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Did 60,000 Americans Die On 8.22.11 In Two Underground D.U.M.B. Nuclear Blasts?

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Featured Story for October 2011:

The entrance to the Central Intelligence Agenc...

Is the CIA secretly at war with the US military-industrial complex? Photo of the entrance to the CIA headquarters in Langley Virginia

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[ Preface: Since I posted this story 24 hours ago at least one Youtube account has been closed which had videos in it that I cited. Although the YT page says "account closed by the user" I'm not so sure about that. If this story is now disappearing from YT channels it most likely means there is some truth in it that they don't want to spread. One can only speculate. ]

I have located several videos this morning that interested me and which I wanted to share. I have heard this NWO related rumor before, that there is an urgent and all out “secret war” being waged between elements of the US Military-industrial complex and our own CIA. If this is true what it would imply is that two different factions of the secret governing elite in the United States are at war with one another, with We the People unknowingly caught in the middle of it.

The first video brings up several facts that I have documented before in many posts on this blog, i.e. the real cost of the secret NWO tunnel system which snakes through the western states of the USA being some 40 to 50 trillion dollars, which has been siphoned off of the top of the US economy surreptitiously for more than 40 years. Apparently that tunnel system was recently attacked and at least two underground nuclear detonations took place this year, according to this report. This next post is an hour in length. It might take some time to get through all of this material but it is worth it to get a larger picture of what might be taking place, literally beneath our feet.

I am looking for more video which will corroborate this information. I am posting the following videos as speculation, and I make no claims as to the accuracy of any intelligence which is presented therein. But there are many dots to be connected if such explosions did take place. Here’s what I have gathered thus far and I will post more as I locate the info.

Cited: “An excerpt from David’s blog concerning the real reason for the earthquakes in Colorado and Virginia.

Video created by

En Espanol:

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    • Anonymous

      Must we really start this all over again? No proof anywhere on this issue. Did it ever occur to you that 13 powerful underground explosions might activate the Madrid and other fault lines which would be horrible in itself.

      The US military has been largely supportive of the NWO plan all along or it wouldnt have gotten to this point to start with. The tunnels were not a surprise to the military- who do you think built them??

      Would be nice if true, but based on precedent? Doesnt seem likely.

    • Anonymous

      Story seems like sci-fi. But the odd noises seem real enough. If 60,000 spooks or elite types did get nuked — good riddance.

    • TheWhiteWolf

      Dear Editor,

      At this time I would like to you ask to please consider the ramifications of posting such unproven, blasphemous, and conspiritorial claims. Internet addiction is a very real problem in our world today and so is fear mongering. Spreading these, for the lack of a better term, lies, it counterproductive to a healthy human consciousness and spirituality. How about trying to post something beneficial to your readers in the future. It would be nice opposed to seeing more dribble posted that readers can neither prove or change, but merely have to take the writers word for. Learned no lessons from Elenin have we?

      Best Regards,

    • Anonymous

      Lessons from Elenin?

      Well …… consider that government shut down WISE, put a freeze on near-earth objects and other information. Also consider that NASA made a big issue of preparedness to their employees. These, other other behaviors, impart (reinforce?) two lessons:

      The best lesson learned from Elenin is that disinformation and propaganda are alive and well.

      The second lesson learned is as plain as day — the government is completely untrustworthy.

    • Don't be hating!

      That Benjamin Fulfords is brainwashing the masses. He wants everyone to believe that they are fighting the CABAL so we can side with him and his group. People he is the cabal All of them work together. This has been planned for decades. Dont take sides for either any of them. They are all part of the NWO. They dont make the decisions for this planet, but only the ones high above us do and they are EVIL too. Mankind must open their minds and meditate. Project your consciouness for this planet and manifest light and love. This is the most powerful weapon we have against them. Our human consciousness! Awake

    • Anonymous

      Have a look around people, Benny has been spot on for years. I read this story back in August and have no reason to believe what Ben is saying to be anything but truth…..the change has already begun, and now judges and politico’s are being arrested…..ffs, they are rolling back the foreclosures on houses back to 2007 due to mass fraud…look at the actions of America and their allies as the desperately grab for more money…..awesome stuff to know about.

    • Chartricia

      I am of the opinion that if info makes it to the internet and stay there for any length of time, you can bet it is disinfo or controlled opposition. Like every thing that the west has come to enjoy, it usually gets governmented and mucked all up. Time to disconnect for good and let universe absorb what has become useless cyberbabble.

