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1.22.18 Latest Q Anon Posts With Video Commentaries

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Recent update (22:06) follow this link:

Q Anon – 1.22.18 (21:47) – Chatter just Spiked. Drones over US. Tracking only.


Jan 21 2018



Jan 21 2018 14:06:20 Q !UW.yye1fxo 47

Will SESSIONS drop the hammer?
1 of 22. #Memo shifts narrative.
#Memo reinstates SESSIONS’ authority re: Russia/ALL.
#Memo factually demonstrates collusion at highest levels.
#Memo factually demonstrates HUSSEIN ADMIN weaponized INTEL community to ensure D victory [+insurance].
#Memo factually demonstrates ‘knowingly false intel’ provided to FISA Judges to obtain warrant(s).
[The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America]
Hussein [8]
Install rogue_ops
Leak C-intel/Mil assets
Cut funding to Mil
Command away from generals
Launch ‘good guy’ takedown (internal remove) – Valerie Jarrett
SAP sell-off
Snowden open source Prism/Keyscore (catastrophic to US Mil v. bad actors (WW) +Clowns/-No Such Agency) Target/weaken conservative base (IRS/MSM)
Open border (flood illegals: D win)
ISIS/MS13 fund/install (fear, targeting/removal, domestic-assets etc.)
Blind-eye NK [nuke build]
[Clas-1, 2, 3]
Blind-eye Iran [fund and supply]
Blind-eye [CLAS 23-41]
Stage SC [AS [187]]
U1 fund/supply IRAN/NK [+reduce US capacity]
KILL NASA (prevent space domination/allow bad actors to take down MIL SATs/WW secure comms/install WMDs) – RISK OF EMP SPACE ORIG (HELPLESS)
[CLAS 1-99]
HRC [8] WWIII [death & weapons real/WAR FAKE & CONTROLLED][population growth control/pocket billions]
Eliminate final rogue_ops within Gov’t/MIL
KILL economy [starve/need/enslave]
Open borders
Revise Constitution
Ban sale of firearms (2nd amen removal)
Install ‘on team’ SC justices> legal win(s) across spectrum of challengers (AS 187)
Removal of electoral college [pop vote ^easier manipulation/illegal votes/Soros machines]
Limit/remove funding of MIL
Closure of US MIL installations WW [Germany 1st]
Destruction of opposing MSM/other news outlets (censoring), CLAS 1-59
Pure EVIL.
Narrative intercept [4am].
Sessions/Nunes Russian OPS.
Repub distortion of facts to remove Mueller.
[POTUS free pass].
Shutdown Primary Reasons.
Weaken military assets.
Inc illegal votes.
Black voters abandoning.
“Keep them starved”
“Keep them blind”
“Keep them stupid”
HRC March 13, 2013 [intercept].
The Great Awakening.
Fight, Fight, Fight.


Jan 21 2018 14:25:40 Q !UW.yye1fxo 48

@Jack, MZ, ES, JB, EM, SH, MSM, etc.
Do you know that we know?
Do you know that we see all?
Do you know that we hear all?


Jan 21 2018 14:28:00 Q !UW.yye1fxo 49


Jan 21 2018 14:54:33 Q !UW.yye1fxo 50


Jan 21 2018 19:31:32 Q !UW.yye1fxo 51




Jan 21 2018 20:49:57 Anonymous ID: 282f8c 119569

Look guys, its pretty damn obvious.. Its a deleted E-mail. Thus why Q deleted it. Get the message. Find out who posted it first and if they posted anything else.

Jan 21 2018 21:05:55 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 7f44ec 119769

Not from WL.
[CLAS-N-DI_9] gg_dump [No Such Agency].
It does not technically exist as open-source.

Jan 21 2018 21:05:55 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 7f44ec 119769

>>119569 Not from WL. [CLAS-N-DI_9] gg_dump [No Such Agency]. It does not technically exist as open-source. Q

Jan 21 2018 21:12:19 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 7f44ec 119877

The flood is coming.
Emails, videos, audio, pics, etc.
FBI accidentally deletes texts?
No Such Agency accidentally releases IT ALL>
Shall we play a game?

