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Americans Are About to Suffer on a Level Never Before Witnessed: CIA Agent Issues Stark Warning

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By Lisa Haven 

“The dam is just about to break on our economy, and I think when it does, there’s going to be a major disruption of the distribution of food, and I think what you’ll see particularly in the inner cities is you will see riots, civil unrest that ultimately might justify martial law.”

Those are the stark words that surfaced Tuesday from Retired Lt. General William Boykin on TrueNews Radio, in regards to our food supply and the ultimate declaration of martial law. 

While these words are haunting, they must be taken seriously. If truth be told our economy is already at a breaking point and it could implode at any second, meaning our food supply is in grave danger as well as our streets through martial law.

But that’s not the only concern with our food supply. Back in 2006 the massive death of Honeybees started to ignite. So much so, that the government gave it a name Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). The reason we need to concern ourselves with such things is because one-third of the human diet comes from insect-pollinated plants, and the honeybee is responsible for 80 percent of that pollination—ergo major devastation on the food supply. 

Here is more on this critical report… 


“Mankind will not survive the honeybees’ disappearance for more than five years.” Albert Einstein 


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    • The Clucker

      Correct. Something is coming on a biblical scale and not a single Gov is telling its people. But then again, what can anyone do but cause mass panic of harm, which will make the suffering longer.

      100% Positive Proof? Follow the money! NO ONE can tell me or the American people where even 1 PENNY WENT in the new $9 Trillion Dollar Debt right? Just think, a few years ago, the US gov blamed no money to repair our nation commuinty and now the US Gov got $9 Trillion the last few years, yet not 1 penny went into any community inside the US! So why hasn’t 1 news organization or anyone questioned where even 1 penny went, and which community it went to? So you see, the US Gov is silently funnelling 100% of every penny for stuff the Public has no right to know. How more blanant can it be? Even when someone steals $50 from you, you start to ask questions, but why question or care about doubling National debt and not let them account for 1 penny… Stay sleeping you morans…

      • Anonymous

        I was with you until you called the people here “morans”. I think that if you are going to call people “morans”, it says something about your intelligence.

        This is just from one “moran” to another.

        • The Clucker

          What word do you suggest? What word really makes all the clueless seem smart; when the vast majority knowingly don’t care because kaos hasn’t entered their very homes yet? The less then .01% who actually read comments to any story are the smarter ones.

        • Mighty Mouse

          morons… lmao :lol:

      • Judge Roy Bean

        Stop GMO’s, all the unnecessary herbicides and stop the weather modification plans.

        • Equalizer

          Bulls-eye Judge…Time to awaken the “brain-dead” zombies whom have absolutely no clue they are being poisoned, daily.
          Now drink your fluoridated H20 like good lab rats America.

        • The Clucker

          One key element is the flouride in the water. Together with the GMO mixes and activates even more of their posion, so if people atleast drink distilled water, takes one part out of the equazation. Sorta like baking a cake or anything. The tampered water mixes everything together for maximum effect.

          • Before It Was All Pop Ups

            If you drink only distilled water you will get very sick. There are lots of minerals removed from water in the distillation process.

            • 2QIK4U

              I was going to say the same , you MUST boil your disitilled water beforehand.

            • Radiance

              Here’s what I do. Distill the water and then spin it in a special machine (you can use a blender) with a five to ten grains of Himalayan Sea Salt for a number of minutes.

      • Bob DD

        Where is money going? $Trillion used in building underground bunkers to shield gov’t & patsies from Planet X & nuke war. About 105 have been built and some are 20 miles long. The rest STOLEN! AND, your friendly politicians you keep voting in aren’t doing a friggin thing to reverse this suicidal spending & theft. Go ahead idiots, vote for HRC!

        • Anonymous

          Apart from being blatantly stolen directly into the offshore bank accounts of the Illuminati thieves… it’s building luxury bunkers for them…

    • Daryl

      Great report!

    • The Thinning Veil Report

      no. it is ‘elites’ who are about to suffer.
      you obviously work for them and are, in all of your posts, trying to keep the people in a constant state of fear.
      shame on you and all those who promote fear and doom over knowledge, truth and hope.

    • zero

      Honeybees have been an important part of agriculture, no question, but they are not the only pollinating insect. If a time ever comes when they cannot do the job, other insects will be cultivated for that purpose. But I’d prefer to keep the honeybees around.

      One of the biggest stresses on commercial honeybees is travel. Beehives used to be kept stationary, but these days the big operators ship bees all over the country, hiring out their services on a contract basis. This interrupts the natural ability of bees to acclimate to their environment, and exposes them to a bunch of toxins and pests they would not normally encounter.

