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Obama Is Foaming At The Mouth Waiting To Declare A State Of National Emergency

Thursday, March 28, 2013 7:57
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It is no secret that we have a President in office who is a known socialist. He has been linked to big name marxists like Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis. His parents taught him to hate “colonial” America.

He has also been linked to people like George Soros whose lifelong ambition is one world government. Obama is currently in support of a United Nations Small Arms Treaty that even many of his fellow Democrats oppose.

We have all heard of the massive DHS build up of ammunition, AR-15s and MRAPs. We have heard the numbers and The Department of Homeland Security now has enough bullets to kill each of us 5 to 6 times over. Alex Jones says six times over but even five times is enough. These are not false reports. These claims can be verified through a government website that advertises open bid opportunities for those who do business, or seek to do business, with the federal government.For any of you who may doubt me, that website can be found here. This is exactly where the info is coming from that you read in the conservative media.

I have two personal sources in the Western States that have kept me abreast of several happenings with the DHS and FEMA. There is a massive push to cross train these agents in various pursuits. They have recently been involved in urban combat training with those AR-15s. Many of them are being licensed to drive the big DHS buses now (rather than using private contractors as has been done in the past).  There has even been some speculation about DHS or FEMA agents being taught to fly planes as of late. I have seen the pictures. I have them in my possession in fact, but I won’t show them to you without first asking my source, and it’s 4 AM. It’s not going to happen this time. Something big is brewing but none of us can truly know for sure what it is or when it will happen.

I have read the articles from DHS Informer like most of you and I don’t know if they are credible or not. The conversations seem a bit scripted to me. But whether they are real, or fiction, does not really matter. We all know that something is in the works. We would have to be blind not to see it.

A common belief in America is that The DHS has become Obama’s “Secret Police.” Why would we think any differently? 10,000 marines are given a pink-slip and DHS buys 1.6 billion bullets. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where the priorities lie.

So how does all of this tie together?

My theory is that they are just waiting for the right event to trigger a “national security emergency” so they can declare martial law. I can not know if a real emergency will occur or if the Obama Administration is deceitful enough to throw a false flag at us, but I do know that something will happen.

If nothing else, a Facebook Group is planning an ARMED march on Washington D.C. for July 4th. That would easily be enough to trigger a drastic change in our country. Why? You can not “open carry” or “conceal” in Washington D.C. Both are very much against the laws there.

Furthermore I have talked to two individuals who have told me that they, even though this march is being promoted as “peaceful,” will be looking for an excuse to open fire. This can not end well. People will either be in jail or in body bags. Their interpretation of the second amendment may be correct, but it will not keep them from being arrested in Washington D.C. and all it takes is one person who doesn’t want to be cuffed, and… You know what will happen.

I need people to understand how this ties together and to understand that this was probably planned last year. In my estimation, President Obama was laying the groundwork for the days to come back in 2012.  I am pulling a few paragraphs from something I wrote several months ago, so you can follow my logic.

President Barack Obama signed two executive orders in 2012 that could literally leave the American people without communication lines and without basic necessities in the case of a national security emergency.

The first was on March 16, 2012.

“On March 16th, President Obama signed a new Executive Order which expands exec2upon a prior order issued in 1950 for Disaster Preparedness, and gives the office of the President complete control over all the resources in the United States in times of war or emergency.

The National Defense Resources Preparedness order gives the Executive Branch the power to control and allocate energy, production, transportation, food, and even water resources by decree under the auspices of national defense and national security. The order is not limited to wartime implementation, as one of the order’s functions includes the command and control of resources in peacetime determinations.” -Source

What does this mean? In a case of national security emergency the government could literally claim control of things like fuel, food, water and electricity. It gets worse…

The second executive order was signed on July 6th, 2012.

execorder“Without even the faintest toot of a fanfare, President Barack Obama has issued an Executive Order that outlines an extreme level of communications preparedness in case of crisis or emergency, including the ability to take over any communication network, including the internet.” Source:

Our government, literally, now has the authority to take control of cellular services, landlines, and the internet.

