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New Investment Banking

Saturday, November 5, 2016 0:17
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November 4, 2016
Investment Banking Under NESARA and GESARA

Little known, and sequestered, information about NESARA (the National Economic Security And Reformation Act) has restrained the Public from a collective discussion about money’s role in today’s, and future, collective societies. 

Before anything else read this:
This Law/ACT supports and enriches Humanity’s evolutionary path to Your Birthrights.  

Regardless of a person’s current conscious beliefs about the Divine, all humans posses a silent internal concept that they are worthy of a life with joy and creative expressions of the self.  This is important to understand; especially where money is considered as a tool, and supporting physical proof, which the self uses as validation and permission.  

For those whose minds and hearts have opened towards a person’s own Divinity – and Yes you are All Divine, Limitless, Imbued with the same connection to the One, with All the Powers of Creation that Source/God/Goddess/OneWithAll possess – NESARA, by Divine Decree, is intended to free the false programming humanity created and endured about its’ true nature: essences created in a field of Love – Unconditional Love  - never truthfully separated from Love because their very essence is the manifestation of Love.

By freeing the mind of collective beliefs in the Lie that you are separated from your natural state of love, and thus abundance, you become open towards your Divine Truth.  You accept that You are not meant to exist in fear.  That You find You Do have a Divine Purpose, one where Your acceptance that You are LOVE, and embody LOVE’S EXPRESSION of SHARING; eventually leading to the Truth that You are connected to The ALL.  
It means recognizing that Humanity is CONNECTED to EACH OTHER – Humans embracing Collective Consciousness – sharing its’ experience within the Divine Collective.

Embrace NESARA/GESARA as a gift in Your continued Divine Evolution.  You are meant for so much more; it is exciting this path You are on!

The Discussion:

As the title states, this paper is about the purpose and role of Investment Banking under NESARA/GESARA.  It is vital to understand the role of money, historically.  I’ll be brief.

Money began as a means to replace bartering as the primary engagement for the exchange of goods and services.  People agreed upon a common and accepted means of acquiring that which they could not acquire alone.  Money, therefore, is a collective agreement. 

Long agreements and contracts were being discussed between persons in terms of ownership and responsibilities regarding trade.  These contracts were personal and communal endorsements; they incorporated values, tribal/societal resources and time management.  They were outlining personal and collective divisions of labor – a definition of labor skills.  It set up hierarchies of all types.  It also supported, and changed, value systems – separating all factors of production into units of worth; sometimes even devaluing a person’s worth to nothing, as in slavery.  Soon money and personal worth were supporting, on large scales, ideals that money was also scarce. 

Money also spawned investments into the arts, crafts, “the trades”, education, math and sciences.   

Money’s role under the concept of usury

Usury is the concept that money (gold and precious metals) has an innate value because it is limited.  Thus money itself became a resource, and was in competition, and therefore eligible for payment under the concept of rent.  

Among tribes in certain societies, the concept that something like money could charge for its’ use, outside of consumption, tendered new laws.  It also revealed ownership and collection rights; including the rightful practice of excluding Royals.

French economists, would later argue under Agrarian Law, that worth could only come through nature – thus equating the value of money to a good that only came through nature; i.e. god.

Today we know of usury as interest rates.  The price for sharing in the process of acquiring resources, relative to their dearth valuations, and the time it takes to recoup money for use in future transactions.  Thus money has a unique aspect in current and future use.  
For example, a bank’s practice of closing on a loan before its’ maturity, implicates a bank’s ability to earn/grow greater future profits.  All sorts of strategies and practices to recoup bank monies exist; highlighting a bank owners’ interests and acquisition goals.
Takeaway – banks also have values in pursuit of happiness, expansion, dreams, and influence. 
But You Forgot to Talk about RISK.

Risk is now a science!  It also implies the potential for failure.  How a bank defines failure says a lot about the shareholders goals and values.  

Let’s assume for the moment that monies from a bank are an endorsement of an activity that allows for shareholders to expand personal wealth, while not requiring every individual shareholder for loan approval and consensus.  Risk therefore, is the bank’s ability to meet shareholder repayment for borrowed funds.  Many factors go into determining the loan holder’s sustained ability to repay the loan.  

Risk in not only the ability to make future loans and grow wealth, it also factors in trust and expectations of the shareholders.

The more complicated the loan, including the complexity required to meet the loan holder’s success, the higher the risk.

