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Bombshell! Do the Jesuits Own the Official Illuminati Websites and More? It Certainly Looks That Way! (Videos and Photos)

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The official Illuminati website IS very, very real!  Please read the below information, study the screenshots, follow the links, and watch the videos!  This is indeed very shocking news—Be warned, Be ready!

Recently, I posted a news story about a  Facebook page, Twitter, Commerical, and Website claiming to be the official websites for the  Illuminati. You can see that post here CLICK HERE As I was investigating further on the owners of this website, to my surprise, it appears the Jesuits are the people running the ‘Official Illuminati Website’. 

I have provided screenshots as well as links so that you can see for yourself. This is huge news, everyone!  We already know that the Jesuits are Illuminati-Freemasons.  But so many people deny it.  Why are they just now coming out with this webiste, so brazenly, asking people to join the Illuminati, stating that they want to correct the negative rumors regarding who and what they are?  Why does their website list a picture of a pyramid, all-seeing eye, and circle, calling it ‘the mark’?  There are so many questions.  I would like you to scroll through the photos,  watch the video (s), and check out the links yourself and see if any answers come to your mind.


BREAKING NEWS UPDATE! Holy Hell—the Jesuits Own the Official Illuminati Websites and More!

(NOTE: Please adjust your volume accordingly as there are just a few places where the sound is a bit distorted due to microphone volume level settings. However, the information contained within this video is so important, so urgent, you DO NOT want to miss it! We do apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks!)

Is something getting ready to happen? We know that Pope Francis is currently working, along with some well-known evangelical false teachers (Kenneth Copeland, Robert Schueller, Rick Warren, etc.) as well as many other false Christians who have been led astray to unite all religions, globally under the one world religion, Chrislam. Just what are they preparing us for?  

In my opinion, just as God is sending out the watchman to gather the elect around the globe and to warn, Satan, the god of the world, is sending out his watchman to gather his elite around the world.  Is that what this is about?  

See for yourself and you decide.  Again, I have provided you with links, screenshots, videos, and details.  If you need to see better, simply hit your control key and the plus sign to enlarge your screen to where you desire.  

Here is the official Illuminati Website. For reference, please see my previous article here CLICK HERE  Note the URL I have provided in the screenshot. This will be important as you scan through all of the screenshots in this article. 

All links are provided at the bottom of this article in a list. Please be sure and DO NOT miss the Lyn & Lisa War On Hell Radio Show TONIGHT at 5 p.m. CST on Leading Edge Radio Network.  We will be discussing this in great detail! Please note, due to another program being aired today, our normal show time, which is 7 p.m. CST has been changed to 5 p.m. just for tonight.  Thanks!


(By the way, I just went to their website, and they are down!  See this screenshot below. However, their Facebook Page is still can see it RIGHT HERE) Upon checking back an hour later, however, it was back up. 

Please study the screenshots and read the commentary. Also be sure to watch the important video which will explain everything. This is huge and it is real!

Screenshot of IP/URL Look Up on (Above, Below) The owners of the Illuminati Website also own a Roman Catholic/Jesuit Radio Website which had to be translated. Also important is the location. The Jesuits have a telescope in Arizona called ‘the Lucifer Telescope’ with which they believe they communicate with alien beings and gods of other worlds (Scroll Down For Video)

(See below screenshots of the Catholic-Jesuuit news, radio program website. Please note on all screenshots here the URL’s and details. Also note Father Joseph Augustine SJ who believe manages the website.)

(Here is a post you will need to use translate to read that shows they are Jesuits CLICK HERE)  

EXCERPT:  Archival recordings in mp3 CD can be purchased at the Jesuit Centre for the Millennium (5835 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60634, USA) or order father’s recordings of all conference  Augustine are available on

(Below: When you click on their mission statement, it takes you to this website here)



Mention of Jesuit On Jesuit Radio Website (Use Translate)

LYN AND LISA WAR ON HELL RADIO SHOW, Airing Tonight at 7:00 p.m. CST on Leading Edge Radio Network



JESUIT-CATHOLIC RADIO NEWS WEBSITE Listed on the IP/Server look-up with the Illuminati Website



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    • SuperMario

      You are taking that website way to seriously. It’s a joke, it’s making fun of the truth movement and you. Oh, and I’m following them on Twitter.

