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Elon Musk Issues Emergency Warning To Americans!!

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By Lisa Haven


Founder of Space X and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has been adamantly vocal about his concerns over artificial intelligence, and now he has quantified his worries.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stones, Musk claimed that efforts to make Artificial Intelligence safe only have ‘a five to 10 percent chance of success.’ Not only that, but his warnings comes shortly after Musk claimed that regulation of artificial intelligence was drastically needed because it’s a ‘fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization.’

But that’s not his only concern! All that and more in this critical report….


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    • masterofnone

      We could all die….boy oh boy lisa,you are one super intelligent “woman”.did you come up with that all on your own?…
      Hopefully we all live forever an ever(you retard).i got to the point in your vid that states the obvious,and shut it down
      How do you manage to dish out these useless vids,and still manage to make someone a sandwich or do laundry?…
      I know it must be terribly trying for you, to constantly live in a fear mongering,click bait existence that you call life…
      God, i hope you havent procreated….any more of the poison you deliver, is making this place more of a cess pool than it already is
      Do bin and their followers a favor….keep off the internet,dont you ever get tired of your own nonesense?….
      Im sure your significant other(lesbian)would be greatfull :idea:


      The artificial intelligence that we are already plagued by that has already destroyed the world is the military industrial robots that utilize hard copy programming of codes and filters of policy and regulation, those are the most dangerous robots whom already have the means of destruction under their index fingers, they are cyborg robots controlled by the policy of the Bush Jr Preemptive strike doctrine that will certainly lead to ww3 for the doctrine calls for the USA to run illegal wars and violent coups wherever a country has wealth that USA needs to pay off their heavy debt to the FED. Those USA government cyborgs have been imprinted with the doctrine and cannot be deprogrammed because the US Senate and Congress are the programmers. Robot cyborg humans have been around for a while and have been set about the task of world domination by any means whether it requires genocide of Christians in SYria by the USA running an illegal war there using the Muslim mercenaries they hired on the cheap from other countries they illegally invaded and ran coups in to get those mercenaries for pennies on the dollar compared to USA soldiers to do their dirty preemptive strike doctrine work. The doctrine is the USA’s primary means of paying the FED bills of 85% interest for every dollar borrowed from the FED, if you ask me the USA should have the FED at the top of the lst of objectives to get control of, however their cyborg programming has no authority to do the right thing, the programming is immoral and AI as dangerous as Elon Musk believes it to be is no match for the Washington cyborg hive, AI can be knocked out in a heartbeat on account of the Washington cyborgs being willing to destroy the planet just so at the end they could say they cannot be beat as their epitaph on the headstone of the world.

      • Pink Slime

        AI is really not Artificial Intelligence but rather the acronym for Arrogance and Ignorance.

        The arrogance of its creators is now manifested as ignorance in his creation. Some kind of philosophical metamorphosis occurred during the exchange.

        We now have a creature that can’t think – only reacts. And I think that’s what frightens them. :twisted:

    • 2QIK4U

      LISA are you aware spaced is supplying nth Korea’s ICBM skin’s and rocket plans!

      • 2QIK4U

        Space X

      • 2QIK4U

        Until they we’re busted last week…. Waiting for info

    • Firmament Does Exist

      Elon musk is a fraud, using Tesla like he came up with it, info they stole from nikla Tesla.


      AI is dangerous but defatable, why if they took over all the major cities of the US all you have to do is nuke them all, thats the governments plan to get rid of two birds with one stone get rid of AI and depopulate at the same time, what a country. Thats not all the good news about AI they can kill human beings and stuff them into a furnace inside themselves and burn the bodies to make energy to run themselves.

    • CaptainPicardX

      I have a better one.. We alreday have 109 million on walfare 48 million of those are on foodstamps

      The problem is assholes like musk who avoid paying taxes.. and dont want to pay their workers a good wage with great benefits.. hes anti union

      and every single fucking one of you free market i hate regulation motherfuckers are the problem too

      you are all traitours to the american working class and should be fucking hung

      We need extreme protectionsit economics.. tariffs on imported shit.. raelly high ones

      • Mayhem

        You heard it straight from the commie manifesto right here.

        • unidentified

          he’s another egomaniac, these guys are f*ing unbelieveable :cool: :eek:


      ROBOT COPS with filters will appear, they will be programmed to kill civilians for small infractions and let go of elite for big infractions, their programming will exclude unjustified mass killing of shock and awe of the US bombing civilians to scare surrounding populations and other countries by the elite and where a civilian is guilty of minor offense they will be killed on the spot as a deterrent for other peons to be in constant fear, the robots will give an option for offenders to commit suicide on the spot, the robots will use their victims as fuel




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