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A Tsunami of “Biblical Proportions” Would Be Generated by a Kilauea Explosion Which Now Appears Likely

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A Tsunami of “Biblical Proportions” Would Be Generated by a Kilauea Explosion Which Now Appears Likely

More than three weeks after the Kilauea volcano first exploded, the situation is going from bad to worse as the big Island is being beseiged with new explosions which are destroying more neighborhoods.

Hundreds of residents have evacuated from lower Puna as advancing flows threaten homes and a key access point which is the only access road in the area.

In Leilani Estates, residents in a mandatory evacuation zone have been told by authorities that they must get out or they will face arrest and/or fines. The evacuation order covers the area from Pomaikai Street to Malama Street, where huge fountains of lava, ongoing flows and toxic emissions are making conditions unsafe. A new lava fissure opened on Kilauea, a massive volcano in the southeast of the state’s Big Island. Lava from the fissure has come within several hundred yards of homes, threatening two subdivisions in the area. The fissure is also releasing toxic amounts of sulfur dioxide, according to Hawaii News Now.

Please allow me to remind the readers that the majority of the people of Pompeii died from toxic emissions.

The Four Volcanic Horseman of the Apocaloypse

What is happening at Kilauea can be divided into four separate parts that is being referred to as the four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

After (1) blue flames, (3) exponentially rising ash clouds, and (3) huge fountains of lava, the fourth horseman of the so-called apocalypse has arrived at the Kilauea volcano. The most active volcano has on the planet has now created its very own weather system which plays by its own rules.

From Earther:

The U.S Geological Survey (USGS) reported that billowing pyrocumulus clouds are rising over Kilauea’s angry eruption at Fissure 8 in the Lower East Rift Zone on Monday.

Pyrocumulus clouds—also known as flammagenitus clouds—are most commonly caused by wildfires. They form when heat from the ground, whether from burning trees or scalding molten rock, causes the air around it to warm and rise, carrying water vapor with it. As that air reaches the cooler heights of the upper atmosphere, that water vapor condenses around tiny particles like ash to form clouds. Those clouds can become unstable and in turn cause thunderstorms. (editor’s note: the fourth horseman).

Thunderstorms might seem like a good thing to happen to Kilauea. Firefighters pray for rain when they are fighting forest fires. However, the lava flow of a volcano is something different. Water on raging lava can lead to a steam effect, thus causing a massive explosion. From their large rocks, the size of home refrigerators, traveling at about 100 miles per hour can hurled thousands of feet into the air and come back to earth as bombs. Many media accouts in Hawaii place the explosiong kill zone as far way as 50 miles.

Kilauea is unlike a lot of volcanoes because it’s a shield volcano which means it has long, sloping sides and because it’s huge, the scale of it is hard to comprehend until you’re on the volcano and you realize one can drive 20 miles and still be on the volcano. This makes it one of the largest volcano and this is a game changer should it explode. 

Risk of Tsunami

In a class I took as undergraduate in a sociology class, I learned about disaster training in Colorado from various federal agencies and locations within the state. My biggest takeaway was that effective disaster planning was done with the “worst case scenario” in mind. However, this is not what we are seeing in Hawaii.

The worst case scenario for Hawaii is the risk of tsunami in which local and multiple media accounts state there is no risk of an eruption. No risk? Not even stated odds? Further, in my examination of multple articles, I see no reference to scientific studies, or historical precedent to make such sweeping claim. I do, however, see that tourism, although down by 50%, is continuing unabated which several communities are being evacuated. Doesthis seem like a contradiction to you? After my extensive reading about Kilauea, I have concluded that Chicken Little has never visited Hawaii where it is admitted that refrigerator size projectiles could be coming down on the people. This is a real life example of burying one’s head in the sand.

Let;s take a look at the worst case scenario, which should be guiding the handling of this crisis, but it is not for economic and political reasons.

Pleas consider Kilauea’s Hilina Slump, which is summarized in the following article:

The Hilina Slump is a 5,000 cubic mile (20,000 kilometre³) section of the Big Island of Hawaii on the south flank of the Kilauea volcano. Between 1990 and 1993, Global Positioning System measurements showed a southward displacement of the south flank of Kilauea up to approximately 10 centimeters per year. The slump has the potential of breaking away at a faster pace in the form of an underwater landslide . In Hawaii, landslides of this nature are called debris avalanches. If the entire Hilina Slump were to slide into the ocean at once, it could cause an earthquake in excess of a 9 in magnitude, and a megatsunami. Previous megatsunamis in Hawaii 110,000 years ago caused by similar geological phenomena may have created waves 1,600 feet (500 m) tall.