      • Mark Brander


        This is the day of the Lord. Why do you think that judgment would not be passed upon you? Do you think that I have not heard the cries of the innocent? Do you not think that I do not see the brokenness of the masses? How can you as a nation be so arrogant that you would believe that I, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords would not seek justice for my people? The blood that has been split is so deep that it can no longer be ignored.

        My children make yourselves ready for me, clean your homes, cast away all those things that hold you here on earth. For I the lord your God will be taking all those things away. Take your last look around you, for you have chosen to ignore me, so I will cast all those things into the sea. The earth will shake the sky will burn, your ears will ring of the sound of war. There is no place to run, there is no place to hide. I am a just and righteous God. I created the universe, and I know every star by name so why do you think that you can hide your faces from me.

        Repent for the hour is at hand. Cry out for your judgment draws nigh. Cry out to me and repent for my judgment will be quick, and clear. No one will question that the hand of God was against you. I will no longer look down upon you and have mercy for those who continue in their sin. The hour has come, the die has been cast, I have written this day in stone, If only you had listened to my word, if only you had loved me enough to seek me, if only you had been broken enough to repent, my judgment would not have had to be this way.

        Cry out and repent, cry out for the innocent, cry out for now blood will flow like a river in your streets. Cry out for there will be no one to plead your cast. Why have you not listened to all the warnings that I gave you. I gave my life so that you might live and live abundantly. The hour is at hand, the days will be shortened, and many will be gone in a moment.
        My children cover yourselves in prayer and fasting. Anoint your homes with oil. Seek me without ceasing, for those whom are mine have been marked. Do not stop seeking me and interceding, for I will always hear my children when they cry out to me. Be ready, the hour is here. IN THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS

        See more warnings about what is coming at revelation12 dot ca

    • Angel31

      Even if there is exposure it’s coming from them and not you…….they want this system to collapse to bring in the New World Order…….get it sweetheart! Can’t have the new without the old gone…..and it’s us who has to decide the old is satanic, corrupt, filthy. But they clearly want us to know that……

      We already know it’s corrupt……you should be warning people about what is too Come!!! That’s the threat here!!!

      • Gil Carlson

        I put my faith in the aliens! You can put yours in politicians and religious leaders if you want. The aliens are the only ones that I see coming around all the time to check on us and to make sure we don’t drop too many nuclear bombs on each other. Want to see what the aliens look like…

        • oldfatguy

          I see the aliens all the time, too. Using their EBT cards to buy diet soda and lots of junk food at Walmart.

    • chefjim

      Did you know that HOLY is a word that is reserved for GOD and His PURE, RIGHTEOUS angels and for His glorified church who will be WITHOUT BLAME? It is a reserved word that is only to be used relative to God and the things of Him that are His and are pure! It is not some slang word to be thrown about as expletives! Hell is not Holy and to call Hell Holy is an insult to God! Don’t you feel that when you use that kind of language?

      I used to use that kind of language but the closer God drew to me, the more I was convicted not to misuse it.

      You will do anything to catch people’s eyes including misusing the things of God and posing like some harlot trying to garner the attention of men with your looks…, for what???. Get yourself right with Him because if you are truly born again, you will be required to give an answer to God for this. If you are not, then stop pretending that you are sell everything you have and get saved for real.

      BTW, please stop posting videos of the fallen Jim Bakker who is at it again after his fall (and subsequent time in prison) in the 80s and he is back up to his old fleecing in the name of God selling merchandise for filthy lucre such as “survivalist kits and food for the Apocalypse. This is what the world does; those who don’t trust God hoard for themselves provisions as if He won’t provide for us.

      And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Romans 12:2

      • am123

        “Hell is not Holy and to call Hell Holy is an insult to God!”

        Indeed. It boggles the mind that a supposed Bible believer could use the phrase “holy hell’. Doing so drags the awesomeness and glory of heaven above down into the gutter and sewers of hell.

        I reckon Lynn’s use of such a phrase in the title is an indication of, at best, spiritual immaturity, or at worst, someone who doesn’t really believe the Bible and just uses the Bible for motives that are not in the interest of advancing the kingdom of God.

      • Anonymous

        The man powered, women hating religions will be exposed for the hateful lies they are and we’ll be free of them forever and ever!!!!YAY!!!!!!

      • Bill Lyle

        If all of God’s creations are considered holy, why not hell? Doug created Hell, so wouldn’t it be considered holy? After all, it’s the official prison system of the afterlife….
        Can’t have it both ways.

