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FEMA Guide: Space Aliens Could Attack U.S.

Saturday, December 24, 2011 20:38
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An incredible ABC News story blows the lid off the government’s real position on UFOs. ETs exist and may be hostile and FEMA tells how to deal with it all.

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Could UFOs be hostile? Might they invade, attack an American city and leave it powerless with countless casualties? How should injured aliens be treated?

These are some of the issues raised in Chapter 13 of FEMA’s 2011 600-page disaster guide manual: The Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control. Chapter 13′s astounding title?“Enemy Attack and UFO Potential.”

The chapter discusses how firefighters and other emergency responders may have engine trouble as they approach alien craft. Radio contact may be lost. Firefighters may find themselves having to treat injured aliensand the chapter goes on from there.

Jim Mann of MUFON agrees that aliens can be hostile. “This is a real phenomenon that we should deal with and deal with seriously. This is something that could happen in our lifetime.”

UFOs are hostile

Recently, Brazilians were attacked by a UFO hovering over their town.

Brazilian woman with radiation burns from alleged UFO attack

A better documented case comes from Africa.

Annihilation of an African village by a UFO

According to case files and official reports, a young boy named Laili Thindu who lived in a small, rural village in Kenya, witnessed an unearthly atrocity. During June of 1954, the eleven year old and several friends tended flocks of sheep and goats outside the village of Kirimukuyu.

Over several nights the boys spotted strange lights darting about the summit of Mt. Kenya. Having never seen such an unusual sight, the boys speculated on the nature of the lights. First, they decided that the lights must be from huge torches carried by mountain climbers ascending the peak in the darkness.

Later, when the lights began to leave the mountainside and soar into space, Laili and his companions discarded their torches theory and guessed they were seeing the spirits of the dead.

Several nights later as Laili lay in bed he heard the sound of tribal drums pounding out a marriage rhythm. The tribe celebrated the marriage of a young couple that had taken place earlier that day. The throbbing drumbeat penetrated the walls of his crude hut. As he listened to them, without warning the drums suddenly stopped and outside his hut strange colors played over the countryside.

Benevolent ‘space brothers’ or beings with hostile intent?

Stepping outdoors he noticed the odd lights that had been appearing every night had left Mt. Kenya and now flew above Kirimukuyu. The saucer shaped lights and glowing orange balls lit up the village with intense multi-colored rays.

The next morning, Laili learned from devastated survivors that most of the villagersthe men and women, dancers and childrenhad been roasted alive by the searing beams of light that had pulsed in waves from the mysterious glowing objects.

Weeks later the authorities in Nairobi learned of the incident from the boy and the few survivors of the conflagration. The incident was duly recorded in the government and police records and remains today in its archives of the unexplainedthe decimation of an entire village by a UFO. [From Brad Steiger's and Joan Whritenour's account in, Flying Saucers are Hostile.]

ABC takes threat seriously too

Could UFOs and aliens really be a threat? Mann says: “This is a real threat to our planet.”

ABC News video report link.

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  • Monticello
  • It's Me Again

    hussein obama was also born in kenya……. wait a minute maybe he’s a space alien, sure thats ithe’s an alien!

  • Warren

    So now I guess the rationalization for the FEMA camps is going to be imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of captured space aliens. Sounds good to me.

  • Anti-Religion

    ufo’s could fly out of my butt

  • sten

    But could your butt fly out of a UFO? This article was written as a joke, surely. I mean these people are not serious! are they?

  • Donel

    Don’t Worry – The good news is the aliens eat Blacks and piss Gasolene

  • Anonymous

    The US government have been working on cloke space craft for years. At any time they could deploy this new technology. They alose have been genetically expermenting with creatures which resemble alien but are nothing but human genetic manipulation. To rap this up, they have the ship and the alien they are just working on the right time to release it to the world in a convincing manner.

  • Anonymous

    ROFL do you believe any of the disinformation from the government?

    Google “Project Bluebeam”

  • Anonymous

    Pre-exposure to the Blue Beam project. Report from Iron Mountain and Project Blue Beam are must reads for an idea of the game plan that the pedophile wimps seem to be following. Although, ignorance is bliss they say. So if bliss is your thing don’t read these reports. This way your bliss will remain intact until the air , food or water slowly and painfully take you out.

