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Trump Death Threats Tied To Pelosi! Heneghan

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Tom Heneghan goes over his latest information from his US and French Intelligence sources.  The British spied on Trump for Obama and this is all coming out!  


The stock market wipeout is being engineered by the deep state scum including Larry Mizel and Daddy Bush!  They made over $10 trillion with their recent market manipulation!   They are doing it to further loot the pensions of Americans!


Donald Trump and Leo Wanta both experienced death threats over the trillions in Wanta funds laundered by the Bank of England!  This is US Treasury money that was stolen by H.W. Bush and used to finance wars, drug running, and pay off both the Democrat and Republican party who were given part of the stolen Wanta funds to keep quiet!


The deep state is in panic mode to try to stop Trump from bringing back the Wanta funds to pay for a massive infrastructure rebuilding program including nationwide high speed trains.  The Amtrak derailments, stock market manipulations and any other lies they can put out on the fake news is being used to try to derail Donald Trump!


The Document Alex Jones is censoring that ENDS ObamaFraud!   Email him at and FORCE him to quit covering it up!!!   This is the knockout punch on Obama and Alex is worried more about selling vitamins!


You can see the story on Leo Wanta in the video below.  There is a lot of action going on right now regarding these funds.  We will have Wanta on the program as soon as there is good news to report.  Get on my Newsletter for daily updates.


The French are our greatest allies and helped us get our Independence from the British who still want to be our boss!  The French are assisting us in recovering the stolen Wanta funds from the British Rothschilds.   They were part of this Wanta operation from the very beginning!   The British need to get spanked for what they’ve done to us!  The English are great people but their government are new world order PIGS who are total backstabbers of Donald Trump!   The French will be Donald Trump’s first official visit!  God bless the French who are true friends  of the United States!


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