    • Wildfire

      Regardless of your beliefs EVERYONE should try to get along the world would be a happier place. Make life worth while for yourself and those around you… Life DOESNT HAVE TO SUCK ! Love/ light to all and if you do your homework. Instead of play the blame game you’ll see they were also the first to n. America/ 13 colonies

    • che

      Go Daddy is a privately held company that is primarily an internet domain registrar and web hosting company.
      Parsons refers to the marketing as “GoDaddy-esque”, which he describes as “fun, edgy, and a bit inappropriate.
      So i think you can give it a rest.. or apply for a job..

      Vatican Observatory in Arizona is built on a fundamental sacred site Dzil Nchaa Si An, “Big Seated Mountain” Hopi prophechy says beginning of the new world by appearing in the form of a blue star. The Blue Star Kachina is said to be the ninth and final sign before the “Day of Purification”

      This decision sparked a controversy of science, religion, and environment.

    • Texas Lovin\'


      Refresher course – Each Police Dept, City County, State and the US ARE ALL FOR PROFIT BUSINESS CORPORATIONS (hiding under the false name Government)! So if you need to got to court, you will always win in court. The judge and city attorney ARE BOTH part of the same corporation (or they are both paid by the same office), so how can you or anyone get a fair and honest court? The judge is suppose to be impartial, but they are a paid employee of the same corporation as the city attorney AND YOUR Public Defender if you have one! So they do work together to screw everyone for more $ for the Private For Profit Corporation!


      Ask the judge who they represent (aka city). Then ask the city attorney who they represent (aka city). Get that on court record as a Conflict of Interest or Favoratism and if you lose your hearing, FILE A APPEAL and state your judge showed “Favor” because they belong to the same FOR PROFIT CORPORATION, and it is Unconstitutional!

      Also, if you have a Birth Certificate, you ARE A PRIVATE CORPORATION! So all newborn babies today, ARE FILLED in GOV AS A CORPORATION; YOU ARE NOT A CITIZEN! Now do you understand why you seem to have no Constititional Rights? Its because you are not a citizen, nor able to get Constitutional Right, but your are a Corporation until your death! That is the Gov loophole!


      Also, your Birth Certificate is a Corporation BOND and TRADED AND SOLD ON WALL STREET! How more clear does it take for you to SEE YOU ARE A SLAVE TO THE GOV? Each person is bought and sold on WALL STREET DAILY! Also, if your mother never claimed you from the gov 90 days after your Birth Certificate was filed, that child is declared abanded and your gov owns that child! Now do you understand WHY the gov is involved so deeply into your parental rights? They are NOT YOURS! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

      Also, do you know that you do not need a drivers license if you are not driving for your business? You DO NOT NEED one if you are travelling as a free person and not for profit. You only need a license IF YOU DRIVE FOR YOUR JOB OR PROFIT! And you don’t need insurance, registration, etc. Now do you know why all the illegals can legally drive a vehicle and not get pulled over?


      Lastly, your children go to SCHOOL PRISONS! They get locked and chains on the door and don’t open them until school is over. They have uniformed police officers walking the halls with sidearms to threaten the children into learning, conforming, and not think for themselves; but to be taught what your government wants them to know (aka Brainwashed). Then lunch, they only get little food. This is A MUST READ! It will tick you off EVERY PARENT but it opens your eyes:



    • Louis

      Lyn Leahz — a skank in a tank top with a credibility level way below zero. Yet she’s BIN’s number one anti-Catholic bigot floozy. Quite an anti-achievement.

      • Busta Myth

        Why is she being anti-catholic just for pointing out the obvious?

        let me guess, I suppose “illuminati” is a Joowish word is it? :lol:

    • Bonzo

      The Jesuits are not serving Jesus Christ. They serve the throne of the pope and the religious system paving the way for AntiChrist:

      The Very Last Pope Is Here, Peter the Roman.

      • Bill Lyle

        Gotta give the guy credit. He looks great, for 2000 years old….