The following video illustrates the devastating tsunamis that could be caused by a partial or full collapse of the Hilina Slump. Here is one view of how a tsunami could be generated and what the subsequent result could consist of.


Please allow me to leave your with a very plausible scenario, one that should prove to be the guiding force behind disaster planning! But for political and economic reasons, this scenario is not even being discussed and not being reacted to by both state and federal authorities. This is the height of depraved governmental indifference to ignore this situation and it violates everything I learned about disaster planning as an undergraduate.


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    • raburgeson

      rotflmao, volcano! the four horsemen?, more rotflmao.

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      • CUB4DK

        Thank-you :grin:

    • beLIEve

      Courtesy of the the RAT$child…….god$ of GROTESQUE DELU-$ION. :wink:



      Evidence has emerged that the rising variety of VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS in Hawaii are being ARTIFICIALLY INDUCED with A PURPOSE TO SET OFF AN ENORMOUS TSUNAMI.

      The :idea: PUNA GEOTHERMAL POWER STATION – OWNED and OPERATED BY the ROTHSCHILD HOU$EHOLD– has been aggressively fracking the identical area affected by the latest spate of earthquakes and volcanic exercise. reviews: THE FIRM I$ FINANCIALLY RELATED TO the ROTHSCHILD HOU$EHOLD which, based on the navy intelligence group QAnon, kinds the management of a worldwide Satanic cult covertly fomenting planet vast catastrophes and wars to keep up world energy.



      :idea: :mad: :eek: :idea: :evil: :idea: :sad:

      * * *
      AND don’f forget………… FOUR MONTHS AGO, Hawaii was “nuked”

      Failed Nuke Attack On Hawaii Was Not A Hoax
      January 18, 2018

      * * *


      @1:25 The Puna Geothermic Ventures…..POWER STATION….financially linked to the…Roth$child family…..

      is said to have been conducting FRACKING/DRILLING operations into the land above the magma pool.

      * * *
      Kilauea Just Became Much More Deadly
      Wednesday, May 30, 2018

      * * *

    • Anonymous

      This article just absolutly petrified me. Flying Fridges? Say it ain’t so, Dave!!! :smile:

    • watchman48

      Everyone should go to YouTube and type “Krakatoa in 1883″ in the search bar and watch this movie… The collapse of Krakatoa created a giant tsunami that wiped out 165 villages as far as 65 miles or so and killed an approx. 36,000 people..

    • Counter Analysis

      I first heard of the Hilina Slump from Hal Turner’s website. It sounds scary and may be a very plausible disaster waiting to happen. I’m not a geologist, so I can’t attest to the credibility of the threat. Dutchsinse seems to think it is not a threat, and he criticizes those who are spreading fear by claiming the threat is real. He seems to be a capable expert, but that does not mean he is correct. It’s safe to say the govt isn’t going to order evacuations of the west coast or Hawaiian coasts unless there is a very high probability of disaster, and even then it is doubtful. What if there is a 10% chance, or 1% chance of a catastrophic tsunami? I would hate to live on the west coast. At the very least, I would want to have an escape plan to move as far inland and upland as possible with only 4 hours notice with the assumption that all streets and roads will be parking lots. Ten miles inland may not be enough. 50 miles inland would be better. Disasters happened all throughout history, but it seems we are living in the period right before the great tribulation when anything can happen.

      Luke 21:25-28 WEB
      25 There will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars; and on the earth anxiety of nations, in perplexity for the roaring of the sea and the waves; 26 men fainting for fear, and for expectation of the things which are coming on the world: for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 27 Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 But when these things begin to happen, look up, and lift up your heads, because your redemption is near.”

    • Slimey

      Thank the G*d you are NEVER right. Like with Israel being the enemy. Never the Muslims. Harsh words for Israel but never for Muslims.

      You thin-bone COWARD! :twisted:

    • Andy

      “Please allow me to remind the readers that the majority of the people of Pompeii died from toxic emissions.”

