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Insider Interview Reveals All About the Sutherland Springs Massacre – Make This Go Viral

Thursday, November 9, 2017 9:19
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I can recall vividly watching the tape of Walter Cronkite as he announced the death of JFK. Cronkite was fighting with everything he had to maintain himself during the report and he did so with great poise although he was visibly shaken. I had my Walter Cronkite moment, and I failed, as I interviewed a citizen from Sutherland Springs, Texas. I know many people in the media relish the thought being the first to break a story and they can do so, under great pressure with professionalism. I am not made that way. Walter Cronkite. I am not. I freely confess that the interview I conducted on the facts surrounding the mass murder in Texas haunt me. I awakened this morning having a nightmare about the events. I hope I am never in this position again to where I have to report such profound human tragedy.

In the late evening of November 8, 2017, I interviewed Vonda Smith from Sutherland Springs, Texas. Vonda’s husband originally reached out to me on Facebook and told me that the “real story” was not being told regarding the tragic events that took place on November 5th.

The Interview Has Been Sabotaged

I have the raw tape of the interview and it was ready for distribution. However, my files have been infiltrated and strange music, the likes of what I have never heard, has been embedded into the recording of the interview, making the listening to the exchange between Vonda and myself nearly impossible to decipher. I am having an individual working on removing the music track and they think they can do it, however, it is going to take time. In the meantime, I do not feel that I can wait to get this information out.

Last night, I was comparing notes with Paul Preston of Agenda 21 Radio and he advised me to get this information out as soon as possible because it was not safe for either Vonda nor myself to be the only ones in possession of the information revealed that was contained in our audio recording. I agree with Paul’s assessment, therefore, I am going to recount the interview from my perspective and am not going to wait to the release of the “repaired” audio file. When the file is restored, I will post it here as an update.

Chris Ward’s Family

Very early in the tragedy, local media aired a report that had identified the shooter as Chris Ward. This was repeated far and wide and dominated social media. I was reporting on the fact that Kelly had been killed and was recounting the contents of his deleted Facebook page when this interview began to cross my email, multiple times anming Mr. Ward as the assailant. He was not!

All of us in the media owe Mr. Ward profound apology. Mr. Ward lost most of his family in the tragedy. As fate would have it, he was home sleeping while his family was at the ill-fated church because he had worked very late the night before. It was Mr. Ward’s brave wife, Joann, who was the mom that laid over her children, trying to protect them as, this animal assassin fired several bullets into the mother killing her and two of the three children. I personally extend my profound and heartfelt condolences to Mr. Ward and his loved ones for their horrific loss.

Joann’s aunt has set up a “Go Fund Me” account to help Chris with the associated expenses . Here is the link if you wish to support Chris War and his loved ones.

From the Go Fund Me page:

“We lost my niece Joann Ward and two of her little girls in the Sutherland Springs shooting.  Their youngest boy is still in unknown medical condition as he was shot 4-5 times but made it to the hospital.  Joann was the most wonderful mom any child could wish for and her children were always laughing and just loving life.  She leaves behind a husband and two other children that were in the church but survived the attack.

I can imagine the costs burden on her surviving husband and family. Any contribution you can make will go directly to help with funeral costs, medical costs and other losses due to this horrific tragedy.  A fund for the two surviving children, Ryland, age 5 and Rihanna, age 9 will be set up for their needs with the remainder of all donations raised.  Thank you. ”
Beloved mother Joann Ward.

” We lost the two middle children above, Emily and Brooke.”

This Sunday night, on The Common Sense Show,  I am going to be assisting Joann’s aunt in raising the needed funds.

The Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Vonda Smith’s description of the events immediately following the tragedy made it clear that there was no intent on the part of the authorities to preserve the integrity of the crime scene. Apparently, “the authorities” were the FBI who seemed to make it to this town at light speed. Paul Preston told me that he saw news clips of men in FBI jackets that were on the scene in less than an hour following the shooting. Yet, there was crime scene integrity. According to Vonda, the only thing that the FBI cared about was to quickly get the bodies out of the church. This flies in the fact of “normal” crime scene investigations. Vonda recounted two stories of where the crime scene was invaded and nobody was guarding the evidence so to speak. Most telling was the fact that many of the bodies never went to the morgue for an autopsy.

Following the gruesome event, the authorities put out an all-call for people to send photos of the victims to the authorities for purposes of identification. One person was shown a photo of tattoos and this was used as the means to identify a dead person. The vast majority of the family member of the victims, as of Wednesday evening have not been allowed to identify their fallen relatives.