But, what if the bank shared the risk of the “vision behind the loan” with its’ shareholders?  Well, the risk diminishes and the terms of repayment can expand beyond the repayment of money, and can include “ownership rights” by the shareholders in the “vision and dream behind the loan”.  Shareholder trust and investment become endorsements; endorsements that can result in profit sharing.    

Here are some things to consider about money.

Role of money as an optimization for the acquisition and sharing of goods/services where individual freedom to choose new goods and services is preserved.  

Another thought is that money allows for individual freedom to form experiences.

Money plays a role in setting precedence for what gets done, what gets consumed, what has value.  This is double edged.

How much has money formed your pursuits in happiness?  What about your creativity and interests?

Money has the ability to mask the underlying issues.  Relationships with your belief systems, about money, have formed fearful truths about yourself.  It has also been a common dream to release yourself from fear and be creative in love.

Banks and money have operated under a collective belief system of “lack” for far too long.

Economic Principles:

Modern economic theory delves into abstract thinking in order to allow for modeling.  There are models to explain and support past behavior; models to explore predicted behavior; models to describe and formulate expectations; models to describe to flow of resources; models to develop labor principles; models to explain money; models that explain demand and supply.

Here are some key models to understand.

Consumer Choice – a model which seeks to explain how, and why, consumers choose and consume resources.  This could be food, music, toll-roads, Smart-phones.  These models also predict how people change their choices when exposed to income constraints.  Income is not the only thing that changes peoples’ choice: time and introductions of technology also change consumer choice, and thereby what gets made.  NESARA/GESARA will change what, and how much, gets consumed: there are income and technology shifts in these models.

Producer Choice – a model explaining how price is determined; how factors of production (inputs) are acquired; how technology and productivity change price and supply; how labor as a factor in production changes.  
NESARA/GESARA will change these models through technology, labor pool, inflationary pressures and new technologies.  Strict considerations around environmental resources and management will also change, for the overall betterment.

Monetary Theory – models will require major upgrades as Central Banks, Currency Valuations, IMF, Inflationary models become obsolete or replaced.  

Labor Models – models suggesting the demand and supply of labor is intertwined with society’s valuation and investment into Human Capital.

Environmental Models – models adjusting Global Supply and Demand of Natural Resources according to Climate Change (PARIS ACCORD) and Agricultural Production.     
NESARA/GESARA reveal of new (and hidden) technologies.  On a side note, Nutrition models will also impact the foods we all eat.


A New Era of Investment Banking:

As I mentioned, investment banking will take on a whole new approach towards investment choices and flexibility to develop investment pools.  Remember, most banks seek to increase wealth and influence under conditions of longevity.  Investment banks serve a purpose to move new ideas and products to markets.  

NESARA opens up new approaches to risk pooling under a Collectively Agreed Upon Choice in Our National and Global Future.  The Return of our Republic unveils our Country’s renewal in our principles.  We are a Nation where EVERY PERSON has a Divine Birthright to pursue happiness under agreed upon Divine beliefs.  Principles that transcend any one religion by believing All have a right to food, housing, equality under the law, education, healthcare, freedom of expression, no slavery (financial or otherwise), clean water, and so much more.  We free ourselves from the lies and beliefs that there isn’t enough to help each other to inalienable rights.

Fears have ruled our choices – and our choices have continued fear’s rule over us.  

Suffering has been a rejection of our own divinity.  

And in this measure we have lost our innate ability to love: to embrace the idea that we are all connected and divine. 
Our Collective Consciousness has screamed enough!  

NESARA/GESARA opens up our collective choice to redefine our values and support them with votes, and a new ability to vote with dollars.  When a society no longer defines its’ wealth solely by money, but in the sharing of a purpose, then wealth expands. 

Visionaries are born and re-born.  Creativity and collective pursuits of solutions invite a redistribution of energies and matter.  Soon future efforts are freer to expand in creation energies (possibilities); and the ability to expand and sustain “dreams of the heart” move away from a state of lack into personal wealth.  

If investment banks overtime began to invest in those efforts that support solutions for the “basic human necessities”, it would find financial longevity in an individual’s pursuit of happiness.  The purpose of profits could be linked to “first to market gains” where preferences are given to those banks who were “first to support the cause”.

Nowhere have I stated that the creation of Investment Banks is limited to the established few.  The environment is rich for the formation of smaller investment banks to meet niches.

Finally, an incredible area for growth is the use of Internet 2.0 to develop streamlined processes to horizontally and vertically invest in a cause: cafeteria-style investing.  

A. Mc Ph.D. – Applied Economics  

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