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NWO Antichrist Currency Rises in America: FedCoin to Make a Grand Entrance

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By Lisa Haven


Is it time for the Federal Reserve, a un-American group of unelected international bankers—to join the cryptocurrency craze? While the idea is far-fetched, it’s gaining traction with economists, journalists and Yale University.

In the video below, I reveal how Yale University is pushing for America to become cashless via a currency system similar to Bitcoin. They are suggesting that the U.S. central banking system, the Federal Reserve, create a cryptocurrency of their own, called FedCoin, and force it on the American people so everything can be tracked. This is eerily similar to something we read in the book of Revelation.  

All that and more below…



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    • Canderson

      No central bank involved ever!

      • Canderson

        That is of freedom.

      • Just me

        A virtual cashless society requires the government to purchase all of your “cash” debt with crypto currency. In other words there will be no mortgage companies, credit cards, or bank loans. The government will own all your debt. So, since all your debt and assets will be on a single balance sheet, your accumulated debt will most likely put you in the red. So almost every American will be IN DEBT to the government.

    • 2QIK4U

      Who owns Virtual shield? What is Bitcoin? For a holy lady you seem to already be selling your devils wares

    • harry

      A cashless society = no bank runs because you have no control of your money. We the sheep people will obey. We ove your rules and will die when you ask. Thank you government. We all love you.

    • harry

      Lisa – if they issue a new currency – what will happen to the dollar?

    • truck driver

      Crypto can be stolen by internet snooping or a back door in Android or Windows can take it

    • raburgeson

      FED anything is not going to be popular.

    • The Ferrett

      IT’S ABOUT TIME LISA HAVEN WAS EXPOSED!! All of her “stories” – and I have read with utter disgust her meaningless drivel for years – provide some marginal truths and then once your trust is gained, cleverly veer you in the wrong direction with nonsense such as shape-shifting reptilians, crop circles, big foot, UFOs, Nazi’s, and especially Jewish fables. These are largely fabricated, irrelevant nonsense, whose focus and time should be avoided.

      This willingly ignorant shill is EXTREMELY dangerous because she keeps the genuine seeking sheeple confined in large disinfo nets to contain, de-fuse, suppress and deflect REAL Truth. A classic Mossad trick.

      None of these gutless, compromising shills such as this pathetic female are ever courageous enough to say . . . . “IT’S THE JEWS”, because that would give offence to the ‘chosen’ and be the beginning of the end of their mostly lucrative media exposure and they KNOW it.

      Anyone, ANYONE who stands in the way of Truth, at any level; and does not actively propagate the Truth they know, and then fail to resist this overwhelmingly Jewish tyranny at some level, is helping to create death, destruction and suffering, ultimately to themselves. Therefore they are on the side of darkness and a traitor firstly to the cause of Christ and to humanity in general.

    • Anonymous

      So long as I am not condemning myself or getting in trouble for something harmless, all I really care about is whether payment clears.

      If it’s trendy, so much the better.

      That being said –
      Leaves a permanent data trail on govt infrastructure. Look at where TOR comes from. This info is all in the public domain.

      Casting pearls will eventually get you wrecked, by people who refuse to be saved from themselves, adamantly.




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