    • krew09


    • cyberkahuna

      What happened Lyn? You deleted my post saying this story looks exactly like it was sourced from a religious extremist jack chick comic book. Everyone has seen them littering someplace at some time or even had the displeasure of finding one in their trick or treat bag! and the link I provided to show people EXACTLY were this garbage originates. Why? Was the association too close to home? :grin: Here I will post it again just in case you deleted it by mistake. Because we all know your a GOOD and TRUTHFUL reporter supposedly working in GOD’S name and GOOD reporters are ALWAYS able to take truthful criticism without deleting it right? Lest others see you delete things that aren’t acceptable to your agenda and remember it right????? And please no thanks are necessary… :grin:

      • Norry

        I Have never heard of Jack Chick before so I checked out that link.
        “Jack Chick attacks some religions for supposedly promoting animal sacrifice, apparently blissfully ignorant of the Bible’s cases where God called for animal sacrifices many times. [22] God even called for the sacrifice of a human being at least once, Jephita’s daughter actually was sacrificed,”
        Many times he is criticised for going against the more bizarre teachings of the old testament.Those teachings, as far as I’m concerned are downright evil. Sacrificing any of Gods’ creatures is from satan, So much of the OT is very wrong. Jack Chick is an extremist, but some of the arguments used against what he says are very extreme also and do not sit right with me. You do not unearth BS, with BS.

        • cyberkahuna

          Yaaa I respect your opinion but you should mention the other things on that page and NOT just your one. What does any of what you just wrote have to do with where these thoughts, lies, and one of many very provable origination’s on these hate stories have to do with Jesuits? Your quite right. “You don’t unearth bs with bs.”

        • Norry

          I too respect your opinion, but you are obviously a little clouded with your view or you haven’t read your own posted link, here is another criticism of Jack Chick that doesn’t sit well with me.
          “Finally, Chick links non-Christianity with violence towards and abuse of children, while not commenting on the fact that God commanded His “chosen people” to go into the land of Canaan and kill every person in it, even unto the children and the babes in arms.

          “What does any of what you just wrote have to do with where these thoughts, lies, and one of many very provable origination’s on these hate stories have to do with Jesuits? You will have to answer that question yourself ,because if you don’t remember, that is your link I was commenting on!

        • cyberkahuna

          Fair enough I see where I should have clarified myself more. I did the bad thing and assumed people would get that if this story was about Jesuits then my link would have been for the sole purpose of showing that Jack Chick was one of today’s leaders in lies and stories against anyone not approved by himself. My sole purpose was to show that he is one of the leaders in anti catholic trash. Any other info gleaned from that is well a bonus I guess. There are others though, many many others pumping this filth. I’m not saying the Bible is right or wrong what I am saying is there are people yelling at others to clean up their houses when their own is probably even more filthy to begin with.. I understand what you are saying about GOD commanding people and stuff and the story doesn’t sit right with you. I’m not sure what your getting at though is this some anti religion thing? Because if it isn’t then well He IS GOD you know and well its a story that happened in ancient times (Old testament stuff) and he can do as he sees fit weather you or I like it or not. Remember these things happened in an ancient world we can read it as these people obeyed something told to them at an ancient period in history and they followed along faithfully. Unfortunately things like this were all to common at the time. OR we can twist it into something to fit each and every persons different agenda. Was it wrong at that time? Maybe but I do know that men were still kind of savage like that running around waring on each other doing hand to hand combat and all that jazz but we can look at it today and we know it’s definitely NOT ok to do these things. (maybe that’s the lesson?) Unfortunately though there are those that take everything written literally and out of context and that is when things usually end up bad, bad, bad. :sad: But I’m rambling now so I shall stop..

    • am123

      @ Lynn,

      It would be to your benefit and the benefit of your readers if you spent the same time and effort investigating the Scriptures and inner-workings of the kingdom of God that you do investigating the Illuminiati and their inner-workings.

      The Illuminati are irrelevant in the big picture. On the roadway mankind is traveling at this point in time, the Illumination will be but bugs splattered on the windshield as we approach what is directly ahead of us. Yet, you magnify the Illuminati as if they are more powerful than God. How about magnifying the kingdom of God rather than the kingdom of darkness?

      You and your readers have no idea what the Day of the Lord is all about because you’re too busy majoring on the minors and leaving the sheep without any direction or hope:

      • Norry

        “It would be to your benefit and the benefit of your readers if you spent the same time and effort investigating the Scriptures and inner-workings of the kingdom of God that you do investigating the Illuminiati and their inner-workings.”

        Thankyou very much for that advice ,but what I don’t understand is why are you here ? why are you wasting your time on a website such as this? What is the benefit to you ?

