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It's Going Down: A “New Sheriff” to Make Big Arrests? 4,289 Sealed Indictments in 3 Weeks

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By Lisa Haven


From October 30, 2017, through November 22, 2017, there have been 4,289 sealed federal indictments filed during these three weeks in all 94 federal district court judicial districts in the United States. This is unprecedented, considering the “normal” count is usually around 1,000 in 12 months. In other words, we are witnessing something historic!

All that and more below…


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    • Anonymous

      Really. How many months can they hold “sealed indictments”?

      • Anonymous

        How many years can they hold “sealed indictments” is the question. Or possibly decades. We A :smile: :eek: RE in the BINNERLANDS after all.

        • 2QIK4U

          What’s the law on sealed indictments? Does it become public when the court day arrives? Because a staunch reporter would camp out and see who turns up… Unless it’s so secret it’s just more seed for the pigeon’s?

          • harry

            Hmm … good question ???

            • 2QIK4U

              Thanks harry, was hoping Lisa can tell me if she has all this other information ? Waiting :)

            • Sean

              Here is all the information on the Sealed Indictments that anyone can figure out for themselves.


              Liea Haven, Morgan and the rest like you worship the beast/Trump.

              And all who dwell on the earth will worship the beast — all whose names have not been written from the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb who was slain.

            • 2QIK4U

              I worship good morals,good people and good rye. And yes I think most people support trump unless you agree with the baby killer’s Sean? I meant a real government website to find the truth, not your version of truth and you are the worshipper out of both of us correct? You worship the same king James the satanists do. FACT

          • Anonymous

            It’s Bullshit until it is proven otherwise. Just like all the prior tons of Bullshit like this story for the past decade at least. In fact, Cabal members have become so old they have rotted away like old Rockingchairfeller, all the while awaiting to be “mass arrested” by the very criminals that the lemmings support as heroes.

            • 2QIK4U

              I’ve been watching exactly what you said happening with papa bush and maybe Trump’s attempt to expose him? I might look up your congress laws but the gremlin’s start to attack me when entering certain sites, especially if tor is on…

            • N. Morgan


              Matthew 7:1 – 7:5

              1) Judge not, that ye be not judged.

              2) For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

              3) And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

              4) Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam [is] in thine own eye?

              5) Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.


              Sean, you may want to get that beam out of YOUR eye, before you judge others..

              I can only speak for myself and as I’ve said before, you know nothing about me..

              I pity you really..

              You sure will have a lot to answer for when your time come to face the Father.. :neutral:

            • 2QIK4U

              N. Morgan…. Excuse my lack of Bible language but isn’t a moat the circle of water surrounding a castle? In an eye… I don’t really understand it but damn I’m liking you more and more even if I Don’t translate this Bible stuff well…. I always look at myself like number 5. There’s always room to improve yourself but some days like today some Bible experts snap ME and I quite happily snap them back. Try again tomorrow. Keep it up ;)

            • Mayhem

              It would have been quicker to use a dictionary than to write that comment, 2QIK4U, but then again you did change the spelling without batting an eyelid so there might not be much hope for you.

          • dennis48309

            “An indictment can be sealed so that it stays non-public until it is unsealed. This can be done for a number of reasons. It may be unsealed, for example, once the named person is arrested or has been notified by police.” Wikipedia
            I would assume the indictments will be unsealed upon arrest.

            • 2QIK4U

              I’m assuming the same thing because unless its a closed hearing but only Comeys was private and we still don’t know, obviously all media would be there on day of court. (Don’t know a lot of America’s laws still since Obama made them up as he went)

        • dennis48309

          Stuff that happens in court is public knowledge. Unless they plan on holding secret star chambers to convict these perps, the public will surely find out.

      • Mayhem

        I think some targets are being offered the choice between retirement or indictment.

        Patience, The Donald has got this :cool:

        • 2QIK4U

          Two steps forward and one back but we’re getting there hopefully

        • Anonymous

          Sure he has. Let’s face it, nothing has changed after almost a year into this new presidency.