    • Anonymous

      No Americans died. Just the so-called leaders. Actually rulers…inbred, insane, gone mad, rulers. Can’t you feel the World getting lighter? California secede from the Union over Medical Marijuana, October 24 at noon. Don’t hold your breath to read about this in the Nazi new, new, newspapers, or radio, or tv–weapons of mass deception. The Mayan Elders et al (w/the 13 crystal skulls) began their pilgrimage from Manhattan Oct. 27 and will end in L.A. 11-11-11. Also on Oct. 24, the CPUC was Noticed/court recorded that the officials will be personally responsible for ‘deploying’ idiot meters on us. There’s soooooo much light of truth coming thru, it’s staggering!
      Aside, the FEDS are proposing to shut down the media, HALLELUJAH! IFF this were to happen, the ‘emergency’ sound broadcast will commence. Many will panic. DON’T. It’s just another one of THEIR illusions. THEY are falling like a house of cards built on sand, no foundation (of truth). Woe to the attorneys and their enablers.

    • Anonymous

      60,000 dead is how many men we lost in Vietnam. You couldn’t keep something like that secret from the mainstream media. If this is true I WANT NAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Who do you beLIEve owns ‘mainstream media?’ Goodness, look at the horrendous deception, lies, around 9-1-1. Hundreds of thousands have died around that. We are a World Community. We are the 94+%. There is no justice. Just Us.

    • Str8Talker

      When it comes to PsyOps… build something up (like an event w/ just enough evidence to make it plausible)… watch it come to NOTHING… watch the people get burnt & discouraged for being fooled… then no one is watching… you STRIKE then!!! And when the calls go out to everyone from those not discouraged… NOBODY WILL LISTEN. (“The Boy Who Cried Wolf” syndrome.)

      It’s evil, insidious, malicious and brilliant… because it plays on the blindspot human pride has… “Fool me once, shame on you… Fool me twice, shame on me…”

      Personally, stay alert, read, weigh, LIVE, LOVE, Work and plan your future. Being prepped never hurts for short, medium or long terms like so many have discovered this year as Mother Nature has lashed out in a bi-polar fit.

    • Kingkevin

      For real are you fcking kidding me. And i’m sure they killed all 60,000, then immediately all sixty thousand that died family members, then all their friends, basically anyone who knows of them or knows where they work or know them. Seriously this is WHY it is almost impossible to believe what you hear on this website, because of ridiculous claims that clearly have no truth backing them. Also the reason everyone thinks anyone who doesn’t believe what they are told is a radica. Cmon man, you are only making our quest for truth seem even more endless. Jesus!

    • Anonymous

      I first read about these explosions in the Russian Newspaper.I knew there were underground cities so to speak that were stocked with survival items including foot but I just dismissed it -so it is true -who or what caused the explosions? Also been reading abou the sounds that cannot be identified – here- Europe. Strange things are going one–There has got to be a mole somewhere who can leak this stuff.

    • Anonymous

      Please note that in the third embedded video in this post, titled “NWO Nuclear weapons go off in underground bases of the elite in Colorado and Virginia USA 8-22-2011,” YouTube URL, the narrator cites the EU Times as the source. The EU Times is a sham, and if you note the source at the bottom of that article, it is is Sorcha Faal, reputed to be American David Booth with ties to intel groups. This is not actual Russian intelligence. Booth/Faal have been claiming outrageous “Russian intel” information for years.

    • sten

      I think America would notice if 60 THOUSAND people just suddenly went missing! Dont you think?

    • electra111

      I would say this is true. Many people from these areas witnessed strange phenomena. Only the bases were not nuked, the air pressure was increased until they collapsed in on them selves. And personnel were removed and placed somewhere out of reach for now.
      They were not murdered or nuked.
      Interestingly enough just after this happened many interesting job vacancies appeared through out Colorado for the government, siting “being able to work without sunlight” in the job descriptions. Check it out for yourselves.

    • badattitude77769
      Driver told me that he had driven truck inside Cheyenne Mountain. I seem to remember that Cheyenne was shut down during 911; can anyone confirm that?
      Did 60,000 Americans Die On 8.22.11 In Two Underground D.U.M.B. Nuclear Blasts?
      (Please read the comments under the blog, writers do make some good points),000_Americans_Die_On_8.22.11_In_Two_Underground_D.U.M.B._Nuclear_Blasts.html
      Yucca Mountain, where has all the money gone?
      Plutonium-239 Can Be Neutralized Why won’t governments do it?
      Thanks to Mike for the video!
      osi dumb deep underground norad 911 stand down air force osi yucca mountain is useless where has all the money gone????????

    • WhenInjusticeTakesHold

      I don not think most Americans notice anything other than the crap that interferes with their TV shows, sports, their local bar burning down, or such as these. I doubt that any other than the few know the killing the US does all over the world, and especially the three million Iraqis the US government’s mercenary army, including the US Military, has killed or the five to six million that have been displaced from their homes and businesses.

      In other words, most Americans are ignorant or dumb as a box of rocks. I know because I was once one of the indoctrinated, brain dead and had to accept the truth or go stark raving mad.

