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ISIS “TET Offensive” Will Target All 50 American State Capital Cities

Sunday, December 27, 2015 12:31
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The interview begins at the one hour and ten minute mark.

Doug and Joe Hagmann recently interviewed Dave Hodges and among the many things that they covered was the fact that a massive, well-coordinated ISIS attack is coming.

The insider intelligence reports are strongly suggestive of the fact that not only will schools, malls and athletic events will simultaneously be targeted, but so will the First Responders who arrive on the scence.

Dave and Doug lay it all out in what many will come to label as the ISIS Tet Offensive in reference to the Tet Offensive carried out in S. Vietnam by the Viet Cong in which every capital of every province will be attacked.on the same day. It was the event which turned the American people so much against the Vietnam War, that victory became impossible for the U.S. 

The ISIS Tet Offensive will launch America into martial law, gun confiscation perhaps even civil war. 


An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!

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  • Klemens

    ISIS Attack = False Flag :!:

    • LifeIs

      Yes, and such attacks fit the Constitutional definition of treason. And so does threatening (“predicting”) them.

    • Bonzo

      Why perform ISIS terrorist activities in Europe and US?

      Answer: ISIS wants to provoke an attack (ground troops) from the West, “Rome and 80 allied nations.” So that old predictions may be fulfilled.

      Read more about the predictions in the book Hadith.

  • dr.petestan

    The man who predicts the future with an accuracy rate of 0.000 is at it yet again.

  • Anonymous

    yeah right they have bases on the moon and mars too
    most of ISIS sits in US key government positions

  • Hayduke

    Brother Hodges,

    Although you were totally wrong regarding Comet Ison, FEMA camps, Jade Helm 15, Russians behind every bush, head loppers, martial law, the Gulf exploding, Fukushima killing everyone, three million in the US dead from Ebola, rhe Chinese stealing Las Vegas, an EMP attack, and Lyn Lheaz going commando, you just may be right about this.

    And then, maybe not.

    God Bless Brother Hodges And His Predictions.

    • The Clucker

      Amen. God Bless Brother Hodges and his many failed predictions. Someday he might get one right so I hope he keeps at it. His persistence is remarkable. Thanks for mentioning head loppers, Mitch. Guillotine is the coolest way to die because when your head gets lopped off blood shoots out of the neck hole. God Bless.

  • Alan Schuetz

    I’m in Baton Rouge. Bring it! We are armed to the teeth… lol

  • Tedx

    Considering that the US Government owns and commands ISIS, once we load our magazines and start taking the foreign invaders out, maybe we should just keep going until all the Neocons are cleaned out of our government.

  • officer420

    At least we know our politicians, policemen and celebrities will be O.K.

    • FraMar

      and INDUSTRIALIST – Don’t for the 1 percenters.

  • sitrep

    People are to busy interfacing with computer AI’s, yes the mind controller Social media Hive programs.

    Most hive social programmed people are to busy this time of the year slapping, beating each other at the Malls across America, because they no longer know how to communicate with each other.

    Plus everyone knows if something was going to happen, your governments would have already alerted the masses, right?
    Why should they alert anyone, when the mass public are already chaotic, and beating each other down over some piece of crap TV, or sneakers, with some stupid lights built into them, right who could resist that crap.
    Plus you got to get those new phones, who has time to worry about any threats, when you already know your walking into a beat down cage match, and risking your lives, going to the stores to get that crappy tv, and phone, Right?
    It is always a good Idea to at least have enough money for an ambulance ride when shopping for electronics.
    Plus it is a guarantee that someone will film your beat down, so you can review it with your friends, and they can give you some good pointers, on how to defend yourself better, for the next time.
    Also you can post pictures of your swollen broken face on your Fav Social Media site, and people can press the like button, this always makes you feel better, and gives you courage to get into another store Beat Down Cage match.

    So now you see there is nothing to worry about, heck even if there was a threat most are to busy getting those electronics, and pressing some like button.
    Who has time to worry about some groups that have infiltrated from the top down, you have to much to do, Right?
    Plus with everything already so fluid, and chaotic, if something was to happen, your gonna need those new sneakers, and Smerf Phones, so you can run, and TXT at the same time.
    Oh, and so you do not forget, your Governments would warn you in advance, right?

    Be sure to get those sneakers with the flashing lights built in, those are cool, plus they will make you more visible, and draw attention away from the real world people that actually knows what is going down. Get that new Smerf phone, and be sending TXT , that way you will not see it coming, and it will most likely be painless.