  • Anonymous

    January 1st, 2012: alien survey team arrives on Earth, makes first contact. Explains it comes from an advanced civilisation without poverty or violence, Zaltron 5.

    January 2nd, 2012: Mexican government petitions Zaltron for hispanics’ “natural right to live and work” on Zaltron 5. Forgets to mention aliens’ ‘oppression’ and colonialism’ whilst typing, so has to add those in with a sharpie, after the letter is printed.

    January 3rd, 2013: Mexicans demand Zaltron 5 acknowledge Spanish as official language. ‘Like, it’s really, way racist’ whines hispanic community organiser, Chiquita Banana.”The alien gringos won’t even acknowledge how much they owe us. Have they no sense of decency?”

  • Dawn

    what a waste of space and time. Notice the article is specifically about a US city being attack? The US gov loves to keeps its cattle scared and stupid…easier to herd them that way.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, aliens want all earthlings dead. This kind of humanity should not be allowed to spread out amongst the stars. It must be stopped here on earth.
    The overall consensus is that there ain’t one man suitable to live off planet earth. They must be stopped.
    Aliens should know better than us; they’ve lived for a long time, while humans have had only 6 thousand years (This last info was provided by any preacher…lol).
    Doomsday, end of the world, prophecy fulfilled…all in the hands of UFO and Alien presence. What does that tell you about God and his plans? Real or not so real – who is in control of this earth?

  • Anonymous

    yup.. the blue beam will doit

  • Nim

    Remember, if Aliens attack leave out cups of Pepsi for them to drink. They are not able to burp and thus will explode after ingesting the irresistibly sweet carbonated beverage.

  • Anonymous

    Do you guys make this crap up on the fly, or do you think a couple minutes before posing it?

  • Anonymous

    Flood the Attorney generals office in Florida with this kind of Information in a Compliant , I did ,
    ” Why the US Constitution is irrelevant regarding Obamacare Constitutionality” .

    Dear AG Bondi , This means that the suspension of the US Constitution is still in effect since the 2001 suspension and Obama does not have to follow the US Constitution and is not forced to submit to the eligibility clause !!!! This is why the Obamacare bill was Passed against the will of the majority of the public , and why the Supreme court will be overruled I bet if they vote against it .
    And he just keeps extending it over and over ,
    Obama Extends Bush’s 9/11 State of Emergency

    I found this article had a Paragraph that asked a question about Why maybe Barack Obama was able to skate around the eligibility clause , and how the NDAA bill was able to End Posse Comitias law and overrule the right to the 4th and 5th amendments of the US Constitution . This Might be why they are Not Enforcing the Immigration Law ?? Hey is this how they are implementing sustainable development taking away rights of private property owners ??? , This paragraph is about half way down in the article .
    ” The US Constitution is clear on the matter of Presidential requirements, but what if the US Constitution has quietly been under suspension since September 2001, through the use of “The National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C.1601-1651)” which, incidentally, prohibits any President from declaring and prolonging a State of National Emergency for more than a two year period. Yet this “Emergency” nonetheless has lasted continuously since September 11, 2001. Are COG rules in force? and if so why have House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson and Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Christopher Carney’s request to scrutinize those rules been refused ? “

  • truapartan

    Werner Von Braun the German project apollo designer scientest on his death bed warned his secretary after a terrorist threat a fake contrived alien attack on the earth will frighten the worlds people and a new world order will dominate the WHOLE earth Its been a long term plan by the elite

  • Dear Darla

    FEMA says….FEMA of the infamous FEMA CAMPS and GENOCIDE now is posting bulletins about dangerous aliens? Whew! When I can stop laughing long enough to type, I’ll be back to address this hilarious issue.

    My goodness, people, consider the source of this garbage! Our danger lies on Earth and from some of the idiots who have been running things right into the ground. Heaven ~ Celestial beings ~ Welcome them! Geez. It’s a no brainer even for those who are seriously challenged. Anything bad that happens, look to your local government and those who have paid them off to scare the daylights out of you. Which doesn’t seem to be all that hard these days. Take a deep breath! Discern with your heart and not your solar plex. Get out of the Fear Matrix for once and for all and let’s move on now. FEMA says…. xoxoxox

  • Anonymous

    A highly advanced extraterrestrial species traveled hundreds if not millions of light years to a primitive planet like ours just to attack a third world country village and a brazilian town the size of a football field. Give me a break!!