So what does all of this mean to us? In my opinion it means that we must be prepared. If you think that, if and when civil unrest breaks out, you will be able to log onto Facebook or call your cousin with the military-type arsenal in his basement, you may be sadly mistaken. You may not even have basic necessities like water, food and electricity.

I do not have a crystal ball and I do not know how it is going to go down. But I do know that I find it rather convenient that both of those executive orders were signed last year. Obama either saw a revolution coming or he planned a revolution. Whichever is the case does not really matter.

What does matter is that the proverbial S could HTF at any time. We don’t have to be the people who are ready to start a revolution to get caught up in one. For this reason, myself and 10,000 of my friends are asking you to join us to prepare for the worst. We are not planning any kind of rebellion but we are preparing for how we will react if the fight comes to us.

This is not a group of gun-toting-swollen-red-neck-rebels. We represent a real slice of Americana. We have single parents who are scared to death. We have people who support the second amendment but are too poor to buy a gun. We have retired people who are disabled. We have military men and women. We are no different than your own home town with one exception. There are no liberals here. Some have tried to come into our haven but our administrators will not tolerate them for long.

We started this movement two days ago, in total desperation to organize quickly. We have people who are teaching others about Ham Radios and survival. We have people teaching others about virtually everything you need to know if the situation becomes hostile. None of us want that to happen. We just want to be prepared if it does.

The biggest benefit to our network, and the reason it is growing so quickly, is simply that people need to know people in their own area. The idea started after many conversations with those who felt alone and did not know what they would do in case of an emergency. Our goal is to grow our group large enough that you will have many people, in your local area, who you can lean on if times get tough in America.

It is my belief that this day is coming sooner rather than later, but even if I am wrong…it certainly does not hurt to be prepared. If you feel the way I feel then please join us. It takes less than a minute. As of now we have ten regions and we will begin to break down into smaller regions as our numbers grow. I have met some incredible people over the last two days and I hope to meet you soon as well.

Here is a list of groups. Please join the group in your area. If you need to join more than one, it is OK. In my case I am in “region 6″ but only 20 minutes from people in “region 7.”

Join us now while there is still time.

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Total 53 comments

    i find it a bit odd that your links are directed to facebook, something that the gov. and c.i.a. monitor regularly. perhaps you could find a more discreet way considering the topic?
    just a thought.

    • Mark Brander

      Chris Kitze Publisher of BIN has developed a sensational replacement for email. It is a chat/messaging system that is encrypted and completely secure. It is called unsene, sign up for it today, it is free and the Government cannot eavesdrop on your communications. Yeah Chris! UNSENE.COM Start using it today and tell every one you know!

      • AxisOfEvil

        ” it is free and the Government cannot eavesdrop on your communications. ”

        This sounds fishy…….. Actually that sounds like a great way to get people to start chatting without them knowing that the government can ACTUALLY read everything….

        This does not seem like something that can be trusted….. the government can eavesdrop WHEREVER it wants…….

      • Gojiroiscoming

        Believe it or not but every single electronic communication that goes over the backbone is monitored by the US government and has been since 1994.

    • dj

      I wouldn’t have a face book account if they payed me to.

  • wrebi

    This is an agent looking to intice an open revolt. Don’t and buy into this BS

  • patriot156

    would but no fb acct and wana keep it that way figure out something different

  • Oldenough

    Could this pathetic rambling of a “patriot” pouring his heart out, be any more OBVIOUS ?

    Does “Honey Pot” ring a bell?

    Look at the vernacular.

    This was written by someone with at least a bachelor’s degree (no, I’m not impressed by the structure/wording ect., but I know today’s 20 somethings CANNOT write like this) and who is trying their best to ‘sound patriotic’, and ‘appear’ like just a regular Joe.

    Honey Pot, data collection, KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, “We just want to speak with you”.

    Last, but certainly not least: Who the hell has “10,000 Friends” who would be stupid enough to immediately sign onto a Patriot Group within the belly of the beast? (FaceBook)

    Sorry Charlie, NO FISH FOR YOU !!

    • eyewitness2theEnd

      yep :idea:

    • whiteflea


  • Anonymous

    The illegal negro does not have to be obeyed. Just laff at joe biden and cornygress.