      If you’re a farmer who’s dependent on pollinating insects, you should probably be keeping your own bees, because your own hives have a better chance of survival than contractor supplied bees. Over generations, your bees will evolve to optimize for the particular challenges of your area. You’d also be well advised to be a bit of an expert on pollinating insects, so you understand all of the available options. You’re better off having 3 kinds of pollinating insect on your farm than just one.

      Bottom line, it’s not a good time in history to have your production dependent on the the health of traveling bee colonies, it would be a good idea to insource that.

    • Ambicatus


      LET , US, seem how great they are, when the comforts are removed! o and can someone pls insult the prostate of gayel, me lazy,. only post here. check if any fainting. none. back later, busy with, fun. ja

      • You People Are Nuts

        could you repeat that please?
        but this time take his dick out of your mouth.

        • Ambicatus

          pwaaaaahahahaahaa, no, i dont eat people, people is pork, i do however, like feeding people to stuff that CAN eat them. anyway gross, why would anyone eat people/pork? and, how, do you correlate, me being too lazy to insult some foo, with , urgh, that which your roman mind concieves., i take solace in the fact, that i need not be angry, because soon, one way or another, you will be dead, and before that writhing in agony, praying for death, your whole country, has been marked for CULL. and yet here you are, spouting sexual filthyness, i pray, get up, off your chair, dust the potatoe chips off your lap,. and hug your family, love them while you can, for soon, they, and you, will be dead and/or dying, and this very thought helps me, to not even be slightly angry, but to instead, smile, lovingly, and say,


          SOON YOU DIE.


          hows yer industry lookin? how yer cows from all the frackin, o wait, the oil industry! the coal! the nothing! your all dying and your government in actively POISONING you!

          pls note, i dont hate all americans, the Remnant is there too, i just hate all ALL CATHOLICS.

          why? well, i can give you NINE reasons why:

          The word AntiChrist comes from the Ancient Greek αντίχριστος (antíkhristos) literally meaning “one that is opposite to Christ”. In the first Epistle (epistole) of Christianity pronounced at Antioch (Constantinople) called Epistole Apokalypsis meaning “message from Heaven” and later known as The Apocalypse, the reason the AntiChrist (Rome and Roman Empire) was, is and has always been the only true AntiChrist may be defined as nine (9) aspects being: Tyranny, Injustice, Corruption, Deception, Malevolence, Falsity, Blasphemy, Apostacy and Insanity:

          (i) The Tyranny of the AntiChrist (Rome) was and is the historic fact that Rome and its leaders and agents steadfastly refused to honor the Golden Rule of Law that “all are equal under the same set of laws” and instead promoted a fascist model of dictatorship whereby “the law is whatever we say it is” and could be changed, manipulated, hidden and corrupted to suit the objective; and

          (ii) The Injustice of the AntiChrist (Rome) was and is the historic fact that Rome did promote and encourage the notion of slavery and the seizure, abrogation and blatant theft of rights for profit and power, through the use of military power, covert power and assassinations and constant war known as “Armageddon”. Thus, the only right honored by the AntiChrist (Rome) and its agents has been the perverse notion that “might is right”; and

          (iii) The Corruption of the AntiChrist (Rome) was and is the historic fact that Rome did not, nor ever has followed its own rules or procedures, but used such procedures to “trick” others into a predictable pattern of rules, while every manner of corruption has then been used to defeat such an opponent. Thus, the courts and tribunals of the AntiChrist (Rome) and its loyal allies were, are and have always been the most corrupt in usurping their own claims “laws” and “procedures”; and

          (iv) The Deception of the AntiChrist (Rome) was and is the historic fact that Rome and its nobles proclaimed to honor the rule of law, justice and due process as well as be moral members of society when in fact they were the complete opposite through rampant drug consumption, child molestation, sexual orgies, corruption and murder and utter madness. Thus, the AntiChrist was and is and has always been the ultimate deceiver and impostor to the planet Earth using the argument “whoever be deceived, let them be deceived” as justification for their actions; and

          (v) The Malevolance of the AntiChrist (Rome) was the historic fact that Rome and its allies have been obsessed in blood sports, cruelty, torture and sacrifice in complete opposition to the values of all civilized societies and enlightened minds. Instead, the pseudo-intellectuals in support of the AntiChrist (Rome) invented absurd and contradictory notions that such malevolence was an instrinsic part of the cosmological order, in defiance against thousands of years of illumination; and