  • Frostbite

    if aliens were hostile we wouldnt be here.
    the most hostile thing we need to address is our own leaders and elites. we need to embrace our extraterrestrial brothers, Love and Light friends.

  • Sunny733

    More than likely the ‘alien’ attacks were covert ops being tested….my ex was in the special forces, we were coming down by Andrews AFB and there was a blackout all around and we saw a triangular ship flying about with lights….he said it was the government and they were top secret testing these things. I wouldn’t put anything beyond the evil of these people.

  • Paris

    fear mongering, not even worth talking about.

  • Banderman

    Wrong. Space aliens will only hover and never land on this planet. Space aliens will observe Washington, D.C. and conclude there is no intelligent life on this rock.

  • TimOsman

    Firetrucks were first on scene at Roswell, one of the firefighters got ill.

    Oak Ridge A-bomb factory workers died of cancer and put in a lanfill in Virginia or something.

  • colossus


  • Anonymous

    Perhaps there’s some truth in the Bible’s description of the end times??? maybe we are all stuck here going through continuous births and rebirths,rubbing around up against each other until we either end up as diamonds or glass fragments, so to speak. Then the best of us will be collected and who knows what will become of them. (notice I said them? ;o)) God is often taught to be a loving father and creator of everything, but if we read between the lines he appears to have quite a vicious side to him as well. A jealous God is a pretty scaring description eh? We all know what can come out of jealousy. maybe there is a whole variety of other life forms out there ready to compete for the jewels. Maybe when the 2nd coming arrives people will happily obey and climb on board. Maybe it’s all a bit like training sheep and cattle to voluntarily head for the slaughter house believing it’s going to be a wonderful experience. maybe we are just a food source, one of billions of planet pastures?

  • Anonymous

    well now! ain’t u all scared??? never mind the millions of illegal aliens that have invaded the country! never mind that they have changed America into a third world dump! never mind how the have enacted a crime wave on us! never mind how they have taken millions of American jobs!!! SPACE ALIENS?? I think the Government has a lot more to fear from Space aliens than we do!!!

  • gino

    We need to be peaceful. The et could of already attacked if hostile. They are obviously intelligent if make it here and peaceful. Being peaceful will create peace. I have encountered what I believe to be an et and I know they are tall and very peaceful. The government needs to recognize this and be intelligent and spiritual and good enough to create peace.

  • MidnightDStroyer

    I’m not sure which way to set the Fact/Fiction indicator at the top of this article…maybe there’s truth to it or not. Certainly, governments throughout human history have a consistant track record of CREATING enemies in order to justify clamping down on the population; look up “Report From Iron Mountain” for some ideas…The whole “report” itself may be a hoax, but many of the concepts within that paper are certainly within the capability (& temprament) of how governments act anyway. If you, for even a single moment, believe that government really has YOUR best interests on mind, then think again…Even our own US Government have committed slaughters against American people (ie: Waco, TX & Ruby Ridge, to name only two).

    In short, whatever a government tells you, can you really believe it to be truth or just another power play to take more of your life away from you? Then again, there’s the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” & this may be the one time they’re actually right about “hostile” aliens, even after government has told so MANY lies.

    It’s also believable that, from the Roswell controvery onward, it’s possible (& quite likely) that government military has already been shooting unprovoked at alien spacecraft anyway…Thereby CREATING an enemy where there may not have been hostilities before.

    Personally, I’m more inclined to believe that, given the current possibilities & likleyhoods, either aliens are hostile BECAUSE of government, or that the whole idea of “hostile aliens” is just another another atrocity cooked up by government to lead us like sheep to more slaughter.