          • Mayhem

            Nothing has changed, Anonymous, except President Trump has in fact been a busy beaver…

            1 – Cleaning out the judiciary of political activists.

            2 – Reducing illegal immigration markedly.

            3 – Restoring US energy independence.

            4 – Ending EPA overreach.

            5 – Putting American workers first.

            6 – Boosting military morale and readiness.

            7 – Simplifying the Tax code.

            8 – Handling Obamacare.

            9 – Ending Title IX.

            … and if you were to ask me POTUS The Donald is doing the best he can with the mess he inherited.


          • Mayhem

            “If Trump wins the stock market will tank” according to…

            CNN, Politico, Huffpo, Market Watch, Fortune, NY Times, ABC, Business Insider, CNBC et al.

            … and the fact of the matter is the exact opposite happened.


      • Don - 1

        Any post with Bible quotes I ignore. They are totally irrelevant.

        • 2QIK4U

          Me to until just then. Most hAs a double meaning so the good find thier truth and so do the evil. And the king James Bible is the American belief and also the satanic Illuminati use the exact same book… All is not complete since the Vatican has stolen 90% off the people. Sumerian tablets being the oldest in earth would be the only one I take seriously… As its the most untouched and complete… What god would punish you just for being born? Inside out upside down….

          • Mayhem

            The Sumerian tablets are greatly misunderstood and mostly indecipherable, 2QIK4U, plus many cultures have a flood narrative as part of their folklore. So what, if a global flood really did occur wouldn’t you be more surprised that it wasn’t mentioned?

            Here’s a list of flood narratives which most likely refer to the biblical account…


            The Enki sumerian tablets differ from the Inanna version so right from the get go you must decide which set you prefer and i’m suggesting that Atheists cherry pick between them because they want so bad for the Bible not to be true.

            Sitchin is wrong dotcom :idea:

      • raisnbran

        these indictments only have to do with gang activity–no polictos are included at this time—the justice dept is going after gang members like ms-13,ec

      • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

        I care not a damn about indictments… I’m waiting for ARRESTS. :wink:
        Until we see ARRESTS being made, and we all know the names, indictments, power plays, stings…
        The play’s the thing…

        • 2QIK4U

          FK YES!

    • Boxed in Freight

      :cool: Why is Trump’s FCC Director, Ajit Pai, lying to Americans about the Internet being stifled under Net Neutrality, especially since he knows as FCC Director that the new DOCSIS 3.1 standard is being rolled out as I type?

      :idea: :idea: What is DOCSIS 3.1?

      DOCSIS 3.1 is the new standard for Broadband Internet connectivity which allows for gigabit streaming of content through existing cable lines and nothing needs to be replaced – no new cable lines, no new infrastructure expenditures, and no expensive connectivity issues. This new DOCSIS 3.1 standard will bring Fiber Optic like connectivity to every home and office in America with up to 10 gigabits per second of data flow and it cost the Telecoms (((( $ZERO )))) in new expenditures.

      :arrow: Foilks – this is IMPORTANT News you need to know – You’re being lied to.

      • 2QIK4U

        Nope hang on. Your existing lines would be the same copper phone wire to the nodes all over America and then people would have the choice to pay extra for fibre from the node into your home but the entire internet is still the copper phone wires mainly… Australia started this same scam five years ago and now they’ve been caught charging customers for the fastest speeds but they still don’t exist unless all the copper wiring to each streets node is replaced from the copper phone wire to optic fibre. I’M going out on a limb and betting with your failing infrastructure there’s no way America is filled with optic fibre… Australia busted our government saying a similar sales pitch and it took a few years to prove we still don’t have the quickest broadband in the world. Last time I checked. Africa and India has faster net than both our countries! Loon project of google and Fakebook have been putting third world countries first. Maybe as you say trump is in he’s on to it but have you seen phone and cable companies running new cables everywhere yet? If so your very lucky because our prime minister is about to lose his job over this exact thing…. You seem more knowledgeable than I on this subject but I know what we’ve been told and scammed for five years…. Can you explain more please about how no upgrades are needed? Cos your copper wiring you all use is over a hundred years old. We’re on the same phone lines Alexander Graham Bell would have originally used… At most you’d have copper through the street to node then optic fibre for fifty yards maximum….. Tell me where im wrong please so I learn :)

      • 2QIK4U

        I’ll what are your cable TV lines got inside? It would be old to so a heavier set of copper wiring? That’s the only way it might be possible?

