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Election Day Bonanza: Why Hillary Cancelled Her Fireworks Show and Regular Folks Are Secretly Voting Trump

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 11:59
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--It’s almost over…

The most fantastically bizarre election ever in recorded human history is almost… almost… almost… over.

Many political pundits are seen standing stiff on the sidelines, clearly disturbed, edging on traumatized, by what they’ve witnessed the past several months. As is understandable.

I mean, think about it from their perspectives.

The whole process which many of them honestly believe is the only thing that keeps the unwashed masses civilized and under control has now been flipped on its hairy little head.

“There’s no end here, just a punctuation mark,” an exasperated Frank Bruni writes in his latest NYT piece, Why This Election Terrifies Me, “a measly comma between the rancor that has built until this point and the fury to come. And there’s no way to un-see what all of us have seen over these last 18 months, to bottle up what has been un-bottled.”


To that, we scream…

Fiat lux!

Look outside. The sun is shining, exposing the system for what it is. Warts and all. The truth!

And it’s glorious!

Alas, the mainstream media, accustomed to their plush safe spaces full of unicorns and Pokemon Go, aren’t really enjoying reality’s scenery all that much.

Hunger Games Gif 1

When art imitates reality…

The puzzle pieces of the statist quo have been chewed, chawed, chomped, gnawed, munched, gummed, gurgled and projectile-puked out into the public square. 

And there they sit in a puddle of their own muck. In solidarity with the bootprinted dog-doo and the grizzly dude in the hooded sweatshirt. His stringy fingerless gloves still clutching for dear life the sign that always ominously reads “The End is Near.”

Someone else’s problem,” the political busybodies now say as they cautiously sidestep the chunky mess, feign concern, and go along their way, per usual.

But something’s different this time.

Deep down, with each passing of the putrid pile they once knew and loved, they understand the truth just as well as everyone else. Though they, the fake-caretakers, haven’t changed (all talk, no results), the system which once dropped grapes in their mouths, rewarding their boundless incompetence, has.


As Charles Hugh Smith pointed out recently: Politics as usual is dead. Take it to the bank. The fork is already stuck. And good riddance.

What in the hell, we ask, is left to preserve?

Off with its head!

Hunger Games 2

As The Daily Bell pointed out yesterday:

The current political system has virtually bankrupted the US and especially the middle class, many of whom have less than $1,000 in savings and over $100,000 in debt. Some 90 million potential workers don’t have formal employment.

The US continues to engage in serial, undeclared wars that have killed and wounded tens of millions overseas. And in the past few years, the military-industrial complex, facilitated by Congress and the executive branch, has embarked on a series of provocations abroad that have heightened tensions  with both Russia and China.

The political system itself is held in low repute, with Congressional approval in the single digits. The US justice system and even the executive branch are not held in high regard.

Enter Trump.

It’s no surprise, then, that so many regular folks — despite the armed swarms of “racist, sexist, bigoted” (mostly) Bigfoots — are voting for Trump.

Trumpsters simply don’t want more of the same. A Clinton presidency, to them, is little more than the same sh*t, different pantsuit. (Are they wrong?)

And they literally can’t afford it.

Of course, as we’ve said before, we don’t vote. We don’t have any puppies to tie in a garbage bag and throw down this nuclear waste-ridden river.

Two hundred plus years of voting for the lesser of two evils has reached its predictable fork in the road. We’re now here, square in the eyes of two intimately delusional individuals who will do very little to advance liberty.

And one of them is about to wield far more power than any individual should ever wield.


It’s a good thing, then, we’re not reliant upon these buffoons to save us. Nor should you be. 

Rather, let’s stay the course and keep focused. As Harry Browne has shown, it’s not outside the realm of possibility to live free in an unfree world. And it’s by living as an example that we create a freer, more cooperative society.

Not by politics and democrazy.

William Cooper Quote

Trump is simply a sign of the times. He’s the wedge in the Elite’s history books which (probably) wasn’t meant to be.

You don’t have to like Trump to recognize what this means.

If you’re still a little unclear about the implications, though, not to worry.

Today, we invite Tom Woods to explain the Trump phenomenon and rap about why regular folks are supporting The Donald Juan, “grab her by the [expletive deleted]”, Trump.

