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Alex Jones Predicts Late June Nuclear Terror Attacks In America

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 14:12
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Controlled opposition Freemason Alex Jones and associates have left strong clues.
On 4/22/18 Jones informant “Zach” predicted “Jack of Spades” terror attacks.
Jack of Spades = Operation Blackjack = 6/22 nuclear attacks in U.S. & E.U.
Jones’s mini-me Owen Shroyer predicts attack “before the end of June”.
Jones claims “I heard 10 years ago that Iran has at least 5 nukes”.
Trump’s foreign enemies are precisely the targets in Blackjack.
“Syria, Iran, and China” are those targets/patsy nations.
“ISIS + nationalists” = bomb planting domestic patsies.  
Trump identifies as the Bible’s initiator of WW3.

Prior publicity postpones planned sneak attacks.


blackjack-pt3-sl2 (1)

Who rules our world and carries out the terror attacks? Some important clues:

9/11/01 reversed = 1119 A.D. =  Knights Templar/Freemasons founded in Jerusalem. 9/11 flight numbers = 11 175 93 77 = 1177 A.D. (7/7), and 175 (1+7+5=13) + 93 (9+3=12) = 1312 A.D. = Templars are banned for conducting numerous satanic rituals, and disguise themselves as “Freemasons”. Templar ban 3/22/1312 = 322 Skull And Bones Society.

7/7 = 1177 A.D. = greatest military victory of the Templars/Masons (Battle of Montgisard), and 1717 – Masons go public and open the first grand/united Masonic Lodge in London.

3/11 attacks (Madrid, Winnenden, Fukushima) = Masonic hero/martyr Jacques de Molay, the 23rd and last public leader of the Templars, who was burnt at the stake on 3/11/1314.

11/22/1963 refers to 11/22/1307, when the Pope ordered the arrest of all Knights Templar, many of whom were subsequently tortured to gain evidence of Templar satanic rituals: the Masons took revenge against America’s first Catholic president JFK on 11/22/1963.


The Masons have been behind most major wars, revolutions and uprisings, in the Western  world, since the “Peasants’ Revolt” of 1381. For example, World War 1 was triggered by the Masonic Serbian Black Hand Gang, and World War 2 was the work of Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill,  all of whom were war-mongering Masons.


As many know or suspect, Masons infest/control politics, the judiciary, the police, and the media in many countries, including the crucial “alternative media” in America. Alex Jones, Trump, and many other political leaders are exposed as Masons here, which includes this video:

Article continues HERE. See Trump reveal, and others confirm, that he is the new “Whore of Babylon” who plans to start World War 3, and much more!

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  • Anonymous

    great post. Alex and the Abominations he promotes are the ultimate Deception. Very sad, has most Xtians completely suckered.
    Bill Cooper was the naval intelligence foe of NWO, who made predictions of 911 in June of that year. Jones stole the info, claiming it was his- and made a career lying about “being the prediction of 911″.

    • Ugly

      Very good. I see you are very astute in your observations. Many people can’t help but fall for the right, left or controlled opposition narratives being pushed forward. Alex Jones in the media is a wonderful plan by the top tier of influence to control the people who aren’t falling for the right or left. It’s so much easier being told what you should think instead of doing the research and seeing through the smoke and mirrors. Alex Jones is equivalent to watching MSNBC or the like. 5% truth is released on his show that can be verified as truth. From that 5% people are tricked in to believing the other 95% which is used to direct people in the thinking that has been pre-planned.

    • 2QIK4U

      What’s funny is he is most people’s introduction to the Satanic Illuminati and conspiracy theories, then year’s later they finally realise and come FULL CIRCLE. Most people’s First Thought is he can’t be but it adds up… Sort of did it myself year’s ago. At one point I would have stood up for him. But we’re all blind sometimes

      • Anonymous

        I never trusted Jones, ever. Lot of other genuine truthers dont either. So they brought on “Q”. Does no one see the parade of fake whistleblowers like Snowjob, Mossad-Assange, Q, Karen Hudes etc.
        Jonestown is their crowing achievement. So many suckers. He’ll never tell you THIS, for ex.

  • Anonymous

    great post. Alex and the Abominations he promotes are the ultimate Deception. Very sad, has most Xtians completely suckered.
    Bill Cooper was the naval intelligence foe of NWO, who made predictions of 911 in June of that year. Jones stole the info, claiming it was his- and made a career lying that he “predicted 911″.

    • John Kimber

      Thanks. I knew that Cooper also predicted 9/11. You may be right that Jones copied him, but I suspect Jones knew the 9/11 plan, as an important Mason/key agent.

      Jones was also allowed into Bohemian Grove to make him famous, Jon Ronson who was “helping Jones to expose the event” was let in via the main entrance!

      • Anonymous

        Jones did not know about 911. He plagiarized that one outright from Bill (among other items). He wasnt a big enough fish at that point to be let in on it.