    The illegal negro is so stupid he needs a teleprompter. If this is the case they are using the negro as a racist bait to pass their communistic hatred on everyone.

  • WestVirginaMan

    “This is not a group of gun-toting-swollen-red-neck-rebels”

    But those are the ones bad enough to get the job done! Who would stand behind a city boy during a SHTF scenario? LOL

    “We have military men and women”

    Yeah. So do we “rednecks”. I don’t like your obvious racism towards whites from rural areas. You seem to be trying to say that we’re stupid and blah, blah, blah. This sounds like what zionists say about us. A redneck will get the job done. city slickers will be the first to starve to death. I bet then you’ll be begging some redneck like me to feed and water you.

    • AxisOfEvil

      “A redneck will get the job done. city slickers will be the first to starve to death.”

      Because you rednecks are willing to eat anything, as long as it’s fried.

      • Foehammer

        Meh fried doesnt matter, we will eat anything :razz:

    • ChiefHuntingBear

      I am proud every time someone calls me a red neck. It’s better than being a submissive.

      • Anonymous

        I wear a shirt with a collar to hide my red neck!
        I am, what you could call. An “undercover” red neck! :wink:

  • Anonymous

    The schwarza mamzer is only a puppet that the chosenites are pulling the string!

  • Anonymous

    Bush43 was rumored to be a ‘leather boy’. Obama is the ‘leather boy’s leather boy’.

  • Anonymous


    Go crawl back to your Mama.
    What a Moron ,you are giving the Canadians a bad rap.
    There are Encryptions that have not been broken.
    Sure the Gov.can listen in intercept and try to decrypt messages
    Tell you what, Blowfish has been out since 1998 and as of today they have not been able to break it.I use Kremlin a Generic Prog. that uses Blowfish when you purchase it.
    It was a former Government Employee that defected to Switzerland and released the Program and even gave the U.S. Government the Source Code,and the Challenge to break it..
    So don’t be so stupid do your Research before you shoot of your stupid Mouth.

    • Authentica

      axisofevil is an obvious paid shill who always comments on the most trivial parts of an article, twists & manipulates important issues, or just plain insults people. You can learn from what he comments on & what he tries to spin. Gives you a good hint about what’s important to hide in the government’s eyes & their lame attempts at subversion & propaganda. He’s a star member of Obuma’s cyber warrior obots. If not then he’s just an obot.

      • AxisOfEvil

        There goes the paid shill bs once again…… Yes, being Canadian, I MUST be an Obot…..

        Not agreeing with something does not make a person a paid shill, nor does a person’s dislike for paranoid racist Americans in general….. If everyone that hated the USA was a paid shill, there would not be as much poverty in the world.

        Your rhetoric is idiotic at best. What else can I expect from a ‘murican?

        Thankfully, I know that their is maybe half of the US population that is ok, and I wish them the best, as they are stuck with you morons.

      • Equalizer

        Authentica…you are correct, AnusOfEvil is a “shill”.

      • AxisOfEvil

        And you Equalizer, i have to say that you are INDEED a paid Government Shill….. Because welfare is paid for by the government, therefore you are paid by the govt’ to post here.

        I like how you were able to use all of your 2 neurones to come up with “anusofevil”. It shows that you are a closeted gay person who relates everything to anal loving.

        Good luck with that you gay monkey!

  • Sid

    Obama would be making a mistake to force a confrontation with patriots. Our rulers have been having great success in destroying freedom a little at a time; this has been going on for decades. Hell, the Federal Reserve Bank has been around since 1913, and so has the IRS. Nobody fights being gradually boiled.

    There would need to be one really big event to cause patriots to take the offensive, and start assassinating, bombing, raiding, and sabotaging. And that event can only come from federal action. I just don’t think even Obama is that stupid when he can just keep up gradualism, and get what he wants, enslavement of the public.

  • XPAT-Unlisted

    If nothing else, a Facebook Group is planning an ARMED march on Washington D.C. for July 4th. That would easily be enough to trigger a drastic change in our country. Why? You can not “open carry” or “conceal” in Washington D.C. Both are very much against the laws there.