  • Blacksheep

    Good, I’m glade these aliens are coming back soon. Heck, maybe they will finally tell us who really wrote that Bible jazz…

  • Anonymous

    This is what we can expect from a hawkish USA and world covert government, a fear tactic to but us in harms way. Truth be told, if these other worldly beings had a scenario such as this one issued by FEMA, we would already have experienced an ET Event on a world scale. NO SUCH SCENARIO exists from our ancestors, who are more aware than we humans, that everything is in Divine Order. This has nothing to do with religion, its dogma teachings, or anything else mankind believes. Their overwhelming presence is for our being welcomed into a larger celestial family. These beings are also here to help our planet home world through her coming expansion, an event that occurs every 265,000 years. Our celestial family is here to assist us in this period of expansion. We have nothing to fear from these beings. We have only to see humankinds activity upon one another to fully grasp what this world’s governments are attempting to do by putting us in fear and harms way. If we need to be suspicious of ill intent, look to our governments, not our ET ancestors.

  • grasscrown

    You know Syn (as in synthesis) and Optic[al] (as in eye). I’m puking already and it’s not even 2012.

  • grasscrown Not that I think there will be any such thing as aliens or terrorism but it is all going to be pretty gross until it’s over with and 2013 kicks in.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe we should cancel out 2012 and go straight to 2013””””””””””””””

  • Anonymous

    airshaft at dulce

  • Anonymous

    Beware of Az ufo, it is a military syop, may drone? but still military. spray virus? ( pop mechanis approx 10 years ago shows it. )

  • Blacksheep

    I have always believed in extraterrestrials. These ETs have indeed visited our earth on occasion and still do today. i believe for this one reason? Our universe is endless stretching forever in every direction… Only the creator of it knows the exact number of stars and planets that make up these billions upon billions of galaxies just like ours.

    Not logical for an intergalactic artist to create just one inhabited planet with that much extra canvas of which to paint on….

  • Anonymous

    All life on earth was a scientific creation by extraterrestrials with advanced DNA synthesis. They are the Elohim from the bible WHO ARE 25,000 YEARS AHEAD OF US SCIENTIFICALLY- THEY ARE our fathers who are in heaven. If they had wanted to destroy us they could have easily done it a long time ago. They have been monitoring the development of humanity for thousands of years in the hope that someday thanks to science -we will one day evolve and come to understand that they are our forefathers who love us.
    visit: and download for free : Intelligent Design

  • Ozzie_Thinker

    Back to the usual batch of mindless comments on this subject. If you have no references, you KNOW nothing… at best you are talking out of you hat…or ass, your choice. At worst you are part of the “team” determined to mislead. Either way what is – IS, regardless of “opinion” or conjecture.

    The intelligent cro-magnons already know the real history of their species. They already know of Tziran rays (some kind of intense radiation), Fash Destroyers (a hyperdrive device capable of vaporising a mountain range). The species call the koscheys had a good go at wiping out all the cro-magnon human races 40,000 years ago. Therefore one would have to deduce that their technology has improved over that period. Though we were reduced to primatives by what happened, our technologies were inferior before.

    Other than constant monitoring, which include occassional interaction with middle earth dwellers, all the good stuff was pillaged from this planet eons ago. It is unlikely the hostile forces will invade, but I personally don’t know their current agenda. Taking invasion as a hypothetical….we’re finished, if they choose it to be. It is likely big government are already networked with various alien species, but not the hostiles. The Raelon movement was established to outsource some of the genetic experiments which were the legacy of the Nazi’s and a few other things. As with the so-called “manufactured” Israeli’s they cannot comprehend the meaning of existence. Genetics and DNA are little to do with it. They simply provide an entity source material. God will always be able to override. The symtoms are no clue as to the cause.

  • lennchma

    The most hostile entities are Bilderbergs.

  • Anonymous

    Humans have proven themselves to be the hostile beings.Humans have been creating hell on earth. No other animal spends as much time creating negative effects on the planet, other humans and other animal and plant species. Humans have not grown up to be able to leave the planet in a peaceful manner and their attempts at exploding nuclear weapons in space, on the moon as well as creating platforms for space based weapons to extend their control off planet will not succeed.
    Earth is the only planet where you have to pay to be born, pay to live and pay to die. Is this the way you want to continue to live as a species?

  • Anonymous

    This is a false flag that Werner Von Braun warned about before he died. It’s probably the last step before the NWO.

  • Don't be hating!

    Is your friendly goverment implanting fear in your minds to control the consciousness of our planet. Believe in this crap and you’re mind controlled. We can only save ourselves. No Jesus or God is gonna save you. Only your free will can!