          (vi) The Falsity of the AntiChrist (Rome) was the historic fact that Rome was the single largest producer of fraudulent and false documents in history, with literally hundreds of thousands of works, artifacts and monuments being blatantly fictional creations in support of deliberately false, deceptive and misleading accounts of history and events. Thus there is virtually nothing that can be trusted that is spoken, written or published by the AntiChrist and its agents as being true; and

          (vii) The Blasphemy of the AntiChrist (Rome) was the historic fact that Rome and its adherents have always been necromancers and sorcerers obsessed in death, the control over bones and flesh of the dead, the controlling of the spirits of the dead through spells and curses in complete opposition to the principles of Christianity that demanded bodies be cremated and forbid the collecting of bones or uttering of curses or spells; and

          (viii) The Apostacy of the AntiChrist (Rome) was the historic fact that Rome was and has always been its own worst heretic, by refusing to follow its own false histories, false rituals and false scripture and instead repeatedly “re-made” itself every few generations. Thus, the AntiChrist is not only the worst blasphemer and heretic to Christianity but the worst apostate to its own false beliefs and faith making it and its followers the most willfully ignorant (evil) of all; and

          (ix) The Insanity of the AntiChrist (Rome) was the historic fact that Rome has by tradition always been the epicenter of mental illness due to the combination of pathological falsities, absurd philosophies and complete disconnect from nature, true history, consciousness and civilized behaviour. Thus the prevalence of utter insanity, stupidity and idiocy amongst political, military and religious leaders is at once a product of the AntiChrist and its allies and a defense mechanism for the AntiChrist – given if the whole species is insane and disconnected, so that no-one can objectively see such dire mental illness and incompetence.



    • Anonymous

      Lisa is such a doll, i cannot believe all her stories are such gloom and doom
      and still look so good, and have such a wonderful demeanor. I’m counting on
      you hon, to fill our days with some sunshine. ; }

      • Maxxy

        …amonybus..Journalists, offtimes, specialize in one sort of interest or another…its a type of ‘identification’.
        …One thing you can say for her, is that she’s consistent…. and has ‘limited resources’.

        • Ambicatus

          Dear uncle Maxxy, i suppose it is not lost on you, how, even after massive violations of the direst sort, how come i am still here, i did not post yesterday, because Fallout 3, they cannot do anything about me, i am , how one says “Part of the Pattern Weaving” and one day, they will all find out about “Balefire” im , going to to give you a tiny clue, and a massive secrets, Fiction? what? for if this IS “NeverEnding story” then EVERYTHING is possible, and mankinds concepts of what cometh, is very very poor, you i think, will appreciate where that lil clue leads,

    • Pink Slime

      Hello Angle#1,

      Charlie here. I have been telling friends, family, and acquaintances there is nothing you can do with the sodomites and pedophiles running everything. The devil has taken over. But you can do one thing and that is to get as INDEPENDENT as possible!!

      Including how to make your OWN DOUGHNUTS! :lol:

      Have you noticed most of the honey comes from the boys in Brazil? Whatever you do, DO NOT buy the ones coming from China. Don’t EVER buy any food from China. Anything from a communist country or turd world country will be sub-par. America and our allies make the FINEST products available!


      Charlie (It kinda of should be obvious that something is going to be UNLOADED on US in a few months and it won’t be doughnuts!) :lol: :lol:

      • Ambicatus

        you, are the kind of people, that will root for mee, when i am one day, set free

    • jbw

      Did you really say “liquid-y”, babe? So cute….WHAT accent is that?? NE?

    • ReformedII

      Someone said something the other night that made me think :roll: ?

      They said, I believe it was on C2CAM, the PTB are not going to let the economy fail right now, BECAUSE !!! that would almost insure a Trump or Sanders victory.

      ALTHOUGH I know “whom I have believed” IS IN CONTROL, He might just let that happen if it fits The Plan!

      IF we are allowed to go through the election, [IF we have an election, which I have thought doubtful for Big Ears, uh I mean years] I may have my food & stuff in place. :idea:

      • b4

        yup–it falls completely apart in 2017–read Martin Armstrong’s blog–he is the best market timer in the world

    • Gojiroiscoming

      First off,

      Einstein never made the quote about honey bees.


      Lt General William Boykin never worked for CIA. He was US Army Special Operations Command and Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence. He’s a retired born again Christian with no ties to CIA work, let alone being an agent. He’s also an executive director for anti-Constitutionalists the “Family Research Council” that seeks to create an America based on Christianity and not the Constitution.

    • Gojiroiscoming

      It must have taken 60 minutes to write stuff that was debunked with 2 minutes of Google.

      Lisa, get better with researching before publishing.

    • Solar)Geometry

      Fear not. – Jesus

      Fear everything. – Lisa




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