Jan 21 2018 21:12:19 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 7f44ec 119877

>>119769 The flood is coming. Emails, videos, audio, pics, etc. FBI accidentally deletes texts? No Such Agency accidentally releases IT ALL> Shall we play a game? Q

Jan 21 2018 21:22:07 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 7f44ec 120050

Expand your thinking.
Planned [3].
Moves and countermoves.
Strategy warfare.
This week will be revealing.
SNOW WHITE [1, 2, and 5] offline.
7th Floor is no more.
Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean BIG things aren’t happening.
2018 will be GLORIOUS.

Jan 21 2018 21:12:19 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 7f44ec 119877

>>119769 The flood is coming. Emails, videos, audio, pics, etc. FBI accidentally deletes texts? No Such Agency accidentally releases IT ALL> Shall we play a game? Q

Jan 21 2018 21:27:24 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 7f44ec 120138

Will the FBI recover those missing texts?
[Nothing is ever truly deleted].
Your move.

Jan 21 2018 21:38:51 Anonymous ID: 281cab 120326


shills working overtime… this email was confirmed between Q posting time and 4,10,20 posting time at 51 minutes and it being the 51st post

Jan 21 2018 21:41:20 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 7f44ec 120361

Original leak renewed.
Alabama investigation?

Jan 21 2018 22:20:15 Anonymous ID: c4d817 120926

GUYS- email was sent out by NSA before election with some plausible deniability attached to it so people could say “FAKE”! HOWEVER, the main audience wasn’t normies, it was the black hats, a shot across the bow to say “WE HAVE IT ALL, YOUR’E RIGGING WON’T WORK”. Q just brought it back up to speak directly to “THEM” again to show they are going to dump it all.

Jan 21 2018 22:25:13 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: fe774d 120998


Jan 21 2018 22:32:11 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: fe774d 121147

Every [3] letter is here.
You are in the middle of something historic.

Jan 22 2018



Jan 22 2018 14:05:49 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: f2d4bd 127154

:stay at home<</div>

Safe comms_SAT-re_Bz985300^00

Jan 22 2018 14:13:04 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: f2d4bd 127218

Private exchange [last].

Jan 22 2018 14:14:58 Anonymous ID: 47a6de 127246

This entire shutdown exercise was Schumers attempt to put Trump in his place. He failed spectacularly.

Jan 22 2018 14:16:08 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: f2d4bd 127256

Thank you for visiting the WH.

Jan 22 2018 14:20:36 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: f2d4bd 127302

He played the game to remain in control.



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Streamed live 4 hours ago

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…….. and if we don’t destroy these Luciferian Deep State Sicko Insaniacs, this (below video) is what they have planned for us ! 






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    • 2QIK4U

      Definently not trump mate. Ive noticed in the last two drops theres nothing we didnt already know, ya know? Defango channel might have uncovered who is really doing and his stream/group vlog on anothers channel was taken over live and you see the owner booted from her own livestream channel then you see all of them dissapear one by one only to be left with one strangers utoob stream symbol but about 3-4 males were talking live about it and you could see it was the mods of this ladyz stream! CIA SHIT CAUGHT LIVE! Q is not Q. Gut feeling 100%

      • 2QIK4U

        Pssst…. Want to buy a bitcoin? Lol.. Im cashing my strangers gift in asap. I dont care if it hits a mcafee million. It wont. The fad is dying and banks are buying. Theres now a Rothschild crypto!

        • 2QIK4U

          The new Q looks completey different again and whoever is typing is trying to say that most of the corruption cant be released because end america but the entire system needs to be changed and thats what trumps goal has been from beginning so i dont think he would talk like the latest after this… It feels like someone is trying to convince me to basically not do anything to the main culprits and it will all magically stop. Fk i hope wikileaks gets something in the mail soon and i hope julian drops most of what Q seems to be afraid of… They wanted a new world order? Well we are going to give it to them

          • Knarlydawg

            I’m not committed either way yet ………. still watching ! It could be a sacrificial skin shedding by the deeper Luciferians (lizards losing their tails to escape the coming backlash as mid-level Luci’s get thrown under the bus). The deep Deep State Luci’s high tail it (no tail it) into their bunkers while the fecal storm blows, then pop back up with new skins and new plans for the new NWO 2.0. Peace, peace they will proclaim ……. wolves in sheepy cloaks ……… then sudden destruction !! Perhaps ? I hope not but we do have all of those end-times prophecies to contend with.

            BTW, I don’t trust defango, have seen some scathing stuff about him out there so I don’t follow his stuff.




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