    • Nim

      Well Sten, they apparently didn’t notice when 60 million disappeared on May 21st as per Harold Camping of Proctor n Gamble a subsidiary of BF Goodrich a sub sub subsidiary of Allstate ‘you’re in good hands with Allstate’ prophesied.

    • Officer Jethro Bodine


      “In other words, most Americans are ignorant or dumb as a box of rocks. I know because I was once one of the indoctrinated, brain dead and had to accept the truth or go stark raving mad.”

      Anonymous, do not go thinking you have made it of of the woods just yet, I am pretty sure are you are stark raving mad inbred– but at least you are in league with the majority of those who post here!

    • Paleocountry

      Give me a name, any name of someone who was reputedly nuked. Without some sort of hard evidence this supposed event is incredible.

    • It's Me Again

      Sure its real, just like the North Korean suicide sub with the nuke in it that sank BP’S oil rig in the Gulf was real too.

    • Anonymous

      There was a submarine that sank the BP oil rig?
      I’m gonna tell everybody! This is big news!

    • turfangel

      The big lie that will destroy you all-you keep putting the nazis in the same group as the illuminati-aligned with the british-and the USA-big mistake-Russia is the one behind everything-they control everything-they tell the USA, Europe and israel what to do-they murdered 66 million for satan in the russian revolution-they are the top of the illuminati-of course they like to hide and pretend they are the good guys-because that will be your final destruction-when you trust them-to take down the s0-called evil side-when in fact they want to play savior for you-and then as the savior who pretend to take down israel/usa/europe-illuminati-and then as your savior get your trust-be your hero-make a boogie man -then be the one who comes to the rescue-be hailed a hero-believe that lie and thats when you all will be destroyed forever.

    • amommamust

      Posting every video that you can find that sources back to Sorcha Faal and Benjamin Fulford is just lame. Using them as a source once is of questionable value, but having your sources go back to them over and over makes your point look weaker.

    • Anonymous

      At this time I would like to you ask to please consider the ramifications of posting such unproven, blasphemous…

      Blasphemous? You’re kidding, right?

    • TimOsman

      SOUND SOURCE FROM KIEV and others

      “RED STATE” film,
      kids in small town play this sound thru a large rusted out firehouse siren from their barn to provoke the religious cult to think RAPTURE is coming, the religous cult start executing sinners on site in mock trials, shoot the queer sheriff in the face, etc.

      “War Of Worlds” film
      sounds the walkers make when coming over the hills.

    • Metron

      Did 60,000 people die? Prove it or go away.

    • Nam Marine

      There is only ONE enemy……..Our own Government!

    • Anonymous

      The largest section of these underground tunnels (according to the map) are located on the Madrid fault line

    • -kg-
    • CosmicKiwiPerth

      The Island showing on the 2nd video above is White Island situated 30 miles 48km off the Nor/East coast of New Zealand. Periodically it erupts… But what has this got to do with Colorado?

    • OzzieEd

      Hey folks! What makes you think they were humans down there? Or, if humans, why do you think anyone on the surface would know anything about them. They could be down there for extended periods
      and still not be missed by anyone? I don’t know if it’s true but it’s nice to think evil has some powerful enemies. Here’s hoping, OzzieEd.

    • Anonymous

      this is not the whole story i copied an pasted part of it from another website there was 5-6 diferent articles on this story i didnt get to copy all of them before the site was taken down!/pages/HSRNews/114279425348723

    • Anonymous

      You’d think that if 60k people died in one day that SOMEONE would have reported at last ONE loved one/friend/associate/hated enemy missing. How about radiation readings from these areas?

    • CosmicKiwiPerth

      Yes it is total rubbish. 60K dead & no one is missing. Ok you have your usual missing cases but not when they all go to work… Barracuda awards himself a prize for stupidity. Fear mongering runs this site. Whats next to worry about, lets see…oh yes a CME from the sun. Then dec 2012 will come & go…. Maybe ppl will not worry till Aphosis or whatever in 2029. Mother Shipton said the dragon will appear & ppl will worry & nothing major happens. Then the dragon will come back & the tail will crack. Scientists say in in 2029 the object has a high chance of being altered by out gravity & will hit earth 7 years later. Barracuda you haven`t said why White Island is showing above? Astro of Perth,Australia & New Z.

    • KultLeader Superstar

      .uhhh..i have an idea..lets alll..REPENT and turn to Jesus….

      ..for the few left that wanna be saved….

    • Anonymous

      If sixty thousand persons were silly enough to bury themselves when they were still alive, it seems a reasonable thing that they should find themselves in the same posture when dead. A bit of arithmetic shows that, at current prices, sixty thousand funerals could well cost more than two nuclear weapons.




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