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Police Chief Targeted For Assassination Speaks Out (Video)

Thursday, April 18, 2013 21:05
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Police Chief Mark Kessler is being targeted for assassination after sparking a nationwide resistance among law enforcement officers against draconian laws to disarm the citizenry.

In an exclusive interview the Chief speaks out about why it is so important for Americans to take up the resistance against the war on right to bear arms even if it cost him his life.

Ever since legislation the Chief introduced nullifying federal gun control laws and authorize the use of force against anyone who attempts to violate the 2nd amendment of was signed into law in Gilberton, a resistance movement against the federal government has swept the nation.

Law enforcement officer’s and legislator’s across the country have followed the Chief’s lead in introducing legislation to nullify federal laws that violate the 2nd amendment and have began setting up resistance forces nationwide.

In Kansas the governor just signed into a nullification law and Wyoming has gone as far as making a felony with mandatory jail time for anyone, including federal agents, to violate the 2nd amendment.

The Chief has gone as far as establishing the Constitutional Security Force – an armed resistance consisting of members of law enforcement, the military and general citizens able to pass background checks and gain gun permits – which vows to defend with force against any attempt to disarm the citizenry.

Notably, the Chief also spurred others such as Sheriff Mack to form an armed resistance against an imminent gun grab by a federal government gone rogue.

Needless to say this nationwide movement hasn’t gone unnoticed or unpunished.

There are reports of Sheriffs and law enforcement officers across the country that refuse to bow to political pressure to stop their activities to get on board are being outright assassinated.

Chief Kessler’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed either. 

He has been under constant political pressure to “get on board” which has been coupled with month after month constant of harassment and psychological operations which started with repeated flyovers of unmarked helicopters.

The harassment has culminated with a constant presence of State Police and even armed members of Armed Forces in a military striker vehicle being parked just down the street from the Gilberton Police Station.

Tonight, the Chief informed Before It’s News he has been receiving phone calls threatening to put a bullet in his head if he doesn’t stop his work.

Staff writer Alexander Higgins and freelance photojournalist Arch Angel from Before It’s News conducted a live interview with the Chief during which he spoke out against his oppressors and called for support from citizens across the nation.

What kind of nation is this that we live in that our law enforcement officer’s need to constantly walk around in fear of being assassinated by their own government?

Surely anyone who reads news from any medium outside the controlled corporate media which has devolved into nothing more than an echo chamber for scripted government talking points daring never to ask the tough questions instead merely parroting what their handlers tell them to can see American has transformed into a dark and eerie vortex of twisted myth-isms in the post 9/11 era.

We are no longer the land of the free with liberty and justice for all which our forefathers and millions of Americans after them sacrificed their blood and lives to ensure would not disappear from the face of the earth.

Instead we constantly live in fear wondering if the American Gestapo will soon knock on our own doors falsely accusing us of some terrorist activity and hauling us off to a secret CIA torture camp after which our loved ones will never see us again.

We live in fear of a totalitarian government that controls our every move with a massive propaganda machine a digital iron curtain of surveillance fortified by tens of thousands of spy drones hovering over our heads and the threat of a Nazi-style Department of Homeland Security that is groping our woman and children and stockpiling billions of rounds of ammunition that is illegal to use anywhere else in the world except for right here in America against her own citizens.

Indeed is not sensationalism to say our rogue government is openly assassinating American citizens.

Nor to point out that out government is supporting, arming and coordinating terrorist operations overseas being conducted by the same Saudi Arabian Salafi Jihad Al Qaeda affiliated organizations we are told we are fighting the War on Terror to defeat  and just so the crony politicians and their buddies can get rich off the murder and bloodshed.

Nor is it unreasonable to fear and distrust a government who lied to us about the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction In Iraq to launch a war to seize oil which was shoved down the throats of those who disbelieved by a an anthrax campaign of terror that media decide it would no longer discuss once the Anthrax was traced back to a high-security US government lab.

Peaceful resistance movements like Occupy and the Tea Party are attacked and slandered by the corporate media, infiltrated by government agent provocateurs, and raided illegally and shut down by the police who disgustingly assaulted woman and military veterans in streets on live television with no good cause.

All of the inalienable rights our forefather’s guaranteed us in the constitution have been eradicated or regulated to the point they no longer protect us against the overbearing beast of a government that is in America today.

What recourse is left if the people choose not to assert their right to bear arms and instead forfeit them as well?

Should American become a nation like Mexico where guns are illegal and live in a world of daily massive shootings conducted by the criminal drug cartels who don’t obey the gun laws?

