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How the Elites Manipulate Your Ego to Destroy You [Part Two]

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 14:15
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--Yesterday, we spoke about the mega-hold the media has on the mind of the so-called “collective,” and how to break free once-and-for-all from this hive-mind.

Today, with the help of Laissez Faire Club board member Jud Anglin, we’re going to take it a large step forward.

[Tomorrow, in case you’re wondering, we’ll share some responses we’ve received from LFT readers about actionable solutions. Stay tuned. Do you have any actionable solutions to living a freer existence you want to share with your fellow LFT patrons? Email it:]

Last week, after the elections, Jud and I spoke on the phone about the crazy aftermath of Trump’s win. We’ve both seen people who’ve allowed longstanding friendships and even marriages be brutally ripped apart by American politics — also known as The Greatest Show on Earth.

It’s amazing to see how closely we link the political farce to our identities. We protect our candidates like a grizzly bear protects her cubs. It’s become instinctual for us. We do it without even thinking. And how easy, at the drop of a hat, it is for politicians and the media to manipulate us because of it.

There’s a formula “they” use every time. It’s extremely simple. And they’ve perfected it.

1] Tap into the ego and

2] Let the colors fly.

The bigger, stronger and veinier our egos, it seems, the bigger the targets on our backs.

You see, the ego, simply put, is the bundles of memories which we identify with as “me and my story.” It’s our identification with nationality, religion, race, social class, political allegiance, possessions, superficial appearances, opinions, self-esteem, comparisons… the list goes on…

Throughout history, these characteristics have been defined for us in a top-down fashion, often to make it easier to divide and conquer the “unwashed masses” and “save them from themselves.”

Albert Einstein, physics aside, had many incredible insights into human nature as well. He called the ego the “optical illusion of consciousness.”

The contents of the ego are different depending on the person. Deep down, though, all egos are the same. More than anything, they thrive on identification, division and superiority. And they all feel threatened in some way when those three things are not clearly defined or they feel like their identity is dying in some way (hence, the emphasis of “identity politics” to have people hatefully defending narratives). Problem is, most of the time, the ego’s foundation rests upon a constantly evolving and shifting house of cards, which is, as mentioned, often defined in a top-down fashion with malevolent intent.

Much of the fear, violence and destruction we see in the media is a result of a parasitical force which thrives on separation, division, ignorance and hate. That parasite… the ego… lives in all of us. The media is very good at manipulating the ego’s fear, pain and anger, reframing it, and twisting it to its advantage. 

The parasitical class doesn’t need to do much more than create a toxic environment and tell a few damning stories about the “evil others.” They know that the “blue” side will always blame it on the “red” side and vice versa. After that, they mostly just kick back and enjoy the show.

The insane part is that when the ego takes hold, we ask for more conflict, division, hate and separation. We seethe for it. The ego feels empowered when it’s fighting against the “others.” The ego loves a righteous cause.

“In failure or adversity,” Ryan Holiday writes in Ego is the Enemy, “it’s so easy to hate. Hate defers blame. It makes someone else responsible. It’s a distraction too; we don’t do much else when we’re busy getting revenge or investigating the wrongs that have supposedly been done to us.”

But hate doesn’t help anything. Hate stunts development, evolution and productive change. It shuts down the dialogue and feedback mechanisms which, in times of real peace and cooperation, make our lives better. It’s not good for the person who hates. It’s not good for the person who receives the hate. And it’s not good for the development of the children and other onlookers who see the hate occurring without powerful and peaceful adult-like intervention.

Alas, we’ve turned into a nation of crybabies. Too afraid to take responsibility, too quick to cast blame. And, in truth, we are just as responsible for crafting the manipulators as they are of crafting us. They, too, are imprisoned by us, because they are dependent on our egos staying in control. So, we, too, are to blame for this absurd cycle of codependency.

Without the ego’s stranglehold, the circus tent comes crashing to the ground.

And here’s the obligatory sappy (but true) cliche…

“Meanwhile,” Holiday writes, “love is right there. Egoless, open, positive, vulnerable, peaceful and productive.”

Voluntaryism requires that our actions become more voluntary. Meaning, more conscious. Politics requires the opposite. That our actions become more egoic, more emotional, more impulsive, more involuntary. More unconscious.

Hence, as mentioned on Monday, the ever-growing need for more emotional intelligence.


Now, this is where Jud Anglin comes in.

Not only is Jud going to introduce you to “The Work,” which set him on the path out of political mind-control, he’s also going to give you a list of 20 mind-blowing books that’ll put this election into perspective — and help you untether yourself
from the unconscious manipulative dance with the elites.


As one of my favorite poets, Rumi, once wrote: “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

Read on…

Don’t Let Your Ego Manipulate You. Instead, Help Create a New Earth

Jud Anglin

The election is over, but our path is unclear. We’re all witnessing sheer madness and insanity around the world. Emotions on all sides of the spectrum are boiling hot.