      FALSE, the vast majority had evacuated Pmpeii and the stubborn remainder were killed and frozen into place by super-heated pyroclastic flows

      hint hint people of Hawaii

      • Central Scrutinizer

        “hint hint people of Hawaii”

        Different kind of volcanic eruption. :mrgreen:

      • Central Scrutinizer

        What would be of larger “Biblical Proportions”….

        A tsunami generated by a land slide, or if EraserHead jumped into the Pacific with his bulbous noggin?!?!

        My $$$$ is on EraserHead. :mrgreen:

    • Cerebral prolapse

      Not long now

    • Detergent

      I’m with Dave on this one. The threat is real. How probable is anybody’s guess, but the history of the Hawaiian Islands shows many similar such slides. They do happen and have happened a dozen or more times from what geologists can determine.

      The problem is not what you see on the surface, but what happens under water. The water depths offshore increase dramatically in a short distance to over two miles deep. As that cliff gives way and falls to the ocean floor the energy has to go somewhere, and where it goes is into very deep pulses of water flow traveling at up to 500 miles per hour. As those pulses hit an opposite shore they trigger waves possibly hundreds of feet high.

      Right now, if I lived at low elevation on the west coast anywhere in the Americas I’d have a bug-out plan.

    • Cerebral prolapse

      What part of 8 million missing kids per year is not a tsunami of biblical proportions?

    • beLIEve

      FEAR PORN…….Imho.

      I am not saying it will not happen, I am thinking IF IT DOE$……it will be with a “GRATE” DEAL of a$$i$tance from

      “OTHER fAR$e$. :evil:

      There was a similar “$care” a few years ago reference La Palma, Canary Islands.
      Whilst some were able to DEBUNK the liklehood of such a MEGAT$UNAMI, the FEAR-PORN continued unabated for some time.

      The MEGA T$UNAMI PICTURE ABOVE, within the Dave Hodges article, is $IMILAR to a picture on VIRGIN MEDIA

      And TEXT $AY$:

      “A COLO$$AL wave caused by a chunk of rock the size of the Isle of Man breaking off La Palma in the Canary Islands, will one day DEVASTATE Southern Europe and the entire East coast of America. Scientists believe this DISASTER is already way overdue. When it does come, it will cause A MEGA TSUNAMI THAT WILL HIT WITH the POWER of AN ATOMIC BOMB travelling at the speed of a jumbo jet. Starting off at 2000ft, the GIANT wave will still be 150ft high by the time it reaches the other side of the Atlantic, DESTROYING everything in its wake and AFFECTING UP TO 100 MILLION PEOPLE.”

      * *


      * * *
      Debunked: At risk from megatsunami from the Canary Isles – La Palma

      Robert Walker

      * * *

      Killing off the Canary Islands landslide megatsunami scare
      13 December 2013

      Posted by Dave Petle

    • Anonymous

      Huge tsunamis are a staple in BIN. When Nibiru is not being cooperative and fails to make the scene and Comet Ison failed to hit us even wif da aliens driving it, and 130,000,000 Americans refuse to die from Ebola like Hodges predicted several years back and the FEMA camps and milions of Russian soldiers fail to materialize, we have to have at least SOME FEEEEEER POOOOOOORN and tsunamis fill the bill. I think this one will be 2,000 feet tall when it hits LA while doing 600 MPH.

      Surfs up according to Hodges!!! :eek:

    • Anonymous

      Poor Hodges. The 3,000 FEMA camps didn’t materialize the way they should have. The 3,000,000 Chinese soldiers in the US are nowhere to be found. We didn’t have 3,000,000 people in the US die from Ebola a few years back which pissed Hodges off after he predicted it. No one can find the death trains that Hodges promised us. There is not one headlopper to be found, he told us there were thousands shipped here. Comet Ison failed to hit da ‘Erf like Hodges told us it was going to.

      It’s either this ridiculous FEEEEER POOOOOORN for Hodges, day in and day out to help pay for all his Big Macs, or it is back to his Wal-Mart job in the garden center. :smile:

      • Anonymous

        Sorry for the double post but BIN is a little touchy this morning. :smile:

    • Techguru

      Dave Hodges – Common Sense??? Thats a laugh. This person is clearly a delusion tin foil hat nut bar that has completely lost all touch with reality.




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