    1. If they were serious (and I posted this on their site) they would not hold it on a holiday, they would do it on a weekday.

    2. It is a BS law…. you can not regulate a “right” it is not subject to the whims of man, or some clown in a black robe (who has no authority to pass any law)

  • TruthSeeker13

    More dis-information. Real facts: 1) 4 years of rumors of wars in Iran, Syria, N. Korea. 2) massive dollar devaluation and taxation by Fed, while idiots were distracted with nonsense stories like 2012, Nibiru, Alex Jones. 3) NWO already has plan in action, everything is orchestrated. 4) NWO will assasinate Obammy. 5) Nation will go into complete chaos, economy will drop beyond repair, no food, only massive death & carnage in cities 6) New president will send military straight into Iran, Syria, N. Korea, riding world wave of Obammy mourning. 7) This will lead to a World War, Russia & America will have a limited nuclear exchange. Remember, what other false flag is there other than what is in your face…Obammy. And the fact that if somethin happened to him, it would send a divided nation over the edge? I can’t believe how stupid people can be. NWO operates in plain sight. Dow is high…you have all these signs in front of you.

  • David

    It’s going to be a false flag event! They know that we are awake now but they say to themselves o well you snooze you loose! BUT no matter how many these George soros/ illuminati/ rothchilds/ bilderbergs kill off of us, we are comming for there asses like a wounded hungry lion! These satan badtar** need to be more araid of what JESUS CHRIST is going to do to them! Our long wait is almost over! Tribulation is upon us but so is our redemption and savior! GOD Speed JESUS!

  • Anonymous

    Doesnt know what the false flag will be…. Ya cause it wont be created until they can find some extremists from this sign up list to pin it on…. fishing for false flag patsies..


    quote: “I can not know if a real emergency will occur or if the Obama Administration is deceitful enough to throw a false flag at us, but I do know that something will happen….”

    deceitful enough???….BA-HAHAHAAA!!!! This pathological liar is a socialist pig who has been “deceiting” you since this illegal usurper came into play. He’s lied about the jobs, he’s lied about a recovery, he’s lied about killing boogeyman OBL. This prikk has lied to everyone, all the time….
    This NWO puppet is PLANNING on killing most of US :twisted:

  • ChiefHuntingBear


  • Gabe

    If things get bad we just need to be calm and stay home.
    Besides, the isn’t anything worse fighting for on this planet anyway.
    Let’s be honest for once. If someone wants to get me they will get me. Why does it matter anyway? We are all going to leave this planet eventually. Why not sooner rather than later? Do you really enjoy all the turmoil in the world today? Does it do good things for your mind and heart when you read about all the horrible stuff?
    I am looking forward to my checkout day. I am simply tired of all the fear and anger and paranoia. Maybe that is because I am old. I might see things differently if I was ia young person.
    But even if I was young I would see the great damage done to our planet and have to admit that here isn’t much likelihood of cleaning up this toxic waste dump.
    I have decided to spend my remaining time quietly enjoying my family. What comes will come. I am not foolish enough to believe it can be prevented. And, I am not sure that humanity appreciates this planet and is willing to care for it. Therefore, why really care about what happens to is? Think about it.

    • Anonymous

      thanks gabe. things sure have changed since i was young. really don’t want to be a part of the mess and the lies. the world is a nicer place if you can manage to stay far from the drama. i know about the bad water, food, chemtrails. i’m just gonna hang til i’m done hanging. peace.

  • desertspeaks

    while obama signed it and i guarantee I am no fan of obama to the slightest degree, the congress and senate passed it. So the lions share of the blame is on them and MONSATAN for the BRIBES that are nefariously paid to those who signed on to this PIECE OF CRAP!

  • Dr Richard Ruhling

    A year ago, FEMA was planning a huge drill on the New Madrid and even bought 10 million meals (that are probably still good). That was on the full moon of May, and for biblical reasons, I believe the full moon in May this year could be the event to justify martial law.