If that’s not your vision of America then listen to what the Chief has to say and it just may inspire you to do something about it.

Visit his site and see how you can get involved and support him.


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  • Widetracker

    Please read: “The Way home or face The Fire”.

    Malachi 4:1 For, behold, the Day cometh, that shall burn like an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the “I AM” Lord of hosts, that it shall leave of them neither root nor branch (nothing).

    The man that wrote ” The Way home or face The Fire ” also made the DVD
    ” 7/7 Ripple Effect ” about the London bombings in 2005. This man’s name is
    John Anthony Hill, His Spirit-being ( names ) are: JAH, Muad’Dib and Elijah.

    Friends of Muad’Dib:

    Muad’Dib means ” Teacher of Righteousness ” in Arabic.
    Psalms 68:4 Sing unto God, sing praises to His name: extol Him that rideth upon the heavens by His name JAH, and rejoice before Him.

    P.S. Please sign this petition:

  • Fianna

    His website needs to list local state chapters, and reps.

  • GreyWolf

    Sir if you read this i would like to say to you thank you……and i as well as others will gladly take you in to our homes and defend your life if you need us to….if you need it we will bring you where ever you need to go in an armed escort if you need it…you are one of the ones who are on our radar as someone the government fears as you stand up for your oath..just as we do…you are not alone and you will be defended if you want us to……

    Semper Fi

    Semper Paratus

  • WatchingWatchers

    got my support

  • myth buster

    Looks like someone is worried about the militia.Its not a local obama supporter what would they care.No this is a higher up afraid that their plans might not work.Probably the same group that sent a bomb to sherrif Joe in arizona.Its time the military that swore an OATH to the constitution stand up for what is right.Remember you work for the people not the govt. We depend on you!

  • Elyag Reed

    Here we go again.
    Want to Protect these Sheriffs that are Swearing to Protect YOU!

    You contact (10) of your well known friends and neighbors and brief them on the Sheriff System (Meaning you have some research/study to do) they in turn repeat the process and depending on the size of your community – repeat again. Yes 10,000 strong. The Sheriff then further indoctrinates these parties and Swears them in a Deputies. Training is assisted by those with SKILLS – like Vet’s.

    With cost cutbacks they may seem unlikely, but this is a volunteer deal with parties available on 24 hour notice – don’t have to quit your job – if you still have one. Materials are small cost; Plastic electric straps versus handcuffs, rope for Roping a Dope and a distinctive Badge, and of course Your own registered weapon(s). Now let them come for the Sheriff and his Legion of Deputies.

    “Chester I see a number of Strangers are in town hanging around” and Chester asks Marshall Dillon, “Should I alert all the Deputies”. “ Yeah go ring the Bell”.

    We have been stressing on several sites to get organized with the Vet’s available in your area – Be they homeless or just lacking – you can start to work a Protection System with alarms or bells. Just think if your lawyer is busy or you don’t have one to call. Instead you or your wife or children Loudly alert the neighborhood of Intruders – that’s what they really are in daylight and at night they are Home Invaders that need to be dealt with. A couple dozen or more legally armed neighbors hurry to the scene and you should see a fast withdrawal.

    Yes, they might come back with reinforcements – SWAT, The No Longer Secret Service or whatever but then even more of your crew can be available including filming and recording. You better start soon – like 30 minutes ago would be good and also ID these types – many live nearby, it’s not like they flew in from the coast to visit you..

    Made in China bells acceptable in this case.

    Also see Citizens Arrest.

    We are Legion – Badge No 12160

  • David

    Concerning the person that is threatening chief Kessler I guarantee you he is assassin for the organization that has infiltrated our government! I refer to them as the illuminati! Many of you are not aware of this but targeted assassinations have been going on in America and the whole world by this organization the illuminati! Who do you think killed Kennedy! He imemented an executive order to shut down the rothchilds/ illuminati federal reserve and 4 months later the most powerful man on earth was assassinated and his murder blamed on Oswald who was used by the illuminati to take the fall! Just think people if Kennedy had succeeded in shutting down the federal reserve there would be no world depression going on in the whole world! Not to mention all the wars thus federal reserve bank has funded and all nations are now enslaved by it! Also look at all the people assassinated by the organization high profile people that were to testify against bill Clinton ! There deaths were ruled suicides more than 50 people! Bill Clinton is skull and bones and Finally many many of the assassinations that took place the people were warned and threatened! You see some people are cowards and some are courageous Heroes and its not easy doing the right thing! GOD Speed JESUS! In the end were going to win has GOD not said so!