    • unidentified

      they should also investigate ‘sleaze talk radio’ :wink: :lol:

    • DangerWillRoberson

      so, normal number 1,000 in one year. ok, now 4,289 ready to be served? so its 3,289 more this year? is that what you are saying?

      if there sealed how does that matter to the common folks?

      • touchtone918

        All indictments are under seal until they are unsealed! It’s just a damn indictment! People are retarded!

    • truck driver

      Undercover agent’s set up trucker’s so they can arrest them for something and claim they can do that because of some county or local ordinance. Someone said they are Homeland security but I heard one say to the cashier I need you to say your being robbed so I can get a commission check for arresting him for something, because he’s a veteran and veterans are dangerous people. These maybe freelance cops or truck hijackers pretending to be cops . I see them in West Memphis Arkansas, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Pennsylvania . You can spot them if they talk alot or ask you for money or sitting in the TV room talking alot , they tried to set me up in the fuel island or waiting by my truck

    • Just me

      Since when is it a good thing that the feds are indicting 4 times as many people as usual? You don’t know who they are, or why they are being indicted. Nor do you know if Trump has anything to do with it. Sounds to me like like the Feds are simply coming against us ALL harder than ever. Probably has more to do with the expansion of the NSA and Homeland Security.

      • dennis48309

        Why would they use sealed indictments to arrest patriots? They could easily just cause a massive false flag to get martial law and the FEMA camps into gear.

        • Just me

          I didn’t say it’s only patriots – just those they want out of the way. They’re not ready to open the FEMA camps yet. Also, wouldn’t it make even less sense for them to indict their own?

    • diane

      I don’t by it. Everything is in secret. people need help and we are completely ignored by the president. why?

      • Mayhem

        Trump is only giving the appearance he’s not got his finger in this pie. He owns Mueller, as well as Sessions, and they’re responsible, in my opinion, for the recent spate of unexplained retirement announcements.

        Swamp is being drained but it’s a big job like yuge :wink: MAGA!

        When Hildabeast is in an orange jumpsuit POTUS will be able to say he had nothing to do with it but he’s not at all surprised.

        • 2QIK4U

          I do agree and I want to agree but I just found yesterday that Obama is still following trump to every stop. Obama is with china pres now añd Melanie is in india and Obama is headed straight there next! Also majorly worrying is trump is quietly sending a heap of american media and million’s to Hungary to support Soros! BUSTED. Hungary has been the only euro country left trying to arrest Soros so Trump is doing a Clinton and sending America’s worst mainstream media to Hungary to help overthrow THIER current prime minister and slide Soros or a goon of his choice in. I’M starting to see Trump as the cleaner. Or fixer go Illuminati. Remember we are fighting against the New World order and we now have the biggest globalist of them all that’s spent decades quietly in the background only to be brought out when the shit hits THIER fan…. I keep telling myself im wrong because I support the idea we all do and the longer they’re all still not in prison I fear they’ll use Nth Korea go a decade of fear now ISIS was founded by Obama the Clinton and Dick head Cheney! He’s the worst of them all but never mentioned. Why is he there at all. The generals show that at the slightest chance of Trump being overrun they will start War. PIZZAGATE is over a year old and I know im no Yankee but I don’t know of one of these people they say are pizza related… Look into this media Soros operation about to begin and I’m interested in what you think afterwards… Never said this word but I pray that the Scottish rites masonhood is a different Illuminati than the Jewish one! Damn I hope im wrong. Very wrong mayhem… Don’t know if you read my comment about my family being in the highest media tier in Australia but if you research what you know about me you are the only one here that can figure it out. (if your bored one day ) Soldier in ANZAC

          • Mayhem

            What are we talking about here…


            … Carter Page’s tete-a-tete with Réka Szemerkényi?

            You might be reading a bit much into that…


            … according to some.