Read on…

Why Lots of Regular People Are Secretly Supporting Trump

Tom Woods

I don’t endorse political candidates anymore. I’m retired from that.

I observe the spectacle as a curious outsider, but that’s about it.

Still, I’ve commented with great interest on the Trump phenomenon and the reaction to it. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Trump says plenty of provocative things, so there’s no need to make things up about him. He obviously never said all Mexicans were rapists, but some people genuinely believe he did. He never put down veterans with PTSD as weak. And he certainly never mocked a reporter’s disability — that story was completely made up.

(Yes, I’ve seen the video of what Trump did — but he makes that hand gesture when he criticizes all kinds of wimps and creeps, and in any case Trump’s physical gesture in no way resembled that reporter or his disability.)

To my mind, though, all of Trump’s boorishness put together is but a grain of sand next to the Iraq slaughter George Bush presided over and Hillary cheered.

(And I don’t buy the “Trump supported the war” stuff; his three uninspired words in favor amount to nothing next to everything else he said at the time.)

Donald Trump is very poorly read and seems to know little about the world around him, sniff the sophisticates. (Admission: I myself have registered this complaint.)

This is quite unlike George W. Bush, of course, who we all know spoke five languages when he wasn’t quoting John Milton, composing sonnets, or shedding new light on the is-ought problem.

And oh, no, say the neocons and the GOP establishment: Trump doesn’t talk about “limited government”!

Because that’s what the world needs: more “talk” about limited government.

Where were these alleged conservatives when George W. Bush was pushing No Child Left Behind, government support for homeownership, Medicare Part D, and his countless other sins against limited government, including the bailouts during the financial crisis?

They were either making excuses, or fruitlessly wringing their hands.

Meanwhile, Bush was spreading universal human rights throughout the Middle East — a project Edmund Burke (if only Bush knew who that was) would have scorned as leftist and insane.

At no time did they repudiate him.

Incidentally, for all their caterwauling about Trump’s insufficient conservatism, what view held by National Review or the Weekly Standard these days could be described as conservative? What, apart from leftist rhetoric and legislative and social victories, do these knuckleheads think they’re conserving?

And make no mistake: Trump’s success is a poke in their eyes as well. Here they were, in all their manufactured outrage at the uppity masses who chose Trump over Jeb Bush, and not a single thing they said or did could stop it.

They’ve been paper tigers all along.

A vote for Trump, stated simply, is a middle finger to the media, the academic establishment, the entertainment world, the Social Justice Warriors, the elites of both parties, all of it.

Who in his right mind doesn’t want to give those people the middle finger?

Nationalism, fascism, authoritarianism, blah blah blah — as if any of that is substantively different from what we already have. This is a revolt against the establishment at all levels, and it transcends Trump himself, who almost certainly does not appreciate the full significance of his role or what is happening.

To my mind, Trump’s main fault is that if anything he’s been much too conventional.

His team is a joke: the change America needs involves Rudy Giuliani, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, and Newt Gingrich? Give me a break.

His message is: these particular people I oppose have screwed you. Not the system — the system is fine, citizen! Let us hear no complaints about the system! Let’s simply eject these bad people, and we’ll “take our government back.”


If someone took office and simply stopped bombing, returned diplomacy to American foreign policy, and disengaged — even just to a limited extent — from domestic intervention, I’d be plenty satisfied.

Will Trump do that? I don’t know. There’s plenty to be concerned about, that’s for sure.

I do know Hillary’s intentions, and they’re horrifying all around.

The media, the politicians, and even many libertarians dismiss Trump’s supporters with the usual names: racist, sexist, xenophobic. (I have no idea why Japan, with zero immigration, is never called xenophobic — couldn’t be that our delicate flowers have a double standard!)

There’s a far more charitable way to understand Trump supporters: they are in open rebellion against an establishment that can’t stand the sight of them.

The state apparatus only exacerbates the ideological divisions that exist between people, because it imposes one system on everyone. If this election cycle proves anything, it’s that different folks should be allowed to go their separate ways.

Let the Clintonistas go be governed by Harvard Ph.D.’s. (Btw, for my sticklers, you do insert an apostrophe when making Ph.D. plural.)

Let the rest of us figure out what we want, and in general leave each other alone.

[Ed. note: This article originally appeared on Tom Woods’ website, right here at this link.]


Tom Woods
Of The Tom Woods Show

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