        • HumanBeing

          Why is an atheist clicking on stories in the prophecy section?

        • Norry

          @Human Being. All due respects, but I would advise you to read a little before you foolishly comment !
          Atheism. The belief that there was nothing, and nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything, and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason whatsoever into self-replicating bits which then turned into dinosaurs.
          Unless you are an expert in religion, atheism makes no sense.

        • am123

          “why are you wasting your time on a website such as this? What is the benefit to you ?”

          I am here because of the freedom of speech this site entails (in spite of the fact that Lynn deleted my previous comment). I actually am free to speak the truth, in comments (when they are not deleted) and in publishing articles. I appreciate that freedom and I use it to help advance the kingdom of God.

        • HumanBeing

          “All due respects, but I would advise you to read a little before you foolishly comment !”

          The text in your avatar is UNREADABLE. So drop the attitude. I asked a simple question and you come back with a snarky insult. So let me advise YOU to THINK a little before you comment… foolishly. And think about this: your question that I replied to gave every indication that you didn’t think Christians should be here. So unless you’re an expert in reading comprehension, your reply to me makes no sense.

        • am123

          @ Norry,

          Besides asking questions that don’t make any sense, what are you doing on this site?

        • Norry

          @Human Being ” your question that I replied to gave every indication that you didn’t think Christians should be here”.
          Please point those indicators out, because I find it fascinating that a person who speaks of comprehension can come to that conclusion . Could it be more shooting from the hip HB? And drop the indignation and anger,” A snarky insult” !! That was no insult ,it’s fact, you keep proving you have little comprehension skills.
          The Avatar has been around since Adam was a boy, easy to find it on the interwebs.

        • Norry

          @am123. ” @ Norry,

          “Besides asking questions that don’t make any sense, what are you doing on this site?”

          Give me one question that doesn’t make sense to you.

          There seems to be an education problem here, was english comprehension taught as a subject in schools in america when you were there ? and if it was, I believe you must have skipped those classes with your mate HumanBeing and most probably went fishing!

      • am123

        “Give me one question that doesn’t make sense to you.”

        I’ll give you 3:

        “…but what I don’t understand is why are you here ? why are you wasting your time on a website such as this? What is the benefit to you ?”

    • Anonymous

      G-U-L-L-I-B-L-E. That’s all I can say, folks. The IP addresses belong to Go Daddy. Just go to (American Registry of Internet Numbers) and you’ll see that every IP associated with the site belongs to Go Daddy (located in Arizona).

      This website, and the associated Twitter and Facebook accounts, are a hoax meant to make some folks that are too gullible spin their heads off. ‘Cmon folks, at least be sure it’s credible. This is a $50 hoax that would take a credible web dev less than an hour to put together. Someone’s pulling your chains…..

      • cyberkahuna


        Thank you for your research!!!

    • Canderson

      As I understand it they are the “REAL” Illiminati according to Jordan Maxwelll (aka Russel Pine)

      • Canderson

        I spelled wrong, but, perhaps they are more of illiminati than illuminati / more of assassins than of light, future, they are of the past, purports to be libertarians but are of the opposite, they enslave.

    • Canderson

      We the people always chase the priesthood (that guy behind the curtain) and when we catch up to them, then we kill them?
      Truths not one but many, do not let them fake it anymore.

      • Canderson

        chase or follow is all the same to them, perhaps 4% chase them.

    • Anonymous

      Really old Zionist trick.



    • Adrian09

      They just got their facebook page verified. Do you guys still think they’re fake? Ok…

    • truthlovingsoul

      thanks for the story. i was reading the comments here and other posts and wanted to say that people are getting too caught up in labels, myself included. we need to look at who controls the jesuits, zionists, republicans, democrats etc, and then who controls them, and who controls them and so on. if we say it’s the jesuits, and then stop digging, we’ll never get anywhere. imo, there is a satanic group behind all of these guys. one big nest of scumbags who have been ruling for thousands of years. everyone has been infiltrated and corrupted and while we spin our wheels trying to put a name on these criminals, they morph and become something else, all the while laughing at our shoddy investigatory skills. i’d say it’s safe to assume everyone in power today is cabal. everyone.jew, christian, muslim, whatever, all the same guys.

    • Eddie

      Just checked the two ip adresses you give and they are not the same location???




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