            But what-the-hey, 2QIK4U, believe what you want even though Hungary is actually a NATO ally. In fact, jack, i don’t think POTUS is all that enamoured with Soros and only a couple of days ago Trump endorsed an anti globalist web site that names Soros as part of a satanic world domination cult.

            • 2QIK4U

              I know I was shocked seeing the report. Yes they’re NATO but the only ones saying no to Soros.. The WE ARE CHANGE channel explains it much better than I obviously and I hope the reporter is reading to far but they are saying it and my missus is Hungarian gypsy and they’re saying similar stuff but my Hungarian sucks… Appreciate your honesty that’s why im saying it to you… I’ll have a quick search now and send but u know my links don’t work here so you’ll get it asap… Especially when trump hAs mentioned he’d like Soros classed as a domestic terror leader! Hang on mate

            • 2QIK4U

              OK its the US state department do probably not trump but deep state. Throw the link up I sent you so everyone can see please? Phew excellent I was wrong (hopefully Trump hasn’t ordered state department ) but everything else I said is happening. They’re trying to get rid of Hungary prime minister… Usual American movements

            • 2QIK4U

              Your links aren’t it mate. That’s other topics but probably under the table related.

            • 2QIK4U

              Still don’t know why this piece of crap I have won’t link vids here? Works to you and every other site but this one? Cheers mayhem and don’t hold your thoughts back when you put it here.. (if you weren’t honest I wouldn’t ask you… )

            • 2QIK4U

              Where’s the link I sent you bro? :)

            • Mayhem

              The crap i have to sit through with you, 2QIK4U, and no i won’t be linking that second rate video but here’s the gist of it.

              The video opens with…


              … but fails to mention that…


              … the Hungarian Prime Minister had no fux to give and enacted the legislation anyway.

              Then the video went into government sanctioned foreign advertising…


              … and that’s as far as i got.

              So what? Governments advertise in other countries all the time. Here’s a list of Russian backed adverts that ran in the good old US of A around the time MAGA was becoming a thing…


              … which only goes to show that selective outrage is painted in the colours of hypocrisy.

              Personally i wouldn’t piss on Soros’ to soothe a jellyfish sting and i’m bound to disagree with most of the liberal sciences taught by the university he founded. But the answer to bad ideas has only ever been good ideas with all sides being allowed a voice. At the end of the day Hungary’s attempt to muzzle democracy and liberalism is completely totalitarian and should be denounced as such.

              Plus it’s probably a conduit for the US to spy on central Europe and the US State Departments virtue signalling, about the loss of academia, is mostly smoke and mirrors.

              Don’t believe me, ask the man behind the curtain.

          • 2QIK4U

            A downvote Bro? It’s 100% true..

    • Pink Slime

      Yuck! You coughed without saying, “excuse me”.

      I don’t know what you said after that, except to ask are they going to arrest that DEAR NEGRO of yours? You know, the one you like to call “President” just to feel good about Negroes? :cool:

      Telling me you look down on them. SHAME on you!! :roll:

    • touchtone918

      They can only hold them so long. I think it is 6-9 months. Unfortunately, this is a nothing burger because the “contents” are under seal and only the court and US Attorney know. The only way this guy gets that kind of info is trolling PACER and he knows nothing because you cannot “See” a sealed indictment in the system.

    • The Watcher


      • Anonymous

        She is batting zero.

        • Anonymous

          She is a zero. :cool:


      BULLSHIT Prove it, its a psy op, an artificial psychological means to keep the ALT universe of activists defused thinking the problem is under control.

    • The Real Deal

      You should get a real job, this whole reporter thing really isn’t your cup of tea. Most reporters have an IQ above room temperature. Oh, and your eyebrows are are all jacked up. Do you have some kind of nervous tick that causes you to pluck out your eyebrows? I knew another chick that was bat shit crazy also, and she would pluck her eyebrows all the time.

    • YellowRoseTx51

      You’re mistake is only looking at Federal courts in US.
      Same amount are European, and overseas.
      Its a group effort. Thats the ‘trade talks’.

      • YellowRoseTx51





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