We see anger, fear, frustration, depression, and bewilderment all around.  Facebook is melting with rage. Protesters and agitators are breaking car windows from Portland to Berlin.

Economists are proclaiming that we’re on the verge of global financial collapse. Neocons are pining for war…. ISIS, Iran, Russia, and hegemonic power in the South China Sea.

In our brief span of history, nothing is really new with all this negative emotional energy emanating from us homosapiens… except for one BIG thing!

Social media!  Since the election last week, I’m truly shocked by the hateful rhetorical emotions spewing from family, friends, and even casual acquaintances on Facebook.

What I find especially troubling is the fact that all these individuals have shown so much decency and kindness over the years.

How did they stoop to this level of hatred…

… levels so deep that it will take Herculean effort and time to heal?

I could turn to Jesus or Buddha, but unfortunately I would be socially attacked for political correctness in our current environment of hate and shame.

So instead, I’ll turn to to Eckhart Tolle. You may have heard his name before.

Mr. Tolle is a psychology guru and author of the international best sellers, The Power of Now and A New Earth.

I read A New Earth about seven years ago and I found it to be life-changing.

“Eckhart presents readers with an honest look at the current state of humanity: He implores us to see and accept that this state, which is based on an erroneous identification with the egoic mind, is one of dangerous insanity.”

Read this quote again.  How apropos!

You see, we all have an ego. Problem is, according to Eckhart, your ego is F…ing “INSANE.” (emphasis mine)

Think about it his way… the ego is never satisfied, never fulfilled, always wants more. It’s the insane constantly-chattering voice in your mind that won’t leave you alone. It has strong and unrelenting opinions about everything and everyone.

Even worse, it’s manipulative, deceitful, cunning, and constantly striving for your full attention and validation.

But get this. The ego also has an extreme and insatiable desire to feel superior to everyone else. When you are at a party and strike up a conversation with a new bloke, that insane ego is racing through your mind trying to show you how superior you are.

Perhaps you feel that you are a nice and sincere person and this insane ego doesn’t apply to you… WRONG!

Your devilish ego will happily serve you up a delicious pot of pity stew to attach your identity to. And once attached, YOU won’t let go.

So let’s circle back to Eckhart Tolle’s message in A New Earth.

Escaping your insane ego is next to impossible. In fact, Eckhart informs his readers of A New Earth, that you are likely not ready to read past the first chapter.

But if you are able to muster the fortitude, you truly have the opportunity to be a part of “creating a new earth.” Chances are, nothing else will save humanity from it’s ultimate demise. The leader that YOU believe in, vote for, cry over, fight for, or
Facebook about, is too busy kowtowing to their master ego to solve your problems.

According to Eckhart Tolle, the only way to escape our insane ego is to wake up and be aware in the moment. Present. No thoughts. Quiet and peaceful, filled with compassion for those that are not awake.

Eckhart even points out that in The Bible, the gospels recorded that when Jesus was dying on the cross, in unimaginable pain, he screamed out to God to forgive humanity for “they know not what they do!”

Unfortunately, waking up and becoming aware is so incredibly difficult to do. Next to impossible, indeed.

Have you ever looked at the second-hand of your watch and tried to simply watch it move without any thoughts?  How long can you do this? One minute, maybe two. Give it a try.

It takes tons of practice.  In fact, it takes a lifetime of hard work and study. My great friend, business partner and mentor, Patrick Marsek, introduced me to this new reality.

It’s appropriately called, “The Work.”

Patrick has been working and studying conscious awareness for over 30 years. He tells me that it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do. But, it’s imperative that we must take the challenge, spread this message and help others if we are to survive on this planet.

When Patrick first introduced me to The Work, he explained that it was a 3-step process.

First, you have to find the right knowledge. It comes in various forms, but can be obtained through books and lectures. Beware of false prophets along the way though.

Second, you have to work hard to understand this knowledge. Without understanding, the concepts and principles will lay dormant within you.

Third, you have to apply your new understanding in the moment — and at every possible moment. This is essential — especially at times when life seems to present you with challenges.

This 3-step process works best with a mentor who has spent years studying “The Work.”

It’s NOT easy!

To help you with the first step of “The Work,” click here for Patrick’s top 20 list of books that will help you wake up and maximize your psychological growth.

These books are listed chronologically from top to bottom.  Make sure that you start off with the ones from the top and work your way down. If you just randomly pick one from the bottom you may find yourself completely lost.

Don’t let your ego manipulate your efforts here… get busy “creating a new earth.

Hope this helps ease your election blues.

May conscious awareness be with you!

Jud Anglin
Board Member, Laissez Faire Club

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