  • 2QIK4U

    Operation BLACKJACK!….. 21…. VEGAS… IS AN ILLUMINATI CARD FROM THE DECK. ALSO THE SINGER AT LAS VEGAS HAS THE ENTIRE CARD TATTOOD COVERING HIS LEFT ARM. SEE IT FOR YOURSELF. …. NOT Saying you’re wrong until after the date but you know how they love to “RELATE” To thing’s.

  • 2QIK4U

    I’m finding out exactly where the first lodge was exactly in London and we could find out one of 7/7′s explosion points could be exactly where the lodge was founded. ?

    • 2QIK4U

      Exactly. Seem to love the word lately. Or lazy

      • 2QIK4U

        14 hrs work doesn’t help. REAL WORK.

  • Everette

    Sorry guy , you messed up when you stated that the pope had the Templars arrested for satanic rituals . The pope and Vatican worship lucifer . A YouTube video can prove that as poppy boy teaches his people that Jesus was lucifer’s son and their singer sings praises to lucifer . The Vatican uses satanic rituals . Look at the many statues and painting of demons and the devil in the Vatican . Why would a church of GOD glorify the evil entities ? Why would the vatican name their telescope in Arizonia lucifer ? The reason pope stupidity arrested the Templars was because they were protecting the Davidic linage . Jesus had brothers and sister according to the Bible . These were called the Despeni . The Vatican on Oct 13 Friday marched into a town in France and massaquered almost the entire town because the Despeni were located there . A few escaped to England . The Vatican after finding out they had escaped chased them there and the Despeni Heirs then divided to surrounding countries . Why did the vatican pay Hitler one of their own ( negative blood reptilian ) to kill the tribe of Judea ( Jews ) ? I’ll tell you why ! To kill off the son of man linage that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24:30-31 . Look at the other verses Jesus talks about Himself using I , or Me ( verse 5 , 25 ,34,35, 47 ) . Verse 5 tells you Jesus said He was not the Christ ( an anointed man of God , Jesus or the true name YESHUA was GOD as John chapter 1 tells us ) . Then in 30-31 He talks about the son of man , which He was not ( He was a son of Woman ) referring to this person saying and He shall send His angels to gather His elect , not I will send My angels to gather My elect . Daniel teaches that this son of man will be called up before THE ANCIENT OF DAYS ( GOD YHVH ) to be crowned with Glory and power and given a Kingdom . The vatican knows that a sperm seed of King David ( Which Jesus was not of , He was virgin born to a woman of the Levite tribe cousin to Elisabeth ( who had to be a Levite ) married to the Levite High Preist ) is going to be King until YESHUA ( GOD ) comes . Then as Ezekiel 37:24-25 and Ezekiel chapters 44 and 46 tell us He shall become the Prince . The evil Esau Edomite natzi lucifer NWO vatican is the devils children . The vatican Knights of Malta took over and was still trying to hunt down the Despeni and members of the Knights Templar . Those of the Templars were made to make a deal with the vatican or be torchered as you mentioned ( burning at the stake and killing their families ) . The Templars agreed until a certain time . The Templars hold evidence that will destroy the vatican . The agreement caused them to maintain peace between the 2 parties until a certain event takes place . That event is about to take place . Once this event takes place the vatican will be destroyed once the information is released . The Bible tells of their destruction as well as Nastradomus ( seat of Satan ) . When this information is released those that held hands with the whore of Babylon shall then hate the whore and seek her destruction . So my point is the vatican is very good at lying , stealing , killing and deception . They are not GOD’s YHVH anointed or children . Jesus ( YESHUA ) called them serpents , vipers and snakes . Their blood line tells that they are that . Science states they are reptilian aliens and not as human . YouTube has videos of them shape shifting . Look it up ! Here are a few people you can look up , Bush , Clinton , Obama , queen , pope and Angela Merkel ( Hitlers inseminated daughter into Hitlers mistress sister .

    • Anonymous

      Yeah dude. You just rolled out the Masonic horse manure right there.
      Go join Jones. Its funny how you liars all lay everything at the Vatican. Which didnt exist until around 1200. But you never manage the full history of the scam which is a product of the Babylonian exile PHARISEEs aka modern zionists. Its always open season on fellow Xtians- but never on the jews. You’re just a dumb cuck like the Muslims in M.E. who fight and destroy each other, with Pharisees being the beneficiary.
      FYI- read your TALMUD and never call Christ “yeshua” unless you mean to blaspheme. Find what your masonic overlords have to say about Christ in irTRUE jewish ‘bible’

  • Canderson

    Could be, but I hope there are good forces out there to prevent this kind of thing still.

  • Central Scrutinizer

    Alex A.K.A BlowHard Jones, the Mega AmWay Salesman that he is, couldn’t accurately predict his next bowel movement!

    WHAT A STUNAD!!!!!!!! (You don’t believe me, check out InfoWars Store and compare the ‘Product Line’ to AmWay). :mrgreen:

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