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Mike Adams and Dave Hodges: The U.S. Has Entered the False Flag Window

Thursday, September 22, 2016 10:49
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I have known Mike Adams for some time. He has great credibility and I can accurately state that Mike is extremely sincere and very accurate with his analyses on various issues.  Subsequently, when Mike says that we are in the definitive window of multiple false flag attacks, he has my attention and should have your attention as well. In the interview, below, Mike Adams makes the case that between now and the election is a very dangerous time for our country.

The following interview with Mike is exciting and frightening at the same time.  Please leave your thoughts in the comment section.



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  • Why should we believe a guy with no credibility (You, Dave) – telling us some dude has credibility?

    • Why should ANYONE care about what a KNOWN TROLL like YOU thinks or sais there “You people make my nuts ache” ?!!! Your minds on vacation and your mouth’s workin’ overtime there FOOL !!!

      • Just listen and remember, put it in your memory bank. We all go wrong sometimes. Who is a foe and who is of pure good / no-one. I stopped judging on behalf of the people a long time ago. We live in CHAO already. I say do not stab if you do not have to, only for your own survival.

  • Myself and many other commentors have said this exact thing for months. You will be at war with Russia before the election and just when you think you have beaten Russia China will come from behind and surround all American military While Osama is relying on Technology. Russia is old school and still thinks for itself. The human advantages.

  • Sorry, but listened to about 1/3 and you turned me off when you could not confirm your sources yet you seem to cite them as “credible”.

    I listened to Mike at the beginning and seemed to be confused at what to call the opposition. Not surprised because he does not even know what the opposition IS.

    For instance, the problem with obama is his obsession with being a negro and you being a white. But if you call obama a “negro” Mike kicks you off his website PERMANENTLY. But I am pointing out exactly what the problem is with a said Mr. obama.

    Yet, other derogatory names are allowed for women, Mexicans, etc., other than their proper names is OK with him.

    Sorry, but if both of you cannot cite WHY you believe in FF operations because cannot name your sources or even identify the opposition then both of you are just in it for the advertising and become a self-funding operation. Or what they call “charities”. :cool:

    • I know, Mike Adams comment section under his articles will censor you if you mention Zionism. He is a limited hangout and you cannot expect full truth or freedom of speech from this turncoat.

  • Is this a rev-up?……lets have a look at the ORIGINAL FALSE FLAGS of amarycar….

    #USA Stars & Stripes# the British East India Company naval ensign,the Cross of St George(Genoa), replaced with
    the 13 colony stars. Yale was the Jesuit agent pilfering funds that paid for the Collegium(Uni)

    #CONFEDERATE Flag #……turn it 45degr and its the Cross with stars, Orange, the Irish Confederate Catholic colours,and Dutch (New Amsterdam), from “William of Orange”……Spanish Valencia?

    #PIRATE FLAG#……Rep Bush + Dem Kerry….da SKULL & BONES!…… :eek: But what was the ORIGINAL????

    :?: :eek: :eek: The flag of Blackbeard, Edward Teach, is a Skeleton piercing a heart with a spear, and drops of blood, while the Devil drinks a toast….

    My POINT :!: ……the very term “false flag” was flying false colours at SEA, your naval ensign,or Standard/flag a sign of your allegiance. “Hoisting the Colours”, after sneaking into the harbour under the enemy flag……..
    And in that era, JESUIT Spanish Gold Bullion + Slave/Sugar/Cotton/Tobacco ships were plying the Carribean.

    What did PRIVATEER of England(Protestant) find in one of these “Treasure Chests”?

    The JESUIT > Blood OATH Flag. The Oath of Allegiance to the IHS . The same one taken by initiates, a dagger held to the sacred heart by the “Superior”, an Oath sworn with Death the price for betrayal… old Jolly Roger( a nickname for the Devil)…… Red Blood on their Black=White……

    TODAY ??? :?: The Skull & Bones of their secret “Masonic” society. The “Coffin” on the black/white chequerboard floor tiles of their halls……Loyola’s & Borgia’s “Skull=Death”….the IHS Blood Oath of Allegiance

    The IS flag……some Arabic war cry on BLACK & WHITE. Or like the old Barbary Corsairs`~ Pirati….an arm with a Scimitar on ….Black & White…..the Damascus steel of Muslim Defenders

    ### Swearing an Oath of Allegiance under a Flag?……..schools? boy scouts? ‘Christian Camp’?the FORCES! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    The new false colours is OBAMAS Flag……..*Hint* ..the jesuit sun logo(dawn) over a new sea of whites >bleeding

    Oh, and their Gay Pride Rainbow “Colours”, like a Pot of Gold at the end…. :razz: :razz: :razz:

  • Mike Adams is an asset of a lettered agency. Thats why you should pay attention. Why he is allowed to talk is beyond me.

    • Disinformation? But what is spoken about here is very possible…

    • And where is your documented proof?

  • Hi Dave, Good to see you because I thought they had bumped you off and thanks for the advert selling emergency food but i’m covered.

    When did the USA ever stop using false flags but the trouble is not from the Obummer puppet it’s his leaders who did 9/11 back in Israel and this is the cancer that needs to be removed.

