the rest…they couldn’t fight their way out of a cardboard box unless their cell phones had how-to directions.

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