Vonda related the story of one family that was dictated to by the FBI what kind of funeral they were going to have. According to Vonda, the FBI told one family how much of the body they would be permitted to view. Additionally, the family was told whether the casket would remain open or closed.

An Overreach of Jurisdictional Authority

Despite the fact that ISIS has taken credit for the massacre at Sutherland Springs, the FBI has stated that this was not a terrorist event. Despite the fact that the original reports stated that Kelly was an “avowed athiest”, this was not a hate crime involving Christians. Despite the fact that myself and others have revealed the Kelly has a decided Antifa affiliation and identified with ISIS, the FBI categorized and characterized this event as a “mental health” event. The FBI is wrong and just with the Vegas massacre, they are covering up the facts of the case.

The FBI needs to badly answer a question. If this is not a terrorist event, then why does the FBI have jurisdictional authority? This is a matter for the local sheriff. Why does the FBI have the right to determine what kind of casket and the degree of body exposure the victims will have? Why, now four days, after the event, have the vast majority of victims not been identified? In fact, Vonda clearly stated that the FBI was throwing deliberate roadblocks into body identification by demanding that the family had to have both the social security card and the birth certificate of the victim. Ask yourself a question America: How many of you could meet that burden? And when have you ever heard of such nonsense when it comes to proper body identification?

A Chilling Account

Vonda recounted the eyewitness testimony of a nine year old child who survived the attack. The girl clearly and personally told Vonda that the assailant put a gun to his own head and shot himself. Vonda further stated that the girl later repeated the fact that the assailant put a gun to his head but did not repeat the fact that he shot himself. I would say it is a safe bet that the girl was accurately describing a suicide. There would be no reason for the assailant to put a gun to his head and then not fire.

As It Was In Vegas, The Official Narrative Does Not Add Up

Paul Preston has a source that lives 3 miles from the scene of the crime and he is getting the EXACT same details as what Vonda described in that there are issues with the removal of the bodies, identification and crime scene integrity.

I have taken the facts as Vonda has described them and posed these facts to people I consider experts. Here is what they have universally concluded:

  1. There were multiple shooters
  3. The reason that the identification of the bodies is being delayed is so the wounds can be surgically altered as much as possible. This is to conceal the fact that these people were likely shot with two different guns.
  5. Further, the restricted viewing aspect associated with the caskets at burial is to prevent people from seeing the conditions of the bodies as much as possible for the same reasons of concealment.


The Interview Has Been Restored




Finally, isn’t it interesting, that the alleged assailant isn’t anti-Christian, not a terrorist and not affiliated with Antifa. And of course, Kelly is a typical lone nut assassin that we see every single time we have one of these events. If all of these things are true, then why is the FBI controlling the narrative as well as the protocols for the funerals? Something here stinks and stinks very badly. To the good people in the FBI, why do you tolerate the bad people in the FBI?

Again, I will upload the interview if and when we are able to repair the sabotage. It is noteworthy that the website crashed, twice, on the upload of this story.


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  • Pink Slime

    Pizzahut, you are creating your own melodrama. A habit of yours. You like to “embellish” stories and you kinda of remind me of this fat kid I knew as a boy who would always tell these stories.

    The thing is, everyone in the neighborhood knew this kid like to tell “tall tales”. We chucked it to loneliness. :lol:

  • 2QIK4U

    Feel violated just for existing? Gofundme!

    • 2QIK4U

      Isn’t it funny the blm had to give back 900,000 acres including the Bundy ranch yet they’re still in jail… Some r out month’s ago but not all

  • Hayduke

    Let’s see. These are some of the things that Brother Pizzahut has told us BINNERS so far:

    Comet Ison was flown by aliens in an attempt to ruin da ‘Erf.

    Thirty million Americans dead from Ebola. (Three years ago).

    One million Russian soldiers in the US waiting to take us over. Da???

    Every Wal-Mart is a FEMA jail.

    Millions of train cars made to haul our asses to FEMA camps.

    Millions of coffins in Georgia laying around just waiting for us. Pizzahut forgot to tell us that this was actually a coffin company.

    The Gulf was going to blow up due to too much methane killing everyone there.

    Invisible shooters in Vegas, Texas, and everywhere else.

    We are getting EMP’d any minute by North Korea.

    I guess it’s a good thing he’s never right, so there is still time to buy all the crap he is hawling. :shock: :shock: :eek:

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