  • whitebear


  • shoeupon67

    BREAKING NEWS — Hear me people tell your friends tell everybody the bank will never tell you the truth. NEWS–BANK RUN -TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO WEST INDIES, REPUBLIC BANK, ROYAL BANK, FIRST CITIZEN BANK and SCOTIABANK thousand of customers simultaneously and secretly are withdrawing all their funds, because they believe that the banks might go into bankruptcy, or insolvent and that they the customer will lose all their money.[ Global financial meltdown].

  • shoeupon67

    BREAKING NEWS — Hear me people tell your friends tell everybody the bank will never tell you the truth. NEWS–BANK RUN -TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO WEST INDIES, REPUBLIC BANK, ROYAL BANK, FIRST CITIZEN BANK and SCOTIABANK thousand of customers simultaneously and secretly are withdrawing all their funds, because they believe that the banks might go into bankruptcy, or insolvent and that they the customer will lose all their money.[ Global financial meltdown].

  • ladyJ

    there is hope out there ..

    the answers for what is happening on a global scale are all provided for here! the fix is here too..

  • Anonymous

    The group tried adding strength to their story by telling
    him that Satan was once God’s perfect son, but had turned
    against God after being overcome by his self–centred desire
    for supreme power. Ztingar recalled being told that Jesus
    was God’s only ‘begotten son’ and when he questioned the
    group about it, and asked them how what they were telling
    him could possibly be correct, they then told him that there
    were differences involved——that Satan was an ‘angel son’
    and Jesus was of ‘human form’. To Ztingar, this made the
    story sound more difficult to believe than it already was.
    The group also informed him that there were many other
    sons of God existing elsewhere throughout the universe,
    including the ones that came to Earth and transformed
    themselves into human beings, and that there was a lot of
    heavenly power–squabbling going on at the time between
    Satan’s supporters and those supporting God. To Ztingar, it
    sounded too much like an episode of Star Trek or Star Wars
    and not all that different to what now goes on between
    human beings here on Earth, particularly between those in
    charge of things. In the end, Ztingar just brushed it aside as
    being a lot of hogwash, especially after being told that God
    would one day accomplish the original plan of transforming
    Earth into a paradise by destroying all non–believers.
    As he was walking away from them, the group had assured
    Ztingar that Jesus would one day be declared Crown King of
    God’s Heavenly Kingdom and that all the especially–chosen
    ones would then work under his supervision as members
    of God’s parliament, helping Jesus to rule over the new
    future version of Earth. And that humankind would never be
    able to fix the world because that was God’s job.
    What they had to say had only left Ztingar with a dismal
    feeling of hopelessness and impending doom.
    Looking back on it now, he sees it as even more possible
    evidence that aliens have previously visited Earth and that there
    are plenty of other life forms existing elsewhere throughout the
    universe. Regarding the idea of leaving everything to God to
    clean up, Ztingar wonders why, if God has these powers, God
    let humans make such a mess of things in the first place.
    To Ztingar, it all sounded too much like passing the buck
    and it still does now. He thinks that instead of leaving it for
    God to clean up all of our dirty work, we should change our
    negatives into positives by using the wisdom and know–how
    we’ve all been gifted, the God source from within that Gang–
    Gang’s been talking about, and clean up the mess ourselves.
    A couple of very scary afterthoughts have raced across
    Ztingar’s mind that it could mean that we’re destined to be
    invaded and taken over by alien forces at some future point in
    time——or that our minds are possibly being nurtured and
    developed here on Earth so that the best can somehow be
    taken away for further use and the rest just left behind to
    eventually self–destruct or just fade away into oblivion.
    By now, Ztingar has ideas, feelings and thoughts whizzing
    around in his head like bees swarming around their hive. In
    fact, his subconscious has never been more active and alert.

  • phylmike34


  • youstopandthink.disqus

    I would comment but looks like Anonymous got everything covered.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it will be done by their aircraft carrier sized space ship they have built. The US space division has a whole fleet of space ships. That fits with the Bill Cooper disclosure for which he was killed and also with the 1966 Iron Mountain report recommending using bogus alien invasion to globalize. If there are aliens coming, according to the Mayan Shaman, they are the good guys so we should not fire on them if the Gov uses their space weapons to fire on us. We should go after bankers.

  • Anonymous

    Is that narrow post by anom from a book?

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