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Eat This Food And You Will Flush Nicotine Out Of Your Lungs Within Hours (Video)

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(N.Morgan) Nutrition plays a key role in our all around health and vitality. Food can either help enhance your quality of life or do the exact opposite.

 Based on medical research it has been proven that the body takes up to 6-8 hours to get rid itself of nicotine contents after you smoke a cigarette.

In most cases, the body is not able to remove all nicotine and some traces are left behind for up to 30 days.

This is a good reason to look for a natural way, through foods to help to flush the nicotine out of your system immediately after you’ve finish smoking or within few hours from when you smoked.

Drinking Plenty of Water after Smoking can Flush the Nicotine from Your Body

In order to make it easy for the body to effectively and adequately filter all the nicotine content out within shorter time, keeping the body hydrated is imperative.

Due to this reason the regular consumption of water mostly after smoking or intake of nicotine through another means is important.

The water will help to flush out the toxins in the body with ease.

Eating Enough Vegetables to Flush Nicotine from the Body

Eating lots of vegetables is just not only for general good health. Some vegetables like eggplants, cucumbers, beans and celery can help to increase flushing rate of the body so as to remove all traces of nicotine faster than expected.

Add Nettle to Your Diet to Flush Nicotine

Nettle is high in iron content which helps to boost the immune system and make it work more efficiently. For that reason, adding nettle to your diet will help to speed of flushing rate of nicotine from the body.

Add Kiwi in Your Meal to Flush Nicotine Out Of Body

Kiwi is well known to have high content of vitamin C, E and A, which are normally reduced through smoking.

For that reason, by eating enough kiwis will increase the content of the above mentioned vitamins. Thereby making it easy for your body to flush nicotine out.

Eating Broccoli Helps the Body Purge of Nicotine

Broccoli is one of the vegetables that have highest contents of Vitamin B5, C and other B vitamins which are responsible for regulating lots of important processes in the body.

Eating enough of this broccoli will help to remove nicotine from the body.

Spinach can Help Flush Nicotine out of your System

Spinach is another important vegetable that can help to flush out nicotine and other toxins from the body. This vegetable is rich in folic acid which will also make taste of tobacco seem repulsive.

More Food that can Aid In Flushing out Nicotine

Carrot Juice
Spine Needle tea and others.

The video below also includes 10 foods you can utilize to cleanse the lungs.

Top 10 Foods That Flush Nicotine Out Of The Body 2016


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    • Pink Slime

      Hello Angle#3(prelim),

      Charlie here. You forgot to mention DOUGHNUTS again. I keep a box next to my pipes and cigars and because we don’t inhale we don’t take a bad nicotine hit as the cigarette smoker and combine that with eating doughnuts and you got a WINNER lifestyle.

      Plus, if you get thirsty there is coffee which goes well with all the above. I don’t plan on living past 100 anyway. :lol:


      Charlie (a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do – smoke that cigar, drink that coffee, and eat that doughnut!) :lol: :lol:

    • Ambicatus

      Due to the fact i will be inhaling the ashes and burnt particulate matter of immolated unrepentant, for a few decades minimum, we are going to try draw it out as long as possible, i find it hard to worry about the amount i smoke, which, is a LOT

    • VirusGuard

      Flush it out !

      Why would i do that when a packet of smokes costs so much and without all that extra taxes your N.I contributions would need to rise.

      Living in a city does more harm than smoking and if you puff on a cars exhaust for more than a few seconds then you are dead on the spot but i see no one trying to ban cars from the streets.

      Nice pictures of fruit and veg but half of it’s been grown using GMO crap thats coming out of the USA and is leading to a rise in cancer which has not gone down as more and more people have stopped smoking.

      Same with floride that they said would put all the dentist out of work when i was a lad.

      Us smokers are tired of the neo-nazi’s telling us what we can and cannot do like little school kids and most of the time it’s coming from someone who’s been over doing the sugar and are breaking the scales.

      Time for sugar taxes if smoking is so bad so would you like me to post a few pictures of obeast people and fag packet like pictures of what it’s doing to their body’s or should we move on to Cancer from Monsando monster foods.

      • Black Humor

        I was thinking exactly the same thing. If you flush out nicotine after smoking you need to smoke another… This contributer seems to be in bed with big tobacco and GMO industry. Given the fact that withdrawal symptoms and levels of nicotine are two separate things(your body adapts to lower/non existing nicotine levels at it’s own pace), this is probably the single most silly article I’ve read in BIN in a long time. And that is not a small accomplishment. Try applying Darwin award.

    • Geeper

      The cute photo collection of carrot juice and kiwi fruit and a cigarette is hilarious. If you care enough to eat carrot juice, you care enough to stop smoking.

    • Peter Jennings

      If only it was that simple.
      It’s not the nicotine that causes the cancer but the fine smoke particulates that get caught up in the alveoli of the lung. This means that anyone can contract lung cancer even if they don’t smoke. There have been plenty of of examples of fit runners who haven’t smoked ever going down with cancer because they run in urban areas and consequently inhale diesel particulates etc deep into the lung. Plus they tend to drink high fructose and glucose drinks which fuel the cancer cells.

    • get real


    • uknowthetruth

      only problem being that nicotine does not stay in your lungs lol…..that would be the tar you are referring to, and just a fyi….unless you scrubb someones lungs clean with some kind of industrial stregnth cleaner there is no way you are going to clean the damage you did with smoking….im a smoker btw and i could realy care less what my lungs look like as long as im still breathing all is good….

    • Pilgrim

      Ever since western societies have been told by so-called “experts”: “If it feels good – do it!”. Society has abandoned discipline and self-discipline like a fatal disease, to make way to: “If it feels good…”, along with all the other moral standards. We can see devastating negative effects in our western society today. Well, I stopped smoking along time ago when cigarettes were cheap and have never looked back. They use to say:”Where there is a will, there is a way”.

    • Болеслава

      The nicotine is not the problem. It is the carcinogen chemicals they add to the tobacco to kill you and for which there is no oversight. Despite this they don’t want people to smoke since it is a personal liberty – something they abhore.

    • craig

      N. Morgan, I love reading your stuff. Your a very pretty woman, love your pic.




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