    Ahhhh, Yes, Your Governments are taking care of you, notice all the new Mobile Computer Interface devices they have for you. Plus Everyone knows the Governments would warn the Mass Public anyway. yes they would warn everyone, so Everything will turn Chaotic, and mass rioting, and looting of the stores, Ahhhh yes, gots to get those Smerf Phones, TV’s, and Sneakers, Ahhhh, can you smell it now.
    Yes you be out getting your share, only to return home, and find someone broke in, and stole the stuff you stole, so now you gots to do it all over again, Oh the excitement!!!!

    So as you can see there has been no Infiltration, so rest easy, Right?
    yes, now go back to your daily routines, oh, do not forget to press the likes buttons.

    • NetRanger

      Your cynical rant, while being ugly and sarcastic, happens to be very accurate.

      …for some.

      There is an increasing number of people that see exactly what is going on and are ready to defend America from this exact thing. This type of thing is EXACTLY why the 2A was written by the founders. They knew the federal government would eventually incorporate and become and oppressive force and want to remove private ownership of the one thing that make us different from the slave nations. They also knew that the lack of initiative by FedGove to protect the people would need a backstop. That backstop is an armed populace.

  • NetRanger

    “The ISIS Tet Offensive will launch America into martial law, gun confiscation perhaps even civil war. ”

    Gun confiscation? Right. Like the cops aren’t smart enough to figure out that only an armed populace and repel such a thing.

    If CIASIS starts something like that there will be 1000 private citizens surrounding every school and athletic event.

    The only thing that would start a civil war would be the attempted confiscation of guns by an extremely suicide prone federal government.

    Dave Hodges makes his living by selling fear porn. ZZZzzz…

    • C.J.MacKechnie

      The American Tet Offensive won’t be about any political motives or launching the USA in Civil war or even into multiple race wars. The overall objective of Islam is to force every living soul to submit to the authority of their religion and god. Just as Islam is doing right now all over the planet. Islam will continue to kill everyone, destroy all archaeological history and erase all history of anyone’s existence who does not comply. Islam will do this by any means necessary.
      Dave Hodges seems to think maybe less than 50 terrorist attacks will occur in the whole of the USA at one single time. I feel like he is in error. The numbers may be higher than 50 per large city and possibly hundreds per metropolitan city.

  • edj1983

    Something like this will never happen. Another prediction from this guy? Haha :eek:

  • holeshot

    ISIS, along with the D. H. S. and Black Lives Matter are Obama’s “civilian security force” which reminds me very much of Hitler’s Brown Shirts and S S storm troopers. It also reminds me that after Hitler was done using them to complete his agenda, they were all killed so they couldn’t fight him after they realized how they were used. Obama “Baptized” ISIS when he refused , against the advice of his military commanders whom he later fired, to destroy ISIS in their infancy, which could have been accomplished as easily as when Bush destroyed Saddam’s army on the road to Baghdad in Gulf War 1. He also refuses to condemns the BLM movement and encourages racial divide and hatred at every opportunity. He is only waiting for his “crisis” so as not to waste it ,and implement all the draconian Executive orders he and Presidents before him issued to disarm and restrain us. “I will stand with Muslims, should the political winds turn ugly ” — Barack Hussein Obama. FEEL THE BREEZE.

  • Helluva3ngineer

    Way to rip off Matt Bracken’s essay, then take it to another level with imminent fear-mongering /sarc

  • FraMar

    “ISIS Sleeper Cells Awaken in America” – Is that a news report or an INSTRUCTION?

  • holeshot

    I guess now we know that when Obama talked about ” Those who cling to their guns and religion” he was talking about his radical Islamist brothers and sisters from ISIS. “I will stand with Muslims,should the political winds turn ugly” –Barack Hussein Obama.

  • Judge Roy Bean

    Kind of like this website that puts out stuff only fools would believe but then they do put out the truth on some but here is the deal, the truth articles will make you think they are tainted also.

  • VirusGuard

    “The ISIS Tet Offensive will launch America into martial law, gun confiscation perhaps even civil war.”

    The USA is already heading for a cival war over the government trying to take your guns and the race (Black/White) trigger is in good working order but this “Tet” thing about ISIS is pulled out someones arse and we all know that the jeiwsh bankers who control Congress are behind ISIS and they also did 9/11

    Dave you keep looking in the wrong direction and a few muslims on the bankers payrole will soon be shot to peaces so long as americians keep hold of there guns.

    Thanks for your 50th warning about the muzzies are coming

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