    For a better understanding, please read the 3rd column of
    Richard Ruhling

  • ChiefHuntingBear

    Look at what Strongman Kenyan President Barrack O’Bomba and his Africanized-Irish Plantagenet Pharaoh relatives in the white house, senate and CiA have already done to us WHITE indigenous Terrapin tribespeople in the so-called united states.
    www dot Linkedin dot com/pub/PaulTerrenceWiggins-HuntingBear/32/248/3a

  • Rips Nordic

    It sounds to me that if I join one of these “lists” I am signing myself up to have them come take me away so they know who to get.

  • Anonymous

    dirt bag goof!

  • wunmansho

    Our only hope is that the US military gets tired of this Dogs tricks and handles it accordingly. Best bet is to hide but if you dont have that set up already your screwed. Shooting at them is pointless in my opinion. You simply wont get far. Governments have always protected themselves from those who are hungry and pissed…

  • UT11

    I have a secret source = Im making all of this up, and cannot prove a word of it, and I use the word socialist without actually knowing what it means. Typical. ”Bama gon tak muh guns!”

  • killuminati420

    First sentence ruined this.There is nothing wrong with socialism.Seriously does anyone in America know what socialism is its NOT communism.Look at the top countries in the world they’re socialist.Iceland is the only country to throw its bankers in jail.People don’t forget they run the government in a socialist society.It just makes no sense to me on one hand you talk about how corrupt America is(A democracy) Then you turn around and say socialism is bad even tho it has the least corrupt governments.Democracy is the answer even tho democracies have the second most corrupt nations next to communism.Its nonsense

    • Mayhem

      @ Killuminati420 who said “There is nothing wrong with socialism”

      Here’s what Margaret Thatcher the Iron Lady is attributed with saying about it.

      “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

      I’m not sure but i think many here have studied up a fair bit and the fundamental flaws in Socialism are well known.

    • 7 of 9

      America is a Republic not a Democracy….and Socialism is not an acceptable alternative to Communism……just ask Cyprus.. :cry:

  • Mayhem

    A national state of emergency would make Obama the Dictator in Chief, is that right?

    In NZ our Prime Minister ends up ceding to the head of our Civil Defense (an unarmed bureaucracy) in times of national crisis. Not to mention our Police, Fire, Search and Rescue and Ambulance services all coming under the auspices of CD.

    Different worlds, huh?

  • LightandLife

    such nonsense…LOL

  • pjfitone

    We are very fortunate to have such a great leader as president. Thank God that Bush is no longer in office! I think we can all agree that the country is in excellent hands until at least 2016. We the people voted for Obama and he’s never let us down. The country was in shambles when he took over. In just a few years he’s pulled us out of two wars and has turned the economy from a near depression to thriving! Thank you Mr. Obama!!!

    • Anonymous

      okay pjfit, i know we have freedom of speech. you are always saying nice things about obama and that’s okay. i just wonder if you are obama himself coming on BIN. stranger things have happened.

  • 7 of 9

    “This is not a group of gun-toting-swollen-red-neck-rebels” what the hell is that supposed to mean…everyone knows when the SHTF rednecks will be better off than most and more likely to be self sustaining everyone should get to know a redneck just might save yer ass….. :eek:

  • W. Willow

    Agreed Alice. It’s the perfect way to collect names. People can be prepared without putting their names on lists. I prefer not to be mistrustful with things that sound good and right. But we are dealing with a cagey administration.

  • James Smith

    Sorta like gun registration, telling the communist infiltrators what you have, isn’t it? Family members are our life lines. Talk to neighbors that are in the same boat, organize to arm protect and back-up each other. United we stand divided we fall. Pick a side time is short, you’re either with us or you’re with the traitors.

  • Godismyshield

    They already have us all on lists. What do you think the Fusion Centers are for? Who cares if Janet knows..I have a bullet saved so I can shove my rifle up her traitor Lesbian ass and pull the trigger!

  • morris adams

    haha, u said bull dyke!! at least that’s how i read it!! i hate her,,, him,,,, you know what i mean!

  • Foehammer

    Ronald Regan said , the worst words you could here is someone saying “Hi i’m from the govt and i’m here to help you”.

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