    Trump too is just a puppet and will have to just back track on more lies if he wins or do you think he can just pick up the phone, ring the military and tell them to release the nukes or to send the bomber to hit Iran.

    You need to wake up Dave that bed too soft, never mind telling others to wake up

  • By now everyone should know that govs are all for profit corporations and represent their share holders not we the people. It is all a fraud against us to make them rich parasites.

  • 42:38 – 46:12
    On January 31, 1968, the Tet Offensive (named for the lunar new year holiday called Tet)

    10:09 –>12:46

    Mainstream Media Lies to the Masses – Media Lies – Media Lies Documentary

    Tet is the Djed meaning stability, backbone.

    Tet – Vietnamese New Year

    Lunar New Year’s Eve
    However, in a literal translation, it means “Passage from the Old to the New Year”. It is a common belief among Vietnamese people that there are 12 Sacred Animals from the Zodiac taking turn monitoring and controlling the affairs of the earth. Thus, Giao Thua (New Year’s Eve)is the moment of seeing the old chief (Dragon for 2000) end his ruling term and pass his power to the new chief (Snake for 2001). Giao Thua is also the time for Ong Tao (Kitchen God) to return to earth after making the report to the Jade Emperor. Every single family should offer an open-air ceremony to welcome him back to their kitchen.

    Zodiac of Monkey – the cheerful one
    (1968; 1980; 1992; 2004; 2016)

    • You Tube removed parts of the video, now the timeline is wrong, in fact it was the part they removed.
      42:38 – 46:12
      On January 31, 1968, the Tet Offensive (named for the lunar new year holiday called Tet)
      The key point is that the Tet offensive was not successful, you been lied to.

      I am RA-uploading this video:

  • “I came, I saw, I conquered.” — Julius Caesar
    Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: We came, we saw, he died.
    Well if Akhenaton and Jesus is related they been had! Fooled. Monoteism Aton.

    Nato is a subversion then? Out of the Roman “religious” Empire.

    Wolves in sheep’s clothing. It adds up even further Cultural-Marxism calls for the bleeding heard, emphathy, sympathy, they themselves do not have it, they psychopaths, Ants and ticks they are.
    Communitarianism is Feudalism I say. But they are the new Lords of it.

    The Fabian Society’s links to subversive money interests

    The founders, leaders and financial backers of the Fabian Society were closely connected with the same interests:

    Hubert Bland, a bank-employee-turned-journalist, worked for the London Sunday Chronicle, a paper owned by newspaper magnate Edward Hulton, formerly of the Liberal Manchester Guardian. Bland was a co-founder of the Fabian Society in 1884 and became a member of its executive and its long-serving treasurer. He also recruited his friend and fellow journalist Bernard Shaw.

    Bernard Shaw was working for the London Pall Mall Gazette, where leading Liberal William T. Stead served as editor and Alfred (later Lord) Milner as his assistant. Both Stead and Milner were close to diamond magnate and Rothschild associate Cecil Rhodes and were involved in the formation of the influential secret organisation known as the Milner Group. Having been recruited to the Fabian Society by his friend Bland in 1884, Shaw recruited Annie Besant and his friends Sidney Webb, Sydney Olivier and Graham Wallas in 1885 and 1886.

    In addition to political intrigue, the Fabians were also adept at securing a higher social and financial position for themselves.

    The Fabian Society and World Government

    The Socialist International itself was created in 1951 by the London Fabian Society as the successor to Karl Marx’s First International. Its main function has been to co-ordinate the Socialist movement worldwide, in particular, with a view to establishing world government and promoting the UN as the central instrument for this:

    “The ultimate objective of the parties of the Socialist International is nothing less than world government. As a first step towards it, they seek to strengthen the United Nations so that it may become more and more effective … Membership of the United Nations must be made universal” (“The World Today: The Socialist Perspective,” Declaration of the Socialist International Oslo Conference, 2-4 June 1962).

    This was parroted by Socialist parties (and governments) around the world, the British Labour Party at the forefront:

    “Labour remained faithful to its long-term belief in the establishment of east-west co-operation as the basis for a strengthened United Nations developing towards world government … For us world government is the final objective and the United Nations the chosen instrument …” (Labour Party manifesto 1964).

    The Fabian Society and the Bilderberg Group

    It is interesting to note what leading Bilderberg members have had to say about the Group. David Rockefeller writes that “Bilderberg meetings must induce apocalyptic visions of omnipotent international bankers plotting with unscrupulous government officials to impose cunning schemes on an ignorant and unsuspecting world” (Rockefeller, pp. 410-1). Denis Healey writes that “in America they were attacked as a left-wing plot to subvert the United States, in Europe as a capitalist plot to undermine socialism” (Healey, p. 196).

    The Bilderberg Group’s role in the drive for world government has been confirmed by leading Fabian Healey himself, co-founder of both the Socialist International and Bilderberg, who admitted that the group aimed to achieve a “united global governance” (Birrell, 2013).

    In light of the above facts, the identity of the objectives of the Fabian Society represented by the Socialist International and parties like Labour, on one hand, and the objectives of international financial interests represented by the UN and Bilderberg, on the other hand, becomes indisputable (Ratiu, 2012).

    The Fabian Society Exposed

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