  • David

    If the CDC has a militia in South Carolina I will join the cause and know at least several hundred more who will also join! The attention that he is receiving means that the illuminatis plan of economic collapse is very very close! Obama will call for martial law and millions will be signing up for the CSF militia the chief has started! They know this that’s why they want no militias they the illuminati went after the militias in the 80 and 90s! There plan has been in the works for a long time! The chief is a hero and he has my gun and most veterans would say the same! It’s not flesh and blood were fighting but satan himself and Obama is his antichrist666 foretold of in the book of revelation that the dragon gave him his seat, authority and power! Obama isn’t even a us citizen! Only satan can defy a Christian nation and place a non us citizen, black, communist, muslim in the seat of the president y of the United States!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent reporting, and thanks for that, A suggestion though: you need a proof reader. A lot of people would just assume due to the way you write that you’re too uneducated to pay attention to and never finish this piece, and it has some good information in it that people need to know about!

    I’ve been horrified every step of the way watching this foreign agent dismantle the Constitution with totally illegal “Executive Orders” (something a corporate CEO can write, but NOT a President), creating more and more “clandestine services” that illegally label as “Terrorists” any patriots and people who exercise their Constitutional Rights as citizens! America has already essentially become a totalitarian State! What else could we call him when the President ignores the Constitution and dictates the law besides a “Dictator”? He has committed treason and violated the Constitution so many times, every L.E. agency in the country should long since have hauled him out of the White house and incarcerated him to await impeachment proceedings! Most of the Congress should be hauled out with him, for that matter, as they are themselves complicit many, many times over! The Attorney General and most other Appointees are ALSO complicit and simply refuse to do their jobs, leaving We the People abandoned by what was supposed to be “our own government”. What choice does that leave us, except to act in our own behalf? Elections are a farce, with the “elites” choosing the candidates such that whoever “wins” will follow the continuing program of a war against the American people by the government. There is no way left to us to check votes either, though it has become obvious that those are as crooked as anything else connected with this corporation that has been masquerading as “our government”. It shows consistently by its actions that it is NOT anything but a wholly owned subsidiary of Rothschilds, Inc.!

    I’m disabled and in a lot of pain most of the time, but damned if I can just sit and ignore these suddenly REQUIRED violations of the Oath of Service that took thirty-some years ago. My father administered that Oath, and it was a proud day for both of us. He has since passed away, almost exactly six months after my mother did. She was a WWII veteran herself, and Dad was a veteran of multiple tours in Korea and then Vietnam. My brother is also a Vietnam Era veteran, and we ALL VOLUNTEERED, as have the rest of my ancestors and relatives that I’m aware of. I do NOT understand how my fellow Americans can watch the government, or what we’ve been taught was the government, suddenly espouse values that are diametrically opposed to everything we’ve been taught since the beginning and still fail to realize that America has been taken over by an external power that has insinuated itself into our highest offices and infiltrated both our military and Law Enforcement agencies! When patriots are called traitors and terrorists, when EVERY CRIME is called “terrorism” and terrorism is called “government policy”, we have been INVADED – SUCCESSFULLY! When the President calls the Constitution he has sworn to defend and uphold “a medieval document” and claims it has little relevance to today, when he HIDES HIS PAST and carries multiple FALSE Social Security cards, as well as offers up FALSIFIED PROOF OF BIRTH three or four times, and then almost his entire past life is suddenly “disappeared”, then damn it anyway, we have a Manchurian Candidate in this country’s highest office!

    This is where I get lost. How can Americans act other than in concert as citizens, as instructed by the Constitution – which remains the foundation of our Law until it has been legally changed, which it has NOT been yet – when the entire Administrative, L.E., Judicial and Appointed offices of America – in other words the ENTIRE GOVERNMENT save our volunteer military (and too many of its leaders) are agents of the “elites” who own the crooked Federal Reserve?? In fact, too many of our Law Enforcement agencies are filled with militarized thugs who think this is the legal government, not the for-profit corporation it actually is! We have almost been abandoned by the few remaining Constitutional agencies not peopled with representatives of the “elites” who created Nazism, and who helped create and who backed the Communist block countries just for the profits for themselves and the damage that unending wars did to America. We’re very nearly to the last throw here, people! We’re under a constant attack through poisons in the air (chemtrails, Fukushima radiation – as much as 2,000 times the “safe” levels set once by the government – GMOs that cause organ and other damage, “medications” meant to make and keep us ill while real treatments and cures are made illegal, and by being inundated with RF and microwave radiation, all of which damages our health and ability to think, by unending Mind Control techniques, and on and on! There’s much to do and little time – tempis fugit! Good fortune to us all!


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